Sandra Fluke spends a lot of time thinking about government-subsidized birth control. She doesn’t spend nearly as much time thinking about the unsustainable growth in entitlement spending or the national debt ($16 trillion and counting).


Most economists seem to agree that switching to a new measure of inflation — chained CPI — would ensure that Social Security benefits are properly adjusted for inflation.

The reform would result in higher tax revenue — an estimated $95 billion during the next decade.  But it would also result in $80 billion less being spent on Social Security — hence Fluke’s gratitude that this modest reform is reportedly no longer under consideration on Capitol Hill.

Sadly, Fluke’s mindset is prevalent among young voters, i.e., the very people who have the most to lose from unbridled entitlement spending.

And that is one of the reasons why Mitt Romney lost the election:

Romney won voters over age 30 by a 1.5-point margin, but their slight preference for the Republican nominee was swamped by Obama’s decisive 24-point victory among 18-29 year old voters.

  • Maxwell

    Dear Sandra,
    You are not relevant anymore.
    Yours Truly,
    The Majority of the U.S. Citizenship

    • Katt

      #notrelevant Sandra Fluke

    • Russ Rogers

      If Sandra Fluke is not relevant, why does Twitchy keep using the smallest of pretexts (her tweets) to write article after article about her? If you REALLY weren’t paying attention, would you ironically take the time to brag about not paying attention? Would you have even read this article?

      • Maxwell

        It’s just what I do when I go to a website I love to read. I read every article they have posted, regardless of who it’s about. Mind you I did roll my eyes when I saw one about Sandra. Although, I do agree that Twitchy needs to quit giving coverage to those who don’t deserve it.

      • KhadijahMuhammad

        You’re right. She has incredible humor potential.

      • FLukeisAFish

        She is relevant, only not the way you might be thinking. She is relevant as a reminder of how ridiculously useless and crazy the democratic party has become.

  • Bob Smooper

    Dear Sandra, you are a useless idiot!

    I am a Severe Conservative and I find your ideas to be awful!

    • lainer51

      since when?

      • Bob Smooper

        I’ve converted! I now think Big Government is evil and I want to abolish the safety net and get those slackers back to work!

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Typical Dem. Nothin’ but lies.

  • Scott

    Wish her parents had used birth control. Stupid people shouldn’t breed.

    • Eric

      So, god says don’t use contraception unless it is retroactively against people who speak in favor of contraception?

  • herself311

    Dear Sandra Fluke, if you can afford to sleep around, you can afford birth control. I’m sure it must cost you loads for sexy under-clothes. Most everything a lady buys for herself is much more than the cost of a monthly birth control prescription. Were you or are you having sex with Obama? Certainly he can afford 10 bucks to keep you from getting pregnant. I think you should worry more about sexually transmitted diseases… that can kill you and cause tax payers loads for your meds. Why didn’t your mom tell you this?

    • Eric

      I can’t even say anything about this comment because it would be picking on the smaller minded, all I will say is, look at you go with logging on to the internet! Good job :)

  • Penmar

    I don’t think she contemplates longer than the morning after pill otherwise she’d realize there won’t be any SS for her come retirement time and who will pay for all of her pills and whatnot then?

  • George Washington Mclintock

    A standard-bearer of the “party of reason” isn’t interested in what most economists have to say? Good lord, young people are going to have go live in the woods with the cartel pot growers when the cliff hits.

  • Lamontyoubigdummy

    Wish someone had of just told Sandra “CPI” stood for the Capture Penis Initiative.

    I’m sure Ms. Free Birth Control would have found that “sponge worthy”.

    • $22091572

      we could just sew her hole shut..

      • Eric

        Again, given the obscene comments the right has for this women, one has to wonder why god and the bible are so prevalent in decisions of what happens in MY bedroom but the whole beatitudes, kindness, love all thing, tends to get overlooked, frequently, with your lot. You attempt to build a nation on a religion you don’t even practice, or obviously

        • $22091572

          im holding my hand up to save my watch..

          • Eric

            I’m afraid I don’t understand?

          • $22091572

            no big deal.. have a great day

        • Lamontyoubigdummy

          The bigger joke is that there’s actually something happening in your bedroom.

  • marcellucci

    This is what you get when you spoil your children…..

    • Eric

      No, you get lazy people who don’t make the news.

  • toreilly

    Are her 15 minutes up yet?

  • SpinMeNot

    does she realize that her lord and savior BHO actually supported CPI at one point in time. I say one point in time, as his opinions have no doubt evolved on the matter since getting new advice from the Copulating Cow.

    • Eric

      The copulating cow? Nice! Did you learn that kind of kindness from your bible?

      • SpinMeNot

        No, she and you deserve no kindness. Keep humping that coconut, your handlers will be by shortly to give you a treat.