Yes, Adam Lanza used a Bushmaster AR-15. Let’s stick to the facts.

  • Daisy

    Now that’s pretty strange, because the first responders say the Bushmaster was found LOCKED IN THE CAR. What an amazing fella Lanza must be, to lock it in the car after he kills himself. Wow.

  • clockworkelves

    This sounds more like propaganda reinforcement than it does reporting. False claims from multiple sources are all over Twitter. Why do you care that a Bushmaster was falsely claimed to be in the back of his car unless you had some sort of agenda to assert that it wasn’t?

    • Jesse Malkin

      we care because these people are spreading a lie.

    • Jillane Kent

      Should one not seek the truth?

  • BestJeffevr

    It was WIDELY reported by several news agencies that the Bushmaster was left in the car. There was even video of a cop unloading something ( which wasn’t the bushmaster IMO)

    • Jesse Malkin

      if so, then those news outlets were wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Zane Henry

      It’s obvious that the entire media dropped many balls while clamoring for the scoop. The Trayvon Martin incident was handled much the same way.

    • MondaysChild76

      I think this is the video you are refering to.

  • TJ

    Nothing like a good Truther movement to come out when half truths are given at rapid speed and then fester with nothing to give the complete facts as there is an agenda attached to them to cloud them.

  • Vern Demerest

    I don’t know what to believe anymore. Pete Williams a couple days ago reported that no AR-15 was used at Sandy Hook, that shooter only took handguns into the school, left rifle in car. At this point, who really knows.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Yes, but what about the other guy? The guy the kid witnessed being ‘proned’ out at the firehouse? Hannity used that on his bumper…

      Maybe he used the Bushmaster.

    • david95

      I was going to say the same thing. But saw your post first. I’ll just say what you said. :)

  • Spike

    Twitchy, your lede should say mistakenly, not falsely–initial media reports stated the murderer used two hand guns, and the rifle was found in his car.

  • Levi Cook

    AR-15, handgun… what’s the difference? Was still a stolen firearm used to commit a heinous crime. Should’ve had security at the school, similarly armed and at least 6 in number so that they can patrol different parts of the school and be able to respond effectively if a shooting occurs. Barricades don’t work if the shooter is already inside your lockdown perimeter.

  • K-Dubya

    How do we know for sure? First his mom was a teacher, then she was a substitute, then she wasn’t a teacher at all. He had a daughter in the school, then he didn’t. He was his brother, then he wasn’t. Someone let him in, then they didn’t. There was a 2nd shooter captured in the woods who was being questioned, then there wasn’t. His dad was involved in the Libor scandal, then he wasn’t. The AR-15 was found in the car, then it wasn’t. He used two 9mm pistols, then he didn’t. Can we honestly believe ANYTHING we see and hear on so called “news reports” anymore?!

    • wwbdinct

      I agree wholeheartedly with you. Sadly, I don’t think we will ever find out the truth.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      The mother worked there then she didn’t once the school realized the lawsuit damages they were facing. Too bad they only did an INFORMATION lockdown after the fact instead of a school safety lockdown for prevention.

      • Jillane Kent

        The mother was never under the school’s employ. The misinformation is the fault of an overzealous media-not a conspiracy.

  • dmacleo

    its odd that until the coroner said 223 was used all the media, witnesses and police were saying it was locked in trunk.

  • EqualForce

    Rifle found in Lanza’s trunk not an assault rifle nor a Bushmaster - Watch these 2 short news stories

  • buggietechnica

    The Bushmaster was NOT used. Only handguns were used. See this NBC report:

  • Mark Dormann

    go watch the helicopter footage of them taking the bushmaster out of the trunk of the car… at night in the dark:

    its a conspiracy:…14375.26709.0.27112.…0.0…1ac.1.CuMslCySB84

    its all a lie

    • Mark Dormann

      hmmm looks like a shotgun as posted below.

      • Mark Dormann

        lamecherry is worth reading:

        The Obama Process

        I do not have interest in Sandy Hook but I do have an interest in patterns. The gunning of Gabby Giffords, the Wisconsin Sikh shooting, the Colorado Joker and Sandy Hook all form patterns. Multiple shooters, multiple victims, insane white males, and a process of interdiction from outside forces which points to historic elements of the Charles Manson familyin association with the mind control Process Church of satan for helter skelter for political ends.
        Bill Ayers is of these protocols using blacks to rape Jewish girls, drug initiation and sodomy. This all entails back to a pattern in the Obama regime of utilizing the MKUltra fringe in a quasi manner of the way his brain was reprogrammed over the years to keep his eyes from rolling back in his head when his brain capacity had reached maximum input.

