Why do some Hollywood celebs think it’s appropriate to make jokes about John Travolta’s sex life? Aren’t they the ones who always claim to be tolerant and all that?


Rashida Jones apologizes for urging John Travolta to come out of the closet


The initial version of this story identified Rivers as a “progressive.” In response to reader’s comments (see below), we changed that descriptor to “celeb.”

  • Steve_J

    Speaking of people of outlived their expiration date, Joan Rivers is the first to come to mind.

  • Michelle

    When did Joan become a Progressive? She’s never claimed to be one and has never acted as one. She usually stays out of politics aside from announcing in 2002 that she’s a Republican, but later voted for Obama (the first time) because she believed him when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes. Second time around, she called him an idiot and scolded him for wasting two years campaigning when he should have been running the country. She’s never, ever been politically correct with her humor and I think that alone makes it clear she’s not a “Hollywood progressive”

    • lainer51

      probably senile!

      • Michelle

        She’s actually very bright. I just watched some recent interviews with her, she doesn’t seem at all senile and she’s got a lot of common sense. As for her act, I’ve always found her very funny and brilliantly sarcastic, but then, I’ve never been politically correct or easily offended.

        • http://twitter.com/RedZhenia Zhenia Oleynik

          Yes – I agree. Always found her extremely witty, and yes, she is definitely not a so-called “progressive.”

  • wwbdinct

    I love Joan Rivers. She’s always been non-PC and she’s funnier than 99% of the younger female comics who are working today. This “joke” is tame in comparison to most of the stuff she says. Leave Joan alone! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    • nc

      I agree. JR is incredibly foul mouthed and doesn’t care who she offends. But she is harmless and ten times funnier than most “edgy” comedians.

  • Susan D. Onem

    Rivers is Old School. Like, from the Don RIckles School of Old School. She isn’t worried about offending anyone/everyone. These are the sort of comedians we should be lauding or ignoring. Certainly not condemning. See Bill Burr’s riff on Arnold Schwarzenegger being a great man on youtube for another example of this. We call this red pill comedy.

  • Bumr50

    It’s a joke. A funny one. She’s a dry comedienne.

    What’s the problem?

    I think all Scientologists should be laughed at at least once a day.

  • Maxx

    Difficult to muster the motivation to defend someone whose hair looks like it was applied with a Black Sharpie. He looked normal in “From Paris With Love.” I can’t figure out how on earth he thinks THIS is a good look.

  • freeinaz

    With all that plastic surgery it must have gone to her brain because we all know Al Gore was the one with the masseur issue.

  • Connor

    That’s because Travolta is a closet case, and a Scientologist. Ewww.

  • APW

    I love Joan Rivers–hard working at an age when she doesn’t have to, and a Republican to boot. She’s also a friend to gays, but her humor is totally non-pc.

  • Sam Sproul

    its not against gays, its against the workers who rub backs and get fondled a bit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Clement/1169952473 John Clement

    travolta is so far in the closet he can see Narnia.

    • kilthan

      I shall be stealing this one as well. I must now actively seek out a chance to use it.

  • oneword

    She is funny, gotta give her that