Well played, Senate Republicans. Almost all of you voted for the crap sandwich (which includes higher taxes) and this is how the White House intends to reward you for your cooperation.

Update: More gloating from the Left:

I never thought I’d see the Republican party – overwhelmingly in the Senate – actually vote for a tax increase on anyone, let alone the rich. Sure, I would rather the thresholds be set at $250,000 instead of $400,000 and $450,000 but you pass what can pass now. We simply do not have a parliamentary majority to pass the legislation liberals would get in an ideal world.

We’ve certainly seen a template set here by the right, that no matter the outcome of a national election, never mind that their chosen candidate has yet again lost the popular vote by a margin of several million votes (over 5 million and counting), they remain wedded to their ideology and party over any sense of patriotism or civic duty. While I believe in strong progressivism, that is a bridge too far for any movement to cross.

But Obama and Biden got the GOP to vote for tax increases. Not perfect by any stretch, but a step forward.

  • Steve_J

    The Republican leadership and those that vote for the crap bill are to stupid to be in leadership postions.

    • pajamakat

      “Republicans” and “leadership” should no longer be used in the same sentence. They will give him anything he wants. Obama already said he wants “more” next year. God help us.

      • SissyO

        Actually “The Administration” and all of Congress are cowards and lemmings. Only a few standup guys like Rubio and Rand.

  • Bob Smooper

    Well, well well! There is a turn up for the books!

    Republicans are about, and some already have, to vote for… tax increases for the rich!

    Bloody hell! That would be like democrats voting to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

    ANOTHER victory for Obama! What IS going on in the GOP? What a dreadful year its just had. It can’t seem to win on any of the big issues anymore.

    What a bad 2012 for the party.

    • Bob Smooper

      I just can’t get it through my, admittedly dense, head.

      GOPers – years after the Tea Party Movement rejuvenated them – are going to VOTE to increase taxes on the rich!

      What a betrayal!

      Of course I love it, but I am still shocked!

      • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

        You really have no concept of US history, do you?

        • nc

          Why do you bother, Tug? He’s unreachable.

          • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

            You’re right. It’s like swatting at a fly, long after you killed it.

          • Bob Smooper

            What did I say that was wrong?

          • $30423294

            Not to embarrass you, but you said the Tea Party spurred the GOP on.

            You are wrong. The Tea Party did not influence the GOP in any way. Witness last night. You are factually incorrect.

            Again, I feel terrible pointing out one of your errors, but you did ask.

          • Bob Smooper

            Oh I just wrote it badly. By spurred them on I meant gave them a kick up the butt and breathed new life into the party.

          • $30423294

            See, you envision a medical doctor saying “this chemotherapy will spur on your cancer”, and the patient will look at you like, why are you giving me this thing? I want to get rid of my cancer.

            Or again, following your clarification, a medical doctor might say “this chemotherapy will breathe new life into your cancer”. And again the patient will say, then please don’t give it to me.

            The Tea Party’s hope was to end the GOP. We suffered a tremendous setback, but we knew the odds were against us.

            In sum: other than being 180 degrees off, you seem to have pretty good bearings when it comes to American politics!

            Just goofing with you. Once again, I suspect there’s a whole layer of what you’re doing which, though it sounds like the writing of an inebriate, is stone cold sober and devastatingly accurate. But you need to correct course because — at least today — you’re making no sense.

        • Melissa Eplee

          You don’t either.

      • Lord Foggybottom

        I’m OK with this too, because now Obama can’t blame the GOP for the shitty economy any longer. Your days are numbered, you commie gasbag.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Happy New Year to you, Mark.

        I have come to the conclusion that there will not be a United States of America by 2020. The government will be dissolved and the people of the states will form their own countries.

        The next generation will see a currency that literally has no value. US bond holders will find that they cannot cash in their bonds because there is money. The Federal government will be dissolved. Many states will be bankrupted to the point the state governments will also be dissolved. Many current office holders will be blamed and be put in prison . . . or worse.

        Current state borders will no longer exist. The people of the states where political power has become to concentrated in one location, such as Illinois, will split apart to become their own country. Those centers of political influence, such as Chicago, may literally find themselves without a country. Sure, there will be border disputes but most will be quickly resolved and trade will commence among these new countries. Maybe La Raza will get its wish and the former Mexican territory gets reclaimed.

        The history e-books will be filled with stories of how the former Democrat Party got so greedy and the former Republican Party got so scared that the taxpayer ended up losing the majority of his or her income to taxes yet received less and less benefit because they were not the desired political constituency. (There’s a run on sentence.)

        Unlike Greece, the USA is geographically large enough that we can break apart and create new countries. It’ll just be like the Soviet Union breakup. Maybe Manifest Destiny isn’t all that its cracked up to be.

        There’s your win, Mark. Hope you’re happy.

