Via Scott Michaux,we learn that Mickelson is claiming he has a combined federal and state marginal income tax rate above 60 percent:

Well, it’s been an interesting offseason.  And I’m going to have to make some drastic changes.  I’m not going to jump the gun and do it right away, but I will be making some drastic changes.

There are going to be some drastic changes for me because I happen to be in that zone that has been targeted both federally and by the state and, you know, it doesn’t work for me right now.  So I’m going to have to make some changes.

if you add up, if you add up all the federal and you look at the disability and the unemployment and the Social Security and the state, my tax rate’s 62, 63 percent.  So I’ve got to make some decisions on what I’m going to do.

Mickelson is apparently a resident of California. He may be exaggerating, but not by much. Welcome to the Barack Obama/Jerry Brown economy.

  • TCarrington

    To commentator: He’s not exaggerating. My wife and I are both self-employed and in the same boat. Sixty-plus percent. If you’re in professions where you have “big” years (think novelist or consultant..or golfer), you essentially get taxed on several years of earnings as if you’re Buffett. Oh wait, he only pays the capital gains rate of (now) 20 percent!

    • Jesse Malkin

      In 2013, OASDI phases out at $113,700.

      Other than HI (Medicare), Mickelson isn’t paying Social Security on his marginal dollar earned.

      • TCarrington

        That’s true. Though if you’re in a very high tax state, it all but obliterates that phase out. That’s because AMT eliminates most all deductions, including state taxes paid, which is actually added back into earned income.

        • Jesse Malkin

          top federal rate is 39.6%.
          top state rate in CA is 13.3%
          not sure, but it seems that the top rate for Medicare is 3.8%

          So that give us a total of 56.7%, assuming AMT wipes out ALL deductions. How do you get from there to 62-63 percent?

          • WingRider41

            Well, even 56.7% is ridiculous! Do YOU really believe someone should pay that much to the government? I am retired now and I never earned that kind of money but no government should take even 1/2 of what anyone earns.

          • MovingToNevada

            Unfortunately they do.

          • Jesse Malkin

            yes it’s still very high, as we noted in our post.

          • col

            I totally agree. I wonder how all of Obama’s friends in the entertainment are going to like having to pay that much in taxes.

          • Thom Gould

            Lynn, Welcome to Marxist Obama’s New Regime.

          • Nancy

            Did you figure in the Self Employment tax for FICA?

          • Jesse Malkin

            yes. see our comments above.

          • ChickOK

            What about FICA?? Is that 6.2% or 12.4 because he’s self-employed???

          • peoplectr


          • Jesse Malkin

            nope. OASDI phases out at $113,700. It’s not an issue for the bulk of Mickelson’s earnings. Only Medicare (HI) is a factor.

          • Jesse Malkin

            OASDI phases out at $113,700. It’s not an issue for the bulk of
            Mickelson’s earnings. Only Medicare (HI) is a factor.

          • Wesley Yerkes

            Gas tax. Food tax. Tax on all other purchases. Power bill tax. Water bill tax. … tax, tax, tax

          • maybetoday777

            And, Caesar Augustus went to TAX the world. I wonder what religion that is….I just wonder why this RELIGION is never talked about in the press. I wonder what Religion Joe Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, Adolf HItler, Fidel Castro, Mussolini, Franco, Al Capone, Pelosi et al come from. I just wonder…

          • James Ayars

            Caesar Augustus was a pagan.

          • Jesse Malkin

            he will have to pay all those taxes irrespective of his income. It sounds like he talking about his marginal income tax bracket.

          • Jeff Smith

            County and municipal taxes, perhaps? Even at 56.7%, that doesn’t take into account sales taxes, gasoline taxes, and all of those hidden taxes that aren’t in the forefront of our minds.

          • Jesse Malkin

            City taxes cannot be more than a couple percent, if that. As for sales taxes and so on, he will have to pay all those taxes irrespective of his income.

          • sortiz1965

            Again, property taxes can be a significant chunk, especially for high net worth individuals with significant real estate assets.

          • larrybud

            FICA Tax.

          • Jesse Malkin

            OASDI phases out at $113,700. It’s not an issue for the bulk of
            Mickelson’s earnings. Only Medicare (HI) is a factor.

          • larrybud

            Since we don’t know how Phil has his organization set up (is he an LLC?) or how many people he employs, you don’t know that for a fact.

          • peoplectr

            Investment income, interest, Business tax, you name it. Anyone of those would have put him up to the 60 plus rate

          • forznoles

            12.4% self-employment tax. Now, 62-63% looks conservative……

          • Jesse Malkin

            nope, it’s zero on income above $113,700

          • forznoles

            True, I forgot about that. I’m still not sure why we are arguing over 56% vs 62%. Either way, it’s enough to change people’s behavior, and negatively affect the economy. Regardless of whether he slightly exaggerated or not, this is anecdotal evidence that the tax hikes on the rich may affect everyone….

          • Jesse Malkin

            only arguing about it because people are attacking the original Twitchy post as inaccurate.

          • MovingToNevada

            Add to that the 0.9 additional payroll tax, sales tax (almost 9% in some areas), property tax, etc., and yeah, it’s 62 – 63% of income that goes to federal, state and local taxes. And if he has any capital gains, or dividends, those are taxed as well. And on top of the capital gains tax, he will have an additional 3.8% (rich person’s Obamacare) tax.

