Yes, it’s true. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Vice President Joe Biden are BFFs. They worked hand in hand throughout the night to bring us our New Year’s Day crap sandwich, which contains $41 in tax increases for every $1 in spending cuts.

Ain’t bipartisanship grand?

McConnell Biden heart

  • Keys Man 70

    Too bad the GOP House will kill the bill! LOL

  • busyboots

    GOP, Right, kick the can down the street again, instead of making the hard decisions.

  • aposematic

    Gangster Government; brought to you from Tyranny Central!

  • BeeKaaay

    More proof that the RINOpublican party is taken over by Marxists.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Above the shoulders McConnell looks like a turtle’s head, and he talks like he’s got marbles in his mouth.

    That is all.

  • Marty Luther

    Except for winning wars or building roads, when the people rely upon the government to solve the problem, the solution is always more government, higher taxes and inevitable socialism. Socialism, which escalates otherwise manageable fiscal problems into abject poverty for the masses. Then more government. Then more poverty. Repeat.

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    And when Liberals call conservatives horrible names like “Republican” we can rest assured that republicans aren’t conservative. And this conservative for damn sure ain’t no republican….

  • syvyn11


    When that happens, it always means that Republicans grab their ankles. And it happened again.

    What’s worse, is that this made Biden look ‘presidential’.

  • Everybodys All American

    What exactly did McConnell get in return? What a great negotiator. Could you imagne having him as your lawyer. By the time you got set to pay the traffic ticket you’d be spending life in prison.

  • Tim Newton

    McConnell can kiss my a——end when it comes to doing this.Why did nt he go channel Ronald Reagan instead?

  • JustLikeAnimals

    Bunch of REPUBLICANT cavers. Honestly, that pic of McConnell looks like a deer in the headlights. His genius idea that Joe Biden would work toward a “balanced” agreement is breathtaking. McConnell should be removed for mental incompetence.

    Last night Biden spent a couple of hours in the Democratic caucus, reportedly explaining the “compromise” to supposedly “angry” Dems. Now it appears more likely that he was partying his ass off with the Dems and beating the REPUBLICANT pinata for all it was worth. And this is not the end of this. They have to come together again in 2 months to deal with the debt ceiling, and King Hussein is now emboldened by Boehner and McConnell’s cave. Hussein said as much during yesterday’s mock presser when he said if Republicants think that debt negotiations would not include increases in revenue (taxes), they have another think coming. King Hussein is riding Boehner, McConnell, and the GOP like a $2 whore on Friday.

    Despicable, GOP. Just despicable

  • HARP2

    Ain`t that sweet. They do the foreplay and WE get screwed.

  • HARP2

    I will be adding a codicil to my will.

    Every time my children finishing filling out their taxes, they are
    required to find the grave of one of the current administration and SPIT
    ON IT.

    • Lamontyoubigdummy

      My Dad & I just laft our asses off over that.

      Ah, man…that was good.

  • Shane Ladd

    Shake Biden & McConnell up in a sack & Chuck Schumer would crawl out. These bums are all alike.

  • rinodino

    lol, WOW…. Obama is running circles around you conservatives, with the skill and precision of a Tom Brady or Peyton Manning….. so much for the empty suit, huh? Better check your “Tea Party” pols for the empty chairs, lol

    • GTFOBigGovt

      Nobody ever said the empty suit wasn’t backed by the most skilled, radical group of Anti-American socialists known to modern man. Why do you think the empty suit does none of his own negotiating, and keeps the greatest distance from the Congress possible? He also is benefiting from 50 years of “bipartisanship” that resulted in government schools perverting history and civics, and creeping Progressiveism, just like Khrushchev promised – destruction from within.

      If this were a movie, or a fairy tale…one might actually think the empty suit has been groomed for this role his entire life. Radical Commie parents who hated America, mentored by Frank Marshall Davis and Rev Wright whom even OPRAH bailed out on, minority, no audit trail of his past – sealed records, not a single published paper but voted Harvard Law president, hooked up magically after college to the most subversive radical leftist political network in America – in Chicago and BONUS adopted by Valerie Jarrett, won his first election ever after having his competition’s divorce records unsealed, and finally – putting on the best show since, well EVER.

      The empty suit is a great actor. Even Bill Clinton said so. But he’s still an empty suit. Not the first empty suit to gain power. Might wanna do some research on all the Fascists of the past. But in reality, without Saul Alinsky, NONE of his success would have been possible.

  • rinodino

    Man you conservatives are having a really really really bad few months…. I knew all that hate against Obama over the past four years would come back to bite you, as they say, Karma is a b……….

    • Darth_Venomous

      What, karma is a dave travis?

  • JimmyNeutron

    When the initial Bush cuts passed I wondered why they had these F’d up “sunset provisions” in them. It seemed stupid to me and a bet that they would be automatically renewed. I simply didn’t understand it. And, for estate taxes for instance it made planning difficult – because you couldn’t just discount the fact that at some point the rates may snap back. Lots of people optimistically assumed they wouldn’t. Anyway – I’m no fan of Bush politics – my view is that a “moderate” Republican is worse than a Dem – they actually do more damage – at least a Dem you know what you are dealing with. That said, could it bee fairly stated that the fiscal cliff because of the sunsetting provision, was W’s last gift to the democratic party?

  • Guest

    Quit being delusional people. Once again the American citizens are being screwed by both major parties. The vast majority of our elected officials have done nothing for the past four years other than talk about what they are going to do and congratulate each other on doing a good job (i.e. Sandy aftermath, killing UBL, etc…). America has become nothing more than a banana republic. Boehner, Reid, Obama, Cornyn, Pelosi, McCain these people are not leaders, they are leaches sucking the human life out of the American people for greed. As our rights granted by God have deteriorated over the past 11 years their rights, privileges and incomes have increased. America only lives in our minds, spirits and hearts.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    Pelosi on tv is “weighing the pros and cons and continuing to review what’s in the bill”. !!!!! 99% of America is hungover and not even paying attention to these lying liars destroying them.

    • David Eaton

      She should have done that before she voted for the bill….

  • Gallatin

    Kentucky, McConnell must go.

  • JustSayin

    McConnell. Just go home. You old fogey Senators just need to retire and hit the golf course with our Prez. There is NOTHING complentative about letting things get so BAD a deal is hammered out at the last minute. Go home and tell the Prez when taxes go down and spending goes double down you will let someone with a backbone finish the negotiations.

  • BobTheUmp

    All other considerations aside for the moment the “deal” proves one thing without equivocation. Harry Reid is the most irrelevant man in Washington followed closely by John Boehner. Third inline is Mr. Obama who maintains relevance by benefit of his office. Boehner, Reid and Obama were unable to accomplish any sort of accord. The President could not use his bully pulpit to create a deal and Boehner could not rally the troops to get a deal. In the scenario as played out in public…Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell stepped in and saved the world from the incompetent majority leaders and the President of the United States. Enough to make you want to puke.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    A pic is worth 41:1 dollars….laughing all the way to the trough……Thanks Republicants!

  • BeeKaaay

    Bipartisanship is where both parties tell you to bend over.