Think Progress appears to believe that focusing on a link between mental illness and mass shootings is a National Rifle Association tactic designed to divert attention away from the need for gun control legislation.

Closely-related arguments were put forth this week by the American Psychiatric Association, which seems more concerned about stigmatization of mentally ill people than with identifying potentially dangerous individuals who pose risks to their communities.

Today, APA released a statement slamming NRA chief Wayne LaPierre for suggesting that most mass shooters are mentally ill:

In a statement to the media distributed this afternoon, APA said that [NRA head Wayne] LaPierre’s assumption that horrendous crimes such as the one committed by shooter Adam Lanza are commonly perpetrated by persons with mental illness. In addition, he conflated mental illness with evil at several points in his talk and suggested that those who commit heinous gun crimes are “so possessed by voices and driven by demons that no sane person can ever possibly comprehend them,” a description that leads to the further stigmatization of people with mental illnesses.

APA President, Dilip Jeste, M.D., pointed out, “About one-quarter of all Americans have a mental disorder in any given year, and only a very small percentage of them will ever commit violent crimes. On today’s ‘Meet the Press,’ Mr. LaPierre used the word ‘lunatic’ as a catchphrase for those who commit violent crimes. Such language is not only offensive, it further contributes to the idea that violent crimes are necessarily committed by people with mental disorders.”

Some liberal tweeters appear to agree:

It surely is true that most mentally ill people are not violent, but it seems equally clear that most mass shooters have serious mental health problems — and in many cases those problems were evident before the shooting occurred.

Consider the following list of infamous gunmen:

  • Newtown, Conn., shooter Adam Lanza
  • Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui
  • Aurora, Colo., shooter James Holmes
  • Tuscon, Ariz., shooter Jared Loughner
  • Columbine High School shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

It is very likely that all six of these gunmen were all — wait for it — mentally ill.

We know, we know. You’re as shocked as we are.

Mark Follman, a writer for the left-wring magazine Mother Jones, examined 62 mass shootings. He concludes that “[a]  majority were mentally ill” and “[a]cute paranoia, delusions, and depression were rampant among them.”

We don’t expect Think Progress and the APA to listen to Twitchy, but you’d think they might respect the judgment of a fellow liberal writing in a liberal publication.

  • Cozy Powell III

    But there is no denying the link between mental illness and liberalism

    • Josephine (D)

      I’m depressed and I’m conservative.

      • Brian Jones

        Depression is NOT synonymous with psychosis…depression is a normal phenomenon EVERYONE will experience at least once in their lives. Only the mentally-ill will ever hear voices (unless you’re dropping acid/shrooming/etc.). BIG difference…

        • meowmeowkazoo

          “The mentally ill”? Like we’re some kind of subhuman creature? I’m conservative and I suffer from a few different mental illnesses. Having a mental illness doesn’t make someone a criminal any more than owning a gun makes someone a criminal.

          • milehisnk

            Agreed, just having a mental illness doesn’t in any way, shape or form make someone criminal or homicidal. However, the truth of the matter is, no sane, rational, compassionate human being would willfully walk into an elementary school (or middle school, or high school, or anywhere) and open fire on people. That is not a sign of a healthy mind. A single person shooting one single other person can be any of a million different things, and have nothing to do with mental issues, but shooting a random group of people you don’t know, I would say that qualifies.

          • Brian Jones

            No one said it did. You seem to be having a problem here. For instance: “All squares are shapes, but not all shapes are squares.”

            NOT ALL mentally ill people are violent (and NO ONE said they were)…but there IS an overwhelming propensity for violent mass-murderers TO BE mentally-ill.

            As well, show me a single person that hears voices WITHOUT being mentally-ill and without doing drugs…I’ll wait…

            AND, to top it all off, I NEVER said that the mentally-ill WERE automatically criminals. In fact, I never mentioned ANYTHING ABOUT CRIMINALITY in my post, so I’m kinda curious how you extrapolated THAT little tidbit from my post. Because it SEEMS you are intentionally trying to be as confrontational as humanly possible…

          • Catchance

            No one said they were, and no one is saying that you’re a criminal either. I don’t believe that Brian was referring to you as subhuman or trying to make you feel inferior in any way, but only trying to differentiate between depression and psychosis.

            While it is certainly true that the majority of people who have a mental illness are not violent, those gunmen cited by Twitchy were. It’s possible that if they had gotten help they would not have gone over the edge; we don’t know. The point we’re trying to make is that in rushing to blame someone, liberals are blaming guns and the NRA.

          • itzyaboi95

            Liberals blame everyone/thing, but can’t own up to their own mistakes.

          • lainer51

            like who they vote for…

          • Johnny Blade

            Really? damn I’m SO shocked you are on meds… Oo

          • Penmar

            No, but they are saying essentially that the people that committed those mass murders did not have a mental illness, that they were sane when they committed those crimes.

          • Jillane Kent

            Didn’t you read the article before posting? The entire point was to show that last few mass shootings were perpetrated by those with a degree of mental illness, not that all mentally ill individuals were criminals.

          • dmacleo

            looking for a fight by purposely parsing the statements in way that makes it possible huh?
            get over yourself.

          • DavidKramer

            Tell me Sarah, people that resort to violence, are they not suffering from a mental illness? If I remember correctly, you are a psych nurse, violence is inherently insane. Resorting to violence in 95% of cases is a symptom of the mental incapacity to formulate the proper response to your environment. I would think it would be a large indicator of mental problems. This does not include using force in response to force of course. I am all for using violent reaction to violence. Force parameters per se.


            You wear your mental ilness like a crown.

          • tombee

            When did we start collecting “mental illnesses” like merit badges?

          • SickOf BeingCoddled

            And being a conservative you probably realize that the conservatives who want their second amendment rights to be respected, aren’t calling you a criminal. That is a leftist spin for the purpose I put forth above- disarm the population by what ever means you can and then establish the dictatorship.

          • Terramom

            No one is saying that all mentally ill people are violent. The leftists are trying to put those words into conservatives mouths, like they always do. But the link between known mass shooters and mental illness is a fact, and something the left tries to deny. Liberals believe something as a knee-jerk, then try to alter and manipulate facts to prove themselves right.

    • George Washington Mclintock


    • ward34

      What an excellent reply!

    • Leonard Bonyeau

      Love it!!!!



    • SickOf BeingCoddled

      Liberalism IS mental illness!!

  • ImYer Huckleberry

    We need a mental health system that helps these people that go on senseless killing sprees, before it gets out of control. I believe we need to do more research on the effects of all these anti-depressant drugs out there. From what i have read, there is a very large connection to these drugs and murders and the mentally disturbed…. Banning firearms, writing new laws, more regulations, insane taxes on ammuntion, is NOT the solution…It’s simply a knee jerk reaction from the left-wing to take advantage of a tragedy. To put it bluntly, they are using dead children as political pawns to further push their gun agendas. Pathetically desperate.

    NOW, does anyone see a connection?… Guns are NOT the problem, drugs are!
    Time for a Federal Investigation!…

    • Taxpayer1234

      No. Blaming the meds is the same error as blaming the guns. It’s the entire MH system that is broken. Read this and see what I mean:

    • mike92117

      Of course an investigation is needed. We tried that at a week ago and they shut down our petition drive three weeks early and answered it with an absolutely insane response “thank you for your interest in gun control.” Yes, they shut down the petition because it doesn’t further their gun control agenda. Forget getting at the real reason this happened which is the psychiatric drugs.

      See for yourself:

      A new petition, privately run, is going to be sent to Rep. Issa and the House Oversight committee. Please take the time to sign. There are tons of petitions out there. This one WILL make a difference – there are warriors behind it:

    • Grachus

      Umm, wrong. The greater connection is of violence propensity with UNtreated mental illness. Your list of anecdotes means nothing. There may be a mild increased risk of suicide when STARTING meds in the unstable depressed. Of course, if those people were hospitalized for a few weeks upon initiation of treatment that small risk would plummet. But that can’t happen because the civil rights lobby has ruined mental health care in this country, through sheer unreasonableness.

      • mike92117

        Humans have been around for at least 200,000 years. Guns have been around for hundreds of years. School and workplace shootings have been around for about 20 years.

        Therefore it is completely wrongheaded to conclude guns cause these crimes. They do not. If they did, we would have seen these crimes
        occur hundreds of years ago, yet we haven’t seen that.

        The cause has to be of sufficient magnitude to change the mental state of a human being from someone incapable of such a crime to one that actually does it.

        If you want to find out why these horrible, tragic events occur, look prior to their onset, say 20-25 years ago. Find what societal change occurred that could change the mental state of a person in sufficient magnitude to actually commit such a crime.

        If you go back 20-25 years, you find the introduction and mass marketing of psychiatric drugs. The drug literature even warns of violent behavior and suicidality.

        Psychiatric drugs are not only capable of causing such effects but they are time coincident. And if you need more concrete evidence, just look at the crimes where the medical history was available and you’ll find out they were committed by people who were on or recently on psychiatric meds.

        And for what it’s worth, anecdotal evidence is still data. You may have to drill down a little deeper but it is firsthand, direct observation in the real world. You just have think for yourself and evaluate it. The real world is the laboratory. Clinical trials run by Big Pharma and interpreted by the same are NOT the real world. Don’t ever dismiss anecdotal data – you’ll miss something important if you do.

