Yesterday, a New York man who served 17 years in prison for killing his grandmother reportedly set a house and car on fire and then shot at emergency personnel who showed up, killing two firefighters.

Gun control advocates immediately took to Twitter to express their outrage.

They weren’t outraged at the monster who carried out the shootings. No, they were outraged at the NRA.

The man who carried out the shootings, William Spengler, was a convicted felon. As such, he was not allowed to own guns legally.

William Spengler clearly was not someone who abides by the law. Would the proposals supported by gun control advocates have prevented him from obtaining his murder weapon? Color us skeptical.

  • Shol’va 8-1189

    I successfully read every liberal tweet in this article. That should be an achievement

    • Rob

      Dying A Little on the Inside 30(G)

    • freeinaz

      Me too, and immediately had to take a shower.

  • ricci

    amazing the left never blames the person responsible

    • TocksNedlog

      “Personal responsibility” is a completely foreign concept to those that adhere to the philosophy of “collectivism”.

    • aPLWBinAK

      Personal accountability is abhorant to Liberal’s, much easier to blame human failure on inanimate objects……Liberal’s morals are as sick and twisted as their logic

    • Howzah123

      Being a criminal in liberal Looney land must awesome. You’re never blamed for your crimes.

    • John Smith

      Then let’s blame both! The killer and his weapon!

    • richard diggins

      I’m a Canadian leftie. I think it was stupid to put that killer out on the streets. I also think your NRA is a lunatic fringe and that the U.S. has a major gun control issue. Unlike forks which can make the user obese, a gun in the possession of someone who has no self control is an invitation to a murder, or worse yet, a mass murder. So whether you blame the responsible party or not, the crime could not have been committed without a gun. And BTW, the U.S. has most of the world’s guns. Cause and effect perhaps?

  • BeeKaaay

    More proof that leftwingwackos are cruel and bloodthirsty. They absolutely refuse to blame the felon.

    • Dimi

      Obviously it is the felon… But I’d rather the felon did not have a gun. You Americans are very clever. Is that why you have such a massive number people dying from guns?

  • Bob Cordon

    These statists are too stupid to realize that if this demon had no guns, he could have easily set the exact same fires, set up the same trap, and thown hand grenades or homemade bombs from his attack position. Arming school staffs has absolutely nothing to do with this prick illegally having a gun and causing this tragedy
    They’re desperate to disarm and take over our country and will say anything to achieve their goal. Losers..

  • Jack Deth

    Looks like all the loony, liberal stooges are chiming in. Carpet Bombing through knee jerk reaction and COMPLETELY missing the target… Again!


    A felon banned from owning a firearm. Gets one. Not at a gun show or store. He steals one. No big surprise there, Criminals by definition and actions don’t obey the law.

    He then sets a fire. Lays an ambush. Murders fire fighters.

    Yet, the NRA is to blame?!!!!!!!

    • David Shrock

      Yes once again it’s time to hold people accountable for their actions. Just like any tool most things can be dangerous in the wrong hands. While I live in a state with strict gun control laws, murder is illegal and it does not stop criminals from breaking laws across the board. Making more laws simply restricts access to good law abiding people from what is their consitutional right. Point in hand, let us blame all the car manufacturers for the deaths of the people that choose to drink and drive and kill. That isn’t going to happen, but stripping the rights of citizens of their 2nd amendment rights to push this administrations agenda. Criminals stealing weapons and that have commited violent crimes that should be locked up are free on the streets or people with mental issues that should have solid facilities to help them get no help. They just get stuck in a criminal facility with little to no help and recieve meds to calm them down so they can be interacted with easier. I have read many reports where undocumented aliens stack up multiple DUI reports including hit and runs, vehicular manslaughter, driving with no licences or on suspended ones. Let’s take a good look at those stats and ponder. Also while criminals choose to take the lives of all people including the defenseless children, it is ok for the left to agree with aborting said children? I think not…

    • Dimi

      I’m sure stealing a gun in America is not hard… You have enough of them. Get rid of them and the NRA. Maybe your DETH toll will come down. Right now your blowing all other countries statistics out of the water. Congratulations how about protecting people rather than your wonderful gun lobby?

      • Jack Deth


        Dimi: Could that be short for Dhimitude?

        You truly have no idea about what you are so lamely snarking about, do you?

        Oh, and what’s it like living in a country where behavior is regulated?

        I and everyone else on the planet would love to know, because it hasn’t successfully happened yet.

        • Dimi

          Snarking? That is a tad acrimonious… Your very entertaining… FYI I am new – im surely not the first person offended by your attitude towards gun control. Darling the numbers speak for themselves yes Australia is an absolutely awesome place to live. I go to the movies, send my child to school, shopping centres wherever I like knowing that every second person is not carrying a gun. Is that a trick question?

