Wait, what?

Of course, not everyone agreed with Wassserman Schultz’s “conservative pro-family narrative”:

  • Sterling Hallbrook

    That crap is not allowed in our home so there is no problem. Boycott the Hollywood freaks.

    • independentjones

      I agree … DWS is not allowed in our home, either.

  • David Barr

    I don’t buy her false piety nonsense.

    • http://twitter.com/Gator_Country Stephen K

      No kidding. Since when has she ever even pretended to give a crap about pop culture trashiness?

      • TocksNedlog

        She isn’t offended by it; she’s EMBARRASSED about it.

        • mike_in_kosovo

          That may be the first time a Dem has been embarrassed about ANYTHING.

  • Connor

    Is this useless post what one would call “filler”? There sure is a lot of filler lately!

    • TocksNedlog

      Yes. In fact, 17 new words of filler just popped up.

  • https://twitter.com/tweetyuo Tangchung

    But Wasserman and White House says nothing about violence in movies and rap.

  • RightThinking1

    DWS criticizing members of her base?
    Honestly, I figured there was nothing too vile for her to embrace.

  • Michelle

    Why are her kids watching anyway? There were no G rated films nominated.

    • Elilla Shadowheart

      They make G-rated films these days?

      • Lady 12

        Yeah, but they’re all animated.

  • HARP2

    DWS…….What difference does it make.

  • Jay Stevens

    Sounds like a broken clock.

    • TocksNedlog

      And looks like a broken mirror.

  • kssturgis62

    Oscars any awards show is NOT allowed in my House. I can understand Wasserman Schultz watching them, those are her people, paying millions in donations to her candidates to destroy this nation.

    But the thing that gets me is conservatives that watch. Why? Because they yell and scream all day about how they hate what is happening, but they are sitting on their couches watching, hoping LINCOLN WINS without giving Two thoughts to the fact that Spielberg gave over 2 Million Dollars to Obama and select Democrats in California. But when it comes to making his movies, he leaves California so he doesn’t have to pay the taxes.

    Hypocrites to the core – oh but we loveeeeeeeee the USA. NO YOU DO NOT. Not when your supporting the people that are Destroying it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/ardell.simon Ardell Simon

      I refused to watch for the same reasons! I don’t understand why anyone wants to support the Hollywood crowd.

    • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine

      Hypocrites? Are you kidding me right now? Are we supposed to boycott EVERY SINGLE BIT of entertainment created by people who are Democrats?

      I have an idea, take all your backward-thinking friends and go live in a cave with no TV or internet or most books and just comfort yourself with the Left Behind series.

      • Jack Levitt

        Life is about far more than TV and the internet.

      • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

        I agree and really we need to get with the program. They see us as uptight judgmental people who are out of touch and I’m sorry but sometimes they are right. If us conservatives ever hope to change our culture we have to first participate in it. Dana Loesch talked about the same things, conservatives are always going to seem out touch if we don’t start getting with the times and that doesn’t mean we have to agree with liberals either it means we can’t be out of touch with what is going on in our culture. Culture is a powerful weapon if we can infiltrate it like the Dems have and we can’t hope to do that if we don’t want any part of it.

        • TocksNedlog

          Yeah! You’re exactly right!! Being purveyors of vacuous and pretentious entertainment should be our goal!!!
          It DID work out well for the rock-star-in-chief, after all.

          • http://twitter.com/KayGester KayGee

            Right? Now if only the tea party were more popular..

          • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

            And that is exactly the attitude I am talking about and is exactly why the libs with their wacky ideals that go against common sense have captured the minds of our youth. Youth are going to listen to the culture whether or not we whine and bitch about everything in it, the left just uses our attitude as a weapon against us by saying we are out of touch and it works. I’m not saying we should agree but we should at least be knowledgeable about what is going on instead of sticking our heads in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist outside of our bubble, I guarantee our youth is going to know about it whether we ignore it or not. Not only that it would help people be better parents by knowing what kind of things their children see and hear on a daily basis.

          • kssturgis62

            You do NOT need to watch an Award show to be educated and knowledgeable about what is going on. There are times when you just have to say enough is enough and not give them the satisfaction of thinking you care about what awards they are giving themselves. I don’t need to support Hollywood and their garbage and the lies they spew to understand what they are doing to this country. I didn’t even watch and I know every single disgusting thing that happened on the show.

            How do I know – Because everyone in the news, has been talking and posting about it. So I have the facts, the tapes are there, and I got all that information without giving the disgusting garbage a rating point.

          • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

            Not saying you do, I didn’t even watch most of the show and usually don’t watch any of it. If you don’t want to watch don’t watch but don’t pretend it was ever going to a family friendly affair especially with Seth MacFarlane hosting. Parents should be parents but adults are allowed to watch adult things without hearing every parent bitch about it. I don’t go out of my way to support them, but the times that I do watch I shouldn’t have to feel like I am betraying conservatism to do so. Pop culture is going to exist whether we watch or not we watch it, we can either keep sticking our heads in the sand or start using it to our advantage.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        What you say here conflicts with your 3 paragraph anti-Hollywood rant on the Michael Moore thread. You apparently have the ability to suspend disbelief for the Oscar TV show. But it’s not YOUR right to demand others do that.

        It’s not a matter of what we’re “supposed” to do but our visceral reaction to watching the people of Hollywood you described as :

        “are so deep in denial. detached from reality, blind, hypocritical, and ‘believe their “message movies” and social TV shows have great influence over the masses. They are proud of themselves when they get their politics or agenda out there for mass consumption, believing they are shaping the commentary and influencing young minds’.”

        So yeah, I pretty much “boycott every single bit of entertainment created by people who are Democrat” just like I “boycott” watching abortion films, clubbing baby seals or the torture of animals before they get slaughtered in the factor farming system for our consumption. Now that I think about it, Obama’s transformational skillz and Hollywood’s brainwashing politics are just like the latter. Lambs to the slaughter.

      • TocksNedlog

        If it weren’t for stereotyping, Kristine wouldn’t be typing at all.

      • putthehammerdown

        ‘You have an idea’, then show us all we need to see and know about Progressives and their “Progressivism”.
        ‘Loving’ your broad paint brush, Krissy-Dearest.
        Just as Progressives scream and stamp about Fracking, Wal-Mart,
        Citizens United , Big Oil, Corporatism, Racist Neanderthal Conservatives and on and on, we make choices, and use our brains and abilities Our Creator Gave Us to make personal purchase and participation decisions.
        As an aside, I started ‘galting’ [non-participating] in earnest right around 11/8/2013.
        I ‘knock down the pins’ as they spring up , contact those I’ll no longer participate with by That-There InterWeb-Thingie, and do just fine,
        ” tank you berry much…”
        Some of my do-not-get-near list include :
        NBC Universal & NBC, BET and BET 2
        Comcast, Comedy Channel
        ABC, BRAVO
        CBS, Any Social commentary on PBS
        Progressive Insurance
        Various sponsors of stuff I just do not care for. Surprisingly, this includes Wal-Mart as they are a corporate sponsors of Barry’s new/improved P R firm, Organizing for Action [ex-Obama for America]
        Gotta go now. I’m running late for my daily bat-repellant application in my deep, dark, dank cave.

    • http://twitter.com/WebBeamNews Jane Smith

      Who knows – maybe Spielberg donates to the Dems for the same reason the U.S. says they donate to Egypt.

    • plumberskid

      Haven’t watched this crap in years and don’t plan to anytime soon. It’s pointless, since I refuse to watch their movies in the first place.

      • $36544368

        My hand to the heavens, I have not been in a theater to see a movie since the first “Jurrasic Park” movies came out, and I haven’t bought any VCR/DVDs except for TV shows from the 70s (“Dragnet”, “Emergency!”, “Adam-12”, etc.). The last actual movie I bought when it was current was “The Right Stuff”. I don’t watch the Oscars, the Emmys, the Academy Awards, etc…what for? I have better things to do with my time…take care of my husband and autistic son, play my piano, work on my next music CD, read my Bible, sit in the sun on my porch and watch my cats, read a good book, take a deep breath, laugh with my true-blue friends and family, check out a few good websites on the Internet, etc…much better ways to spend my time than supporting the garbage that is spewed out of Hollywood these days.

  • http://www.GONINERS.com/ Kristine

    There are some very uptight people on Twitter bitching about the Oscars. You people need to get over it. Why are your kids up so damn late? Don’t they have bedtimes? Are they so advanced they understand the jokes you object to?

    It’s all this rabid uptight puckering that gives us true Conservatives a bad name. It’s OKAY to have a sense of humor.

    Go watch Barney with your kids and leave the Oscars for the grown ups.

    • http://extremesplash.wordpress.com/ Ben Bollman

      Exactly, the crux of conservatism is freedom to make our own choices. If you are a parent exercise that right by clicking the remote. If you think Oscars and their hosts are going to be kid friendly apparently you haven’t watched them for 20 years. I’m tired of people acting surprised that these things aren’t for kids, if I was a kid I would be snoring after the first 10 minutes anyway. I’m an adult and I like to enjoy adult things without every parent I know bitching about it.

    • TocksNedlog

      Its also okay to only laugh at things that are funny.

  • Juan Pablo

    Killing babies is ok, but not vile jokes?

    Remember when the oscars wasn’t a night for common, everyday behavior? It was something separate from every other night? Your best clothes, best jewelry, best behavior? You don’t? Neither do I. It’s been a joke my whole life. Something tells me Hollywood 50 years ago at least had the good sense to be vulgar when the cameras weren’t on them.

    Stay classy Hollywood!

