Boehner is talking tough on debt and spending, but many conservatives remain skeptical.

If it pans out, the news passed along by Erick Erickson would be a very bad sign.


Rep. David Schweikert has been booted from the Financial Services Committee:

Apparently for failing to toe the establishment line:

Schweikert is not the only conservative who’s gotten the ax. Reps. Justin Amash and Tim Huelskamp have also been ousted from the Budget Committee.

Groups like FreedomWorks and the Club for Growth are less than happy with the House’s purge of reliable fiscal conservatives:

This news doesn’t bode well for conservatives hoping for Boehner et al. to stand firm against fiscal irresponsibility:

Only time will tell. But with our country in such a precarious position, we cannot afford to lose strong advocates for fiscal conservatism. Speaker Boehner and the GOP need to remember who they work for.

  • NumbuhOne

    if this occurs, primary him out.

  • Silence Dogood

    Time to “REMOVE” the crying man from office.

  • riddler1620

    When he caves to Obama, and rest assured he will, what the Republican members of congress do in reaction will determine if the Republican Party continues, or if fiscal conservatives break and form a third party.

    • TitzyFritzensimmons

      Works for me!

      The GOP establishment told us that Romney was the ONLY candidate who could beat Obama- how’d that work out for them/us? They didn’t want Ted Cruz as the senatorial candidate from Texas, just as they wanted Charlie Crist instead of Marco Rubio, but the Tea Party had other ideas.

      I’m sure they’ll try to muzzle Cruz when he gets to the Senate, but he’s an exceptionally smart guy and will find ways to speak out.

      Now, they’re pushing Jeb Bush- the smarter, cuter brother- but he’s no more conservative than his father or brother, which means not much. His son, George P. “may” be conservative, since he was instrumental in the Cruz campaign, but he’s got years to go before he’s made his bones in politics.

      I’m DONE with the GOP establishment. Stick a fork in them.

    • AngelaTC

      The Republicans were formed when a group of Whigs became disgruntled with their party. But there has to be a number of sitting elected officials willing to jump ship too. If not, we might as well join the Libertarian Party. We’ll be just as effective….

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    If that’s actually happening, you’ve waited too long.

    It means that Progressives, both type “R” and “D” have everything in place and no longer need to hide it.

    Well, everyone’s been trying to “take back the Republican Party” since 1996. It hasn’t made much headway in 16yrs, has it?

    And the times when conservatives have gotten fed up and seriously considered starting a 3rd party to keep the other two honest, the emotional motivation each time has been drained away by party agents.

    Geo. Washington was a brilliant man. We need to listen to his advice.

    Having another party also follows Free Market Principles. Right now the Republicans and Democrats together constitute a monopoly!

    The exact same illnesses that sicken monopolistic economies sicken our political parties. Competition would fix this.

    Look. Conservatives are the base
    of the Republican party b/c without our work and wealth they’re an empty shell. They abuse us b/c we let them!

    And just as with any abuser they’ll tell us we don’t matter.

    If that were true, why work so hard to keep us on the plantation?

    We easily see the mote in our Democrat Brother’s eye— it is time we took the Republican Beam from our own!

    • bruce mercer

      would we be any worse off? no, let’s do it

  • Ann

    Boehner should NOT be Speaker of the House! Get rid of him!

  • tredglx

    Time for this wimp Boehner to grow a pair. The nation is at stake.

  • louisiana_mom

    It is past time for us to form a second political party… There is no difference between the Progressives in the Democrat party or the Republican party and I am sick of the Progressive Party running this country!

  • BeeKaaay

    Boehner is a Marxist, so he will do this. He has to do what his Marxist masters tell him.

    • v1cious

      HAHAHAHA oh god. John Boehner is a Marxist because he’s working across the aisle? No wonder the Tea Party died.

      • AngelaTC

        If John Boehner can’t work with conservatives, but is perfectly capable of dealing with the lying liberals, then something is indeed wrong with him.

      • BeeKaaay

        He refuses to work with non-Marxists he only works with the leftwingwackos.

        That is Marxism.

  • bruce mercer

    i don’t trust boehner as far as i could throw him

  • stuckinIL4now

    If this continues, Norquist may be right and Tea Party II will be a megatsunami and not just Dems should be worried.

  • rene

    no balls ….no balls…..along with no backbone what the hell is happening to us I guess Nancy Pelosi has a bigger pair than you do Boehner

    • $24698634

      We always knew that about Nancy. She’s smarter than he is.

  • ReaganiteRepublican


  • v1cious

    my respect for Boehner just went up -1. At least someone in the house is wiling to compromise.

  • Rick Bulow

    If this happens to the Financial Services Committee, what of Ryan and the Budget Committee?

    • AngelaTC

      Ryan is good at the talk, but he always votes for more spending. TARP, the auto bailouts, the stimulus.. People need to pay more attention to the votes these guys are making instead of relying on the concept that any Republican is better than any Democrat.

  • gwen.and.gary

    Not a good sign. Who’s next?

  • Mistertbones

    I stand with Amash, Huelskamp, Jones, and Schweikert!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Here we are.

    I wish I had been wrong. I wish that Levine, Rush, Hannity had been correct, that these people– the Republican Leadership, the Establishment Republicans were just honest but comfortable and confused men.