          • Jesse Malkin

            he’ll pay most of those irrespective of his income.

          • MovingToNevada

            A tax is a tax. CA is now the highest tax state in the nation (oh yeah, it also has a capital gains tax equal to income tax, too, on top of Federal capital gains tax). Income (highest in his bracket) and sales tax (probably one of the highest) in the nation.

            Let’s not forget the high cost of living in CA as well (and the highest fuel tax in the nation).

          • kgolfinghawaii

            You have responded with this stupid statement about ten times now. yes, we all pay those taxes, but they ARE TAXES and they Count. Geeze louise get a life.

          • Jackie Morrison


          • Jesse Malkin

            it’s zero on income above $113,700.

          • JDarbender

            Local, county, city taxes ??

          • Jesse Malkin

            most cities do not levy an income tax.

          • CR

            Don’t forget, self employed people have to pay the full 15% on social security, no employer to pick up half.

            There’s also an extra .9 percent Medicare on income over $250K.

          • Jesse Malkin

            nope, most of the payroll taxes phase out at $113,700. see our comments above. His marginal income tax bracket is almost certainly less than 60 percent (but still is very high). Our reporting was accurate.

          • Michele Russell

            so 56 % isnt enough? lets not forget all the government fees on all kinds of stuff and gasoline tax, sales tax, etc,etc, etc,etc……..

          • Stan Knapp

            What about sales tax, gas tax and property tax?

          • Dick Shipley

            Wow. How many millions are you contributing?

          • RNErwin

            Well let’s look at sales tax, property tax just to name a few.

          • kgolfinghawaii

            I don’t know, how about sales tax, how about tax on pg and e? How about phone bill taxes, how about tax on anything you buy? How about dmv tax each year? How about gasoline taxes? I can go on and on, but he pays what he said.

          • Jesse Malkin

            those are not income taxes. Even if he quits playing golf, he will stay pay them. Our reporting was accurate.

          • Ariadnea

            How much will it be if you add property tax, payroll tax, obamacare tax, gas tax, carbon tax, and sales tax to Federal and Provincial taxes?

          • Guest

            Your forgetting the self employment tax in your 56.7%. Even though it’s only on first $113.700 you can’t dismiss it. If my math is correct that puts his tax rate at 71.1% on the first $113.700 and 56.7% on income after that. Maybe he has family that are not interested in moving so Dad can save tax dollars. So Dad just figures he might as well just take it easier and not earn everything he could because it rewards the politicians for their efforts to bleed high income earners. There just come a time when you start taxing the incentive right out of the worker. Phil probably could clear more income by spending more managing his portfolio (which is taxed at a lower rate) than out earning by playing golf.

          • Jesse Malkin

            he is talking about his marginal income tax rate. that is what is economically relevant.

          • sortiz1965

            Property taxes

          • Jesse Malkin

            he will pay those even if he stops working.

          • Denise O’Connor

            Payroll tax increase of 2% and he is probably incorporated so there may be additional taxes there also.

          • Jesse Malkin

            nope, most of the payroll taxes phase out at $113,700. see our comments above. His marginal income tax bracket is almost certainly less than 60 percent (but still is very high). Our reporting was accurate.

          • David maley

            Sales tax, property tax, 3.9 % additional Obama care tax on earnings over 250K

          • TCarrington

            Sorry for the delay. You are forgetting the Obamacare taxes. The Obamacare 3.8% tax on investment income over $250K will partly offset the cap on SS earnings, which incidentally rises every year. It was, I believe around $110.1K in 2012. Plus there is an additional .9% medicare tax on income over $250K. Plus I’m including local property taxes. In my neck of the woods, that’s easily 4% of my income and rises every year. With CA tax levels, that handily puts you over 63%. Someone mentioned that Phil must have a bad financial adviser. If you’re self-employed and earn your income, there is largely no way to avoid paying high taxes. That’s why guys like Buffett prefer to take their income via lower-taxed capital gains, not salary and why Buffett’s famous “red herring” about his secretary is so ridiculous: Of course she pays more; she’s paid a fully taxable salary. My wife and I have paid AMT for nearly 20 years and over 52% of our income in taxes (sans local property taxes) well before the latest round of increases. Also, I concur with other comments on this thread that you seem to think it’s OK that the government takes over half of an individual’s earnings. A cleric friend of mine, no stranger to socialism hailing from Spain, once remarked to me that whatever denigrates work and effort–including excessive and confiscatory taxes–is immoral. I agree.

          • Don Erickson

            There are a host of auxiliary taxes which may apply.