  • Jack Levitt

    This is the very first time my elected ‘representative’ has ever said something I agree with.

  • Jeffrey Hardin

    Damn! People really do watch the Oscars, Do Tell…
    And with the wittle kiddies to…Wow & Wow!

  • RightThinking1

    Cripes! Michelle just turned up on the show. The Obama’s achieve a new low in pandering. Hard to believe.., but there it is.

    How about that, DWS is right, it IS a trashy show.

    • http://twitter.com/WebBeamNews Jane Smith

      No, going on the David Letterman show is lower.

  • linnicy

    Did we think we would get “culture” out of the show?

  • TheGrimCreeper

    Like DWS cares about family values. Maybe the Dems can introduce a bill to control the content of award shows on television.

    • http://twitter.com/WebBeamNews Jane Smith

      Exactly – first the Dems try to tell us what to eat and drink & take away our 2nd Amendment rights, and now they’re hinting toward censorship. That way they’ll be able to control the airwaves like the Communists, all under the guise of actually caring, while they support people like Mayor Cuomo who’d probably sooner kill a baby two days before it is born than care about what a child watches on TV. Paleese.

  • RblDiver

    *Looks outside for flying pigs and at the Afterlife weather report*

  • charrenee

    This must have been before FLOTUS came on stage and endorsed it

    • Roto

      I bet we could get a ton of tax dollars back if they sequestered her dress

      • http://twitter.com/WebBeamNews Jane Smith

        They need to redistribute their entire 1.4Billion/year personal expense budget.

  • Roto

    Geezus… the #1 liar of the DNC complaining about “family values”?!?!
    I guess the Mayan Calender was only off by 2 months after all…

  • http://twitter.com/WebBeamNews Jane Smith

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz is as left-wing as they come short of vacationing with the Soros family, or renting her own crowd along with Victoria Nuland and holding her own Occupy event. Give me a break.

  • Man of Little Means

    WOW. Didn’t watch Oscars and I guess I missed the reruns of “trailer park” trash. i think if had seen that TS Michelle on I would have puked.

  • Philo Beddoe

    Why did the M.C. feel the need to disrespect Christians..Muslims are not fair game.
    As many dignitaries at the Academy Awards are Jewish..Kind of makes one feel that
    not only Muslims hate Christians..The Jewish high up in Hollywood..are taking shots

    at the Christians also..or at least not condoning. Kind of makes you wonder if were
    better off avoiding these idiots in the future. Let the Jews and Muslims run

    Hollywood..they already have control of our Nation’s Capitol.

  • tjp77

    The best part are all the libs in her feed right now screaming at her for sounding like a conservative.

    Democrats are the party of ‘anything goes’ and have no tolerance for any kind of morality whatsoever; it’s great to see them direct their hatred towards one of their own top party leaders. Maybe DWS will think long and hard about exactly whom her constituents really are and what they stand for.

    Nahhhh… she’ll issue an apology tomorrow backpedaling her comment and praising the Oscars for their passion and creativity or something.

  • http://twitter.com/Furnkranz Gerald J. Furnkranz

    I am just amazed Wasserman Schultz is saying something rational and reasonable and in a sane tone!

  • oneword

    The Oscars Show is Unwatchable, dreadful & boring…I lasted 15 minutes and that was way too long

  • JR48

    Who watches the Oscars with their kids anymore? I didn’t.

  • Proud2bfromtheUSA

    OMG first Bill Maher says something I agree with (Dont take the Flu shot it is dangerous) and now DWS says something I endorse whole-heartedly. It must be a sign of the impending apocalypse.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Typical Democrat. Using “the children” instead of being HONEST about what she finds offensive or not. I just watched a 30 second clip from that show on F&Friends and caught a Chris Brown/Rhianna beating joke.

    DWS is a coward. Just like I’m sure she had ultrasounds before delivering those kids of hers while they were nothing but “a bunch of cells”.

    And while we’re on the subject, I really resent seeing the Fascist in Chief and his Fascist Wife EVERY-F*CN-WHERE I LOOK. It’s bad enough that you can’t escape government even on the radio anymore, getting bombarded by commercials bragging about how great government is and how ~integral it is to our lives.

  • Netmilsmom

    Someone deal up the ice cubes in hades, I agree with DWS!

  • bikermailman

    DWS also bragged about her husband knowing he’s a beard. Just sayin’.

  • Frank Milella

    Was this a @DWStweets moment of insanity? Since when does she have any morals or even a competent thought? She, definitely is no Pro Family Conservative not by any stretch

  • ldwaddell

    Were the Oscars on last night? Didn’t watch, didn’t care.

  • Mike Sanfilippo

    Suhr Mesa is conservative. He was pointing out that whoever wrote the DWS tweet wrote something that counters their typical values.

  • Ralph_Gizzip

    I was going to watch the Oscars but I had some paint drying that I wanted to watch instead.