        • Grachus

          “If you go back 20-25 years, you find the introduction and mass marketing of psychiatric drugs. ”

          Actually, the general use of effective psychiatric medicines goes back far further than that. Here’s another phenomenon of similar vintage: deinstitutionalization began in the 60s and has proceeded apace since then. Since we know untreated persons with thought disorders are at risk for violence (not the same thing as most of them being violent, mind you) I propose that deinstitutionalization and its attendant undertreatment of these persons is a far more plausible factor in mass killings of the Newtown sort than the medicines themselves, as you maintain.

          “Anecdotal evidence is still data.” Sure it is. It can suggest or demand a hypothesis for scientific study. Then, studies get done and the hypothesis gets borne out or disproved. This has been looked at. These medicines are safe, and underutilized.

    • Penmar

      I don’t know that drugs played a part in this particular instance, but I do agree that instead of prescribing all these anti-depressant drugs and ADHD drugs to our children, maybe we should find out why we have so many children depressed and angry. The side effects of these drugs are worse than the disease, which is the case with most of the new drugs that are coming to market these days.

  • Hiram Abeef

    Don’t believe the (liberal) hype!

    • Bob Smooper

      I believe there is a link between mental illness and the membership of the NRA but I don’t have proof yet.

      • Kenneth James Abbott

        But somehow, I doubt having no evidence will stop you from repeating the claim over, and over, and over….

        • Eric Davis

          Well, like everything else the left hypes, if they SAY it enough it will become true in their eyes, and that’s all that really matters.


            Ideaology is the root of all evil. The left have serious control issues.

      • Michelle

        See the five mass shooters listed above? None of them members of the NRA. All of them mentally ill. Your logic…it’s part of the problem, not the solution.

        • Craig Jacobs

          If by logic you mean assumptions based on fantasy, then yes.

      • milehisnk

        Yes, people who are Hoplophobes like yourself, are deemed to be mentally defficient, according to a 3rd party analysis of a Sigmund Freud writing.

      • Catchance

        Hahahahahaha… good one! Oh, wait. You weren’t kidding.

      • hoosier1234

        And I believe that there’s a link between paranoia and the liberals who flatly and unthinkingly demand gun control at every political turn of the road.

        To be terrified of a gun is tantamount to being terrified of a screwdriver. They are both inanimate objects that are useless except in a sentient beings’ hand.

        Either, in the hands of a paranoid person, can be dangerous.

        • GaryTheBrave

          Its safe to say one has to be insane to be a Democrat or a liberal.

      • itzyaboi95

        And you never will.

      • lainer51

        I believe there is a link between mental illness and libs but I don’t have proof yet.


          God loves individuality. The left despises it. What more proof do you need?

      • Jillane Kent

        Nor are you likely to ever prove such a link. The voices in your head and the daily affirmation websites you peruse don’t count.


        No, you don’t have proof. Good luck trying to find some.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Here are three things that will disqualify one from being a member of the NRA per their bylaws: 1) convicted felon; 2) drug user or dealer; 3) adjudicated to be criminally insane.

        You are familiar with the MSM bias. If ANY shooter is/was an NRA member that would be included in the shooter’s bio.

      • GaryTheBrave

        Per NRA bylaws one of the disqualifications from membership is to be adjudicated to be criminally insane.

  • Avey Owyns

    I think the confusing might be a result of depression and social anxiety, relatively benign mental illnesses, being included among bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, or psychopathy. There are so many degrees of mental illness, that it may be the fault of loose language why this is even an issue. Yeah sure, the average depressed person has no violent thoughts, but the majority of schizophrenics and psychopaths do!!

    Also, we’re so worried about everyone feeling included that we can’t even speak the truth about abnormalities without being called bullies or bigots.

    • meowmeowkazoo

      Please do share, on what authority do you say that the majority of schizophrenics or “psychopaths” have violent thoughts?

      • 6cheri6

        You want to share your home with a “psychopath” Sarah?? Didn’t think so!

      • Craig Jacobs

        It may not me the “majority” as in more than 50% but it’s damn close

        How about the British Journal of Psychiatry?

        “The conclusions of those reaching the putative link between schizophrenia and violence changed in the late twentieth century. Until the early 1980s the consensus was that those with schizophrenia were no more likely than the general population to be violent. New epidemiological evidence has emerged, however, that has radically challenged this view. It is now generally accepted that people with schizophrenia, albeit by virtue of the activity of a small subgroup, are significantly more likely to be violent than members of the general population, but the proportion of societal violence attributable to this group is small. This review provides an overview of the main studies that have influenced current thinking about the association, followed by an epidemiological appraisal of the difficulties inherent in this type of research. It attempts to differentiate those most at risk of behaving violently and concludes with some estimate of the absolute risk posed to the community by those with schizophrenia.”

    • itzyaboi95

      I still can’t believe the left relies on attacks and impossible to prove accusations to get by. Ignorant hypocrites.


      Yes, nicely said.

  • kch50428

    “ThinkProgress”… Another one for the oxymoron list. The organizations appears to have nothing to do with thinking, and the last thing they want is progress towards anything worthwhile.

    • Bob Smooper

      Good website! They do lots of good work highlighting problems faced by Gays and Latino s and other minorities The minorities the GOP needs to somehow attract to be elected.

      • journogal

        Yes, god forbid if we don’t label people and put them in boxes. How about the problems faced by American citizens and/or tax payers?

        • Sharon

          I’m sick of the liberal racism.

      • Michael Rice

        Actually, the GOP needs to go back to being the GOP and not the liberl light party and they might get elected.

      • Jillane Kent

        Like Tim Scott, who was recently called a “token” by the New York Times or the defeated Mia Love or Allen West? I’m curious. How is it in keeping, anyway, with the timbre of the words of King to judge people by color/sexual preference and not character?

        • londontubes

          “…with the timbre of the words of King to judge people by color/sexual preference and not character?” I recently read the “I have a dream” speech, and missed that part about “sexual preference”. Could you please point out where that is in the speech?

          Thank you.

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        Liberty and rule of law are the things to focus on. You need to learn the constitution and to recognize all the things that we accept as law that are contrary to the first law of the land the Constitution. Please get a copy and study it. “groups” are not left out IF the constitution is enforced as it states – equal justice to ALL. TheBlaze is real news!!


        Why should anyone give that much time and attention to gays, who make up less than 3% of the population? Shouldn’t be rammed down our throats,and encouraged in our schools and society.When everyone is hungry and forced into a corner, they will beg for the tea party conservatives!

  • Michelle

    So, because they fear that non-violent mentally ill people will be stigmatized if we turn the conversation to the mental illness of mass shooters, they deny the link. But they’re okie dokie with the conversation being 100% about gun control when the vast majority (in the millions) of legal, sane and responsible gun owners aren’t violent either. They want to place restrictions on non-violent gun owners to avoid non-violent mentally ill people being stigmatized. Got it. That just screams, “We aren’t at all interested in solving the problem and saving lives, we are interested only in making sure mentally ill people aren’t unfairly judged, and instead we’re going to unfairly judge and punish millions of sane, stable gun owners.” FFS, I really wish they could all step back and take a look at what they’re saying and doing. Hello hypocrisy.

    • Eric Davis

      Amen Michelle, Amen…

    • Grachus

      good answer

      • Michelle

        It’s precisely what they’re doing. In an misguided effort to “protect” the image on non-violent mentally ill people, they point the finger entirely at gun owners and yet, there are non-violent gun owners – millions of us. When this is their reaction, it’s mighty clear they aren’t interested in a solution to the violence (a solution that includes taking a long, hard look at ALL contributing factors that lead to mass shootings, mental illness definitely being one of them). They’re interested only in making sure non-violent mentally ill people aren’t judged – that appears to be the only entry on their agenda. It’s a detrimental stand – it doesn’t move us toward resolving the problem and they’re doing to non-violent gun owners what they don’t want done to non-violent mentally ill people. It’s entirely possible to take a deep look at violent mentally ill people without throwing the non-violent ones under the bus, we’re kind of smart that way – but TP and APA will have no part of that consideration…so mass shootings will continue. Apparently they don’t value human life.

        • SickOf BeingCoddled

          Putting the focus on the guns and making the mentally ill the secondary victims gets the radical left what they want – Citizens unable to defend themselves when the final stages of the communist and Jihadist plots go into full attack.

    • Terramom

      Great analysis and comparison Michelle.

    • tredglx

      “So, because they fear that non-violent mentally ill people will be stigmatized if we turn the conversation to the mental illness of mass shooters, they deny the link.”
      Ding ding ding! We have a winner. Mainstreaming the mentally ill in this country does both them, and the rest of us, a HUGE disservice. It keeps them from receiving the help they sometimes so desperately need, and puts the rest of us in danger.

  • mkreider

    At best these people are deluded. Sane people do not go into schools and start shooting. Lanza’s mother knew he was a very troubled young man and it is reported she was going to have him committed for treatment. Only a small proportion of mentally ill people commit crimes – Lanza was one of them.

    • Annie Liza

      You are right. If mentally ill people would’ve commit crimes, no one will be left on this earth except the animals, maybe?

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  • Hypo

    Nope. Most murders are committed by young black men against other young black men. They vote over 95% democrat. Chew on that.

  • Jack

    Most felons are liberals. That’s why the leftists push to get felons the right to vote.

