The alleged killer’s name is Eddie Ray Routh. He is a Gulf War veteran who suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Here’s his mug shot:

eddie routh

He was a highly decorated Marine:

  • Red Fred

    Sad beyond description.

  • Bill Sullivan

    These Godless folk will do anything! They maybe posessed sometimes.

  • Liberty

    God bless him. It’s so very sad.

  • ember

    I can just see Chris Kyle trying to reach out to this troubled man. He had a heart for his fellow soldiers who suffered the mental effects of war. CK would want this man to be helped.

  • RWandB

    Just going by the photo- but is there any chance that this guy flipped to the mohammedan’s?

    • airforcebratt

      My thoughts, too!

  • NRPax

    For those of you that might be cheering the possibility that jail officials are meting out justice to this man, I’d like to remind you of a couple of points.

    1. No matter how heinous the crime, he still has the right to be defended.

    2. You would want the same protections if you were arrested for anything.

    I’m not justifying anything. If he’s guilty, I hope the immediate follow up is a short drop and a sharp stop but I’ll wait for the facts to come out first.

    • aliwilcox

      You are absolutely right. I see knee-jerk reactions from some folks on this site; it doesn’t do a patriot’s cause any good at all.

  • blogagog

    This has to be drug related.

  • radical1979

    The government should have been helping this man with his PTSD not Chris Kyle. We need to stand by our vets.

    • You’re mad. I’m glad.

      So, that’s your game now? Call dissenters trolls and then ban them instead of actually be forced to live with the notion that other people have different points of view because it offends your delicate sensibilities. Nice freedom of speech and integrity you got there bro.

      • radical1979

        No, people who come to a site just to agitate are trolls. We have people who disagree, but they reasons that they elucidate, rather than just be annoying.

        • You’re mad. I’m glad.

          Sorry, but that’s not the impression that I got from your site. You guys seem to be hostile toward anyone that diametrically opposes your viewpoints. I like to debate things, but if someone’s going to poke at me, I’ll poke right back at them and I try to stick to the facts. The average poster in your threads seem to be overwhelmingly uninformed or under-informed about the facts and resorts to petty name-calling and mud slinging when they are challenged with an opposing view or evidence that disrupts their gut reactions. If you read my comments, you’d see that I didn’t throw the first blow and most of your posters formed some pretty outrageous assumptions about me or where I got my info from. But you don’t care about that. All you care about is burying your head in the sand like your fellow tin-hat wearing miscreants.

          Their agitation stems from their unwillingness to accept different perspectives and statements of both fact and opinion that upset their narrow world views.

          But hey, enjoy your quaint little members only club. I shan’t go there ever again to cast pearls before obvious swine.

          You can go back to living in your far-right dream world now.

          Here, this video sums up exactly what you are. Good day.

  • BeyondPolls

    He needs help.

  • Robert

    Susy Solis called Eddie Routh an ex-Marine and she is correct. Murderous slime like Routh, Charles Whitman, and Lee Harvey Oswald are ex Marines and not former or veteran Marines.

  • Palin ECoalition

    Most likely, this man was on a cocktail of psych meds if he had been in and out of the mental hospital. Numerous people have killed themselves or others while on these meds. Chris Kyle could just as easily be another fatality caused by psych meds: