A UK newspaper, The Express, is reporting that former LAPD officer Chritopher Dorner is the first human being to be targeted by a drone on U.S. soil:

A senior police source said: “The thermal imaging cameras the drones use may be our only hope of finding him. On the ground, it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Asked directly if drones have already been deployed, Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz, who is jointly leading the task force, said: “We are using all the tools at our disposal.”

Microsoft’s portal, MSN Now, excerpted The Express article here.

Many Twitter users are in full-blown freak-out mode:






These Tweeters may not have seen the subtitle under The Express’ headline: “Police plan to use spy drones in the hunt for a Rambo-style ex-soldier and policeman who has murdered three people and vowed to kill again” (emphasis added).

Spy drones are used for surveillance purposes, not air strikes.

Unfortunately, the MSN article summarizing The Express’s article omits any mention of spy drones. Here is the MSN Now excerpt, in its entirety:

Fugitive alleged LAPD-killer is first drone target on U.S. soil

It’s official: The drone war has come home to America. Wanted fugitive Christopher Dorner, the homicidal former cop currently at war with the LAPD, has become the first known human target for airborne drones on U.S. soil. Their use was confirmed by Customs and Border Patrol spokesman Ralph DeSio, who revealed the government’s fear that Dorner will make a dash for the Mexican border. The fugitive has already killed three people, according to police, and has a $1 million bounty on his head. Dorner, who has military training, is believed to be hiding in the wilderness of California’s San Bernardino Mountains, where locating him without air support may be all but impossible

Highly misleading.

Correction / Update:

We changed “Microsoft Network” to “MSN.”

  • Ntr

    Yes, it is a little misleading but the usage of a drone, even in this way, is meant as a way to get Americans used to them. There’s no doubt that, in time, they will start deploying armed ones domestically. That is their intent and they’re doing it step by step. It’s up to all of us to realize this and question every move government, on any level, makes.

    • Jesse Malkin

      It’s highly misleading. All the Twitter people cited above think a drone is going to be used to launch an air strike against Dorner. Clearly that is not going to happen.

      • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo


      • http://twitter.com/equaltreatment Elaine

        Anything to incite the masses with more anger and doubt. They must keep up the fake narrative that this murderer is some kind of black “hero” who they must take out. Otherwise we all might find out the so called truth about how he was not to blame, everyone else was. I am so sick and tired of the media making excuses for these leftists villains.

      • countermeasures

        Clearly? How can you be so confident that it won’t happen? The Government has made it plenty clear that they have no problem with assassinating Americans on foreign soil, how long do you think it will be before it’s happening here? This would serve as a great litmus for how the public will react to future drone strikes on American soil.

        For the most part they’ve reacted just as the Government would want, when it comes to surveillance drones in American skies. 30,000 spy/predator drones in American skies by 2020… The general public didn’t even cringe at the thought.

        Is it really such a stretch that due process will be thrown out the window in this case, and then others following this? HAVE YOU READ THE NDAA?!!!! This literally is a police state now, so don’t talk like the next logical step is all of the sudden- completely ridiculous, and never going to happen.

      • savagenation

        How do you know? You would have been called crazy if before 9/11/2001 you told Americans the government would create the largest federal bureaucracy in history who would: fire the private security guards at airports, replace them with people off the street, many with criminal records, then train them to use untested ionizing radiation naked body scanners; and to feel-up, finger, and public body cavity search American citizens; and then roll out the same kinds of check points at train stations, sporting events, street shows, highways and more; and that the president and congress would pass laws and executive orders allowing Secret Arrest, Indefinite Detention, Torture, and Assassination of anyone Including Americans without any due process.

        • countermeasures

          You know who wouldn’t call you crazy… George Orwell.

        • http://twitter.com/KayGester KayGee

          Thank you for honestly marking the date of the massive and unconstitutional gov’t power grab as 9/11/2001 instead of 1/20/2009 or something like that… It sucks because so many don’t realize that it simply doesn’t matter whose in congress or the WH anymore, they’ve all been pushing the same package for the past 12 years. “Didn’t like the PATRIOT Act, then you’re gonna love the NDAA!!!” Our rights and privacy have been slowly chipped away at by each session, and now they’re even proposing CISPA again in congress, so that they can get rid of that pesky 4th amendment requirement for warrants when they want to jack into your email or Facebook, etc, from any federal agency… they’ll be free build their entire case against you in secret, away form courts and lawyers and nonsense, and you quite literally won’t know what hit you.

      • tredglx

        Gullibility. It helps sell a premise, and people will believe anything that’s in print (or pixels).

        Like the State Farm ad: they couldn’t put it on the internet if it wasn’t true…

    • douglas59

      What the hell are you talking about? We already deploy surveilance drones in this country. Wake up. I’ve seen pictures of MQ-9 Reapers at Ft Drum, and from what I understand they are deployed all across the country. Now I’m not saying they are armed, they’re not, but if they were armed they would probaby be deployed against FOX news.