            CDL license Tax
            Corporate Income Tax
            Dog License Tax
            Excise Taxes
            Fishing License Tax
            Gasoline Tax (currently 44.75 cents per gallon)
            Hunting License Tax
            IRS Interest Charges IRS Penalties (tax on top of tax)
            Liquor Tax
            Luxury Taxes
            Marriage License Tax
            Medicare Tax
            Personal Property Tax
            Property Tax
            Real Estate Tax
            Service Charge Tax
            Social Security Tax
            Road Usage Tax
            Recreational Vehicle Tax
            Sales Tax
            School Tax
            Telephone Federal Excise Tax
            Telephone Federal Universal Service Fee Tax
            Telephone Federal, State and Local Surcharge Taxes
            Telephone Minimum Usage Surcharge Tax
            Telephone Recurring and Nonrecurring Charges Tax
            Telephone State and Local Tax
            Telephone Usage Charge Tax
            Utility Taxes
            Vehicle License Registration Tax
            Vehicle Sales Tax
            Watercraft Registration Tax
            Well Permit Tax
            Workers Compensation Tax

          • mike_in_kosovo

            Isn’t there a ‘high-rate’ adjustment for Medicare?

          • TexSizzle

            City, college district, water district, hospital district, etc.? In (parts of) Amarillo, we have all of the above.

        • JohnL1313

          Don’t forget the ObamaCare taxes on high income earners.

  • FLConserv

    Tell him to move to Florida, no income tax.

    • Heather Claffey

      Or Texas

      • MovingToNevada

        Or Nevada

        • Will McDonald

          or Tennessee

          • Cameron Brown

            or Washington

          • Dino Darling

            Or Oregon

          • pen44

            Dino, Oregon has an income tax, even for out of state residents. Washington, however does not have an income tax…

          • emenot

            You should try California, if you own a house in California the state will not let you go and claim that you still have root. You must sever all connections in California to become citizen of another state!

          • Cold_Play

            or Wyoming

          • 3seven77

            Washington has no income tax, but it taxes almost everything else. and more taxes are in the works….

      • JINNASH

        Or TN

    • MsTiBlue

      No state Income Tax in Nevada either.

    • JDarbender

      But our dictator still nails him with the fed taxes. He needs to move to Bermuda.

      • Jay Rettaliata

        He can’t play Ryder Cup for the USA if he “moves” to Bermuda

      • Frank Julian

        Bermuda is under the U.K. they have public health care.. why would a nazi facist want that?

        • Don Erickson

          Really, you sir are out of line.

        • J Oden Thompson

          Since you are on welfare you already have free health care, free food, free housing, and I am sure you support redistribution of wealth!

        • TexSizzle

          We don’t know. What *would* you want with that?

    • JustLikeAnimals

      And hopefully soon to be Louisiana!!!! Go! Gov. Jindal, Go!!!!

    • Ray Batts

      It’s not as simple as that. If he wins money in, say, Georgia, then Georgia is going to want some income tax from him. Check out ESPN’s 30 for 30 “Broke.”

  • nc

    Are you listening Gov. Brown?

    • MovingToNevada

      He doesn’t listen, he just plays along with his supermajority in the legislature who is now free to increase taxes, etc., at anytime…and they don’t need Jerry to help since they can override his veto. That means they can also go ahead and change the CA constitution. It’s mob rule now.

  • PhilipJames

    MOVE… simple solution.

    • Jesse Malkin

      It sounds like that is one of the changes he is considering.

      • Zanshi

        It would be a wise move on his part, that’s for sure. I hear Texas is welcoming refugees from liberal policies.

        • Is this America?

          As long as you do not vote like a liberal!

  • Snoop8765

    Phil is the best guy on the tour, Tiger is the worst. I hope he ditches Calfornia and let’s them know it

    • BobM001

      Just RUN from the “LEFT COAST”!!!! It is the hot bed of LIBERAL TAX AND SPEND!

    • Clayton B

      Phil ‘The Thrill’ might play left, but I’m sure he voted right….

  • PhilipJames

    By the way, for those dolts saying he could retire, come on…. all he has to do is move to another State… i.e. Florida. He does not have to retire… that is a really stupid inference.

    • Sarge_87

      That’s probably what he will do but it’s a good lesson to the federal government if they keep raising taxes. They have three choices if they can’t escape the government taking way over half their wealth:

      1.) Expatriate

      2.) Cut production to a preset limit to pay lower rate and live off accrued wealth which is not taxable at the new higher rate.

      3.) Hide it using legal loopholes and shell corporations. – Old money like the Kennedy’s wealth is tied up in trusts, where family members sit on boards and draw stipends, thus guaranteeing their wealth will escape inheritance and other taxation.

  • Honey Badger Clicker

    Golfing Galt

  • Patrick Adams

    Crazy isn’t it sorry to say I TOLD YOU SO.

  • MikeTX62

    Someone let him know that Texas has no income tax, and we’d love to have him.

    • sortiz1965

      But the property taxes in Texas are ass kickers, especially in the big cities…still, no income tax is nice.

  • TJ

    Don’t move, enjoy the utopia and pay your patriotic fair share as the top 1% that he is.

    • losingusa

      Do you think keeping only 37 to 40 cents on every dollar you earn is fair??

      • TJ

        No it is not fair but, he knew that this tax rate was coming and when did not come out strong against it before the election. When is the cut off to pay taxes high tax rate. 4 million plus per year golfer falls into the high rate in any world,

        Either live with a progressive tax system where people who make more pay more or get elected to congress and change the 47,000 page tax code to a flat tax. Moving does not help change a systematic problem of the tax code.

  • David R Priest

    Phil…move to Texas or Florida…Duh!