          • Jack Deth

            Hi, Dimi:

            In the words of Thomas Jefferson:

            “An armed society is a polite society.”

          • Dimi

            Quoting TJ does not make your point valid

  • Kevin Post

    Not to point out something that was missed by every tweet, A cop was also killed , police lieutenant Michael Chiapperin. Also missed he got the gun illegally since he is a convicted felon

  • TundraThunder

    Apparently, according to the idiotic tweets, everyone belonging to the NRA pulled the trigger. My deepest condolences go out to the families of those killed.

  • Frank Brittain

    Yes, its the guns fault. No, the NRA. Yes and when a drunk crawls into a car after going to an anti-gun strategy meeting and kills someone else’s family, its really the car and triple A’s fault! The drunk was just having a bad day. Makes good sense. Man with a record of violence kills firemen and its the guns fault? This guy is a murderer but its the NRA that did it? Brains don’t follow unbridled fear. Boogie men and bed monsters…fear of guns. Not being smart enough to understand common sense. Following billionaire leaders who have an armed security assigned to him – seems he is against guns too…. hmm.

    • Michael Rice

      Nah, it would be teh NRA’s fault. If they would jsut let us ban guns, there would be no need for the anti NRA meeting.

      • Michael Bell

        You know what else is illegal? Drugs. You know how easy it is to get them? Very easy. You think making guns illegal takes them off the streets? You are an idiot. All it would do is leave the law abiding citizens sitting ducks and potential victims to the criminals with the guns.

        • powerspowers

          So thats a reason to saturate our neighborhoods with semi-automatics. I can get rocket propelled grenades through the porous border, so now we should all have one? That is idiotic. You either believe that humans over time are becoming less violent and more organized socially (not saying completely tame, just less violent than say, at the time of Babylon or Rome where you were 40% likely as a male to die before turning 35 by violent means) and therefore its a good idea to keep that trend going (i.e. less guns) – OR – you believe that in general people are violent and the best approach is for everyone to be armed and be able to fight of other villagers from their village so it doesnt get burned to the ground. Do we go backward or edge forward. So far, thankfully, we edge forward in most of the world with exceptions in places where violence is still favored between tribes (Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, Mali, etc). But overall the percentage killed by violent means has dropped every century!

      • Lawrence Malcolm

        If THEY would let US round up stupid liberals there wouldnt be a need for an anti NRA meeting either…idiot

        • freeinaz

          Who’s “they”?

          • Lawrence Malcolm

            Good question – I was wondering that myself…

        • dmacleo

          bloom county to the rescue :)

      • Lord Foggybottom

        Last time I checked the NRA didn’t write laws, Congress did. So maybe it’s Congress’ fault everybody is getting shot? No, wait, the president has to sign the bill before it becomes law, so… It’s Obama’s fault for not doing anything in the last 4 years to stop all of this violence! Blame Obama!

        • CR

          Don’t blame Obama— Obviously George Bush prevented him from doing anything to restrict guns and of course George Bush was responsible for the 40% decline in gun prosecutions after Obama came to office. Please recheck the official Obama manual– it is ALWAYS George Bush’s fault!

        • SDN

          All they have to do is repeal the Second Amendment.

          • Jack Deth

            Much, much more difficult to accomplish than to say without a care.

            Keep those cards and letters coming in.

        • dwts

          This is where you are wrong. The NRA thanks to ALEC is writing laws and can spend any amount of money that they want on buying governors. The laws can legally be wrtten by the organizations and signed by their puppet government. The NRA has laws that allow 40% of Americans guns to be sold without a trace and the police cannot find the criminals becasue they cannot trace the seriel numbers of the guns. The seller does not have blood on his hands because he cannot be found. So guess what, armed crime and murder go up. But becasue the NRA owns the governor they decide to minimize the police force and promote the “stand you ground” law. ALL TO SELL MORE GUNS. THIS IS TRUE AND IT NEEDS TO STOP.

  • Lord Foggybottom

    Yes, the NRA killed the firemen and Weight Watchers gives fat people diabetes…

    • aPLWBinAK

      Somewhere in my kitchen there is a spoon that made me fat….when I figure out which one of those evil little bastards it was….I’m gonna sue it.

      • Renee Cain-Rojo

        No, sue the manufacturer who made the spoon who made you fat. they have more money.