        • GaryTheBrave

          US bond holders will find that they cannot cash in their bonds because there is NO* money.


        • mkreider

          I agree. As Obama smugly keeps telling the GOP that he won, the House should not raise the debt ceiling to give him yet more money. Obama has been acting like a despotic ruler and not as a president. We will end up like Greece but with a lot more guns. Maybe it is time to break up the country. The devout Liberals can have California, NY etc. Each state could vote. This administration has divided this country like no other. We now reside in Obamaland.

      • ModdKenwood

        enjoy watching the country dissolve before your very eyes,Mark…and by all means blame the Republicans for it.

    • mkreider

      If the House okays this mess, then the only control over the reckless idiocy of the Obama administration is to cut the money supply. Obama is addicted to spending. Do not give him any more. Audit the FED

  • http://twitter.com/jburke_nc James Burke

    This is news to the Republicans.If they had any stones they would stand up and do whats best for the country. The morons should know they are going to get the blame anyway,so why not stand up and do the right thing. If they lose they lose but they can go out with their heads held high. The only way to defeat bullys is to stand up to them.If you get a black eye your not going to die. Get a little backbone boys and girls!!!!!!!

  • nc

    As predictable as clockwork. Dems get a “victory,” Dems gloat.

    • mkreider

      that will leave the option of not raising the debt ceiling. No money, no spending.

    • jharp

      So what is wrong with gloating?

      I think you’re just a sore loser.

      Quit whining and change your radical platform that is handing easy wins to democrats.

  • Tanker74

    I’m surprised. McConnell has such a strong chin.

  • Grace656

    So, a little bipartisanship mixed with a little compromise, gets you nothing but humiliation and insult from the loony left. That’s never happened before (sarc). They’re like the playground bully, with about as much subtlety.
    The traditional media will never, at least in our lifetimes, report the truth about these cretins. They’ve sided with the bullies. We have to stay the course with alternative medias and I want to thank sites like this one and their bloggers for keeping on keeping on. Truth will prevail as long as it’s messengers don’t lose heart.

    • mkreider

      We should have all these “negotiations” on TV so the American public can see just who is selling us out.

    • Garth Haycock

      Compromise? I think the word you’re looking for is succumbed.

  • Vicky Hebel

    I believe they are saving the big fight for the debt ceiling.

    • stosh126

      What about GOP leadership give you any hope that they can win that battle?

      • mkreider

        The GOP does need a strong leader or we need another party

    • mkreider

      Yes they are – Obama has become a despotic ruler and is addicted to spending. The way to stop him is to take away his drug of choice – money. But then he does have that toady little Bennie Bernanke printing 40 billion a month to falsely inflate the housing market. We need to audit the FED and find out just where the money is actually going besides big banks, foreign countries, etc.

  • Charles Flynn

    The House, needs to vote this DOWN, then Gloat themselves, to Obama. And when Obama keeps his promise to chastise the Republicans during the State of the Union Address, EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN, needs to get up and walk out. .

    • GaryTheBrave

      EVERY SINGLE REPUBLICAN, needs to get up and walk out. .LOUDLY!!


  • $30423294

    Mr. Obama, if you had any principles, I guarantee we could force you to break them — in a snap, actually.

    You see, good men, unlike you, are at a disadvantage: they can and do betray those they love. A man can betray his country only if he once genuinely stood for it in the first place. Betrayal has a pre-requisite in virtue.

    See that? You’re missing that one element of the picture. You have no virtue, sir.

    • mkreider

      Catholicscholar, you are right but he is ruling by fiat and not governing. No budget in 3 years??? Obama has become a despot and the liberal media and a weakened GOP have let him.

  • $2943864

    Well, at least it ensured that more Tea Party candidates will be voted in at the mid-term. I knew they’d cave.

  • http://rhymeswithright.mu.nu RhymesWithRight

    Remember the key fact — there are $41 dollars in tax increase for every $1 dollar in spending cuts.

    The latest spin is that since the vote came after midnight, that a vote for the bill was a vote to cut taxes. While technically true, that is a cop-out — had every GOP Senator voted against this it still would have passed and would have had the advantage of belonging exclusively to the Democrats.

  • oldfatguy

    Keep an eye on actual government revenue. I’m betting it will actually go down after ALL the new taxes kick in.

  • rinodino

    They should gloat, you fools always talk about how they don’t want to lead, never get anything done, yet they continue to get major bills passed with or without republican help….

    • Garth Haycock

      Only assholes gloat. True leaders are humble.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ub3rn00ber John Burden

    You forgot to post the part about the gloating. I don’t see it. All I see is republicans whining about how they were scared they would all lose their jobs if they didn’t take 5 minutes away from fighting Obama just because they can, to actually do their fucking jobs and work for what’s best for the people of the country.