  • Tommy

    New Hampshire has NO income tax and NO sales tax…..hint, hint

  • Kevin Slack

    Sounds like another variiation of Atlas Shrugged! Who could blame him?

  • Don Kosky

    First, move out of CA. Second move to a country that has a top marginal rate at 20%. The U.S. Govt is a mafia, I would move if I was you. Its a form of tax protest

  • Capitalismczar

    He should move to Texas…no state income tax.

  • larrybud

    He should move to FLA like the vast majority of pro golfers. Insane to live in CA.

  • Dawn Smith

    I wonder how many Obama supporters fall into this tax bracket?

    • $910553

      A bunch of them. But they don’t have to pay any taxes at all if they don’t want to. Or aren’t you aware of Geithner and a bunch of OTHER Administration types?

  • The Burns

    Dont’ come to Texas! I’m watching UHauls driving through here in platoons!!! At this rate, Texas is going to be bigger than Calif/Ny put together in about 10 years. Plus, I’m already tired of the new “rude” drivers.

    • Get it yet?

      Plus when liberals leave the state they are unhappy with they still bring their politics with them and ruin their next state. Great example…MA residents moved to NH and ruined the state!

      • Is this America?

        Sounds like he would vote the right way though!

      • marrmae1

        Just like a hoard of locusts!!!

        • dmacleo


  • Patrick Kennedy

    move to Tennessee where there is NO state income tax ….. that should make his tax burden less ….. also do what every rich person does ….. put you his money in accounts , out of the USA ….

  • RememberKathrynSteinle

    That’s why Tiger lives in Florida.

  • catherine lundeen

    It’s not about the 60%, it;s about the 50 % that don’t have any wealth; It;s about the happiness you’ll get from sharing, helping those less fortunate! We can’t all be pro golfers, share the oh wait share YOUR wealth willingly and PLEASE go make more!

    • Lisa Harrington Shanks

      I’m not wealthy…but I don’t think the government should extort his money that he earned…stop saying the rich people have to share.

  • Terry

    Move to Texas… no State income tax

  • Jeff Kelly

    The government should NEVER get half of anyones money………how many lazy, on the dole people ( thanks Obama) is Phil supporting

  • disqus_xP1EfFpQTG

    He’s moving, as are many Californians. Texas, Washington, Nevada. Obama and Jerry Brown are stupid is as stupid does…

  • MovingToNevada

    He won’t be the only rich guy moving out of CA…

  • losingusa

    Welcome the the emerging hell known as Obama world.

  • robert

    I hear you man!!!!!

  • Geoffrey Wullschlager

    Well when he gets done using the words “drastic” and “changes” in sentence after sentence, maybe he should sit down and consider the following:

    1.) I guess one really needs to worry about money critically when they have their own Gulfstream jet and enough money to live like a king forever regardless if they never work another day in their life (because the only thing you need when you have more cake than you can eat is more cake).

    2.) He could take his percentage of winnings/earnings that is putting him into the higher bracket (as proposed by many right wingers) and donate that percentage to charity thus beginning to do away with the need for social service spending; because we all know the charity of the wealthy will replace the need for entitlements.

    3.) Or he could talk to a taxpayer form the Eisenhower era, with dollars adjusted for current value and realize those poor bastards paid an effective rate of 90%; and then realize it isn’t so bad.

    Greed….it’s what’s for dinner America.

    • Shawn

      Wow another person I bet that lives on the dole and is upset they are not going to fund your EBT card.

      • Geoffrey Wullschlager

        Actually I’m the guy getting people off the dole and helping them get an education so they can be productive members of society.

        • Shawn

          Sure you are, by leading them to Obama’s promise to more poverty

          • Geoffrey Wullschlager

            Actually no…by getting them off the street, many of which are veterans, and by getting them into the classroom and often a stable living situation with a job.

          • Shawn

            So I read you are a social worker, do you work for the city you reside in….or do you receive govt funds, so you can get paid? Cause if you do, you are a big hypocrite, cause the taxes most people pay, help you out. So next time when you bash the rich, remember, it never pays

    • J. Cox

      Spoken like a true socialist.FYI…how many poor people have you personally helped?0?Sounds about right….but while you tell people not to force their Christian values on this nation,you then turn and force your moral standards on those whom are more prosperous…because hypocrisy is whats on the plate,not greed.Eat-up.

      • Geoffrey Wullschlager

        Actually J. Cox:
        1.) I’ve helped hundreds of people in my 7 years as a social worker.
        2.) You make assumptions about my religious predisposition with no grounds for basis. Yes, I do not like “Christian Values” as translated by the extreme end of Christianity being forced on anyone, just as I wouldn’t want Sharia law forced on anybody either; but for the record I am a practicing Episcopalian.
        3.) Having a position based in political theory or economics is not a moral standard; it is a political ideology. And I agree that the tax code needs to be simplified, government needs an auditing, and we should be watching every penny. I just wonder where all the outrage was when a past president invested us (fiscally, morally and otherwise) into two failed wars with off the book spending that has been the basis of our current fiscal situation?
        4.) To clear the record though; I am damn tired of people with more money than they will ever need acting as if there have never been taxes in this country before. Again, see comment about the Eisenhower era; and do yourself a favor and look at marginal rates over the last 80 years; it could be a lot worse.
        5.) And to round it out…yeah I feel the pain too. The most recent sunseting of the payroll tax cut is gonna hurt me pretty bad; but I understand the need for it at the moment until we figure out what to do with guaranteed spending in appropriations at the Federal level.