      • Catchance


      • powerspowers

        Neither extreme is correct. To the right I say, would you allow rocket propelled grenades and land mines in the hands of private citizens because they are fun to use (and they are fun as well as being deadly, I used them in army training). Only the craziest 2nd amendment nut would advocate for that access because they distrust the government completely and want to be able to fight it toe to toe if required. That doesnt make sense because they you need tanks, jets and nuclear weapons too. To the left I say, you underestimate the twisted individual whose neurons have been mangled by birth or early treatment in life. Many times its not reparable and you have to lock those people away for life at best. People do wield all kinds of weapons that can kill quite a few people like cars and hatchets, even outside of guns. They also can make explosives. So there has to be more prevention which is not just treatment but also protection of the peaceful masses.

  • c2

    Late Sunday night a man was shot to death in a sports bar in an affluent area near Seattle. The suspect in the crime is a guy who was part of the beating death of “Tuba Man” in downtown Seattle a short time ago (I think he was a juvenile at the time).

    Gee, I wonder what he was doing with a gun.

    The cops haven’t found him yet as far as I know. I guess the only sensible thing to do is take guns away from law-abiding people in the area, in case he shows up.


    • dmacleo

      1-800-DOINGJUSTFINE :)

  • $23629333

    Here was a guy – with his grandmother’s blood on his hands – who should not have been free amongst the rest of us, let alone in possession of firearms. However, let’s not talk about the revolving door that is the criminal justice system, let’s talk about gun control.

    • Lawrence Malcolm

      Liberals on some parole board let him out cause he was a victim…..libtards LOVE victims…

    • richard diggins

      Smart comments. When all is said and done, guns don’t kill people, it’s people with guns who kill people. In Canada, where gun ownership is more regulated, we have much fewer gun related incidents.

      • ceemack

        I’m not sure how it is in Canada, but here in the United States we don’t punish the innocent for the misdeeds of the guilty.

        Young black men commit a disproportionately large number of the violent crimes in this country, but we don’t lock them all up. That would violate their basic rights under the Constitution.

        It would be just as wrong to take away the rights of some 100 million American gun owners because one nut committed a terrible crime with a gun. That would violate OUR rights under the Constitution.

  • tracker570

    Have any of you people who hate the NRA so much thought to ask why the man who shot the fire fighters out of PRISON to begin with?He was in PRISON for beating his Grandmother to death.BEATING HER TO DEATH!!!
    WHY was he out?Who let him out?Are is it you are just so filled with hate & SO STUPID that all you can do is blame a gun?

  • Michael Rice

    I wonder if he stole one from someplace that was marked on a map as having one.

    • dmacleo

      didn’t this happen right before that was published?

  • Michael Rice

    Guess what, liberal twits…he was convicted of killing his grandmother. Maybe, he should have still been in jail. How it that, we should rehabilitate and not punish crap working for you? Wait, had he been executed, he wouldn’t have been abel to do this. But, that would be cruel and unsual…whatever.

    • IBXNJ

      How does repeatedly striking someone with a HAMMER qualify as MANSLAUGHTER???

      • dmacleo

        I wondered about that, best I could figure (with VERY limited research) was it was a plea bargain.

  • Lawrence Malcolm

    Just laugh at the anti gun whackjobs…they dont have the ovaries to do jack except wave their little signs and winge like juveniles…LOL

  • peteee363

    why? what did he have against fire fighters? earlier this year, they saved my life, and got me to a hospital, many thanks to them for helping me.

  • BlueMoney

    The question is… why was this cretin walking around loose? (The answer: because of other cretins called “liberals” who believe in lenient sentences for violent felons, and second chances for people who murder their grandmothers.)

  • Jon

    The liberals who let this guy out of jail in the first place are to blame.

  • shovelhead74

    Sure, arm firefighters. Arm anyone responsible. I can remember before the RK riots, I was taking a lot of heat from some liberal neighbors for having too many guns. You should have seen their faces when I refused to loan any of them a gun. Then I was an uncaring a-hole that didn’t care about them or their families safety. F@*k ’em.

    • fivebyfive

      Funny how liberals deride our need for safety while sitting behind armed guards

    • dmacleo

      I carried, when I suited up weapon locked away.
      not a good idea to carry ammo into a fire I always figured :)

  • Gallatin

    William Spengler, a perfect example of a criminal obeying all gun laws. Sorry libturds I don’t blame the NRA or gun owners I blame William Spengler first, and the libturds that released him from prison second.

  • Gallatin

    Does anyone else find it ironic that the libturds ran a campaign of lies saying “the Republicans want to take away your birth control and access to abortions anytime anywhere” and we know with 100% percent certainty that these very same libturds want to take away our guns and our gun rights?

  • Michael Rice

    They have never heard of someone defendign themselves with a gun? That says all you need to know about them.