  • Jillian5512

    While I agree with you most times, Michelle, I have to say that while yes, mentally ill people shouldn’t be anywhere near a gun, the problems come in when people start loosely defining “mental illness.” The collective finger of society has been pointed at people with Aspergers more than once, and I’ve seen many a conservative website these past few days trumpeting their misinformed BS about “we should monitor people with Aspergers Syndrome.” As a person with Aspergers, I can assure you I am not mentally ill and I’m not prone to hurting people with anything, let alone a gun. They are sort of right, don’t stigmatize people. Blame the meds they put these kids on. They drain kids of all emotion and turn them into unfeeling robots. This applies to ALL kids, not just those with Aspergers. Try taking Chantix for 2 weeks, which is a serotonin uptake inhibitor like Prozac and others. People who have quit smoking using this drug will tell you that it made them crazy for a while. This is what we should be looking at, not “monitoring” (or perhaps rounding up) innocent autistics who aren’t out to hurt anyone.

    • Jesse Malkin

      we certainly do not support rounding up autistic people. we do think gun policy ought to be based on facts, and the link between serious mental illness and mass shootings is a fact. It is hard to understand why some liberals are so eager to deny the obvious.

    • Michael Rice

      Who said anything about rounding up autisitc people? Seriously, stick to the point of the article. QUit implying things that are not there. As well, if they are on meds that can do that, shouldn’t they be monitored? Good grief.
      They are sort of right???? About what? That we should avoid hurting a few feelings even if ti might svae lives? This is teh kind of luke warm blather that lets liberal stupidity take hold

    • GaryTheBrave

      Autism is neurological, not mental or emotional. The issue of Aspergers and autism came to the fore when the murderer’s brother mentioned that the murderer suffered from it. Twitchy had covered that debate as well.

  • Ed Ballard

    Amazing. The APA continuously advocates for more understanding of mental health and how it affects people, but at the drop of a political dime will change its tone and try to pass the buck back. So much for nonpartisan objective understanding.

  • dwsmokin

    Well, since Quenton Tarantino said just the other evening that it was a mental health issue, and Liberals are denying that, does that mean that Quenton is now a Conservative? A member of the NRA? Or just another greedy rich guy (who happens to be Liberal) who wants to direct attention away from his violent movies so people will buy tickets? Hmm, the plot thickens…

  • MovingToNevada

    It is NOT normal to take firearms and shoot numerous people in a public place. WTF are these people thinking? Of course they have mental illness.

    • Craig Jacobs

      “It is NOT normal to take firearms and shoot numerous people in a public place.” Actually, it is. If the people doing the shooting are the marines and the people that are getting shot are terrorists in some Middle Eastern hell hole. Just saying that shooting lots of people is not necessarily an insane act in and of itself. I know the point you are making and I agree, but I’m just waiting for the progs to start labeling soldiers as insane killers. It has happend before.

      • SickOf BeingCoddled

        As we persue here what should be a non issue, the military doctors are engaged in just that attempt- trying to get as many Ex service people as possible to admit to PTSD so they will qualify as having been treated for a mental illness and thus be forever banned from owning a firearm. Another tactic to eventually disarm the entire population one way or another and accomplish their goal of Dictatorship over a once free people.
        The radical left has never stopped pursuing their goal of tyranny and any issue will be used for their purposes.

      • MovingToNevada

        Yes, it has happened before. With John Kerry.

  • Keri

    You can show the left fact after fact survey after survey and they will lie twist the truth brainwash the weak minded sheep into thinking the Government is the only one that can take care of you and the Obamanoids follow him like there in trance right down to the pits of HELL!

  • Michael R Bardsley

    So, if people who DO these things aren’t dealing with mental health issues, why do they do it? They’re just having a bad day? I don’t think so.

  • rae palmer

    Umm, perhaps you should do some research. Jared Loughner, extreme left-winger (not tea partier as liberal media pegged him). Tim McVeigh bomber, lifelong registered Democrat and from Democratic family.

  • William Ellis

    Yeah. Because killing people for no good reason is completely effing normal.

  • Chris Hopson

    A former school teacher posted the following comment on this Facebook page


    Why isn’t THIS comment making national news??? Can you
    imagine the explosion if a teacher that was a member of the NRA had made this
    comment? Why isn’t THIS woman being interviewed about her violent comment? Have
    you noticed that it’s the ANTI-gun folks who are spouting off about how NRA
    members should be shot? Have you noticed how it the PRO-gun folks that are
    making the NON-violent statements? They only want to be able to protect themselves
    and their families from people like Mrs. Daly.

    • Ken Bish

      If, this woman Sheila Daly was a teacher, she was a poor one, her writing skills are horrible. And if her thoughts were of shooting children, (kids are goats teach). I will say this, I know several teachers that have cwp’s all have been trained well and all have great writing skills as all teachers should. If you were that type of teacher who was teaching children, and used that type of sentences, she did not set a very good example, her capitalization, punctuation, is really atrocious. Just saying

  • Kenneth James Abbott

    Which is why inner-city areas that vote solidly Democrat like Chicago and Washington DC are such peaceful places….

    • LibLieExposer

      Ban basketball and rap music, two activities associated with inner city gangs that encourages violence. Makes more sense than punishing non-criminals exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

      Poor mental illness lobby doesn’t like their clients exposed as hazards to society. Guess they want to blame the knife for the Canadian loon on a Greyhound bus that cut off a passenger’s head. Even the Canadian cops didn’t have the balls to shoot him and the mental health lobby had more sympathy for the loon than the headless victim!

  • Larry Clifford

    Jesus taught us something, that the Church is letting the
    Modern World forget. Demons are very real and indwell some human beings. True
    Christians cannot be indwelled by a Demon because they are already indwelled by
    the Holy Spirit of Christ. But the unsaved or lost individual can be completely
    taken over by one or whole groups (legions) of Demons (this is what we call
    multiple personalities, where one Demon at a time takes over the host’s
    personality). These individuals are not “Mentally Ill” they are demon
    possessed. Yes, Dr. Phil and his colleagues are more than 90% wrong in most of
    what they espouse as a science. Almost everything taught in psychology and
    psychiatry needs to be completely rethought and reformulated. Did you ever
    notice that the nuttiest nutjobs like Freud are the ones defining their own
    problems and trying to push them off on society? Sure there are minor things like depression
    they have right, but many of the diagnosed disorders are not medical at all,
    but demon induced. Medications don’t cure the more serious cases of what we
    call mental illness; they put the body to sleep so that the Demon is no longer
    able to make the body do its bidding. Demons are also often misidentified as
    “ghosts” or “spirits of the dead”. They are indeed spirits,
    also known as fallen angels, devils or Demons, but there is no such thing as a
    ghost spirit of a dead person walking the earth after death, just Demons taking
    advantage of human superstition to further the agenda of their leader Satan.
    Check it out, Jesus taught it.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Larry, phenomenal post! It is a point that brave pastors and priests should be making. I do believe in God and I do believe in the Devil. Jesus is my Savior and Lord.

      However, just as there are chemical imbalances in the rest of the body, there are chemical imbalances in the brain. Often depression is merely a chemical imbalance. Not all psychotropic drugs put the mind to sleep. What may be a problem is that doctors are unaware of how little the patient needs to be back in balance.

  • Jenn Whitford Palumbo

    Cozy said it best… is the liberal mindset who commit such sick acts. Liberals and their idiotic policies/way of “thinking” are why people are so screwed up these days. A Conservative has a bad day, they have a drink and move on. A Liberal has a bad day, they call a shrink, take some medication, blame society etc. Pathetic…….

  • jhorenka

    Mark – Right wing scum? How about left wing assholes?

  • Geoffrey Boller

    Uh-oh looks like Think Progress’s love for Obama is back on blast after unwittingly revealing his complicity in the gun problems of the moment. Since Columbine, of all the mass murders by gun ( pathetic some feel compelled to differentiate between the weapons used ) 15 of 28 have all come since Obama stepped into the WH. This is going back to when Clinton was in office, so more than half committed in less than a third of the time. That is what you’d refer to as a statistical anomaly, yet the geniuses over there at Think Progress fail to make mention of it. oh yeah, he’s also loosened gun control, has received a grade of an F by the Brady Organization and has prosecuted 40% less gun crime than his predecessor, the evil, murdering, war criminal Dubya. Ahh the beauty of being able to get away with these things by placing a D next to your name!

    • GaryTheBrave

      It is apparent that school and workplace mass murders increase during Democrat administrations, therefore, we must ban Democrats from the White House. ;-D

  • Severe Conservative

    If you check the posts made on the Pharyngula and Friendly Atheist blogs after the shooting, you’ll see one saying “don’t blame mental illness” and the other saying “blame mental illness.”

  • Jack Deth

    “Reminder for NRA after they blame mental health system: People w/mental illness aren’t actually more prone to violence.”


    If Think Progress took some time to read the tweets from countless liberals who are not mentally ill (I know. Myriad contradictions of terms) aimed at the NRA and law abiding gun owners through this past week. They just might think otherwise.

    Oh, and who made it possible for those who should be clinically treated or institutionalized to refuse medication(s) and institutions in the first place? Here’s a clue.
    It wasn’t republicans or conservatives!

  • cesar rico

    NRA chief Wayne LaPierre was right! mass shooting are by mentally ill people! he did not say all homicides were done by the mentally ill. 2 very different things! and the liberal media is using this shooting to lie to people and make assault rifles sound like they are fully automatic weapons . They only shoot one bullet at a time like any hand gun or hunting rifle no different!!!

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    ThinkProgress and the APA are doing a great job. They ignore that having the sense to justify murder is in and of itself a form of mental illness.

