Wow, she stormed out of the meeting! And then she stormed back in!!!!

This would in fact qualify as news … that is, if it weren’t completely made up. Sen. McCaskill  was simply retrieving a cell phone from her car:

These people never learn.

  • Bob Cordon

    Dang…I was really enjoying the “storming out” part, too. Thought somebody grew a backbone. Silly me. Should have known better.

    • lainer51

      you must have had too much champagne… they are ALL gutless wonders.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I thought maybe her incontinence was acting up…

  • peteee363

    if they would be practicing real transparent meetings, i suppose this would not be news. i checked c-span, all three of them, and i didn’t see this meeting on there. must be something wrong with thier cameras or something. obama wouldn’t lie to us about being transparent, would he?

    • Kristen Schussler

      Especially not after accepting his award for the Most Transparent Administration EVER… at a meeting closed to the press. Jeez, these guys just don’t understand irony, do they?

    • Kristen Schussler

      Especially not after accepting his award for the Most Transparent Administration EVER… at a meeting closed to the press. Jeez, these guys just don’t understand irony, do they?

  • v1cious

    Twitchy defending Claire Mccaskill? I never thought I’d see the day.

    • nc

      it’s not about “defending” McCaskill, it’s about reporting truth.

      • Jesse Malkin


        • Spectricide

          The truth is she left the meeting and then came back. Besides the “storming” embelishment, what not true? He doesn’t muse about why she did the in/out.

          • kch50428

            The characterization “stormed” is a lie. ‘Real Journalists’ aren’t supposed to lie like that.

          • Jesse Malkin

            correct. thanks.

          • Spectricide

            If she hurried out the room and came back in the fashion it can be characterized as storming. Hardly a lie. Yous guys will grasp at anything yous can set your hair on fire over. smh

          • kch50428

            Face reality. The ‘buzzards’ lied. Accept it. Own it.

          • Spectricide

            “Claire mccaskill just stormed out of the senate dems meeting on the fiscal cliff deal” – then > And now Claire mccaskill storms back into the meeting. This is what qualifies for news now

            Are you people serious? Grasping bc yous lost and there is no BenghaziGate LOOOL – Own that!

      • lainer51

        libs don’t understand that concept…. you MUST hate everyone from the “other” side, no matter what… that is how they decide who to support.

    • GaryTheBrave

      The end of the Mayan Calendar and now Twitchy defends Sen. McCaskill. The end-time prophecies are true!

      • JamesMc

        Defending McCaskill from what? Buzzfeed exaggerating a non-event into a somewhat more intriguing non-event?

        • Jillane Kent

          Shhhhh. Logic need not apply when one has an agenda, even if that agenda is petty or nascent.

      • Michael Rice

        I get it, liberals have no concept of reporting the truth, regardless of political affiliation. Actually, I take that back, they have no concept of the truth, reporting it or otherwise.

  • aeroguy48

    Shouldn’t she be talking to people in cacuss room and not on the cell phone? Jus wondering.

    • bananafanafo

      Need 2 call the LOBBYIST to C how she should be argueing

    • MoxieLouise

      She’s probably doing her Christmas gift returns…

  • JimmyNeutron

    As a Missouri resident (temporarily – I get to move back home to Texas soon!) I just want to say that the fact that there IS a Senator McCaskill fills me with great angst and pain. She’s hated here – yet there is a palpable anger at Todd Akin for a) being a complete dumb ass and b) proving that his ego and holding office were more important than doing the right thing and dropping out of the race. I hope he is shunned completely in every way. Hate McCaskill for sure, but REALLY hate Akin. What a bag of douche. Mike Huckabee is as well for defending him.

    • Hiraghm

      Because everyone hates him is why I want to support him. If “everyone” hates him, more than a vile scumbag progressive… then he must be on the side of good.

      • JimmyNeutron

        I should amend my statement. He is hated by all right-thinking conservatives. Pretty much they view him as a selfish opportunist that allowed McCaskill’s reelection. Really, I hate progressives as much as anyone – but we MUST hold those on the right to a higher standard – i.e. not being a dumbass and actually having generally pure motives. Akin is a douche.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          He’s not a douche, nor is he an OB/GYN… so that should tell you something about his asinine statement. At least he didn’t leave someone to drown in his car while he saved himself, unlike your party’s hero, Teddy ‘Chappaquiddic’ Kennedy. But hey, you guys will vote in murderers and felons, won’t you. (Banks in MI) Next time, maybe you’ll vote in Koko the signing gorilla. Oh wait…

          • JimmyNeutron

            Dude – I’m probably MORE conservative than YOU are. My party’s hero? Ted Kennedy?

            The problem with the Republican party is people like you who defend idiots like Akin. Doesn’t understand when to keep his mouth shut and certainly doesn’t act in the best interest of his country. As a group we need to stop defending the idiots on our side – Akin, etc.

          • TheOriginalDonald

            two words-Linda McMahon. You’re welcome, Jimmy

    • bananafanafo

      The GAME they PLAY on the PEOPLE! Democrats put him in the primary to win! I would pick one evil over the other & it won’t have been McCaskill. I’ve SEEN her RECORD, really don’t give a crap about some guys OPINION! Because that’s ALL IT WAS, not support behind ,to do anything about. IT’S THE DEBT not abortion rights! WoW how easy to distract you

      • JimmyNeutron

        Hey, I had to hold my nose and vote for Akin – but I did it. That said, I resent that he’s such a douche bag that I had to in order to try and get Claire out. Sarah Steelman or John Brunner would have beaten her by 15 points. She is hated here…and any right thinking conservative hates Akin even more – because this was a lay-up shot and his being an idiot, then selfish, ruined it for us and now we are stuck with her.

  • TheOriginalDonald

    Todd Akin wouldn’t have left his phone in the car. #WayToGoMissiouri

    • MoxieLouise

      Hey, I didn’t vote for her…

  • Just Another Guy

    Buzzfeed should probably be renamed “BSfeed”

  • Bumr50

    Yes, but does McCaskill’s car have a Todd Akin sticker on it?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  • Pat Bateman

    She must have been retrieving that cell phone like a BOSS.

  • abraham

    Big John

  • bdp

    we’d all be better off if she had just kept on walking.


    Press to get a grip? Now that would be news.

  • BeeKaaay

    If they got a grip, they wouldn’t be leftwingwackos.

  • Guest

    She’s a crook

  • Jack Deth

    $64.00 Question of the Day:

    When has “Buzzfeed” ever been objective credible or relevant?

  • ForTheRepublic

    Hey, we got another SpamBot here! I swear, someone must be slipping these things in here to screw with the site.

  • Marty Luther

    I just stormed into and then out of the bathroom. Also, stormed while I was in there.

  • Michael Rice

    Of course, libs can’t understand why Twitchy would defend her.
    THey are the same people who admitted a statement was 100 percent factually true, but was still a lie.

  • NCRelite

    the irony of a state propagandist using bad brains graphics as their avatar is priceless