    The rumor is confirmed. Bone-Ya is the leadership and he is a creature of the enemy!

    There are going to be those who will seek to minimize this. Remember who they are!
    No matter who they are!
    If they continue to sing the “Take back the Republican Party” song they’re either so blindly in love with its history they can’t operate in Reality or they’re creatures of the Progressive Movement— for all practical purposes, whether they know it or not.

    Even if it is such stalwarts as Rush, Levine, and Hannity. If they are truly Conservative, they’ll understand, and approve of our caution.

    We’re fighting for nothing less than the life of our country.

    If that isn’t important enough to put Benjamin Franklin’s advice into use— “Suspect every hand, even your own”— I don’t know what is.

    Too long have we let Talkers lull us into somnolence! If these Conservatives who tell us to waste strength and opportunity on reviving a corpse continue to push reanimation we have no chance to save our country!

    If the Republican Party wasn’t a zombie, why couldn’t SneakerSpeaker Bone-Ya be unseated? Did he do such a fantastic job of standing up to Emperor Dingleberry's Country Destroying Demands™?

    Well, that depends on your Point-of-View, doesn’t it?

    If you’re of the opinion that the Nanny-State is a great thing, but the dress should be a different shade of grey, then Yes, Speaker Boner’s done a superlative job!

    If you’re of the opinion that We’re not in the mood for a nanny, nor a Nanny-State, then Sneakers Bone-Ya has been an abysmal failure!

    But that’s not important!

    Do you know what is important Do you know what is the barometer of where we, The Conservatives, stand?

    The fact that Sneakers is still Speaker of the House! Obviously the Republicans who voted him back in as Speaker— knowing he rushes to lick Emperor Dingleberry’s boots— want those boots licked!

    No more trying to resuscitate a rotting corpse! Our time and energy might be welcome in today’s Republican Party— but we are not! Neither we nor our values are welcome there!

    How many people on this board have patiently told DumperCrats that their party has changed— that sentimentality has kept them from seeing it? You know, speaking kindly to them, trying to remove that mote of a bygone era, so that they could clearly see?

    Well, my children, listen to your Grump-pa: We’ve had a beam in our own eye!

    And it is past time we removed it!

    Just think: anyone suggesting a 3rd party was sujected to an immediate and thorough verbal firebombing by other “conservatives”!

    And this is significant— not a rational discussion, but a blazing flaming, the object of which be humiliation of the writer and tabooing the idea.

    I admit I haven’t listened to either Rush or Levine in over a year, but Levine was the worst for that sort of thing. He’d get a smug whine in his voice, it would rise up the scale and increase in volume until he arrived at the “closing argument”: “you dummy!” And that was that.

    Look. As both Emperor Dingleberry and The Bushes prove anyone can mouth Conservative Principles.

    But the actions can not be counterfeited! For, if you counterfeit actions for any length of time, you end up at a different place!

    The Bible calls the method of determination “By their fruit shall ye know them“.

    Folk wisdom says “The proof of the pudding is in the tasting“.

    I don’t know if we’ve awakened too late. I pray not!

    But it must be damn close if Smeagol’s taken his mask off this much!

    And, yes, from the first time I saw Bone-Ya he has always looked like gollum to me. That would make the pretend conservative Smeagol, right?

  • Watchfuleye

    I don’t why he did this but this blog shows why we are in trouble. Most of you don’t believe in the democratic process this country was build on. Instead you would let the country fail because you hate taxes so much. The tea party has redefined patriotism under their terms. We are in a recession and are fighting abroad. Guess what? That takes money. The government has tried to help people who didn’t have jobs because of the misdeeds of the banking and real estate industry. That takes money. You don’t want the rich to pay their fair share. Regan raised taxes, increased the debt, and granted amnesty but you hold him up as this icon but he really doesn’t fit your ideas. Like said, don’t know why he did this, hopefully it’s so we can move on.

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      1. We are a Constitutional Republic NOT a Democracy!

      The founders enumerated ample reasins why a Democracy is worse than Despotism.
      Go dig up a history book written before 1956 and learn why!

      2. Patriotism might seem redefined to you. Read the documents written by the Founders and you’ll see how abysmally ignorant your post was.

      3. I don’t blame you nor hold any animus towards you. You have been de-educated. De-education is where you take a person who is ignorant (every starts at zero knowledge– no shame in that) and purposefully teaches information that isn’t only false but misleadingly false. That is what happened to you.

      You see. I’m a really old man, 1-foot in the grave & the other firmly planted on ballbearings.

      But there is a singular advantage to being 96yrs old, 97 before month’s end.

      I learned history before the Progressives started rewriting it.

      And they really have: no joke.

      All sorts of things— events I lived through and experienced 1st hand apparently did not happen.

      And many things that are precluded by the course of events I witnessed did happen.

      And an even greater number of events happened nothing like I remember them or my journal records.

      So. Go read the Founding Documents, return, and we’ll chew over your point.

  • SFerggie

    Boehner is a worhtless POS and should be removed as speaker. Anyone that doesn’t believe he is nothing but an @$$ kissing RINO is a fool.

  • Discontentwliars

    It is disturbing at the very least, and in a word “Shit”.