  • John Cole

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Diagnosed by Dr. Michael Savage, PhD

  • TundraThunder

    The liberals will never admit the fact that most shooters are mentally ill. It would shoot down their anti-gun agenda that anyone with a gun, which are mostly conservatives, can’t be trusted to own firearms..

  • Bev

    I think there is a link between people with vowels in their name and violence

    • GaryTheBrave

      I think there;s a link between violence and days of the week that end in -day.

  • ChickOK

    Soooooooooooo. They think that people with ZERO mental illness just load up their assault rifles and go people-shooting???? Giving the gift of laughter just in time for Christmas.

  • AaronHarrisinAlaska

    I too once read a science book. It said 90% of all statistics are pulled out of your ass.

  • Pogmobuss

    There are many mental illnesses. It would be tragic if all people who have a disease are discriminated against. But there is a small group of untreatable (as of today’s medical abilities) that are dangerous. They can & should be hospitalized.

    There are hundreds of millions of semi-auto rifles, pistols & billions of magazines out there. Although unconstitutional & unlikely, kicking in the doors and confiscating every one of these items and some how stopping more from coming in through the borders (like cocaine, heroin & pot) is unfathomable of a task.

    Rational change is doing what is possible & where the real threat is. Politically expedient is doing what gets you good polling numbers based off of highly taxed emotions.

  • Michael Rice

    THanks for calling the vast majority of the miltary scum. Way to show your true colors, liberal.

  • TundraThunder

    Do you ever actually analyze the facts before you post, or are they just knee-jerk reactions? I’m certain it’s the latter. Read KJ Abbott’s post!

  • Dave Maitland

    Ok let me see if I got this right that people with mental illness( supposedly) commit these crimes as mass murder,killing for the heck of it or any of these other crimes of passion, are not mentally unstable? The all of those cases need to be retried as capital cases and given life behind bars or death, see ya can’t have a mental defense any more because it doesn’t exist

  • Pocono Shooting Range

    Funny how a few years ago they were Screaming about the need for Obama Care because that would solve all the problems in the world. Now they tell us that treating people can’t possibly do any good.

  • Douglas Moose

    Mental illness is not an indicator you WILL commit a violent act. But, left untreated and allowing exposure to entertainment media for too long can create the situation that might confuse someone’s perception of reality.

    Step 1: identify the mentally ill person as such. No stigma, just a characteristic.
    Step 2: If unusual behavior, threats of suicide or violence toward others, long periods of agitation, or other common signs something might be brewing are observed, an evaluation by a professional mental health doctor should be performed.
    Step 3: Regardless of anything else, all firearms and other weapons (decorative Japanese swords, whatever) should be removed or placed in a safe, denying that person access. Anyone who should not OWN a gun due to age, background, or mental condition should not be allowed unsupervised access to the safe.

    If the government wants to pass a law, California has a decent idea, but could be made better. All gun owners must have an approved safe to store the firearms and ammo properly. The government should SUBSIDIZE the purchase of the safe, making small handgun safes FREE (about $200-250 max), and larger safes cheaper by providing an equivalent discount or rebate.

    That measure will improve safety, create jobs, raise taxes from more sales of gun safes, reduce the number of firearm thefts (and other valuables in the safe), reduce insurance claims, and impress upon gun owners the common sense of preventing unauthorized access to the guns for which they are responsible.


    I agree with the libs about mental illness… it takes an evil person for a mass shooting. A mental issue might cause a person to snap, not walk into a random place killing dozens.

    • Scott

      You obviously didn’t read the last part of this story, or you are as dense as some of the commenters


        I’m not blaming the gun OR mental illness. I was sort of being sarcastic with my comment. I agree it’s not mental illness, but not with how they think. There are so many people who have some form of mental problem, that don’t kill anyone. I’m blaming the shooter. He chose to do what he did. That’s not mental illness.

    • Michelle

      In the world I live in, walking into a random place and killing dozens falls under definition of “snapping”.

    • Jillane Kent

      Is “snapping” more likely to result in a spontaneous dance or an act of violence?

  • disqus_0g8NEVtVWJ

    I agree with Cozy. I think it is more a problem with self entitlement and the lack of respect for human life which of course starts with abortion. There have been mentally ill people and guns for hundreds of years. What is the difference then and now?

  • milehisnk

    Actually, it’s quite the opposite. It’s the dems who call for killing NRA members and their kids. It’s democrats who advocate assault. And, if that isn’t enough…Holmes, registered Democrat. Klebold/Harris, both come from Democrat families (of course only one was old enough to register to vote). Loughner, registered Democrat. Yeah, you lose that one big time.

  • Eric Pint

    This could back fire for the NRA and make it so everybody with a temporary bout of depression considered mentally I’ll and there fore lose their guns. Since most people in the US have gone through depression or anxiety at one time or another the whole country will end up losing their guns

    • GaryTheBrave

      The Gun Control Act of 1968 states that one loses the right to own or possess any firearm if they are “adjudicated to be criminally insane.” Key words are adjudicated, meaning they have been determined by judge in court, and criminally, meaning they are a danger to the public.

      Its like having a cold or having AIDS. Both are viruses that can be transmitted but one is not as dangerous as the other.

  • Eric Pint

    BTW the that weirdly place I’ll was added by my piece of junk Nexsus7 and not an admission of mental illness

  • Eric Pint

    Its suppose to read mentally ill not I’ll

  • NotaLemming

    Lets Define Mental Illness. {Well me and my academic associates from Harvard and Princeton have decided it is anyone that knows how to survive with out the State teet. Ye shall be deemed inept and mandated to the State for incarceration for a term to be determined by Cathleen Sibelius or the Acting Death Panel tzar.} puff puff. Lovieee get me another Tanqueray and tonic!!

  • DrSamHerman

    I am a practicing psychiatrist with 40 years of experience. I disagree vehemently with the statement made by APA and especially with leftist hypocrisy on this issue.

    Liberals trotted out everything but Freud’s ghost to say that Jared Loughner and the Joker killer were mentally negligible and easily manipulated by some vague, conservative conspiracies–direct implications of mental illness and now suddenly they are NOT schizophrenics despite the psychiatric work-ups that say otherwise?

    Any psychiatrist who has EVER treated an uncontrolled or acute exacerbation of serious schizophrenia, major depression, bipolar disorder or sociopathy would ever minimize the risks these patients pose to themselves or others.

    I will certainly reconsider my membership in APA given their agenda-driven hackery on this matter.

    • $23629333

      Dr., I was lucky enough to grow up in a home with two family members who were bipolar.* As a result, I know first-hand how dangerous such people can be when in the midst of a serious manic episode. At that point – when engaged in a shouting match with the voices in their head – there is no “reaching them.” Then, they’re agitated and determined to do whatever it is their voices are telling them to do. Anyone who interferes risks a violent response.

      Apparently, they also pose a potential threat to violence even when severely depressed. My younger brother confessed that when he was in such a state – sitting silently, staring for hours at the TV or listening to blaring music – he was preoccupied with thoughts of mayhem he wanted to commit.

      If it were up to me, anyone in the midst of a severe manic episode would be institutionalized and medicated until it passed – always erring on the side of caution – for the sake of the person suffering and the community generally.

      Similarly, someone severely depressed should be observed and counseled, to ensure that he/she will not hurt himself/herself or anyone else.

      (* how is this term better than the more descriptive term, manic-depressive?)

    • John Stone

      LOL I hope you stuck to writing scripts. and didn’t get buried by proper diagnostic considerations or research. So, by your reasoning (or lack thereof) all individuals who suffer from impaired reality testing are ‘schizophrenic’? That is what you said. That’s laughable in this setting, in the context of your (which I do not believe) “40 years of experience” that’s called malpractice.

      • Jillane Kent

        So, we’re likely in agreement that banning all types of a specific weapon because of the actions committed by an individual is at least equally as specious?

      • mike_in_kosovo

        So, by your reasoning (or lack thereof) all individuals who suffer from impaired reality testing are ‘schizophrenic’?

        That’s not what he said, regardless of your insistence that it is. Try reading his post again – for comprehension this time, instead of what you think you can cull out as a ‘gotcha’ point.


        Nice try ‘Doctor’ .

        • DrSamHerman

          I do not think logic works with Putoflails, Impala. From has or her postings on other sites that use Disqus, Putoflails is centered purely on emotion–something that we physicians who practice in psychiatry do not. The zero could not even comprehend my post. That is the problem with the non-docs.

      • DrSamHerman

        Id you even are a mental health practitioner, likely you must be a psychologist trying desperately for billable hours, because you certainly are not very good at reading comprehension. Of course, the medical training and our legal capability to do something other than blabbing always did make you soft, fuzzy non physician practitioners whine.

        As for saying that all non-reality testing responders are schizophrenic, either you suffer from serious dyslexia or you are angry that your therapies are limited if non-existent in serious patients.

        What tells me you are most likely not even a healthcare professional is your casual use of malpractice, something which a licensed professional knows would be a serious breach of professional ethics and you would lose yours if I chose to pursue action, Putzocracy.

        I have treated more patients and have a zero action record with my board. Do you even have a license?

  • Geoffrey Boller

    Cooper’s spelling of the word yourselves also makes it more likely he’s a Dem

  • Tantalus XVI

    “People with mental illness account for only a very small share of homicides in the U.S.,” but nearly all mass shootings are committed by individuals with mental illness. You may now commence foaming liberals.

    • GaryTheBrave

      There are very few Rolls-Royces as a percentage of cars in the US, but there is a large percentage of Rolls-Royces in Beverly Hills. Same argument really.

