Fun. won Song of the Year at the Grammys for its hit single “We are Young” but did not thank or acknowledge Janelle Monáe, who was featured on the track.

Twitter users were appalled:


Well, this was predictable:


Still no love for Monáe:


No hard feelings?

  • DeadBuffalo Blog

    Obviously Fun. is RAAAAAAAACISSST!!!!!!!

  • PennyRobinsonFanClub

    I am somehow not disappointed that I haven’t a clue who either is.

    • Joe W.

      Me either. Last time I checked, fun was something that you had…..And Janelle Monae??? Pffffft.

    • Lady 12

      If you haven’t heard the nauseating “song” that made this group famous, then count your blessings.

    • GaryTheBrave

      SMH=Shaking My Head? I thought it meant So Much Hate.

    • $7610427

      Unfortunately, I do…I have a teenager in the house. Although, this song must be “so five minutes ago” as I don’t hear it coming from his room anymore…thank goodness!

    • OpenTheDoor

      Don’t know either as well but then I listen to Sam Cooke on vinyl.

  • MF Pterodactyl

    Personally, I’d be glad; terrible song, and I wouldn’t want to be associated with it.

  • tony30088

    Janelle Monae is smoking hot! who could forget her?

  • HypocritesAmongsUs

    Am I a racist because I have no clue who Janelle Monáe is?

    • Weeper of the House

      No just stupid

      • Angie (D)

        Of course a shallow, brain-dead moron like you knows *all* about rivial/tpop culture cr*p — too bad you don’t know history, math, economics, etc.

      • Corey Dennison

        That you think someone who doesn’t know who this woman is, is stupid only goes to demonstrate how badly democrats and libs have screwed over this once-great culture.

        Congratulations dem-tard…you and your ilk have been able to accomplish from within what the might of the Soviet Union couldn’t do with all their military might. Idiots like you have helped bring this country to its knees.

        • Weeper of the House

          You are already on your knees, servicing Rush and Glenn.

          • Brian Jones

            Your two mothers must be so proud…

          • Marie

            As opposed to you, who is already on your knees, servicing Obama and every other DemonRat on Earth.

            Keep sucking, little whore.

          • Weeper of the House

            Do you have such little faith in your abilities that you have to copy the comment in your response or is that you never graduated past 6th grade?

      • Marie

        Knowing who Janelle Monae is does not indicate intelligence whatsoever. It is meaningless trivia that is of no use to anyone.

        Not that you’re bright enough to realize that, of course. The only stupid person here is you.

        Now get back on your knees, whore – Obama needs more oral love.

  • Kabong30

    Janelle Monae is insanely talented and I seriously doubt she gives a crap.

    • mic1134

      I am sure she noticed, but she is too classy for them.

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    They wrote a song about getting high. I’d want to forget about it too.

  • Maxx

    Another day, another laundry list of morons finger drumming on their bongo devices about the latest racist.

  • Bangers ‘n Mash

    Fun. is anything but. All their songs sound depressing.

  • Tony Mareshie

    Janelle Monae deserved the shout out. I’ll give her the prop she deserved. Plus, she’s darn cute too.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    That song by FUN is the worst tune to get popular in a goodly long time. Even the “Gangham Style” guy sounded like he enjoyed making his dopey song.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      I saw the making of Gangnam Style… it indeed looks like he was having fun, lol. I admit, I enjoy the song. It’s very upbeat and actually gives me energy.

      On a side note, Hyuna did give the ‘Eye sign’ during the making, so that gave me pause…

      • ceemack

        What on Earth is the “eye sign”???

  • Michelle

    Might be just me, but I’m thinking if they were racists, they’d not have had…well, ya know…Janelle on the song at all. My goodness, these baiters are such parrots. What the what? Someone did an oops and it involved a black person? BWOK! RACISTS! BWOK POLLY WANNA RACE CARD! BWOK!

    • Kingofthehill


    • Ben Bollman

      No no no, that makes too much sense for a liberal.

