President Barack Obama has repeatedly said in recent months that deficit reduction must be achieved in a “balanced” way, meaning a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. Here he was just yesterday, calling for the Balanced Approach™ on Twitter:

Now the US Senate has passed a fiscal cliff bill that raises tax revenue by $41 for every dollar in spending cuts. Did Obama slam the bill for reducing the deficit in an unbalanced manner? No. He praised it and specifically cited its so-called “balance”:

So a 41:1 ratio is what Obama means by “balanced.” No surprise there. We are a little surprised, however, that so many Republican Senators seem to agree.


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  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    The most disgusting dog and pony show ever held by those we pay to do our business in DC, they no longer believe they work for “we the People” but play these silly games over and over. What have they been doing for the entire year? They don’t write the bills they pass anymore or even read them, they let people in think tanks paid for by George Soros do that, so why do we pay a house and senate billions of dollars a year to do nothing but sleep at their desks? Have you tried to contact one of them lately? Did you get through to a real person? If you write them you get some letter that was prefabbed by some clerk and stamped with their signature. They don’t even sign their mail or read it themselves. How is it they got so important they no longer earn the money we pay them? Shameful!

  • FilleGitane

    Don’t look now but the Republicans might also be looking to cave on gun control:


    • itzyaboi95

      They better not cave.

    • Joe W.

      It will NOT end well, except if you are a mortician.

  • itzyaboi95

    Balanced approach? I don’t know how anyone can be stupid enough to believe that.

    • Joe W.

      I can. They voted for 4 more years of this, didn’t they??

      • itzyaboi95

        Good point.