  • Lamar Huffstutler

    It is time to be real, ANYONE who thinks this person, or any person who commits Murder for ANY reason is definitely Mentally ill. Anyone who thinks otherwise is too.

  • Larry M. Monroe

    Its not necessarily “mental illness” as much as it is severe mental instability caused by the side effects of the dangerous psychiatric drugs most of these shooters were on. Some of the side effects: violence, anger, suicidal tendencies. The drugs can create “mental illness” and this is the truth that Big Pharma and Psychiatry don’t want you to know.

  • Hank Williams

    I suppose the guns jumped up there and aimed and shot those poor souls, there weren’t any mentally disturbed operators???? blame it on the machine….

  • Bill Allen

    Any “debate” with the liberal left will be one sided. They don’t have the capacity to think rationally. It’s all about “feelings”, or “appearances” i.e. the whole idea of stigmatizing “mentally ill” individuals..sometimes people need to be offended in order for the debate to proceed. One side will always be upset by what the other side says. There is no way to please everybody all of the time. Our country has been steaming head long downhill since the whole “politically correct” idea came into being.. what bothers me and most conservatives I know is the fact that it is always the law abiding , tax paying American who has to “regulate their behavior” in order for the liberal left to be happy. When the social experiment started in the seventies to teach every living child in the country that they were “special” and they started handing out trophies for honorable mention so the kids wouldn’t “feel left out” we were doomed. What good is it to strive to be better , or to achieve more if you get the same reward ? What good is it to work hard and save your money in order to buy that house for your new family if you can sit on your butt and have the government give you a place to live ? Why try to better your life when the only people who are given nobility status for doing so are illegal immigrants ? In Obama’s new America we are to “hate” anyone who works hard and achieves what used to be a dream for every American.. If you bust your butt, spend your money wisely, and happen to make more than the arbitrary $200,000 per year you are now the greedy, uncaring miser who stomped on the heads of puppies while using illegal immigrants as your footstool to get ahead. You stole everything you own from some guy who (“wants to work but just can’t seem to hold a job”) collects a welfare check. What ever happened to the old proverb,” If you give a man a fish he will eat for one day , but if you teach him to fish he’ll never go hungry”? When does it become PC to say that success is the American way ? Our country is the only country in the world to create as much wealth and prosperity for every walk of life that has ever been on the planet.. our “poor” people have 60″ plasma screen tv’s , cell phones, they drive a Mercedes Benz and their children have a chance to attend college… how is it that we are so bad ? I haven’t seen a public beheading in at least a week or so nor have I seen any violent riots in Washington DC because they raised the retirement age from 50 to 52…jeez in almost a month.. Our women can actually read and they get to be elected leaders, along with every minority nationality that lives in the US…Racism in the US is more theater than reality anymore..Just take some time and research the African nations and what they do to their minority groups. Look at how Mexico treats their illegal immigrants. Check into what the communists did to the citizens of Vietnam, Cuba or China.. how is it that liberal Americans look up to infamous people throughout history like Mao. Marx or Che Guevara..yet they choose to call Sarah Palin a monster ? They call conservatives names like knuckle-draggers, hill billy’s , Bible thumpers , etc.. They think that asking our government to slow down and slim down to a size that won’t break our backs and our banks is “backwards” or “uncaring” or ” racist”.. All I know is that if wanting our government to constrain itself to the rules set forth when the country was born and to stop writing regulations to regulate the regulations they wrote yesterday and to stop taking years of our lives with its progressive tax code is wrong then call me wrong, call me whatever you want, I don’t care, but if you move out of California to get away from the liberal taxes and terrible schools, don’t start voting for the same liberal policies somewhere else.. Oh yeah, guns.. if the gun itself is the problem and it has nothing at all to do with the person who decided to commit suicide while taking more people with him , why is it that these lunatics always choose places where they know there won’t be another gun to shoot back ? Wouldn’t a police station be the most dangerous place in the country ? How about armories ? All of those weapons are just sitting there waiting to mow down whoever happens to walk into them..Did anybody see the statistics from the FBI ? Baseball bats are the most common weapon of choice in violent crime.. Do baseball players need to have a background check along with giving up their fingerprints and register every bat they own or use ? If you want to ban anything it should be those evil baseball bats…I myself keep all of my bats safely locked up in my bat safe just so the kids can’t accidentally crush their friends skull with an accidentally loaded bat sitting out in the open..don’t get me started on those knives in the knife safe..and the pointy stick things we use to hold the turkey together when its cooking..those things are hazardous.. One more thing can’t we get the liberal media to stop aggrandizing these nut cases ? Do we really need to know their names ? I don’t need to know who did it . Do you ? Why not just start calling everyone of them just “lunatic” then they would be so upset about being stigmatized a lunatic they might not “feel” so happy knowing their name will be in the history books..

    • John Stone

      You’re right! Vitriol NEVER is heard from the right! FoxNews hasn’t been aggrandizing via endless coverage – not at all! And most fat and poor people are not from red states! Most people with the poorest health status do not come from red states! Sorry, I fell over from laughter.

    • nc

      Bill Allen, you are my hero.

    • GaryTheBrave

      I appreciate your rant but, please, paragraphs would be helpful. I agree with you about the PC movement. It is time we conservatives demand that liberals change their behavior. The one who asks the questions and sets the language is the one who controls and wins the debate.

    • Patrick Allegood

      Bill, that was the BEST refute to the liberal argument I have ever seen… Kudos buddy

  • Twoiron

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. For those who think otherwise, please explain the following:

    1) “I did not have sex with that woman, Ms Lewinsky!”

    2) “My husband is the victim of a vast right-wing conspiracy.”

    3) “…there was a violent protest outside of our embassy, sparked by this hateful video.”

    4) “…you didn’t build that.”

    5) “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon Martin.”

    Conservatives can’t make this stuff up.

    • $23629333

      May I add two words to your first sentence? It should read: “Liberalism is symptomatic of a mental disorder.”

      • Twoiron

        Of course, feel free to. If I were a Lib, I’d call you bad names and seek to censor you. Peace be with you. Merry Christmas!

        • Boon Companion

          If I were a Lib, I’d affectionately disinvite you to my secular festivity and give you a big phony smile, even if I have known you my whole life. I wouldn’t be able to afford the potential embarrassment of your brining up an uncomfortable and logically defensible response to a fatuous comment made by one of my moronic lib guests once the champagne kicks in.

          • Twoiron

            Ha! How true! Merry Christmas, BC!

    • John Stone

      Is it ‘odd’ to confuse mental disorder(s) with statements or sentences said by others? Or is that just ignorance? On one hand it’s amusing – on the other it’s, no offense, simply moronic. But, i’m sure you know that.

      • mike_in_kosovo

        Given that you did exactly that, upthread, yes we realize it’s moronic, with you as its’ exemplar.

      • Twoiron

        Consistently false and stupid statements are symptomatic of mental problems, not ignorance. Surely you know that.

        • Guest

          You’re a preacher, and on the eve of Christmas, you spew hate. If that’s not an indictment of the mentality of organized religion, nothing is. Get yourself clean- you can’t hide from the Lord on DISQUS.

        • Guest

          Then by that standard, you must be positively barking. Even more profound a malady in your case is hypocrisy- you’re a Christian minister, yet you spend your free time spewing hate speech and stalking and flaming other posters on DISQUS. Is it any wonder you’ve been banned by another forum? But forget DISQUS- the afterlife you claim by rights isn’t going to be the one with pearly gates- bring your asbestos fire suit.

    • lainer51

      Don’t forget “the police acted stupidly”
      “57 states”
      “Please stand up and take a bow” (oops didn’t realize you were paralyzed in a wheelchair)
      “God rest her soul” (oops she’s not dead)
      “Big effing deal” (with an open microphone)

  • Brent Guthrie

    So if mental illness isn’t an acceptable cause for committing gun violence, why are liberals calling for mental health screening as a requirement for gun ownership?

  • Arnie Rutkowski

    Does anyone know the accurate statistics as reported by law enforcement authorities ………of the percentage of illegal gun use by licensed gun owners with their guns registered with the proper authorities, as opposed to the percentage of illegal gun use by non licensed gun owners or non licensed gun possessors?

  • Richard J. Carlton

    Of course they do Michelle, that would mean that the Perp Lanza could have used a dump truck at recess with no media coverage as we saw last week. In many states a Mental Health Professional and Doctors can’t make a call an tell the Law or others that a person is a danger to themselves or others. Attorney privileges, Holly Men, and Doctors all must keep this info confidential. There is part of it in a nut shell, the AR Rifles, I’m a retired Police Detective and watch commander, I won’t even start with the AR ban with the magazines. I’m also a firearms instructor for 30 years. That idiot on Fox, old Bob on the five wanted someone to name “one reason” that extended Magazines are needed. I text them and told them only two. We are fighting with people who say their informed. NOT, most of them merely jump at the chance to sensationalize the tragedy. By a AR, 22 caliber, 223 Caliber, and go out and poke holes in paper, it’s fun, and you will become proficient if you need to use it. I would not suggest the look alike 22 caliber, it’s merely a rodent and coyote weapon you don’t need to re-load ever 5 rounds.

  • rbtpowell

    Really?………is the APA actually suggesting that a balanced, rational individual steals a firearm and executes children. Is this behavior, by definition, not insane?

    • John Stone

      Exactly. The position argued in this ‘column’ or ‘posting’ is simply silly & filled with rational reasoning flaws.