  • Lawrence Malcolm
    Attack on middle-school students in China by man with vehicle loaded with firecrackers and gasoline – hey libtards: Betcha it’s the car’s fault, right?

  • Michael Rice

    I am still trying to see how this is the fault of the NRA.
    WHy are liberals not blaming a system that lets a murderer run free after serving 17 years?
    Did the NRA suddenly legalize his posession of the firearm? What’s tha? he stole it? I thought the US was a theft free zone?
    How about all of these idiots tell me how the gun free zones are working out?
    How about they tell me how they would have stopped this?
    Let me guess, ban all guns. Yeah, worked out well in Chicago and DC and MExico and on and on…
    Heck, while we are at it, let’s blame the foudnign fathers and every court that has upheld the Second Amendment. Let’s force them to pay reparations to every eprson who has been harmed by a firearm.
    That will include anyone who has comitted suicide or accidentally harmed themselves with a weapon, becaue had the fathers not given us the second amendment it never would have happened.

  • Lawrence Malcolm
    Kommiefornia Dear Leader Jerry “MoonBeam” Brown pardons slew of convicted felons….wonder how many of them shot, beat to death, mutilated or poisoned their victims and who will be the next whackjob to crack?

  • LordElrond09

    Yeah the CONVICTED FELON WHO SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAD A GUN IN THE FIRST PLACE has absolutely, positively NO BLAME AT ALL FOR THIS. Where was his parole officer? Aren’t police supposed to show up with fire too? I mean, once again skip blaming ANYTHING else but the gun!!

    • NotaLemming

      I saw the gun light the fire! and then it smoked a cigarette.

  • Mark James

    The perp should have been executed after killing his grandma.

  • fivebyfive

    hey IDIOT liberals STOP letting murderers out of jail (death penalty comes to mind) and shit like this won’t happen or at least NOT twice from the same person


    this guy killed his grandmother with a HAMMER (& only did 17 yrs); we should probably ban Lowes, Home Depot….

  • Benjamin Wilhelm

    Wow. These guys are idiots. He was already banned from having a gun and it still didn’t work.

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Code Pink- Code Stinko

  • Steve_J

    If they want to vent their anger why not towards the parole board members who let Spangler out, making it possible for him to committ these acts?

  • TugboatPhil

    Hey, Gun Haters, there have already been areas of major US cities where Firefighters and Paramedics won’t respond without Police escorts.

  • Renee Cain-Rojo

    We should really think about bringing back the guillotine for murderers and child molesters. Who’s with me?

  • Roger Canaff

    What do I see on the gun-loving extremist side? Adolescent boy-anger. It’s fun to watch. It’s feckless otherwise. Do I hate and wish hell on the Lanza and this latest piece of garbage in Webster, NY? Absolutely. Would I love to just get my hands on them and…blah, blah, blah? Sure. Does that desire make one bit of difference to the grieving families of the victims or anyone else? No. Why? because these cowards cheat us out of justice with suicide almost every time. Supply of weapons has to be a part of the solution. Denying the need for that and calling for the heads of the murderers is nothing but masturbatory nonsense. Period.

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Supply of weapons has to be part of the issue

      Speaking of masturbatory nonsense….maybe you can show us how the solutions for ‘supply of meth’ and ‘supply of cocaine’ have been such successes….idiot.

  • lolwut

    God damn NRA killing firefighters and little children. Almost as bad as that time when Obama layed off or fired all of those people and caused the recession. Oh I’m being sarcastic by the way.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    You know, if the NHA(National Hammer Association) had stricter hammer laws, this douchebag wouldn’t have been able to bludgeon his grandmother to death in the first place… said no one ever.

  • deadpammy

    Why is there a need to always blame someone, something for the actions of morons? This POS killed his grandmother with a hammer, but instead of being hung for his crime he was let out of prison to kill again, how is this the fault of the NRA?

  • Guest

    The news outlets all still wondering ‘why’? Most likely he had mental issues. Guess we have eliminated crazy from the dictionary after all.

  • dmacleo

    what part of criminals not following the law do they not get?
    god this is infuriating.

  • andycanuck

    And the Democrats didn’t want him to own a firearm but did want him to have been able to vote.

  • electedface

    Mass shootings = proof that gun regulation is necessary.