        So to summarize, I am not jealous or angry at people for being prosperous. That word can only be measured by each man or woman in their own way. My profit in life is knowing I’ve made a difference in someone else’s. But when people with three homes, 4 cars etc. etc. are complaining…I will throw greed out there.

        • J. Cox

          Your social ideology is your religion,and please do go on about us extreme Christians…our antiquated views and beliefs must really just kill you.Comparing it to Sharia law is a dead give away you know nothing about either one…but then again,you believe the Gov. is the creator of rights and wealth,and all should start and end there…those who disagree of course go into whichever is the box of the week to put people in…this week its GREEDDDDDDDDDDD.The rest of your post is drivel summed up by YOUR idea of fairness,and what other people should do according to YOUR ideology…not whats in the constitution.Keep believing gov. will ever control and retract itself while pointing at something saying it could be worse.58 Million babies have heard that argument from your side already.We also watched every program put in place completely and utterly fail while increasing its budget and lowering the bar.Piss on my leg and tell me its raining the good news is so refreshing

          • Geoffrey Wullschlager

            J. Cox:You make too many assumptions to list them all but I will try. First off you know nothing about me other than what you have construed in your mind as the ultimate fiber of my being. You know nothing of my personal religion other than the fact that I mentioned I am an Episcopalian. Secondly, I never assigned you to any one group or another in my reply, but based on your last message I assume you consider yourself an extreme Christian. As to my comparison to Sharia law, the dichotomy lies in using religious moral code in conjunction with the state policy. As to the extremes of the two examples I drew no conclusion.

            I also never said that government is the creator of wealth although it is interesting to note that 60% of GDP last year was due to government contracts and spending. As to our rights…well yeah that whole Constitution thing is kind of a big deal. I do welcome you to live in a completely free society though, free of all laws and government involvement where you can protect yourself and put out your own fires etc. etc. Let me know how that turns out.

            As to where you start talking about the box of the week; I really am not familiar with this as I have had a problem with greed for many years; commencing with my time working in the fortune 500 world, the main reason I got out of it.

            The remainder of your post is a reactionary personal attack not based in any tenet of law or in any understanding of the Constitution which you so adamantly suggest I have am so confused on myself; but in which I can assure you I have a much stronger grasp of than you.

            And to the finale where your colors come shining through..I am sorry for those .58 million babies, honestly I am. Abortion is not a pretty thing and I thank god I have never been faced with anything like it. But Roe V. Wade is the law,in accordance with the decision by the Supreme Court, as established by the Constitution you seem to know so much about, handed down this coming week 40 years ago today. Tell me this though…since you are so against government and all of their failed programs (that whole TARP thing kind of saved our collective asses), who would have taken care of all those unwanted babies, say if abortion was illegal, and there were not social services programs. Would you be so worried about them once they were starving and out of the womb?

        • JRJr

          Why don’t we just raise the tax rate to 100%? By golly that’d be an incredibly massive stream of revenue for the government coffers.

          • TexSizzle


    • Dodgerzz

      He has a right to be greedy, and no one else is entitled to his earnings. Should he choose to be generous, great. Should he choose not to, it is not the place of the government to force generosity.

      • Geoffrey Wullschlager

        That is truly an instrument of the American experiment Dodgerzz. And I propose this….let that continue to be the position that many with wealth take. I’m sure no one is going to mind when people are dying in the streets because of the separation of wealth in this country. Many assume that those who are not “wealthy” are lazy, or are bums of some sort. While there is truth in every stereotype to some degree, there is also a largess of error.

        What is more important to the matter though is the place of the government to provide for a civil society; and that is what is taking place. Is there waste and overspending…absolutely. But the answer to that problem must be incremental; in other words turning off the spigot overnight is not the right answer; particularly when 60% of GDP is directly attributable to government spending. Ironically many of the entrepreneurial types in this country that complain about tax rates etc. are very often a lot of the same people that butter their bread with government contracts. Just something to think about.

    • Is this America?

      So are you saying he should not want HIS money or that he does not deserve it?

    • Jon Keck

      1) He paid his dues (literally) long before his hard work began to pay off. His elite level of play is not indefinite, so his income over the course of a relatively short career will have to sustain him for life. But most importantly, HE EARNED IT, HE CAN SPEND IT AS HE PLEASES! HE CAN LIVE WHATEVER LIFESTYLE HE CAN AFFORD, AND NEED NOT APOLOGIZE FOR HIS SUCCESS! Success used to be admired, desired, and rewarded. Now you are punished for hard work and success.

      2) Again, he can do with his earnings what he pleases. And regardless of how much or how little the wealthy “give” to charity, entitlement spending will never go away; the government has enslaved the producers via taxation and has enslaved the dependent via entitlements. The government will never give up the power and control that comes with dependency.

