Via the North Las Vegas Police Department:

North Las Vegas, NV – On January 19, 2013 at about 3:45 p.m. officers responded to a home in the northwestern part of North Las Vegas in reference to a report of threats to an elected public official. It was reported that Assemblyman Steven Brooks (40) of North Las Vegas made threats to harm a fellow State representative.

During the course of the preliminary investigation, Officers received corroborating witness statements supporting the victim’s report and began a search for Brooks. At about 5:30 p.m., Brooks was seen driving in the area of Carey Avenue and Mt. Hood Street, where he was taken into custody without incident during a traffic stop. Brooks was transported to the Las Vegas City Jail and booked on one count of intimidating a public officer by threat of physical violence (NRS 199.300).

A booking photo is attached.

Steven Brooks

By the way,  he’s a Democrat. And he threatened a fellow Democrat (House Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick).

One of Brooks’ former interns weighs in:

  • louisiana_mom

    This is why the Democrats want gun control… they have no self control and need the government to protect them from themselves…

    • stuckinIL4now

      You nailed it–libturds have no self-control which is why they also need contraception and abortion so desperately.

      • Lamontyoubigdummy

        Let ’em have contraception and abortion. Lookit, there’s nothing wrong with contraception and, no, I’m not pro-choice, but… these dip-shits are voluntarily taking their genes out of the pool!

        Why get in their way?

        If we let all the Sandra Flukes and that ilk keep going, next they’ll start demanding free human spaying & neutering be covered on their health plans.

        I dunno about you, but I, for one, will happily pay a little extra tax for that.

      • V the K

        And a massive welfare state to protect them from the consequences of their bad choices.

    • tredglx

      It’s Bush’s fault. ™

    • BushDidIt

      Somehow,Bush is responsible for this….

    • Rikki Roll Tide Atchison

      Exactly!!! Jindhal for president!!

    • V the K

      They should just make it illegal for Democrats to own guns; problem solved.

    • Eric Boyer

      Actually I think that’s why you right wing goofs want laws against abortion and everything else, apparently your faith isn’t enough to keep you from sinning.

      • louisiana_mom

        I have never said it should be banned, I have only said my tax money should not pay for an abortion nor go toward an abortion clinic… If a woman wants an abortion, then she should pay for it!

      • Noah Lee

        laws against everything else?! are you fucking stupid?! we want less laws. enforce the fucking laws that exist already.

      • Noah Lee

        man, you beat the fuck out of that strawman. Rodney King got beat up less than that strawman.

  • Youxia88

    Typical Demonrat.

  • Sons Thunder

    Yowza – the HuffPo article said he had a loaded gun with him when he was arrested. Glad the police took the threat seriously. Sounds like a tragedy was averted.

  • Love of Country

    Most of the American electorate can be divided into two groups, IMHO …..

    Saints and Sinners

    The Tea Party and OWS

    Industrious and Envious

    Makers and Takers

    Patriots and Communists

    Middle America and Not America

    Republicans and Democrats

    But leave it to the Saul Alinsky Left to frantically point fingers at us all day like we’re the problem around here and actually turn projection into an artform. But don’t listen to me, just read the empirical data ….

    Tea Party – Zero Arrests …. OWS – Over 3500 Arrests …. you do the math.

    • booger71

      Problem is, progressives have a problem with math.

    • CEO Daffodil

      Well the reason why there were so many OWS arrests is because the police are hostile to OWS. The Tea Party on the other hand do not challenge the status quo. If you watch the OWS videos on YouTube you’ll see police arresting people for ridiculous reasons. Also, it’s humorous that you, and so many Conservatives and Libertarians believe that there’s a clear line in the sand – that they are the producers and liberals are the scroungers. Look at me everyone – I do all the work. Aren’t I humble? Everyone else is a parasite. Liberals take my hard work, I make everything. That attitude is sad and pathetic really. And it doesn’t make sense given that unemployment is at 8%.

