First Annual American Giving Awards

As Twitchy reported earlier tonight, sportscaster Bob Costas interrupted Sunday Night Football to deliver an anti-gun sermon.

Second Amendment supporters almost immediately used the incident as an opportunity to shine light on the logical implications of  Costas’ anti-gun beliefs:


  • Peyton

    Spoons make you fat, alcohol makes you drive drunk, guns kill people, pencils make bad grades, liberalism makes people stupid… ok well the last one is true.

  • JackOfDiamonds

    Anyone who blames guns for murder automatically absolves the person who used the firearm of blame.

  • Alarie M Martin

    Check out #BobCostasLogic for more of his insane logic

    • ricci

      that’s the same as saying government intelligence…………its an oxymoron

  • nc

    Why should anyone care #WhatBobCostasBelieves? Do your job and keep your opinions to yourself, buddy.

  • ♪ Misty ♪

    For every one person that kills a person with a gun there are millions that have guns and uses them daily and never seems to harm anyone. Seems to me the problem isn’t with the guns.

  • Mike Horve

    Bob Costes and NBC. Need I say more.

  • sybilll

    If only OJ had not had that gun………………oh wait

    • AndiGibson

      Yeah, that’s a keeper.

  • TugboatPhil

    #WhatBobCostasBelieves – That a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her own panyhose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound.

  • James Wilson

    Hey Costa’s if you wanna end violence, how about quiting your job? TV networks love promoting gun violence on their shows 24-7..

  • orringtonmom (D)

    “i’d like you to take your attention away from the grown men slamming their heads into each other and listen to me give you a lecture about violence. no, no… you can keep drinking the beer and ogling the cheerleaders. this is about guns… “

    • Jer

      For The Win

    • davidshockey

      Bam! Best comment so far!

  • killdozerd11R

    BooB Costas needs to be fired and go work for ALGORE


  • Robert K

    Yeah Bob, what we law abiding citizens really want is to have the government be the sole carriers of guns, NOT ! Mr. Costas, you might want to try a moment of silence next time, instead of your ignorant gun control speech. The Founding Fathers weren’t stupid !!!

  • $1014973

    If guns do nothing for your personal security, why do police carry them?

  • Steve_J

    #whatbobcostasbelieves Doesn’t mean shit.

  • Andrew B

    Wish someone would ask the simpleton Bob Costas if he really believes doing away with the Second Amendment would rid the country of guns. I mean it’s worked so well for illegal drugs.

    Me thinks the KC Chiefs’ player would still have had a gun even if the Second Amendment were abolished, just like kids and adults today still have marijuana, cocaine and other drugs even though they’re illegal. You could probably retrieve a pound of pot just by going through every locker in a typical high school.

    But in simpleton Bob Costas’ world, abolishing the Second Amendment would mean only cops and government employees would have guns – no one else! Actually, the only people who wouldn’t have guns would be law-abiding citizens. Criminals would still have them, and certainly someone with as much money as an NFL player would be able to get a gun. All you’d need is a decent amount of cash and a connection.

    I have a message for simpleton Bob Costas beyond the stupidity of his rant, though.

    Bob, at least let Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins be buried before you politicize their deaths. At least let the funerals take place before you try to advance your political agenda.

    And no, don’t bring up what the New York Post reported about concussions playing a role in what happened. Wouldn’t want to bite the hand that feeds you, Bob. Better to distract attention away from the potential culpability of the NFL in this. Just go on your ridiculous, emotion-laden, fact-free rant.

    • creeper

      “Bob, at least let Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins be buried before
      you politicize their deaths. At least let the funerals take place before
      you try to advance your political agenda.”

      Thank you, Andrew B. We knew libs would seize on this incident to continue their relentless assault on the Second Amendment. What makes this so utterly offensive is that they couldn’t even summon up enough respect to wait until the victims were buried. Now there is some real immorality for you.

  • Chris Cosby

    blame the coach of the Kansas City football team — if the Chiefs were
    headed for the Super Bowl none of this would have happened. We should
    ban all losing football teams

  • Lydk

    Check out the statistics regarding violent crimes/murders using a gun. Keep in mind that the black population is slightly more than 13% yet they are using guns to murder people at a rate of 56.4%.

  • Guest

    #WhatBobCostasBelieves the Tooth Fairy, Global Warming and Obamas his Lord and Saviour.

  • AndiGibson

    The truth about Costas, Belcher and guns
    To put it bluntly, criminals are not typical citizens.
    About 90 percent of adult murderers have an adult criminal record. They tend to have low IQs and long histories of social problems.

    Hmmm maybe there’s something to be learned of here….

  • AMSilver

    There are no murders in prisons, right? Because prisoners aren’t allowed to have guns – or any other weapons for that matter. But it’s really dangerous in a police station because nearly everyone there is armed (and even if they aren’t, they have easy access to guns).

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    My tire iron went missing in my car. Maybe it was recalled for all the murders it caused.