This morning, the “real reporters” at the Associated Press ran a report quoting Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) saying that some voters want an immigration plan that would “round up people … and send them back to Mexico.”

Many MSM outlets ran with the story:

rand paul yahoo

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rand paul philly dot com

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Predictably, some Twitter users went ballistic. How dare anyone suggest that some voters want our country’s immigration laws to be enforced!

Just one problem. The quote reported by AP was incorrect:

Thankfully, AP has run a retraction:

It has now been several hours since the AP retracted its story, but many MSM outlets that published the article have neither removed nor retracted nor corrected it.

By the way, Sen. Paul seems to be cut from the same pro-amnesty cloth as President Barack Obama and Sen. Marco Rubio on immigration. So all of you open borders folks who are freaking out can just relax.

  • sybilll

    Asshats. The whole lot of them.

  • Peyton

    That’s how it works, run the incorrect version and retract later after it’s already spread across the internet.

    • geronl

      Notice how fast it changed from he said voters want that to him being accused of saying he wants it? Leftists are too predictable

  • Seriously?

    We need to pressure the news outlets that didn’t, LOUDLY, correct that.

  • V the K

    Have you noticed that MFM outlets *never* have to issue corrections because they made a mistake that made a Democrat look bad?

  • Alexander_Mundy

    Since native born Americans (and I don’t mean Indians) are not having children at a replacement rate, immigration (and I mean a lot) is necessary to support the Social Security and Medicare promises that congress has made to the boomers. That’s why both sides wink and nod at the border.

    • Netmilsmom

      Americas are at replacement rate. Just replacement rate. 2.1 IS still replacement rate.

      • coldfish2

        it is currently 1.9, a bit short of 2.1….. which is actually a lot

    • Catchance

      Except that illegals don’t pay into Social Security and Medicare… they send their money back *home*.

      • J. Cox

        Don’t muddle the water with those pesky facts…it just destroys their argument…then they HAVE to throw racist/bigot at ya to try to stifle you.

  • CatHerder

    “Accuracy is to a newspaper what virtue is to a lady, but a newspaper can always print a retraction.” ~Adlai Stevenson

  • InformNow

    Ah, ‘Legitimate Media’ hard at work. Is it any wonder the Country is so full of “Low Information” voters!


    “Who the fuck do you think you are Rand Paul why don’t we round up idiots like you, put them in camps, and send you to the fucking desert”

    Because putting American citizens in internment camps would be illegal. Hey, kind of like what lib hero FDR did.

    • Oaebcr

      An idiot commenting about the idiocy of another is not a good thing.

    • John Locke

      Actually, it was never found unconstitutional so in theory, it could still be done. This is what happens when you trust the SC to interpret the constitution instead of actually reading it

  • coldfish2

    The liberal media makes mistakes, corrects and makes public announcement of error: evil liberal plot. Fox News distributes so many blatant lies that there are entire comedy shows based upon it…. upstanding citizens.

    • RightThinking1

      Ok, I’ll bite. Please provide a link to examples of a couple of Fox News ‘blatant lies’. Should be easy since there are ‘so many’.

    • J. Cox

      I am also awaiting examples from you low information idgits who drool whenever your fav. socialist propaganda frontman…aka the LSM..make any story up and spoon feed you.Kind of like you want from the Gov.,go figure.

    • Noah Lee

      also, eagerly awaiting proof. did they deceptively edit audiotape? (msnbc)?

  • Maxx

    They are no longer journalists….they are simply White House, Pavlovian, stenographers. The most pretentious journalists like to identify themselves as “arbiters of truth” yet in the privacy of their own thoughts, they know the man they carried buckets of water for since the 2007 primaries is nothing more than a political version of AOL 2.0

    “You’ve got fail.”

    However, liberal journalists despise being on the wrong side of history so they intend to continue reinventing and morphing it at every possible turn. If a story, reported accurately, would hurt the President, it is conveniently dismissed for more breaking news like Poland Springs water grabs and the baby bump of a governor’s daughter. Today’s liberal journalists don’t view dissenting opinion of governance as something to be examined; rather something to be curtailed and ridiculed, for any attempt to highlight reasonable political dissent would only expose the folly of their unconditional love for Obama and the professional guilt which comes from selling one’s soul to cover one’s ass.

  • Bumr50

    This was no botch.

    This was a GOP congressman making sense in plain language, and that can’t stand.

    Look at the headlines.

    Do you think anyone’s going to read the correction that is somehow a ‘swing voter’ in this day and age?

  • TheTweetest

    Good golly ms Malkin took u guys long enough to catch this

  • Oaebcr

    Maybe Sen. Paul should call a lawyer. I watched the interview with Mr. Wallace and he definetly did not state that voters want to round up immigrants. The liberal commentors to this article are mean-spirited.

  • geronl

    We don’t need to give anything more to illegal immigrants, except a trip home.

  • Penmar

    We need to hold news outlets to the same standards that they hold advertisers, if they lie, they get fined, automatically, no excuses, no appeals, just a nice big huge fine.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    These idiots need to be held accountable. Libel.

  • Den Beckner

    politically correct and factually incorrect?