      • countermeasures

        How is it that you know they’re not armed? Rep. Michael Burgess Introduced: “No
        Armed Drones Act of 2012 or NADA Act of 2012 – Amends the FAA
        Modernization and Reform Act of 2012 to prohibit the Secretary of
        Transportation (DOT) from authorizing any person to:
        operate an unmanned aircraft system (drone) in the national airspace
        system as a weapon or to deliver a weapon against a person or property;
        (2) manufacture, sell, or distribute a drone (or a component of one) for such a use.”
        This was in June of 2012… I can find no evidence, on any government sites stating that this was passed, or not. And even if it did pass, it would only stop the Secretary of Transportation from doing these things. The FAA Mod/Reform Act DOES NOT prohibit the use of armed drones in America.

    • TocksNedlog

      You’re sounding a little paranoid and conspiracy-minded there, buddy. You need to calm down.

      Those drones are ONLY up there to spread chemtrails, okay?

      • countermeasures

        And you’re sounding a little uneducated and programmed there, buddy. Those drones are only up there to sky-write portraits of Obama for you guys to enjoy.

      • Ntr

        Am i? Let’s see if these drones being used domestically, in the coming years, start being outfitted with weaponry of any type. Specifically, crowd controlling non-lethal weapons at first and then, in time, possibly lethal ones as needed. We’ll see though.

        (btw, i don’t believe in chemtrailing)

    • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

      Or or or or…. it will be business as usual, *crickets* from liberals or total confusion.

  • TJ

    Now if they looked with a manned helicopter in the woods with FLIR and spotlights would there really be any problem. It is not like they have not been using Helicopters for search for 40 years. It would be interrupt the normal daily police chase with helicopters.
    Why where the pilot sits is such a problem. when it is 200K per hour for a manned craft vs. 2K per hour for drone and pilot at the airport.

    • Jesse Malkin

      that is a good point. Those of you who oppose spy drones, how do you respond?

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        I put it in the same category as getting a ticket from an automated camera at a traffic light. I’m being charged without an accuser at the scene of the “crime.” You can argue that the drone crew is watching video in real time, but it’s still looking at a picture, and not me.

        The high cost of operation is also a consideration when deciding what missions the aerial surveillance is being used. Cheaper to operate drones will eventually mean being spied upon “just to make sure we aren’t doing something.”

        • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

          good point.

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      if its that expensive to monitor your populace then maybe stop monitoring ??

      • TJ

        Just what are they monitoring with the News Helicopters. Traffic conditions and the latest accident to avoid. Yet no one complains about those Helicopters spying on people.

        • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

          no idea don’t have then here. would not like them if I did.

    • Roto

      per the LAPD & LASD websites, they have about 26 Eurocopter AS350B2’s with electro-optic/infrared (FLIR) sensors on them (no UAVs). And in my 20 yrs with DOD aircraft data, I’ve never seen a helo with more than the ~$25K cost per flight hour of the CH-53E (unless extraneous costs were added).

      • TJ

        No matter what the cost of human pilot craft is, using a drone the size of a lawnmower has to be cheaper. The 200k guesstimate was the cost of a Heavy-Lift Helicopter to pick up trees.

        • Roto

          It depends on the UAV (C&BP’s Reaper vs. a King Air $/FHr?). But yea, most want small/shoulder launched UAVs. CH-53s are heavy lift.

  • twinx

    It’s extremely misleading and the twitchy people have, of course fallen for the spin and not bothered to go read the source article linked to

    The Customs and Border Patrol spokesman said: “This agency has been at the forefront of domestic use of drones by law enforcement. That’s all I can say at the moment.”


    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      It may be true that the article explains the situation more clearly. But Twitchy isn’t a website for news stories, this “article” is about what is being put out over Twitter by people who have only read a portion of the information.

    • TocksNedlog

      And the “spin” that Twitchy has “fallen for” is WHAT?

    • Jesse Malkin

      we did not fall for the spin. we are debunking the spin!

    • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

      I don’t think you “get” how Twitchy works…

  • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    Drones are not armed (wink* wink*) for use within the USA. Currently they are used for surveillance. CIA has no authority to apprehend/kill USA citizens within USA borders, that falls under FBI & local law enforcement. #winning

  • notasheep

    This isn’t the first time on u.s. soil.. Get your facts..

  • Michael Rice

    WHat is even more idiotic is the comment implying that since these drones are supposedly going to be used, he must be telling the truth. Apparently, the motive of him killing people, not even involved in the supposed corruption and targeting more of the same, has escaped this person.

  • http://twitter.com/Stimulus4U Marty Luther

    a drone ate your baby

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      lol damned dingo drones :)

  • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

    whats the difference between a spy drone and an attack one?
    not much.

    • Jesse Malkin

      there is a big difference.

      • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

        not as much as you (or most people) think.
        I don’t know if FAA ever revised rulings preventing anything larger than the 4.4 lb 400 foot top altitude (for lapd) but if they did the RQ 7 series (very common for surveillance) was looked at for many police forces.
        and it can be armed, DOD was working on micro versions of hellfire as far back as 2007.
        do I think LAPD is using these now in this case?
        but don’t blindly assume this will not happen.

      • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo
      • Roto

        ^^ Yea, a couple hundred million $$ of weapon systems’ integration.

    • http://twitter.com/who_me_too RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

      HellFire Missile attached ~_^

      Here is a interesting story that aired yesterday. – http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-3445_162-57568571/drones-eyes-in-the-sky/

  • Red Fred

    Do not, NOT approve of drones anywhere in the continental United States. You want to discuss the border, then use the men hired to do that job and stop tying their hands. If you the government have no plan to utilize these men, why are they on the payroll? The Constitution of the United States is rapidly being dismantled, and no one seems alarmed. This whole case is curious. he is accused of killing three people, however, there are many other suspects in criminal cases, who have allegedly killed MORE than 3 people, and no drones have been sent on those details. Why no drones over Chicago with their crime rate? Just seems to me to be a convenient cause to encourage the citizens to accept the use of drones, like tragic Sandy Hook to retrieve, or register weapons.

  • Garth Haycock

    Drones: another thing to add to Obama’s legacy.

  • BeeKaaay

    How does the LAPD have authority to use a military drone? They don’t.

    • http://www.theconservativevoices.com/ dmacleo

      2012 FAA reauthorization streamlined the COA process and relaxed a lot of rules.

      edit: I have not read the new rulings so I do not know any particulars. just one of the faa emails I got awhile back.

      • Roto

        The Navy has been waiting over 3 years for an FAA COA on their training helos for a C model (steam gauges) to D model (glass cockpit) upgrade. :rolleyes:

    • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

      Who said that should stop stupid people from commenting anyway, these are the same folks who said Romney was banning the Dollar menu.

    • Roto

      ^^ And liberals forget their 2 favorite words from 2005: Posse comitatus

    • countermeasures

      The LAPD doesn’t need to! They have the help of the Department of Customs and Border Protection, part of the DHS. They have drones a plenty. And if you’re curious, here is the released list of all those who have certificates to operate drones in US airspace. https://www.eff.org/sites/default/files/filenode/20120416_FAA_Drones_COA_0.pdf

  • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

    Amazing how they come out of the woodwork like that…But don’t worry the LAPD is a bunch or racist republicans or something like that…

  • Ronin

    Hey, all you twitiots, maybe next time you could try actually write a letter or call your representative about your objection to this. Useless Idiots.

  • Roto

    Another instance of “When reporters don’t know WTF they’re talking about” … film at 11. No U.S. police dept. has an FAA Cert. to fly UAVs. :rolleyes:

    • countermeasures

      You’re completely incorrect about this, but thanks for the input :rollseyes:

      • Roto

        Wrong. No Dept. has unrestricted FAA Certs for flight in U.S. NAS. Nothing to be able to fly a UAV and find this guy. The COAs on your sheet and the most recent ones on the FAA website are very restricted 1-year COAs for RDT&E/O&T in Class D airspace, or in daylight LOS under 400 AGL Class G airspace. Current FAA UAS policy off their website states, “Initially, law enforcement organizations will receive a COA for training and performance evaluation. When the organization has shown proficiency in flying its UAS, it will receive an operational COA.”

  • savagenation

    Interesting that Bush-Neocons are using attacks on the media to downplay the final End Game of the Drones which is codified in 2012 NDAA: Assassination of Americans.

    This despicable non argument would be like claiming the Chinese government sending Tanks into Tianamen Square was harmless, they would NEVER use the gun!

    Some people are so happy to lick the boots of tyrants.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sherri.seiber Sherri Seiber

    Please people let’s bring common sense back to life. I know you heard it died, but I still think there may be a chance.

  • lcky9

    Since DORNER is a liberal and they are think he’s going to be shot with it ALL those on the left should be S****** in their pants.. they thought it didn’t apply to those on the left..lol

  • GameTime

    How many others’ privacy will be violated while Obama’s drone looks for this guy? They going to check all the houses, barns, cabins they fly over? Of course MSN is a joke of a news organization so all of this is just a lie anyway, right?

  • J.N. Ashby

    This looks like a job for Jesse, The Body, Ventura.

  • http://ITSPEOPLE.com/ Tantalus XVI

    If only black people were this concerned about you know, other stuff, than looking for another hero/martyr.

  • http://twitter.com/TruPundit BristolGOP Backup

    The reason democrats and the MSM refer to MSN and other lefty mouthpieces as “legitimate” is because they use layers and layers of fact-checking, and never get anything wron in their stories.

    On the other hand, just because they’re wrong doesn’t mean its also not true.