  • tracker570

    A just government is one that respects the lives, liberty and property of
    the people. The government role is to protect the rights of the people and not
    to provide for them. With liberty comes responsibility and governments that
    provide too many goods and services to the people create subjects that are
    dependent of government. The governments that take the fruits of one man’s labor
    and give it to another is guilty of legalized plunder.Since when is it ok for so
    called Hollywood Celeb’s.Government rep’s to call for people who support/members
    of the NRA to be mordered.I think that HOLLYWOOD CELEB’S NEED TO KEEP THEIR

  • fmahoney

    What is the difference between Neocons & the Taliban

    Both believe in the right to have as many guns as possible
    Both believe they should force their religion and beliefs on other people
    Both are extremist
    Both believe in limiting or taking away the rights of women
    Both are hypocrites
    Both believe in the rights to kill anyone that offends then

    Oh year one group loves pork and the other does not

    • Severe Conservative

      What is the difference between a liberal and a liar?


    • Catchance

      Q: What’s the difference between liberals and al Qaeda?

      A: Nothing. The current administration has been shipping weapons to them in Syria and lying about it for months.

    • Catchance

      You’re really good at knocking down those straw men, aren’t you? Too bad not one thing you stated is true.


  • Severe Conservative
  • uflizzard

    These tweets are amazing … This man murdered his grandmother with a claw-hammer and some liberal activist judge released him back into society. Let’s start with that accountability first. 2nd, as a felon, it is illegal for this man to possess any firearms. Clearly the “Law” and in his case “Ban”, did not prevent him from committing a crime.

    And can someone please explain how the NRA is responsible for the actions of deviants? If liberals want to blame the NRA, then it’s fair for us to blame Planned Parenthood for the 1.4 Million abortions that are conducted in this Country each year, right?

    Liberals are phonies and frauds. This is about children. They love their right to slaughter innocent unborn children, but want then to remove the right for someone to protect themselves. They “USE” the deaths of children to press their agenda.

  • richard diggins

    It’s interesting that Canadians (and most other democratic countries around the globe) see the same media violence that Americans enjoy yet don’t experience the number of gun shootings as you do. The difference? First, we don’t have a national ingrained paranoia – I’ve travelled immensely in the U.S. and never felt in danger- and second, we think your 2nd amendment needs amending. Guns don’t kill people, it’s people with guns who kill people. Your parallel argument that forks don’t make people fat is so lame. A person with a fork, who goes ballistic, might poke someone’s eye out but unlike a gun owner, they can’t commit mass murder. BTW, I also support the death penalty or life in prison for the killer’s first offence and severe penalties for anyone in possession of an illegal firearm. These few changes would bring the U.S. in line with other civilized democracies. Right now, your NRA is pushing an 1850’s agenda more appropriate for a shootout in the OK Corral and the results are as expected.

    • Dimi

      Like your post :-)

  • Dave Summers

    I’m a firefighter…and to hear f*n leftist blame the NRA instead of the felon is f*n ludicrous…liberals are killing America

    • Dave Summers

      Oh…and I’m an NRA member as well

  • Dimi

    For those on the other side of the world who do not understand your politics…. Why did the NRA hold a press conference and refuse to answer questions? Why is a lobby so powerful? Is that democratic?

    • Jack Deth

      Silly, snot nosed rookie, Dimi.

      Twenty whole comments tells me that you are either very new to the comment section . Or you are commenting under a new name.

      The NRA did not answer questions because the NRA did nothing wrong. The recently sunsetted and liberals’ wet dream anti-gun answer to all things criminal and gun related, The Clinton Assault Rifle Ban would not have stopped the crazed gunman in Connecticut.

      No state or federal laws were broken in the gunman’s mother purchasing and storage of firearms.

      The only laws broken were those of a deranged individual during the course of seeking vengeance for who knows what?

      • Dimi

        I’m amused by your name calling … You certainly are an intrepid fellow on line aren’t you?
        The NRA should have answered questions especially when the world is questioning what kind of laws exist in your country to allow these deranged individuals access to weapons that can kill… Not 1 , 2, or 3 people before they reload but up to… What is it? 45? I’m not sure… I’m sure you know. Anyway they should be part of a public discussion and they shouldn’t act like the laws they lobby for have had no impact on the absolutely atrocious number of people who die because of the ridiculously easy access to GUNS in your country. If your argument was valid it should exist to all people in the world at all levels. So given your argument – when Iraq had ‘weapons of mass destruction’ which we all know now that they didn’t – but given your argument what was wrong with that??? America has nuclear weapons why shouldn’t all countries have them? Your argument is dumb. Do you understand this????

        By the way – I’m allowed to write as many comments as a I like. And I will. :-))

  • Dimi

    Beijing December 14th 22 children are knifed by a man outside their school – 9 went to hospital 2 serious. NONE dead. Wonder if this looney lived in the US how many his GUN would have killed. If I was one of those parents in Newport I know what I would support. Put yourself in their shoes.