      • Jillane Kent

        How odd that you reference flawed rationale when you haven’t read the posting nor comprehended the comment you responded to.

  • mike92117

    Humans have been around for at least 200,000 years. Guns have been around for hundreds of years. School and workplace shootings have been around for about 20 years.

    Therefore it is completely wrongheaded to conclude guns cause these crimes. They do not. If they did, we would have seen these crimes occur hundreds of years ago, yet we haven’t seen that.

    The cause has to be of sufficient magnitude to change the mental state of a human being from someone incapable of such a crime to one that actually does it.

    If you want to find out why these horrible, tragic events occur, look prior to their onset, say 20-25 years ago. Find what societal change occurred that could change the mental state of a person in sufficient magnitude to actually commit such a crime.

    If you go back 20-25 years, you find the introduction and mass marketing of psychiatric drugs. The drug literature even warns of violent behavior and suicidality.

    Psychiatric drugs are not only capable of causing such effects but they are time coincident. And if you need more concrete evidence, just look at the crimes where the medical history was available and you’ll find out they were committed by people who were on or recently on psychiatric meds.

    • John Stone

      How could guns ’cause’ a crime (if not via some assocation etc…which, is possible). But, who argues guns ’cause’ those crimes? Psychiatric drugs have been used successfully (to greater or lesser degree) far longer than 20 years…you might wikipedia that – it’s easy enough. If you want to look at societal ills of 25yrs ago…I think one could start to look at defunding for mental health and growing inequality…

      • mike92117

        there also was a massacre around 1960 or so in Texas. The guy was on several psych drugs (google that). It’s the current lot of SSRI types that are particularly dangerous and they are in the last 20-25 yrs. Look here if you want to see a great compilation of what SSRIs do to people:

  • Penmar

    Playing violent video games results in aggression and hostility-APA apparently missed this study….
    Mental Health Expert: Parents Must Stop Being In Denial About Kids, Violence

    • therantinggeek

      Ah, the old “kids playing violent video games means they’ll likely become violent themselves” mantra.

      Ya know, it’d help if the parents tried a little harder to explain the difference between fantasy and reality to their children. Just sayin’.

      • John Stone

        Well, it seems you acknowledge games play a role. As such, the solution would be to minimize game play exposure – not a parental discussion about ‘the difference between reality and fantasy’ which is best.

        • therantinggeek

          To a certain degree. I used to work for a game retail store and I don’t know *how* many times I had to refuse to sell a game to a young customer because, well, they were simply too young to purchase any game with an “M” (Mature) rating. And no, his (or her) parent wasn’t with them, either, at the time of the purchase. (The few times a mom or dad was with his or her child and wanted to buy a game with an “M” rating, I still recommended purchasing a different game with a lower rating.)

          I have a little one of my own, and there’s no way I’ll ever let him play any games that aren’t suitable for him. I would also agree somewhat with your proposed solution to minimize game play exposure; there are more things in life than just playing video games all day. But, again, I believe it still boils down to just how much of an involvement a mom or dad has in his or her child’s life. *shrug*

      • Penmar

        From personal experience, sometimes there is nothing a parent can do to change or help their child. Trying a little harder doesn’t always work. No, it means those with aggressive/anger issues/mental issues are affected by the violence in the games they play, and it appears the longer they play them the more aggressive they get. So in the case of the CT shooter, who played them ad nauseum, alone in his room for hours, days on end, they ballooned into a massacre. It means the civil liberties groups are so concerned with the rights of the mentally ill that they fight every avenue that would allow parents to get help for the children they see as violent and dangerous.

        A judge’s frustrations lead to proposal, outcry from advocates

        ACLU & Far Leftist Groups Defeated Mental Health PROTECTION Law In CT Just Months Before CT Shooting

  • Chris W. Langer III

    Seems pretty simple to me. Does ANYONE think that someone who commits an act of mass murder is NOT mentally ill? If so, maybe those people should have THEIR heads checked.

  • George Washington Mclintock

    The self-serving ignorance displayed here is truly dangerous. More people are going to die needlessly if these freaks get their way.

  • Eric Johnson

    Though technically true it doesn’t change the fact that in some cases mental illness is a factor. Most murders are committed by handguns and not so called assault rifles and it is done by people that are criminals and not law abiding owners of legally bought guns.Hard to do a psych eval on a brain with a bullet in it so how do we know if most of these shooters weren’t deranged on some level? If our culture is churning out murderers that aren’t crazy what does that say about it?

  • $23629333

    So, how many of the “62 mass shootings” examined by Mother Jones were NOT perpetrated by someone with psychological problems?

    It may be true that people with a “mental illness” commit a “very small share of homicides.” Most homicides in America are gang-related. Of course, it’s possible that those gang-bangers have a mental illness.

    • anjullyn

      I think you missed the key words – mass shootings, which in my world means “many.”

  • digitalPimple

    Isn’t this the same org that has the mentally ill working feverishly on their stories? The Editor believes GOP snipers are hiding on rooftops trying to assassinate him so he hires armed guards?

    Oh wait that’s Media Matters. Same difference. Can’t tell.

  • Linda Champney

    These folk are playing fast and loose with the definition of mental illness in order to blame the NRA, and honest citizens. Most people, when they think of mental illness, assume they will ‘see’ the crazy. That’s not so. Think Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Edward Kemper, etc. If we could always ‘see the crazy’, we would be able to prevent all murder. BTW, Bundy did a lot of damage and never picked up a gun. He used an ‘assault crowbar’ and his ‘assault hands’. His ‘assault voice and brain’ lured women to their deaths. In his case, even Ann Rule, a cop at the time, had no clue. She sat next to Bundy on a rape crisis hotline, and they discussed the unsolved murders all the time, she not knowing the murderer was right next to her.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    It seems that liberalism is also embraced by the mentally deranged How else can one explain that so many people deny the obvious.

  • Bradford

    Can anyone see the link between guns and shootings? Or is it that old line about people kill people and not guns again.
    Aeroplane Simulator

    • mike_in_kosovo

      Over 100 million guns (and their owners) shot ZERO people today…feel free to expand upon your suppose ‘linkage’ and ‘old line’ in light of that.

  • duncantwn

    In the majority of the cases cited these individuals were identified as not only menally ill but an immediate danger to the community by mental health professionals. The step that did not happen was for the professionals to report their assesment to the police so that these people could have been stopped. The weapons and the bombs devised in the planning of these deranged people to kill and maim people for percieved slights were were evidence of the failure of our University System to follow established guidelines for dealing with psychotic individuals. These are the same Universities that teach professionals how to deal effectively with psychosis. Perhaps Universities and news media outlets could become more responible since wide spread coverage of these events seem to trigger unstable people to become copycats.

  • Jeff Kline

    Mental illness does not increase the risk of violence. The presence of paranoid delusions, in severe form, does increase, very slightly, the risk. This has been well studied since the early 90s. Lanza was likely suffering something, but whether it triggered anything we don’t know yet. Little data to suggest that Holmes’ had a mental illness sufficient to *cause* his actions. Klebold was depressed and angry and it’s not clear that he was more than mildly depressed. Harris was a psychopath and while being a psychopath is abnormal, it’s not an illness that could or would lead to a finding of insanity in a court. Loughner was quite ill at the time and there is a lot of evidence to suggest that Seung-hui was ill.

    Does this mean we need to ignore Mental Illness as a factor, no, but blaming it is too simplistic, just like blaming guns is too simplistic.

  • John Stone

    If you’re going to accuse liberals of ‘denying mental illness’
    than you really cannot argue against those who argue ‘conservatives’ (if you enjoy those simplistic distinctions along partisan lines) in many cases try to suggest
    guns are inert items or that assault weapons are not linked with greater
    capacity for killing etc.

    Could one argue that a person who walks into a movie theater and begins
    shooting or one who walks into a classroom and begins killing children is sane (in a rational sense)? I do not think so. Therefore, the argument becomes trivial to suggest that there’s an effort to deny that insanity. No reasonable person has suggested individuals who commit those acts are not compromised (perhaps in several domains). The issue is not one of ‘mental illness’, which covers a vast array of conditions. Rather it is to ask are there ways to assess individuals proactively & that ability simply does not exist. There is no diagnostic procedure, interview, or test that will predict who a mass killer will be with any degree of accuracy beyond chance.

    As such, if one wishes to persist with this argument, along these lines, with our current state of scientific understanding, they must acknowledge we cannot make the assessment necessary to ensure this does not occur. Therefore, efforts should be made to limit the ability to purchase weapons and, specifically, assault weapons which we know are linked to murders that use assault weapons.

    If your argument is to truly keep people safe and you want to enter
    the mental health debate than your position must be denying or to deny access to that which we do know. However, since we do not have any measures to assess the aforementioned (Certainly, it is an impossibility given the NRAs current position with background checks, databases, etc.) then the default position to support that argument is to remove guns from the equation. But, let’s be honest here, those making this argument don’t care about others safety (at which point they’d be forced to adopt the stance I’ve set forth) they care about their 2nd amendment rights
    without any regulation or impediment (aside: the Supreme Court has said the
    govt. CAN regulate arms). At least be honest about your position(s) and not hide
    behind cutesy, but dumb, partisan rhetoric. It cheapens the entire conversation
    irrespective of the position held…reducing a complex issue to that of an idiotic sound bite.

    In China a man, recently, went into a classroom and stabbed some 20+ children.
    How many died? A.) zero. If that man had an assault rifle, how many would have
    died? It is an absurd argument to try to suggest on one-hand guns make us safer
    (protecting us from bad people blah blah etc.) and then suggesting that guns
    are not vehicles for violence. Simply intellectually dishonest.

