With Republicans and Democrats debating debt and taxes, there’s a lot at stake for our country. It’s a good thing so many Americans are paying close attention:




Sometimes we wonder: Is it 2012 or 2505?

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    Stupidity irritates me.

  • Jer

    It’s not so much the physical cliff that hurts, it’s the sudden stop at the bottom.

    • snowshooze

      There’s a bottom???

  • Carolinaqueens

    Guys it’s fiscal cliff not physical cliff

    • SineWaveII

      I thought the physical cliff was that point where you finally have to bend over and put your elbows on the examining table,…no turning back from that point.

  • nc

    It’s morons like these that decided the election.

    • SineWaveII


    • Melissa Banowski Anger

      So sad. Bless their hearts…

  • JimmyNeutron

    Do you think these people know the word “Fiscal”? If so, do they use “fiscal” when they mean physical? Such as fiscal-fitness, etc? Or, do you think they’re just stupid?

    • SineWaveII

      I vote for stupid

  • FFlintstone

    We do need to bring physical sanity back to the federal government and to all 58 states.

  • Emily B

    Physical Cliff. Sounds like an exercise guru.

    • Cold War Grunt

      Cliff from Cheers! turned personal fitness trainer.

      • Emily B

        HAHAHA!! Good one! :0D Needs a meme…

  • my preciousss!!

    well, it’s going to be quite PHYSICAL with the 47%er if we go over that fiscal cliff.

    • SineWaveII

      Let’s get physical ..physical..

      • http://twitter.com/yahneverknowCB yahneverknow


        (why? WHY?????? Now stuck in my head for the day!)

        • SineWaveII


    • badjeffro

      unfortunately, the 53% are who soften the landing…

      • SineWaveII

        not for much longer

  • SineWaveII

    Walk away, let the dems have it.

  • stuckinIL4now

    We’re going over the physical cliff, too, as quickly as Wile E. Coyote holding the anvil, and it’s gonna make one pretty loud thud when we hit bottom–unless it’s a bottomless abyss.

  • John (it true me am)

    Oh good. My brain exploded.

  • louisiana_mom

    I said it yesterday, with Sandra Lee’s World’s Aides Day, I’ll say it again… We need a World Spelling Day! Look at how well the public schools are teaching Americans… But I bet everyone of these people who are worried about the “physical” cliff believe global warming is manmade…

    • Guest

      Oh pleez, there not that stoopid. Pubic skools are the best. Teeming with grate teechers, lowded with talant. I think theese peeple are just missunderstood jeanyuses.

      • SineWaveII

        Oh be quiet Obama

  • TeenBo

    Could these be the same sage folks who “blessed” us with Rep Hank Johnson?

  • TeenBo

    They still have the “Ryan Girl” video stuck in their heads and become confused:

  • Danny Wheeler

    Yeah, I think this IS an idiocracy!

    • Karl H

      I am thinking about pulp fiction when Samuel Jacksons character asks the question: English Muther-F-er, Do you speak it?

      That or can we all just agree:
      Jane, you ignorant sl*t!

      Or maybe this is just a commentary by

      Roseanne Roseannadanna (if you do not know who she is search youtube)

      Of the scary thought of the day. The Zombie Apocalypse actually started on the 6th of November and we just did not see it coming.

    • SineWaveII

      yep. The “Marching Morons” marching ever closer.

  • Karl H

    These are people who voted and by the tweets you can see they are not Obama voters.

    This is why I say: As sad as it is and as terrifying as the thought of 4 more years of Obama will be for anyone with even the most basic understanding of economics, Obama is the pinnacle of American politics and he reflects to core values found in both the left and right. He is the level of incompetence that truly represents the vast majority.

    This is what you get when you let public schools educate your children and you refuse to do your part as a parent and ensure that your children are being given an education rather than being watched over by what is nothing more than a glorified babysitter.

    If you have not prepared I am sorry, if you have then welcome to the “designated survivors club” if you voted for Obama move along there is nothing to see here, just go back to sleep until 2014, your checks will keep coming, Barackaclaus is keeping a list of the naughty and nice, and the naughty will be executed by a drone attack regardless of what that silly old Constitution says. Besides we know if you voted for Obama you certainly have reading and comprehension deficits and because of that you will never read or understand the constitution unless someone makes a comic book out of it.

    When stupid people vote, elections have dire consequences, regardless of who they vote for.

    • Lucas

      Let’s talk Iran Contra if you really want to go back and see what shredding the constitution is all about. Oh wait, let’s go to the WMD war….ooops sorry I was mistaken….there were no WMDs. Just FYI, Obama was not the first to use drones. By the way, I am in no way defending Obama (I’m not much of a fan) but let’s not pretend we were living in constitutional Utopia prior to his term.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    One wonders what ghey would do with “fiduciary”.

    • Lucas

      Fed douchey airy. The elitist educated left. Damn, I got into a post fest with people who check their Fox news facts by confirming them on Breitbart.com. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Lucas

    This is still treated like it’s one party or the other to blame. Both parties have had a hand in this horrid economy. Reagan pushed “Trickle down” which has never and will never work. Clinton repealed Glass Stegall which removed much needed regulation from the banking industry allowing investment banks to gamble with the money of commercial banks. Bush cut taxes while getting us into an unnecessary war (which he lied to us about) and pushed the bill for that war onto the next administration. Boehner and the rest of congress could not raise taxes because Grover Nordquist had the republicans and tea party members sign an absolutely ridiculous, fiscally dangerous pledge. Republicans and Tea Partiers treat this like it happened during Obama’s first term. Democrats push it all on to Bush’s plate. Lobbyists and special interest groups have pushed legislation to their favor and weak willed and/or greedy politicians have allowed it to happen. Not a red issue or a blue issue just a greedy SOB issue which has left our country black and blue! Nothing will change until we stop bickering over party politics and start holding those on both sides of the aisle accountable for their dishonest dealings!

  • yestradamous

    Yeah? Well we were led down a primrose path and over a cliff by the pundit class in this last election. You know, the people who spell everything correctly for a living and make fun of anybody who doesn’t. Ehem.

  • disqus_2wUBEK8QJs

    Yeh, we go ova dat physical cliff it be McRomney’s fault!

  • Jacob Weaver

    Why can’t we get passed simple grammatical errors and get to the main point. The U.S. is going over a fiscal cliff and it needs a change of direction! It’s sad that Americans sit on their computers and argue grammatical errors and not real facts. No matter how you spell it, the point stands.