      3) The government doesn’t need 90%……it doesn’t need 50%….it doesn’t even need 30%….but it will take as much as it can in order to propagate the current entitlement mentality that keeps it in power.

      Expecting to be able to keep the majority of what you earn to spend, save, or use as you see fit is not greed. Greed is expecting someone else to pay your way.

      Ignorance……it’s what’s destroying America.

    • journogal

      Did you know that no one really paid the 90 percent during Eisenhower’s term because all of the loopholes? Also that was a different time period, the country was actually flourishing because it was after the war and Europe was rebuilding. Not the case now.

      How do you know he doesn’t donate to charity? Just because he doesn’t advertise it, doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it. Don’t assume he or anyone else is greedy. Many like to fly under the radar. I am always leary of those who have to boast what they do, because they want the attention. The attention and accolades isn’t the reason to donate to charity.

      As others have pointed out, it’s his money, not anyone else’s, so he can burn bills if he wanted to. He was worked hard for this money, it isn’t as if he won the lottery. Of course he is concerned, it is his money. If I was him and in his situation, I would be looking for a way out, too.

      You realize, people DO build Gulfstreams, right? Thank goodness there are people who can afford to buy them, or all of these people as well as dealers would be out of business.

      • Geoffrey Wullschlager

        Journogal: Point taken, and I do realize that….just as people use the loopholes that exist today; which if Mr. Mickleson’s accountant were present we would probably discover that he is paying less than the 60% he is purporting. Can you imagine the tax right off for a private jet that is primarily used for “business related” endeavors? We could go in circles on this but it is fair to admit that loopholes existed then as they do now.

        As to his contributions to charity, my comment in that arena was meant to be tongue in cheek with respect to the positions that so many hold that the wealthy will take care of those less fortunate in society with goodwill. I do know that he does work with sick children; and agreed that I too usually don’t put much stock in those that have to toot their own horn.

        As to your position on his money, or anyone else who says; “it’s my money”…again agreed…to a point. But who built the airports he flies his jet in and out of? Who built the state run university he went to on a state funded full ride that helped him build his athletic prowess? Who made that initial investment within him that has helped him get to where he is today (state of Ariz. if I am not mistaken)? Who makes sure that all of us have use of the commons we so often take for granted in this country…like roads, sewer and sanitation systems, dependable utilities etc etc.? Well those were all benefits to him and to you and me of government, and I’m not talking about your opinion or mine as to how much they are telling us what to do in so much as I am talking about our infrastructure etc. in comparison to the rest of the world.

        And to your final point, yes I do realize people build Gulfstreams. I’ve never flown one but I have flown a king air a few times. So you could say I’m intimately familiar with aviation. I also know that most people who employ the people who fly planes of this nature typically pay them very poorly. Now Phil’s pilots are probably the exception to the rule but I got out when I was looking at entry pay to be a lear pilot at 35K. Not butt hurt about it but it goes back to my original point of greed. Realize there are talented hard working people out there that are barely making it; people who have invested in their educations just as much as he has, and they are facing issues of homelessness etc. I don’t have all the answers but I am at least willing to call a spade a spade and say in this instance I have no crocodile tears for old lefty.

    • Elena0412

      Why do you care how much this guy makes; he didn’t take it from YOU.

      Envy, it’s what’s for dinner…at least for the next 1,461 days (assuming no executive order preventing elections).

      • Geoffrey Wullschlager

        Actually Elena; I’m not envious. I’m tired of seeing good hard working people in my office with limited opportunities to just live a simple life while people such as Mr. Mickelson have soooo much he could never spend it all if he tried. Well that is a bit of hyperbole but, to my original point, he could live like a king every day for the rest of his life without ever lifting a finger. Thus, I do not fell an iota of pain for him.

        And as far as executive orders…well if they are in violation of statute or Constitutional law, they do not hold any water so you can cool your jets on that one. Read a civics book, I guarantee you will feel better in the morning.

        • Elena0412

          Comma after “actually”
          Semicolon after “envious”
          (Run-on sentence)
          Comma after “well”
          Comma after “well.” Again
          Lower case “c” in “constitutional

          And as far as executive orders…Obama will continue his EO frenzy and no one in the House will have the courage to impeach “The First Black President.” Read a grammar book, you’ll feel a bit less foolish when trolling Conservative blogs.

    • stuckinIL4now

      Really, it’s greedy to want to keep your own hard-earned money, even if you had fun earning it? What you earn is yours and our GREEDY GOVERNMENT does not have a right to take it. You sound just like Obamuh–uh, uh you all made enough money. I mean how much is enough? Well how much is enough for this irresponsible jerk who doesn’t know how to limit himself from spending ten times the total of tax revenues and who can’t seem to control his own White House overspending with his extravagant parties and vacations. We’re not here working our butts off to create wealth for da’ gubmint to confiscate. And it wasn’t right in the Eisenhower era either.

      No one should have to donate their money to charity to get tax breaks and it isn’t up to Obamuh to decide how much is enough. It isn’t up to you either. If you have a moral problem with having too much money, then fine, limit yourself, but don’t tell other honest money earning people how much is enough for them. It’s up to each and every one of us to decide how hard we want to work and what we want to sacrifice for the kind of life we want–that’s what freedom is about.

