Justin Bieber wasn’t nominated for any Grammys.

To exact revenge,  he told his fans he would offer them an hour-long live video stream this evening on Twitcam during the Grammys.

Bieber’s 34 million Beliebers were exuberant. His announcement of the chat received an incredible 45,000 retweets (as of right now).

Unfortunately, Twitcam technology just wasn’t up to the herculean task:



After #JustinUseUstream became the number one trending topic in the U.S., Bieber announced he will be taking his live video stream to USTREAM:


Sigh. It seems that no livestream technology is capable of accommodating the Beliebers:

  • Kingofthehill

    he’s so annoying LOL… He is the new Vanilla Ice and will soon disappear and that will be a good day. Its sick to see little girls cutting themselves over him, wtf is wrong with that generation.

    • TheOriginalDonald

      at least he isn’t ripping off Queen

  • http://www.facebook.com/maria.elenat.359 Mari Torre

    He just recorded a live online apology you can see the sorry here:


    He is shirtless and plays some new music that he wanted to release on his live stream