Pro-life activist Patricia Heaton is one of the few openly conservative actresses in Hollywood. Tonight she noted an interesting discrepancy in how Hollywood does humor about Christians as opposed to Muslims.

She’s absolutely right, of course.


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  • TheAmishDude

    To be fair, they felt free to make borderline anti-Semitic “jokes”.

    • nc

      I think they crossed that border. Tasteless at best.

  • Johnny Sins

    I’m in love!

  • W. Garrett Myler

    The funniest thing about that lame joke is that Twilight was written by a Mormon with Christian themes.

    • Jeffrey Hardin

      Mormons don’t have Christian themes???

      • Paul Collier

        mormonism is a slaughtering of the faith- like islam is- they butcher the Word and add stuff to coaberate their distorting of the True Faith- yes- I am a Christian who DARES to believe Christ is the ONLY WAY to the Father- which is the only way to salvation

  • Orlando Cee

    It’s because Christians just turn the other cheek, whereas Muslims will kill you.

    • Frank Drebin


      • Just Me

        OMagosh that’s hilarious!

        • Paula Noakes

          You need to watch Jeff Dunham’s “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” skit. That’s where the face is from. It is awesomely hilarious! Totally un-PC, and totally fabulous.

          • Paul Collier

            I KILL YOU!

    • BlueGood

      Radical Muslims are “O’bama Approved” Bitter Clingers….

    • alittleunwell

      So funny and so obvious. Hollywood doesn’t have the balls to criticize Islam. Half of them probably agree with a lot of it too.

  • Connor

    WTF is she talking about? There are more Jewish jokes than anything!

  • Rapid Descent

    A Christian will pray for you in the name of God. An extremist will kill you in the name of Allah.

  • InformNow

    Because it is hard to tell an Islamist joke, let alone your breath, when your head is detached from your body!

  • Jack Levitt

    The enemy of a liberals enemy is a liberals friend. Liberals have an amazing amount of tolerance for intolerance in the pursuit of their ends.

  • sqeptiq

    Three Muslim guys: a conservative, a moderate, and a liberal, are walking down the street. Walking towards them they see a pretty woman in a short skirt. The conservative Muslim exclaims “God forbid!” The moderate smiles, “God is great!” The liberal Muslim smooths back his hair and whispers “God willing?”

    • kilthan

      I’ll be stealing this joke, thank you.

  • Dane Gunderson

    After thousands of acts of Christian terrorism… oh wait…

  • Linda Marie Lovison

    Because Christians forgive and Islamists cut off your head. Also, Seth MacFarlane is an atheist and has a bone to pick with God and Christians.

  • Just Me


  • Luke Givens

    Oh, who cares what some washed up has been has to say anyways, hey shut up you old dried up harpy!

    OH. She’s on our side you say? Well in that case, what a beautiful, inspiring woman. I have every one of Patricia Keaton’s movies on DVD but I think I will also buy them on Blu-Ray just to show my support, it’s so brave of her to be a conservative in Hollyweird. USA! USA!

    Does that pretty much sum up your thought processes on this woman?

    • grais

      No, it doesn’t. Wanna try again?

      • Luke Givens

        OK maybe not anymore since there have been lots of stories about her, but the first time I’m sure the thought process was “vaguely familiar middle aged actress says something political” -> “kill that old dried up washed up has been” -> “oh ok she said something conservative, well god bless thie beautiful talented woman and god bless america”. For validation of this, see the comments on a twitchy story about any 40+ woman with liberal beliefs, including those with much more successful careers than Ms. Heaton.

        • kilthan

          Sorry if we judge people on the content of their character. I thought that’s what the equality movements were about. Silly me!

        • Paul Collier

          so you are chastizing her for what exactly luke? for calling people out for their bigotry? julianne moore and many other great progressive women speak lies and hate- heaton was calling people out for attacking her faith- hardly a comparison- but luke, I suspect hate is ok if its in the name of progressivism- by any means necessary?

    • dcnj

      and for that post Luke just earned a whopping .25

      • Luke Givens


      • mike_in_kosovo

        That was about 5x what it was worth.

      • Luke Givens

        Oh you’re talking about money, haha. Well calm your ego honey child, you really think way too much of this site if you think anyone would pay anyone else to comment here.

    • $27789750

      Well, no…but it does sum up yours.

    • Jack Blair

      But Julianne Moore was so “brave” to make fun of Palin in “Game Change.”

  • Blake Waymire

    Simple answer, really. Christians oppress others, and Muslims are victimized by others. No Muslim has ever harmed another person who did not give them a good reason to first, and Christians are always looking to kill or convert others (the Crusades!) and all that stuff. No, no questions allowed. This is how it is, no exceptions. Just ask any progressive and they’ll tell you.

    For those who live in the real world, atheists in the style of McFarlane and Dawkins hate people who have faith in anything but SCIENCE!, and because the Christian God is beyond scientific understanding, anyone who believes in Him must be mocked until death or conversion to atheism.

  • Carin Maher

    yes – but it seems no one has a problem with all the Jewish jokes. That seems to be ok with everybody.

  • Tom Haynor

    Truth be told actors and comedians are pu55ys