    Lastly, addressing ‘gun rights’ is only a part of the discussion we should be
    having. But, many people are too afraid to discuss other issues like first
    person shooter video games that strive for “realism” “authentic
    experience” (Arguing that the games have no impact is absurd) and
    parents inability to police their kids effectively. We do not want to talk
    about how and why our T.V. and movies are filled with violence (Although, other
    societies watch similar movies yet commit far far far less crimes per capita) –
    we do not want to address how a culture of meritocratic advancement (the
    fantasy of) contributes to our lack of compassion for others. By large measure,
    there is no real desire to address our much larger issues of inequality, lack
    of opportunity, and an unwillingness to compromise even a tiny bit if it means
    we give something up for ourselves.

    At some point, we have to wrestle with these questions in addition to improving our gun policy. I doubt the country has any desire to do either with sincerity…especially when there is so much money generated via violence and, at the end of the day, money rules the day in the U.S.A… It is the only thing we do value.

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Therein lies the problem. In an attempt to protect the mentally ill from a stigma, they want to ignore the truth. All of the re ent mass murders were perpetrated by people who were mentally ill. It is a FACT. Maybe we can compromise and label these people as Violently Mentakly Ill and others as Passivley Mentally Ill. Ignoring the FACT all these murderers had mental illness with violent tendancies to protect someone’s feelings only adds fule to the fire and prolongs a

  • lainer51

    People that own guns legally account for only a very small share of homicides in the U.S.

  • lainer51

    At the White House presser, watch for a strong emphasis on the gun-owner angle. They’ve had proxies pushing this to the media all week

  • Donna Abendroth Guidry

    Until you have lived with someone who is really mentally ill no one can understand how the system ties your hands against everything you try to do to keep them from hurting others as well as themselves. Anything and everything can send them into a rage and you can not force them to take their meds. New mental health laws need to be put in place so a family member can get them the help they need. No one wants to believe their parent, child, spouse, or sibling is capable of violent acts but in that state they are not the people they once were and are capable of anything. It is a life long battle to keep them on the meds and to keep them from hurting you as well as others. I speak from personal experience not just hear say. Anyone who can do anything violent will get the weapons they want and it doesn’t have to be legally but I want the ability to protect myself and my family and friends from these people and I will.

    • BayushiZero

      Unfortunately, I share a house with three women with mental illnesses. Two are bipolar/manic-depressive, and the third is a sociopath. One keeps ending up in jail for petty things, and the other two have already been served their 30 day notices to vacate (due to insane behavior).

      And I live in a die-hard blue state. Mental health resources are non-existent as the budget has been trashed by liberal legislators and governors. The state hospital closed it’s doors for all but the criminally insane (in other words, the insane who have already committed crimes), basically pushing the rest out onto the streets, where most remain homeless.

    • $23629333

      Donna, I was lucky enough to grow up in a home with two family members who were bipolar. Like yourself, I know how uncontrollable and dangerous someone can be while in the midst of a serious manic episode. At that point, the only reasonable thing to do is to institutionalize and medicate them – but the folks employed to deal with such people want no part of them. I can still recall the struggle to have my younger brother accepted, and then – within 48 hours – he was out again because he was “too much of a handful.”

  • Ethan Glover

    Prescription drugs are not a mental illness. Pharmaceutical companies love this thing, it’s like free advertising. The results of their drugs goes and kills a bunch of kids, then those kids and their parents get free counseling and get put on the same drugs that caused the mess in the first place.
    Family Survival Course Book

  • Ron Black

    So…all these killers were completely sane when they murdered innocent children?

  • reags

    #110 – stop bringing up the Chinese slashing. It is intellectually dishonest to think someone, with the intent ( which would have to stem from a severe form of a certain type of mental illness), could not murder as many defenseless small children with a knife in a small amount of time. What would have stopped the horror and pain for those Chinese children, and possibly reduced the # slashed to zero? A responsible well trained resident adult with a firearm.

  • DavidKramer

    @thinkprogress You are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! People are completely sane that resort to violence! Smart cookie here folks!

  • reags

    @APA- “People with mental illness account for only a very small share of homicides in the U.S.”
    Yes but a large share of these horrible atrocities

  • stuckinIL4now

    Wow, the patients are self-diagnosing, I mean, isn’t libturdism a mental disorder? According to them it’s the guns themselves that cause people to go on shooting rampages. Well, let’s see, the NRA has over 4 million members all of whom I’m assuming own guns, so if the guns are the problem then there must be millions of unreported mass shootings and I’m surprised that the scumpliant lying slimestream media hasn’t uncovered them yet.

  • Sisserydoo

    Right….so mass murderers are perfectly sane people who just happen upon guns…got it.

  • lcdisqus

    Mental stability seems to be a factor in this equation.

    We just have to remember that just because all mass murderers had mental issues does not mean that all that have mental issues are potential mass murderers.

    Another factor in all of this is that they have removed God form society and left it with secular humanism and moral relativism.

    Without a truth then all can decide on their own truth.

    Strange that when an individual’s truth ends up murdering dozens of innocent we decide that there is an absolute truth for the moment.

  • John C Sell Jr

    This is one of those were we can turn their logic back on them… because just as not everyone who is mentally ill will kill, not everyone who owns a gun (even the “big scary ones”) will kill either. Hmmm…..

  • Sandra Price

    The headline is over-reaching. There’s no denying the connection, but, to use a legal term, mental illness could be said to have been “necessary, but not sufficient” for pulling off mass murders where mental illness is involved. The perpetrator also had to have access to semi-automatic and assault weapons to cause the kind of death that they caused. And… since I – and probably most of you all – have family members suffering from mental illness, it should not surprise any of you, or put any of you off, that conversations are happening about the possibility of stigmatizing the mostly non-violent population of folks with mental illness.

  • Bob Almighty

    Those guys have severe mental health issues. Actually, they sound a little bit dangerous.

  • Bob Almighty

    How surprising. The Left have come up with a “study” showing they were right all along.

    • GaryTheBrave

      They probably found the study in the bottom of the box with the late uncounted ballots they needed to win the election.

  • spybubblezde

    A mental ill person, with a stick would not be able to kill many people. Right?

    Spybubble erfahrung

    • GaryTheBrave

      Depends on how sharp and sturdy the stick. In our cower-&-hide tactics we currently employ, a killer can take his or her sweet time in rooting out the hiding places and stabbing each individual.

      BTW, has anyone heard how many rounds were fired in Newtown? All I have heard was that the shooting took only a few seconds yet there were, accordinf to the M.E., 3-11 wounds per victim. It’s not adding up in my mind. I don’t mean to be macabre. Just curious.

      • JustLikeAnimals

        I think the time interval is at issue here. I know from my personal involvement in a violent crime (I was stabbed 6 times, once in the chest) that it is very difficult to account for an accurate time interval in such situations.

        And yes, my use of my defensive Glock .40 cal handgun led to the attackers fleeing and I’m still alive today to participate in this important conversation.

        Thanks Glock and 2nd Amendment!!! You rock!!!!

    • JustLikeAnimals

      A baseball bat (your “stick”) has been the implement of choice in many a gruesome murders of multiple individuals. When can we expect that ban?

      Liberals just don’t get it, and seem incapable of thinking more than a day into the future. If you take the flat, one-dimensional approach of banning anything that can be used, legally or illegally, in a manner consistent with its intended purpose or not, to inflict harm on another individual than you might as well just severe the hands off every citizen, since the number and types of implements to be used in a homicide are far too numerous to even begin the contemplate.

      Or (and I know this is a stretch for many on the self-proclaimed “enlightened” left), perhaps the problem lies with a more deeply-rooted social ill? We have lost a sense for the value of life and living together in this country. Look around you and you see numerous examples. In my opinion it’s not the fact that mass homicides are increasing that is the problem. That is a symptom of some far greater ill, and until we figure out and remediate that problem, the homicides will continues, through the use of whatever forces is readily available, be it guns, knives, bats, fertilizer, poision, or a rock.

  • DOOM

    liberalism is a system in which no one is responsible for his own actions. During Clinton’s “assault” weapons ban they blamed video games for Columbine. They’re not interested in finding an actual solution. Now tools are thd culprit. You’ll notice they never mention Timothy McVeigh’s choice of weapon; it doesn’t help them take away choice.

  • $30158943

    Just like the right denies that the lack of gun control had anything to do with it?

    • halcrawford

      There was gun control in place, sir. And of course, the killer broke those laws.

      • $30158943

        There is very little gun control in the US as evidenced by their proliferation.

        • halcrawford

          There certainly was gun control. Right up to the “gun-free zone” signs at the elementary school where the killings took place. Good thing, too. How bad would it have been if those signs and laws not been there?

        • aegean1

          Their “proliferation” is not evidence of control. Vehicles are numerous but you can’t deny they’re controlled and regulated. Even though, shit happens.

    • GaryTheBrave

      Trust me. There’s no lack of gun control in this country. More than 20,000 local, state, and Federal gun control laws are on the books.

      So tell me what gun control law should we impose that we have not already tried? Don’t say to ban them. If it is “impossible” to deport 15-million illegal aliens then it is also impossible to ban 300-million firearms.

      • $30158943

        Banning assault weapons and high capacity clips and requiring prechecks and national registration on all sales would be a good start.

        • GaryTheBrave

          First thing you start with was banning something. I told you in the previous post why that is not viable.