  • Edward Sweeney

    If he wants to move to Florida (a not State Income Tax state) I will be glad to help him. Someone please get in touch with me on Facebook.

  • Is this America?

    Phil…come to Texas!

  • alvinjh

    Lay off everyone that works for you, move to Nevada and place all your money in a non-productive asset like gold. Then you’ll be doing just what the Obama administration has incentivized. Then, all you have to do is survive for 1388 more days.

  • Roy Bosworth

    Just move Phil…. Calif will only choke you! Brown is an Obama twin. He raised taxes the last time he was in office yet the people voted for him again… Calif deserves what they get from a greedy pencil pusher power crazed Govenor….

  • Craig Dedo

    Phil Mickelson should ditch California and move to a state that has ZERO income tax, e.g., Florida. He definitely could cut his tax bill substantially with that one move.

  • Butch Knouse

    For Californians the top level of combined State and Federal is 53%. He must really be attached to California. Nevada, Florida and several other states have no State Income Tax.

  • Husker_JS

    Who is John Galt!?

  • Dennis Hibbard

    Do to the Lies of Sexular Humanism, and this is all there is, if I don’t get it now I never will, hence the sufferage in so many ways, commutes etc. The more I make the more they take so hurry up and make sum more, thinking I’m over the barrel! Sorry this isn’t all there “IS” the Best is Yet to Come, for those who Choose the Truth!

  • Spiegels

    What? No economic patriotism?

  • Ro Baht

    Why the heck didn’t he move to TX, FL, NV earlier? Seems like he’s kind of slow off the ball for a guy that doesn’t need to be based in California! Nice to see some people waking up, though.

  • golfer75

    We’d love to have you here in Indiana, Phil! The winters are garbage but it’s a good place the rest of the time.

  • Twoiron

    Come on, Phil, Barack knows “you didn’t do that!”

    Komrade Obamaski wants your golf swing and he wants your golf earnings, too. Maybe you should move to France.

  • David

    In addition to causing guns to literally fly off the shelves, Obama is also a re-known liquor salesman. Since January 2009, liquor sales (beer, wine, whiskey) have increased 78%. Who says Obama doesn’t create or save jobs?.

    • Moue La Moue (D)

      Since 09′ there has also been a statistical increase in women becoming binge drinkers more so than has ever been seen before. Especially women who work high stress careers. Suffice to say, I am not surprised.

  • Doc B

    All these folks say to move out of CA, but that won’t help much. If he wins a tournament there, he owes taxes there on all the money earned.

    • greekdish

      Winning 1-2 tournaments in CA is nothing compared to playing 30 tournaments over the course of a year.

      • Doc B

        You aren’t getting the point…unless those tournaments are all in TX or one of the few states with no I.T., he’ll pay taxes on those earnings as if he were a resident of that state. Probably 20 (or more) of those 30 tournaments will still be taxed in the state where they are played. Yes, he would benefit from not paying taxes on ALL his income in CA, but he’d have to limit himself to tournaments in the six no-tax states to only pay the already-exhorbitant federal taxes.

  • ChrisBan35

    Just move to one of the states that doesn’t have an income tax.. It’s not like you’ll ever be home anyway… 😉

  • Dave

    We beat you Phil…moved from California to Arizona on December 14th. Didn’t even begin looking for a home here until I saw the adds for Prop 30. It was clear it was going to pass. The idiots passed ANOTHER 3% increase, on top of the new Obamacare tax and the Federal increase of 4.6% and the new tax on the sale of your residence and the increase in capital gains, etc. etc, etc. You may have gotten us for 2012 but you aren’t getting us for 2013.

  • Larry Gipson

    God owns it all and still only wants 10% from us. What makes the federal government so special?

  • Douglas Johnson

    I live in California, I’d move if I had the means. Just staying here is a pay cut.

  • greekdish

    When you include property taxes, it probably is 62%.

    My property taxes alone account for an extra 13% of my gross income…with my wife’s income, its still an extra 5% of our gross.

  • RSS

    Saipan MP, a territory of the United States, weather like Hawaii, 9% is the highest personal income tax rate, no sales tax, no property tax and a 17.% corporate tax rate paid to the IRS and no state tax.

  • Sean Maloney

    Whatever you do, don’t come to CT. Crummy weather for golf, too. LOL.

  • Cold_Play

    The sad truth is anyone who voted for Obama is going to take a hit, those who did not are going to take a hit. Everyone got sold a bill of goods written on asbestos and signed with arsenic. The Buffets of the world will never pay “their fair share” because they are not paid the way a common person is and Obama exempted them in his package. Get ready folks because that 2% hit we ALL took is only the appetizer. I am old enough to remember gas lines and double digit inflation and those days are rapidly approaching.

  • Julie Parker Evans

    Come to Texas, Phil, we would love to have you! No state income tax and lots of gold courses to practice on!!

  • Lando Calvinian

    Why doesn’t he move to Nevada or Texas or some other state which doesn’t have an income tax? He’d be sending Jerry Brown a message.

