Maher’s fans think this is an excellent point.

Twitchy readers probably recall that four years ago, Democrats spent $700 billion on “fiscal stimulus,” much of which was supposed to consist of “public-works projects to repair the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.”

If our country’s infrastructure is still crumbling, as Maher and his readers concede, where did all that money go?

  • waltermitty2012

    The problem is we just don’t have enough shovels to go around. We need more shovels.

    • Brett McMicken

      every time obama gives a speech, we need shovels

  • Steve_J

    $700 billion? How many trillions has the Fed printed in the last four years?

  • V the K

    But if we waste money on infrastructure, who will pay for Big Bird and free contraceptives?

    • Brett McMicken

      go look in the mirror

      • Guest

        Non germane

  • Drew Longview

    The unions love infrastructure cash.

  • Sarge_87

    Yeah, shovels.

    Shovels to bludgeon idiot lawmakers who squandered all that money on their cronies.

  • RichardBlaine

    What? $700 billion voted into the pockets of Dem cronies hasn’t fixed the problem? Didn’t Bill Clinton run on fixing the infrastructure in ’92? We’ve found another issue too good to let go!

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Yeah that sounds like an easy set-up for the regime to demand more taxes to cover their ‘investments’ in infrastructure….

  • louisiana_mom

    This is what happens when you spend money on unicorns and pixie dust…