          Define “assault weapons”. Most “assault weapons” are the same construction as other “non-assault” style guns except for cosmetic differences like a handle on the top or tripod legs. The actual internal mechanisms between the assault-style and conventional-style are the same including the ammunition they use. As an aside, are you aware of how guns work? They are literally a system of springs and levers. Quite simple, really.

          Banning high-capacity clips proved ineffective when they were enacted during the Clinton gun ban era. No mass shootings involved the use oh high-capacity magazines (proper term).

          Required prechecks is accomplished through the National Instant Check System that every state uses.

          National registration has been determined by SCOTUS to be an infringement of Second Amendment rights. However, every Federal Firearms Licensee (i.e. gun dealer) must maintain a permanent record of every firearm sold and to whom. These records are to be made available to LEO’s upon request (no warrants required). They are not available for public scrutiny, which I think was one of the issues the SCOTUS had with the national registration scheme.

          • JustLikeAnimals

            Agree. It’s all a matter of intent.

            In my mind and heart, and in my legal intent, my Glock 23 .40 cal is a defensive handgun. =)

        • Patrick Allegood

          Prechecks are ALREADY the law, dumba$$!!!!! High capacity clips are too. Funny how you forget that 90% of these tragedies were done with not assault rifles, but hand guns…

          • $30158943

            Patty, except for gun show sales where 40% of sales occur and no prechecks occur. High capacity clips can be easily bought online. So who is the DA now?

          • JustLikeAnimals

            Agree with the requirement for NICS at gun shows. However, that doesn’t require a new law as much as it does an amendment to existing law that applies NICS to guns shows and private sales. It’s easy and cheap enough to process all sales through an FFL. My Glock purchase was handled by an FFL and it cost me a whopping $10.

            Beyond that, I agree with others that there are a plethora of gun laws at local, county, state, and national levels and none them (nor any new ones) will ever have the effect of stopping those in the shadows from illegally acquiring, possessing, and using weapons to commit these heinous crimes.

            To pass new laws that ban gun ownership to those who did not commit these crimes is punishing law-abiding citizens for the acts of criminals. If we’re going to go down that slippery slope, we should also ban anyone from owning knives because criminals use them to murder other citizens. And cars, airplanes, axes, baseball bats, etc. And be prepared for the number of homicides by the use of weapons other than guns, since those bent on taking the life of another will simply move on to their next weapon of choice to commit their crimes. The only affect will be that the once armed victim of such crimes is now defenseless by virtue of the hardened gun laws, so a whole new population of victims emerge as “soft” targets for criminals, many of whom will remain armed because….wait for it…..they never had any intention of following the new gun laws in the first place.

            The left needs to put their righteous indignation and knee-jerk reaction aside and engage their collective brains to think these new gun law restrictions through. Either way, I conceal carry my Glock and I always will, so criminals beware.

    • JustLikeAnimals

      Connecticut has the fourth most-stringent gun-control laws in the nation and it didn’t help. You really need to find another red-herring to hang your hat on, because that one is dead, rotten, and stinks.

      • $30158943

        Except the surrounding states don’t and all you need to do is go online or to a gun show and buy the weapons and ammo you need. Merry Christmas, just hoping no shoot outs today.

        • JustLikeAnimals

          You’re overlooking an “inconvenient truth”: that a criminal doesn’t need to go to the next state. They just illegally acquire the weapon right there in Connecticut because……wait for it….criminals don’t give a good god damn what the gun control laws are. Naive, dillusional, utopian Libs just can’t believe that everyone doesn’t follow the law.

          Here’s a related analogy for you: Homicide is illegal in all US States and Territories, yet homicides still occur. If passing a law is such a panacea, why do homicides still exist?

          The law is not a prescription for civility. It exists, rather, to deal with the aftermath of someone having violated those morally-agreed upon imperatives that society has encoded within the law and law-abiding citizens already obey the law. So how does adding to the monumental mass of gun laws that already exist at local, county, State, and federal level stop people who have no respect for life or the law from committing their crimes? New laws may increase the penalties for those commit such crimes (not likely since most of them commit suicide at the end of their sprees), but it’s delusional to think any law is going to stop this from happening.

          The law can’t fix this. It’s a social issue having to do with respect for life, not a legal issue.

  • Laurel

    So does this mean we can dump all insanity defenses in the courts then? That would include things like ‘battered wife syndrome’ etc.

  • WVS

    Doesn’t murdering large numbers of innocent people automatically qualify a person as mentally ill, even if there was no previous diagnosis at all?

  • Bumr50

    A potent example of the Left’s war on critical thinking.

  • Bumr50

    PS – Charles Johnson is a douche.

  • $21367552

    Facts! Numbers! Science! Burn those libtards! Burn them now! They are as pathetic and wrong as Nate Silver!

  • Bill Diamond

    As if people who shoot up a school full of kids is sane to begin with. The logic behind liberalism never ceases to amaze me.

    • aegean1

      Indeed. Anyone willing to go on a murderous rampage is clearing not ‘mentally healthy.’

  • ArtL7

    Republicans and NRA members , and Michelle Malkin and her Fox News allies, are eager to call for getting “monsters” off the street. But, in cutting domestic health programs and refusing to tax the rich, they helped support sharp cuts in mental health treatments that could promote recovery and get people with mental illness the help they need. State mental health care funding has been cut $4 billion in the last three years.– will any Republicans or NRA leaders support restoring health care cuts or increasing access to mental health services? Also, ill-equipped prisons and jails already have three times as mentally ill people as hospitals across the country:

    Who will pay for more hospital beds or better outreach services to treat people with mental illness?. Not Republicans, Michelle Malkin or anyone on Fox News. Read more about the current failings of the mental health system here in Time:

    Any Republican or conservative willing to spend a penny on any public services or partial subsidies to help families get mental health services and medication? Or do you all just want to leave it up to your local pastor and volunteer charities to find a way to provide counselling and psychiatric services without any taxpayer funds? Also private health plans don’t fully cover treatment for serious mental illnesses, so even parents with private health insurance find themselves stuck.

    from Time magazine:

    Families with out-of-control, suicidal or aggressive children have no central place to turn to for help, and no coordinated action plan for learning about and accessing services that could provide desperately needed support. And those who can provide help are in short supply; a recent government report showed that 7500 psychiatrists currently serve the needs of children and adolescents, while around 20,000 are needed. Reimbursement for mental health services, from both public and privates insurers, frequently falls short of providing the most-needed services, which typically involve continuous care that can extend for years.4

    About five million American children suffer mental illnesses — including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, major depression and other conditions — that are severe enough to cause significant life impairment such as being unable to live safely at home or attend and benefit from school.

    What’s the Republican solution to this?

  • Ding Dong

    You pull a gun in public and start shooting people. If THAT is not insane, I do not know what is. That single act alone classifies you as a serious nut job…and I find it extremely hard to believe that something as serious did not have some very readable precursors.

  • JustLikeAnimals

    The APA’s message is well, fine, and expected since they have a stakeholder membership that is medically and ethically bound to promote and protect their patients and clients. The simple fact remains, however, that these mass killers ARE mentally ill, as no sane, mentally healthy person would ever commit such heinous acts.

    Their mental infirmity cannot be overlooked as a clearly precedent condition in their commission of these mass killings.

    To the APA and Marxist/socialist/gun-grabbing left: Show me a mass killer who was not mentally ill.

  • ricci

    well just goes to to show that most left leaning if not all are mentally ill

  • dididothat
  • xristosdomini

    Backwards arguments: LaPierre said that–commonly–“mass shooters” are people with mental illness. APA says that only a small number of people with mental illness commit heinous crimes. Translation: both APA and LaPierre can be correct in their statements because THEY DON’T ACTUALLY CONFLICT. The APA takes LaPierre’s statement and reverses it from “most mass murderers are people with mental illness” and turns it into “most people with mental illness are mass murderers”. For what it is worth, this discussion is exactly why I am okay with re-upping the NPT.

  • kgrr

    Liberals do deny the link between mental illness and homicide. Why? Because it’s of the FACTS. Sane people with guns kill people.

    THE NRA and gun nuts deny the direct link between mass murders and GUNS. GUNS Kill; They were designed to.

    Firearms10,177Knives or cutting instruments1,822Blunt objects (clubs, hammers, etc.)607Personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.)1833Poison11Explosives1Fire115Narcotics42Drowning12Strangulation135Asphyxiation107Other weapon or not stated1,128Total14,121

    “Guns don’t kill, people do” 2/3 of murders involve GUNS.

    Individuals with severe mental illnesses are probably responsible for approximately 10 percent of homicides in the United States. This means that 90% of homicides are caused by people with moderate to no mental illness.

    • justlittlolme

      >>Individuals with severe mental illnesses are probably responsible for approximately 10 percent of homicides in the United States.

      Which is a meaningless statistic unless you also account for the percentage of
      ‘individuals with severe mental illnesses’.

      It’s like the liberal meme of ‘blacks don’t commit more crimes than whites’. It
      may be a *true* statistic until you calculate the fact that blacks are only 13%
      of the population, yet commit over 50% of violent crimes.

      In the future, please don’t bother pulling numbers out of your keister in order to
      justify your paranoid attitude about inanimate objects…..Thank you.

  • Red Fred

    Twitchy, there you go again, giving statistics and facts, which is extremely annoying to liberals, and only serves to confuse them further. :)

  • Robert Mayhew

    When somethink like this happens, what do you do? You call someone with a gun (Police)