    • yahneverknow

      (LOL I’m sitting here thinking b-wok? wth is that? B-Wok? is this just another netspeak-ism I’m completely unaware of? what could it be? …

      God, I’m dumb.
      BWOK. So maybe I mean /beakclaw.)

      • Jim Denney

        SMH 2 … at first I thought maybe B-WOK was a 2nd rate Chinese restaraunt, but then I realized it was internet slang for SQUAWK. I’m really getting too old to learn a new language.

        • yahneverknow

          Yay! I’m not alone in my confusion.
          (Usually I’m pretty good at context-figuring-out-ing, but I think the ‘wok’ inclusion threw me, too. I blame my Asian heritage.)

        • Michelle

          It was just me using the word my parrot used when he yelled.

          • Jim Denney

            Yeah I know, I was just indulging my twisted sense of humor. No offense, I hope.

          • gregory white

            So, who is really the Parrot?

  • Tommy

    I don’t know who they’re speaking of but the good little liberal children were taught to respond as such by their overlords the Democrats.

    Democrats, owning the black community unoffically since 1865….and well, pretty much officially all the time before that.


  • Weeper of the House

    Fun. snubs Janelle Monáe; Update: Twitchy is Raaacist!

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Look! It TALKS!

    • Corey Dennison

      Update: Demo-tard troll is a moron.

      • theforeigner

        Update: Corey is a dipshit.

        • Lady 12

          Update: theforeigner is trolling to try to sound significant.

          • theforeigner

            And so are you.

  • Lady 12

    How did the people who wrote that atrocious, horrific, toneless, headache-inducing, miserable, mindless, cacophonous garbage known as We Are Young get any sort of award other than Earache of the Year? They did this Janelle Monáe a favor by not connecting her to that mess.

    • NC_Boy

      You haven’t heard all the OTHER songs of 2012. Best of a bad lot.

      • Lady 12

        Most of music went through a really bad slump in 2012, but in my opinion “We Are Young” is the lowest of the low.

  • Kingofthehill

    She was thanked with a paycheck.. Bunch of egotistical idiots that just NEED to hear their name mentioned instead of just doing what they do. WGAF? also, on twitter i keep seeing “SMH”.. what is that?

    • Jimni27

      Shaking My Head

      • Kingofthehill

        lol… thanks.

        • Jimni27

          You’re welcome :)

        • Lady 12

          I’ll let you guess what SMFH means. :)

    • syvyn11

      In her defense, she didn’t raise the issue. Do-Gooder liberals did. They had nothing invested in it, but none the less, feel that they were slighted.

      Just playin’ devil’s advocate.

  • Jimni27

    She’s lucky she got a featured artist label on the song. She literally has one line in it.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    This song sucks. I gave it 1:40 of my life…can I have it back?

  • Jimni27

    Did they sing We Are Young or Some Nights? I take it they weren’t good live? Gotta say though- that album is one of my favorite albums in the last few years. It really is worth a listen.

  • Tel-Jonah Stern

    I just hope she doesn’t go on a murderous rampage bc of this.

  • dunst43

    Thinking the Paul Harvey Superbowl ad would have been a better choice. Of course you’d need a beat to the wisdom.

  • Cecilia Chaves

    Janelle Monaé was totally disrespected by fun. Not even a second of acknowledgement!!!!

  • Conservative First

    Maybe I’m getting old, but who are Fun. and Janelle Monae?

    • Lady 12

      I don’t know who Janelle Monáe is, but Fun. created an embarrassment to music that’s even worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” or anything Justin Bieber created.

  • Linda Clark Setters

    Michelle is so right in her post!!!! Race always comes into it doesn’t it? Stupid stupid people

  • Guest

    Comforting to see the people engaged in the truly important issues of our time..pft

  • Teresa Davis McCormick

    I love how people can just jump to racism without knowing what’s going on. What the heck?

  • therantinggeek


  • plaingolf

    Wow and to think that I thought it was just a song that was written for a commercial. Did the Oscar Meyer weiner song ever win a Grammy?

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Did they at least thank Pat Benetar?

  • $23639361

    I realize that some may confuse The Walking Dead as being the current crop of “the musical world herd” but the one with the zombies, again, not to be confused as musicians, was WAAAAAAAY more fun to watch last nite!!

  • notenoughtime


  • precursor

    Who the hell is Fun? And who is Janelle. Apparently these are only 2 of the reasons I did not watch the grammys. They are boring….and most of those performers are OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY.

  • Alyson Stewart

    Of course it’s racist. Isn’t everything these days?

    • Celestial Time

      Technically, no. If you’re White, then yeah, everything you do will be considered racist.

  • mic1134

    They thanked Jay Z but not Janelle? She should have been onstage with them. She should have *at least* got a thank you. I predict no more awards for FUN because they have NO CLASS. I only liked that song because she is on it. She is a dynamic performer who has worked extremely hard to be were she is and deserves a shout out.

  • Diane Stephan

    Proud to say I don’t know the song or the people.

  • Holly Fragoso

    Why is everything RACIST to the black community?????? I do not know the song the band or the singers….. I have a life!!! Don’t need this crap!!

  • $22639970

    Is there a reason why adults should care about any of this trivia?

  • Matt Vaughn

    I don’t care about this.

  • Annmarie Skolnick

    So let me guess…’s racist, right? Screaming racist over anything and everything that doesn’t go one’s way is making racist of all of us and I for one am sick of it. Besides their musicians, who gives a damn?

  • Candy Sebring

    Wait wait wait… SO it’s racist that ‘Fun’ didn’t thank this chick… BUT it wasn’t racist when Kanye West didn’t thank Katy Perry for rapping on HER SONG. Not backup singing, he Kanye actually TOOK KATY PETTY’S ENTIRE SONG & laid some crap ass wannabe rhymes on it… & Left her hanging on the podium, and Katy Perry herself grabbed the mic & said, “And I thank Katy Perry” to make a point… THAT wasn’t “racist” right?

    • Patrick Dennehy

      I don’t know who is more narcissistic; Kanye or Obama. Kanye probably just wanted to wait to thank her, the proper way, by posting a picture of himself.

  • Candy Sebring

    Wait wait wait… SO it’s racist that ‘Fun’ didn’t thank this chick… BUT it wasn’t racist when Kanye West didn’t thank Katy Perry for rapping on HER SONG. Not backup singing, he Kanye actually TOOK KATY PERRY’S ENTIRE SONG & laid some crap ass wannabe rhymes on it… & Left her hanging on the podium, and Katy Perry herself grabbed the mic & said, “And I thank Katy Perry” to make a point… THAT wasn’t “racist” right?

  • Alan

    Doesn’t really matter. Best New Artist? Might as well be called the “Kiss of Death” award! They’ll be playing birthdays and bah mitzvahs in a few years…

  • MILAN68


  • Marie

    Wow, that’s how out of touch I am when it comes to popular culture – I have never heard of “Fun” or the song they won the Grammy for.

    I am actually quite proud of that. I know what’s going on in the news – you know, events that are of actual importance – and not this mindless trivia BS.

    • Lady 12

      You’ve also saved your ears from the worst assault of 2012.

  • Sarah Cipriano

    Maybe rude or ungrateful for not mentioning her but racist??? That is the way of racists; don’t even know what the word means. So ignorant.

  • Christian Fenico

    WHo the fuck are either of these people? How about no one thanked our troops?

  • Kay Ramsey

    I stopped watching awards shows years ago when the movies became so politicized and the “music” became noisy, screeching, urban yodeling crap.

  • Cruz2016!!!

    Whatever, this song sucks with or without Janelle Monae……so…is that racist too?

  • Lucy Chabot

    How about just RUDE? Racism is a serious thing. Get over the snub.

  • Raye09

    It’s BS like this that takes away from the few real isolated cases of racism. Rude? Maybe, Racist? Hell no.

  • Danielle R Revels

    Janelle sat right behind them and hugged them. I have a feeling she probably didn’t want the attention and let them the glory…she could have went up with them….

  • Danielle R Revels

    Janelle sat right behind them and hugged them. I have a feeling she probably didn’t want the attention and let them the glory…she could have went up with them….