      • Bob Almighty

        How do you explain all the shitting in the streets, then?

        • CEO Daffodil

          Vegan cuisine.

          • Teresa Davis McCormick

            ya but shitting in the street is worth being arrested for. Public health and all that. And by the way, OWS is a bunch of nut jobs, unlike the Tea Party who actually work to achieve their goals instead of just sitting around all day bitching about nothing and shitting in the street.

      • TocksNedlog

        “The Tea Party … do not challenge the status quo.”
        — That is possibly the single most clueless remark ever made on this site.

        • Frustrated Teacher

          Agreed…..completely clueless. I have been to a Teaparty Rally and it was NOTHING like the Progressive portray it. Patriotic, linked to Founding values, pro small efficient government (I know…a bit unicornish there but willing to try), absolutely the opposite of the OWS idiots who really don’t ‘challenge the status quo’, they just sit around, smoke pot and get arrested for public indecency!

          • CEO Daffodil

            “NOTHING like the Progressive portray it. Patriotic, linked to Founding values, pro small efficient government”

            That’s exactly how the Left portrays the Tea Party.

            “absolutely the opposite of the OWS idiots who really don’t ‘challenge the status quo”

            OWS calls for heavier regulation of Wall Street, an end to lobbyism and a steeper progressive income tax.

        • CEO Daffodil

          I realized that one would get called out, didn’t want to make the comment too large.

          One of the things they call for is relinquishment of taxation on the extremely wealthy, and therefore an increase in income disparity. That means Wall St. maintains power over what the country does, and that’s the status quo. If Conservatives don’t understand this then they definitely haven’t been paying attention to what Liberals say.

          • TocksNedlog

            The Tea Partiers that I know advocate for the flat tax.

          • Frustrated Teacher

            HELLO?? Obama has been funneling money into Wall Street by the armored car full. Haven’t you noticed that all the time the economy is in the crapper, the stock market is going well. That is because O is encouraging Bernanke to do things that help the fat cats (who LOVE Mr ‘I love the poor and middle class’ Obama), and harm the middle class and poor. How much interest are you getting on saving lately? Banks LOVE that! Oh…and history shows that much more than 35% taxes on the rich and you get diminishing returns. Facts are hard…learn from them!

          • CEO Daffodil

            “HELLO?? Obama has been funneling money into Wall Street”

            When did I say the opposite, and how does that invalidate anything I said?

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Haha, “The Tea Party do not challenge the status quo!” Well no, not in the sense that they are calling for armed revolution and the destruction of capitalism and marching the wrong way down one-way city streets at the height of rush hour (as the Fleabaggers here in Boston did on several occasions), but in the sense that they are calling for a drastically more limited Federal government, constrained by Constitutional boundaries and fiscal responsibility — yes, they are very much against the “status quo.” And please don’t be so disingenuous as to pretend never to have heard the Collaborationist Media’s breathless prognostications every couple of weeks about the demise of the Tea Party and the resurgence of “reasonable” Republicans (“reasonable” being left-wing code-word dog whistle for “Will cave in to Democrats with only the slightest whimper.”)

        And no, no sharp line in the sand of course — that’s your own strawman. But it clearly is a tendency. The Democrats are more and more two factions — the government-indebted poor whose existence depends on government munificence, and a portion of the ultra-rich, who are beyond such mundane concerns as balancing checkbooks and making mortgage payments, or payrolls: such things are handled by several levels of moneyhandlers. Some of those, no doubt, are “true believers,” while others are just fashionable leftists — never having actually met a real Republican in the narrow, incestuous social circles they move in (think 90% of Hollywood, or Harvard graduates.) But aside from the increasingly irrelevant union faction, the Democrats are more and more the party of those who don’t have to worry about money — either because it comes like clockwork in the mail (or directly onto an EBT card) from either a government office of some sort, or the family trust fund, or the movie studio or network (whose job it is to tell them how important they are.) Gov. Romney, last year, cited a number of 47% — it is at least that. Funny thing, despite all the faux outrage over his remark, I don’t recall anyone spending a lot of breath trying to actually dispute his point — just his poor taste in actually stating it.

