Christopher Dorner, the former LAPD officer suspected of murdering a police officer and a civilian couple, reminds many Twitter users of Django. But others are likening Dorner, who was reportedly  hiding from police in the mountains near Big Bear, Calif., to another fictional character: Vietnam War veteran John Rambo.

The glorification of a fugitive triple-murder suspect continues apace.


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  • Jimni27

    This is reminding me of the Laurie ( Bambi) Bembenek case in the 80s.

    • Matthew Koch

      “Run Bambi Run!”

  • Dandee

    No, he just loves democrats. Read manifesto, yikes.

  • TugboatPhil

    I’ve seen First blood several times and must have missed the part where Rambo guns down one of the policeman’s daughters and her fiance in cold blood. Might have to look for a Director’s cut with deleted scenes.

    • Joe Zepeda

      Yup… and in Rambo, most would be shocked to know that there was only 1 killing in the whole movie. The sheriff that fell to his death from the helicopter

  • RadicalRebelWhoMeToo

    The FICTIONAL character ” #Rambo ” did not shoot a woman in the head… unlike #Dorner who is just a pathetic murderer.

  • Brasso

    Pathetic, deranged man using fictional racism to murder innocent people. Wishing you all the worst, butthead.

  • CatHerder

    Guessing he’ll have one thing is common with Rambo, lots of sequels. This crap is going to inspire copycats, wait and see.

  • terrortrends

    One thing he was NOT was some kind of military badass gone mad. He was in a Riverine unit operating patrol boats. Those units support special operators. He was NOT a special operator himself and not trained in unconventional or asymmetric warfare despite his threats. One look at that fat body food blister should make it clear he was a guy who put on cammies and talked like Rambo but spent more time eating donuts and ice cream than training.

  • Joe W.

    This guy is just the first of many. Charles Manson had it correct when he predicted the “Helter Skelter” effect. All the more reason for me to stay well armed and at the ready. Best way I know to keep the black race hustlers away from my little farm is to keep my “Help Wanted” signs posted. Works like a charm.