Sen. Marco Rubio is winning over some big-name conservatives with his call for immigration reform, which closely resembles the McCain-Kennedy plan of 2006-07.

Back then, conservatives called the plan amnesty, and they were right. Rubio opposed it at the time.  But now he’s “evolving.”

Mickey Kaus of the Daily Caller is one of the few amnesty opponents who is sticking to his guns:

  • JM_in_WASH

    Everyone on some issue evolves over time. There are 12 million illegals in the US, they are not going to miraculously be deported by anyone. Most of those in the Legislature have illegals as gardeners, housekeepers, drivers, and nannies. They are not going to bite that hand. Time to get real and face the facts.

    • GearyMarks

      Don’t forget to include all of the facts. You didn’t mention some facts
      like the strain on our economy, free healthcare without paying taxes, taking jobs from Americans who need a job just to send their money from that job back to Mexico… just to name a few

    • TheKingJAK

      Try growing up where they’ve taken over, and they don’t do anything but contribute to massive crime rates. I know some good ones, but that doesn’t overshadow all of the bad they bring as a whole to our towns.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      The government doesn’t represent us anymore. They know it. And thy need to import a cheaper class of voter. This problem could be solved overnight.

      Put a bounty on them. $500 an ear. They would be gone before the first shot was fired.

    • Bigfoot Steve

      Yep, the politicians are corrupt, so let’s ignore that and embrace it instead.

    • Male Factor

      Yes. There will always be rapists, so let’s legalize Rape. There will always be bank robberies, so why imprison bank robbers? There will always be burglars, so why lock your doors?

      No values, No standards, No Borders! Progress!

  • Steve_J

    Path to amnesty = Those following the U S immigration laws are stupid.

  • Dominic Bryngelson

    The U.S. can not afford to deport or jail 12+ million illegals and Mexico can not afford to take them all back. Some level of so called amnesty will have to be put into play to deal with this. Sen Rubio’s plan doesn’t sound too bad…as long as it, or any plan, is enforced…along with controlling our border. If we can not control our borders no plan will ever work.

    • BristolGOP Backup

      It’s not my problem that they broke in and won’t leave. It’s theirs. Don’t tell me I have to destroy my country to accommodate criminals.

    • Bigfoot Steve

      The U.S. can not afford to deport or jail 12+ million illegals and Mexico can not afford to take them all back.
      Typical nonsense from your typical amnesty shill.

      • Gee Willikers

        If less moochers snuck in we could allow more honest hardworking contibutors

    • Male Factor

      Mexico actually can afford to take them back! It’s oil rich and does not run a welfare state. They’d have stayed put if it did.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    He didn’t waste any time being co-opted by the good ole boys.

  • GaryTheBrave

    What is it about that I-95 corridor? It seems any conservative that gets close to it becomes liberal.

  • Dana Garcia

    There’s big money to be made in selling out the country.

  • Yamana

    No amnesty until the 20 year backlog of those patiently waiting in line get in and are citizens first. 1986 amnesty was to prevent need for another amnesty. Enforce 1986 amnesty rule of proof of citizenship to work and these 12 million will self deport at no cost; no need to force deport.

  • Steve_J

    If enough people rob banks maybe we can get amnesty for them and change the laws to accomadate them.

  • blueniner

    Roooobio is a slick meister with a shady past, beware. He is using his Hispanic roots to climb up the ladder, the man hasnt done anything, he cowers when the going gets rough, he is being pushed by Bromance with Sean Hannuty. Rooobio is not a true Constitutional Conservative, just another member of the Permanent Political Class.

  • $10348

    Amnesty will be a magnet for another 15 million. This country is finished.

  • Male Factor

    Mickey Kaus has always been on the correct side of this issue. To bad uber-Democrats are too starry-eyed to pay attention to wisdom when they hear it!

  • Eff-BHO

    Never liked or trusted Rubio! Even more so after the Hillary spanking he took last week at the so called “testimony”. Puhlease

  • maisy

    Country gone…..No benefit in being a citizen…..TREASON in congress on both sides of the aisle. Globalist plan on hyperdrive….