  • danny mccarthy

    move to Florida….and let them know how obscene there tax burden is….who the hell do they think they are…also the inheritance tax ….we worked for our kids….not the Gov. irresponsible spending spree…and the A-holes who write their own pension plan..exempt them selves from Obama care..and vote themselves raises…are going to decide our social security…like they did not know the Boomer’s were going to retire..I am so ashamed of the way this government acts…I am sick of them all…Danny M

  • Bill P

    I get more pissed that success must support those who could care less.

  • TheGazeAblaze

    Awesome!! Go for it Phil!!!! This is a good way to spread the word!!!

  • Monterey22

    When will the democrats learn you can’t tax our way to prosperity. We need people to produce; not get punished by the government for greatness.

    • JonInVa

      They will never learn because that is not what they want anyway. They want to keep themselves in power by increasing the number of voters dependent on government, who will then naturally vote for the party that doesn’t want to reform those entitlements. It’s all about power, not economic prosperity.

  • KTKenny

    Simple move to Arizona, Texas or Florida…stay out of the liberal zones

  • lillymckim

    Wealth redistribution Phil.

    Obama says, “You didn’t build that” & by Obama and Michele’s view you have enough of the proverbial pie and its time to give some of your wealth to his voters you know the people who voted for Santa Caus the people who refuse to work.

    (make the move to Florida where most of the tour lives)

  • Keys Man 70

    Just move to a state that has no State income tax.

  • Mark Rau

    Atlas is Shrugging,,,

  • Thomas Martin

    Get out Phil!! Leave the country NOW!!!!! Any number of countries would love to have you!! This goes for anyone reading my post as well!!

  • Joe W.

    We got some fine courses here in Texas, Phil…Y’all are more than welcome to bring your family and enjoy all that we have to offer….As a transplanted Kalifornian, I can tell you that it is well worth the effort…

  • JustLikeAnimals

    I expect Phil and a lot of his bagger brethren will be establishing legal residency in more tax-friendly states. Almost a foregone conclusion for anyone wanting to keep more of their hard-earned pay. And probably the best way to stick your finger in the eye of greedy state and federal officials who seem hellbent on income redistribution.

  • BeeKaaay

    Remember, leftwingwackos believe that greedy government is good, and call him greedy for wanting to actually keep more of his earned money.

  • Dave On The Water

    Come to Texas. We have all the laws, regulations and beliefs that point 180 degrees from Obamanation and Californication.

  • Jeremy Willmoth

    I think what you might be forgetting about is that athletes must pay taxes where they live and also where they earned the money. For example, when Arod plays 4 days in Kansas City, they take his annual income divide it by 162, then charge him for four games at 1%. So on that series he pays federal taxes, state of NY taxes, and taxes to the city of Kansas City MO just for the priveldge of being in their city.

  • lazypadawan

    Phil Mickelson is a local and his family lives here. He could move but what he might also do is play fewer tournaments and take fewer endorsement deals. Ronald Reagan understood 60 years ago that very high tax rates kept him from making as many movies as he wanted. It was a factor in why he became a Republican (the Commie infestation of Hollywood was another). Once you cross that top rate, you’re just working for the politicians, not for yourself so you work less and accept less money. The politicians don’t realize that very high tax rates encourage less work, less creativity, and less innovation because nobody wants to be the sucker earning 60% for the tax man. The toothless twit ne’er do wells who buy into the class warfare rhetoric never even think about that.

  • Guest

    let’s see the guy gets paid millions for playing golf, it isn’t even a man’s game like football or hockey where you can get the crap knoecked out of you. It is a girly pansy game for a girly pansy kinda guy…..

  • Frank Julian

    let’s see the guy gets paid millions for playing golf, it isn’t even a man’s game like football or hockey where you can get the crap knocked out of you. It is a girly pansy game for a girly pansy kinda guy…..

    • Elena0412

      If that were the case, you (with your flabby arms) would be a millionaire.

  • Martin Auger

    I love Phil – but C’MON!!! Check your priorities. Taxes suck for everyone – especially for those who REALLY can’t afford to pay them. Don’t use your celebrity clout to “sway” the government on this point – you will lose. Who are you fighting for – the top 1%? What do us 99% care if you pay higher taxes. Oh wait – Phil wants to quit golfing and penalize us for it…. not cool dude.

    • Elena0412

      Half of ALL Americans DON’T pay taxes; many get much more back than they paid in after they claim all the credits. And…you’re Canadian, so why do you care? He’s certainly not going there.

  • Craig Jacobs

    Better golf corses in Scottsdale anyway. When I moved from Orange County to Scottsdale, 2 things happend. 1. My state income tax dropped 75%. 2. My property taxes dropped 80% (adjusted for the cost of the property).


    Gee not to many trolls here. Guess they hate real numbers. Hurts their worship service of “O”.

  • Eric Boyer

    Phil, why do you hate the country that has given you so much? What a sniveling p.o.s.

    • Elena0412

      Did YOU love this country as much during the Bush administration? And Mickelson EARNED his money and gave much more “back” than the average schmoe who has no pride keeping him from taking what others earned.

    • Noah Lee

      he never said he was leaving the country, numbfuck.

  • CentralScruntinizer

    Please Phil, no! What will happen to our great nation if Atlas stops walking, putting and wearing sponsored sports wear?

  • genesis667

    Do like the liberals do—NOTHING!!! Sit on your ass and do nothing—