        In forensic science little of Sandy Hook matches the political propaganda. The example of the teacher who has been heralded as a “heroine” is case point. We have been informed by Connecticut authorities that a long gun was the principal weapon fired in the school. The problem is the green car of the teacher which exhibits both an exit hole and an entrance hole.The exit hole is in the area between the winshield and the passenger side door at an angle of a rifle which would be extremely hard to shoot. Preliminary examination states this is the .223 caliber. The entrance hole points to a .30 caliber larger fired at an angle . An exchange of gunfire occurred in that car. This points to a relationship between the two shooters in something beyond a mother-son feud transferred to Sandy Hook. Two shooters were noted like in all the other arenas. In this arena the designated shooter would return to grounds he was familiar with to hunt. What it appears is school had started, the teacher knew the shooter, and contact had been made via cell phone. A meeting was arranged during an emotional exchange that the teacher necessitated a meeting. For some reason there was apparently a preliminary shootout. We do not know if it was drug related but criminal elements seem to indicate something was taking place like in the Manson and la Bianca hits of helter skelter in child porn and bad drug deals.
        In this process programming seemed to have taken place so that once the initial triggering was enacted the ushered in results for the propaganda ensued. Reasonably in the time constraints in the timeline, the shooter could not have dispatched that many victims with multiple shots without there being two shooters. The on the record evidence of the green car teacher speaking with the shooter trims the timeline down even further. Therefore this points to a second bullet sprayer as was noted who then after completing their part capped the shooter and left the building and drove away.

        The patterns indicate a process of mind generated responses for specific scenarios. There are psychiatric drugs involved, secondary controls involved, and in half the cases the original shooters being blamed are dead with the other half drugged insane or incapacitated mentally to remember what they did. In the Bill Ayers era Charlie Manson to Jesse Jackson were designated to control events to keep them from going revolution or to spark them for political maneuverings. These are engineered events and coming from a central plan. Patterns mean things and when patterns reproduce it means the same select group is implementing a protocol of the same mind paradigm. These are well staged events. There is coordination. They are moving in and moving out without leaving traces and leaving behind the evidence to point the direction that they will it to lead. The Sandy Hook long rifle for example is a .223 military caliber. The 5.56mm ingests large volumes of full metal jacket bullets from federal contractors with perhaps a lake city stamp. The pathologist in Connecticut stated in obscure terms these were hollow point fragmentary rounds to do tissue damage which are not normally used in this type of firearm but with two shooters the fragmented bullets could appear in a coverup of not close inspection to appear to be from one shooter. Firing pins and extractors can be duplicated without close examination in a microscopic level to appear from the same weapon. The pathology of this was sloppy, the forensics was sloppy, the entire process was one of lack of an examination of the evidence or bullet trajectory. That green car is a smoking gun and yet no one has examined how a shooter got into the car of a teacher which means access and how the events there led back into the school for this mass execution which Mr Obama and the liberal elite have now transformed into an exact event which was predicted in an American gunrunner. This fast and furious event at Sandy Hook repeats a pattern that Mr Obama has noted so he is well aware of the paradigm. There is more that went on at Sandy Hook than the pathology of a deranged son eliminating his mother’s facial signature. We will never know no more than Bill Ayers, no more than the secrets of Charlie Manson, exactly what took place in the reasoning which triggered these people but when resurrected patterns appear from the 1960s the same group which created the protocols are back and have initiated these responses as certainly as Bill Clinton, Janet Reno, Eric Holder, the BATF, burned down Waco, blew up OKC, and shot up Ruby Ridge for political expediency.

        I’m not a journalist who cares about any of this nor am I a reporter gossip. I know what I see and it’s there. And while others are muddling through details thinking of things, this is pulling the skeletons out of the closet. This is Tavistock and Stanford. This is the Ultra group and their grandchildren who have found new toys to experiment with in triggering for Mr Obama his exact policy which was predicted for this push.

        You have also forgotten my children about the stolen election. This was all factored in when this was initiated months ago. Yes. This was planned months ago with full knowledge.

        Another Lame Cherry matter anti matter exclusive.

  • none

    according to most recent NBC reports the AR-15 was not used. What now @twitchyteam?