        • CEO Daffodil

          “And no, no sharp line in the sand of course — that’s your own strawman.”

          Go onto any Libertarian or Conservative fan page, look at the pictures and read the comments. You’ll see very quickly that they see themselves as paragons of productivity and all others as oxygen thieving welfare guzzlers.

          “”true believers,” while others are just fashionable leftists … Harvard graduates”

          I imagine university graduates are the true believers.

  • Joe W.

    NEVER give a liberal a gun….They are mentally unstable and emotionally immature.

  • RightThinking1

    If you haven’t seen it, here is another lunatic criminal Dem, at The Daily Caller, required reading:

  • LyleLovett666

    Project much guy?

  • BeeKaaay

    Leftwingwackos are bloodthirsty.

  • Richard J Sunkle

    Nuthin says charming like a frothy mouthed democrat.

  • overboosted

    Want to pretty much stop gun violence? Prohibit dimocrat voters from owning firearms. Heck, they are the ones that want to ban guns anyway. (well, for everyone else except them….)


    • TundraThunder

      Please see my post to Joe W.

  • alanwillingham

    I recommend no Pedophiles, Child Molesters or Abortion advocates ever be allowed to serve in Public Office, own firearms or be near unguarded children

  • Joseph J Tierney

    His Defense: “The Tea Party made me do it “!!!

  • Bob Almighty

    Another killer from the Left. What’s wrong with these people?

  • Tygra81

    so he threatened a woman? Why are the ‘war on women’ crowd being silent on this one, i guess they condone threats of violence against women as long as it’s a fellow democrat?

    • TexSizzle

      As long as they can’t claim a Republican is doing the attack on women.

  • Booker

    Ahh, sweet. The liberals are consuming their own. Parasitic connection confirmed.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Dear Mr./ Ms. “I am Obamacare”,

    While I’m very sorry to hear of your distress over Assemblyman Lunatic’s (D- Nevada) death threat arrest, and even more disheartened to learn of your unfortunate medical condition (Clinical Stupidity coupled with Severe Decision Making Disorder), I’m afraid I have some more bad news for you.

    Your future taxes and health insurance premiums are gonna be really “hard to face” too.

    In fact, when not busy worshiping Obama, “financially crippling” is a concept you should probably familiarize yourself with.

    Normally I would simply advise you quit dicking off as an “intern” and get 1.) A clue. And 2.) A paying job in the private sector.

    But…as you’re an obvious public teat Democrat…

  • rant stocks

    Where is Harry Reid from,think about it, what kind of state is NV. anyway just like San Fran,Cal. Libral(crap) people.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Per Votesmart:

    Marilyn Kirkpatrick is a Democrat and is married, with 6 kids (!).

    Her voting record shows that she’s never voted Nay on any bill, and just the word “Democrat” is suspect, but what does the following list of her accomplishments say about low-intelligence Regressive-Dem Mr. Brooks, was after her with a loaded gun?

    Kirkpatrick is:…
    Member, Board of Directors,Community Events Vice President, Girl Scouts of the United States of America, present
    Member, National Rifle Association (NRA), present
    Member, Nevada Parent Teacher Association, present
    Member, Parent Hall of Fame, present
    Troop Leader, Girl Scouts of America, 1997-present
    Volunteer, Annual International Food Festival
    Sponsor, Back to School Fair
    Volunteer Coordinator, Community Partners Clean Up Our Neighborhood
    Volunteer, Kids Voting United States of America Program
    Volunteer, Little League
    Member, National Parent Teacher Association
    Volunteer, North Las Vegas’ Annual Taste and Toons
    Member, North Las Vegas Design Committee for Library Development
    President, Parent Teacher Association
    Team Mom, T-Ball

  • Penmar

    I think we finally found a solution we can all get behind, we ban all democrats, they are the problem.