terrell horne
Terrell Horne III, R.I.P.

Details via keyt.com:

A member of the U.S. Coast Guard was killed after his boat was struck by an alleged drug smuggling panga boat.

The Coast Guard cutter ‘Halibut’ was responding to a report of a panga type-vessel suspected of illegal activities about 17 miles southwest of Oxnard, near Santa Cruz island on Sunday morning about 1 a.m. The vessel was initially detected by a Coast Guard maritime patrol aircraft.

Coast Guard officials say the cutter deployed its small boat which approached the vessel. Law enforcement officials tell ABC News the panga boat was operated by Mexican Nationals carrying marijuana. Coast Guard officials say the panga boat sped directly towards the small boat and struck it before fleeing the scene.

Two Coast Guard members were thrown into the water. They were immediately recovered and transported to Port Hueneme. One Coast Guard member was pronounced dead from a traumatic head injury. Ventura County chief deputy medical examiner James Baroni identifies that man as 34-year-old Terrell Horne III of Redondo Beach. The other crew member sustained minor injuries.

Twitter users are sending prayers and condolences:


  • Danny Wheeler

    Holy–!!! Farewell, sailor!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    The Choomer-boat was just doing the sea-leg of the delivery to the WH— and got a little enthusiastic on the throttle, that’s all…

    I wonder how many bales The Choomer-in-Chief actually gifts out— and how many don’t make it out of his room to the intended recipients?

    • Juvenal451

      What exactly is a “choomer”? Who exactly is the “Choomer in Chief”?

      • tredglx

        Your president, on both counts.

        • Juvenal451

          So the guy who wrote the original comment is a first class a-hole…, agreed?

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Donate yet?

            No, you’re all empty talk.

            I’ve met hundreds like you in my life. Bigmouth-Smallbrain Anarchist, (or, coward as many prefer to note…).

            Your words are meaningless. After this last attempt to reach you I’ll have no choice but to do what I’ve done with others of your zombie ilk here. Ignore you permanently.

            It is a sad thing and it won’t be long before others naturally find that route as the appropriate method to use with you.

            It is simply too bad you’ve lost your Humanity. A shame. And I’m speaking seriously w/o mocking. You could have grown up to be more than an empty bitter perpetually unhappy person.

            The only appropriate emotion to feel about you is pity.

          • Juvenal451

            It looks like the majority view is that using the occasion of the tragic death of a US Coast Guardman as an opportunity to make an asinine comment about the President makes that poster beneath our contempt.

          • Grumpa Grumpus


            Your reading comprehension has apparently gone up in grass smoke.

            Knew you were too selfish to donate money to help children. It was unfair of me to make the bet since I knew what you’d do.

            So, go ahead: a worthless person screaming at a wall. I won’t read you. As I said, that was the last attempt to engauge you. You’re not worth the three months.

            I’ll see your handle.and just skip the post. What you’ll say has already been programmed. Like Pavlov’s dogs you have no control over what spouts out of your foaming mouth.

            Bye-bye Bird’s-eye.

          • Juvenal451

            Go watch “Matlock.”

          • Juvenal451

            “Give money to the charity of my choice, or common sense gets it… .
            Signed, Grumpy Grampa

      • londondave

        Read his alleged autobiography choomhole. President Choom is rather proud of his druggy past.

        He mentions it enough.

        • Juvenal451

          “Choomhole”? Infantile.

          • londondave

            It’s satire. You should get that given your handle.

          • Juvenal451

            Yes, infantile satire.

    • Juvenal451

      Allright. I looked up “choomer.” You are a complete and utter a-hole to politicicize this tragedy.

      • bluewaternavy

        Y’know..you strike me as a bumptious schmuck.. This BMC is dead because a President could care less about this country’s security. He’d rather make friends with some in the Latino community than enforce our border laws. Hell, it likely hasn’t caused Obama any sleep loss-ask the family of Brian Terry, OK? The A-hole is in the White House….ask him what he thinks of a Dead Coast Guardsman..

        • Juvenal451

          “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” unless the gun was part of a ridiculous scheme to “walk” guns to drug cartels, pioneered during the Bush administration. I suppose you blame Obama for the death of the Coast Guardsman?

          • londondave

            That’s a LIE. The two programmes were vastly DIFFERENT. For one thing, the BUsh programme was correctly administered, unlike Holder’s debacle which was created for the express purpose of supporting a “gun control” climate.

            But even if true, (just for the sake of argument) how does that EXCUSE President Choom’s Fast & Furious program meant to incite “gun-control” advocates.which ended up with 1000s of untraceable weapons used to kill many people including US citizens.

          • Juvenal451

            It was not “Obama’s” program. Despite his best efforts, the ex-car thief Issa could not pin the blame anywhere but within ATF. Is blaming Obama for any and every screw-up occurring in government the best you can do?

          • tredglx

            FnF IS 0bama’s, he owns it, regardless of what you whiny panty-waist libs say. It was started in 2009, Bush’s ‘Wide Receiver’ program ended in 2007.

          • Juvenal451

            The Harry Truman doctrine that “The buck stops here” only obtains if it is POSSIBLE to “pass the buck” to the Oval Office. Darryl Issa tried is sleazy best to pass the buck in that direction, and he failed.

          • tredglx

            It started in the 0bama White House, thus it is not only possible to ‘pass the buck’ as you say, it is the only destination for said buck. End of story.

          • Juvenal451

            Only in nutty right wing blogs. Everyone else knows that Issa could do no better than blaming F and F on a ATF jackass.

          • tredglx

            Alright Junior, you seem to be just brimming with answers:
            Explain 0bama’s ‘Executive Privilege’ for Holder on FnF if it is, as you claim, a BATF screw-up.
            We have all day…

          • Juvenal451

            Executive privilege is well established in the law: first invoked by Nixon, then by Clinton and Bush on half a dozen occasions each. Did you object when Bush invoked executive privilege? I doubt it. If you are against any sort of confidentiality in the Executive branch, do you also support “transparency in government” as the wanker Julian Assange promotes? Next question…

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Of course he owns it!

            The fact that, unlike “wide receiver” they did not follow the firearms, did not use gps to track the crates shows they had changed the basic nature of the program.

            That, unlike “wide receiver” the batf had to threaten gunshops to enforce both cooperation and silence.

            Besides, gotta keep the choom flowin’ and dat snow blowin’ you know!

            He likes to keep a bale or two between the cheek and gum for smooooth flavor!

            (Tell me, does the fact I know of that smokeless tobacco commercial from television date me?)

          • tredglx

            Yeah, isn’t the left a bit touchy when you touch the FnF nerve? It’s like dentistry without novacaine!
            (and it’s not like anyone else would date you…)

          • Juvenal451

            WRONG Read Issa’s report.

          • David Atherton

            Again, the Accessory-to-Murder-in-Chief claimed executive privilege to keep himself and Holder out of the investigaton. Thats the same as pleading the Fifth!

          • Juvenal451

            Do you blame Obama for the coastie’s death? That is the subject of the article.

          • David Atherton

            Fast and Furious was administered under Obama. The gun walking operations that took place under Bush were supervised, tracked, and interceded before they reached that hands of the cartels. You need facts before you come at this crowd, you pompous ass.If Obama isn’t responsible for the deaths of Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata, why did he invoke executive privilege to keep the lid on it? Yes, Obama is just as responsible for the death of BMC Horne as he is Terry and Zapata. I deal in names, details, and facts, not just your liberal talking points and rhetoric.

        • Juvenal451

          When it comes to talking dogs, it’s not that they speak intelligently but that they can talk at all.

  • Vennoye

    Thoughts and prayers with all the coast guard families, especially the family of Terrell Horne III. RIP sailor!

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    You don’t think the increase in traffiof the drug runners has nothing to do with the politics keeping the border porous?

    I’ve got grandchildren in the Coast Guard and Border Patrol, Sonny!

    I walk the floors because of people like the current crop of DumperCrat “Leaders”— Power at Any Price!

    Instead of calling me an “ahole”, why don’t you grow up and work to get the borders fixed?

    A Prezzy who says it’s “cool” to use grass– that doesn’t help push demand up (celebrity endorsements)—

    ah! but of course, I’m the “ahole”, though I didn’t put those kids protecting our borders in harm’s way, nor increase their danger by giving the druggies guns to use when crossing it —

    You know, it is easy to shed a tear. Ask Bill Clinton how easy it is. And all the wet eyes over our poor honored dead.

    Most of my friends were left on French shores. More in Korea and Nam. I’m damn tired of losing friends b/c of Democrats.

    It is much harder to actually stand up, say some, anything that will ztick in people’s minds so the next time that Frankenstein in the WH flaps his face people will see it for the insincere crap it is!

    Good Night, Sir!

    • Juvenal451

      “ah! but of course, I’m the “ahole”

      Yes you are. The idea that Obama caused the death of the coastie by his (Obama’s) teen behavior is now officially the craziest thing I have read online. I seem to recall, grampy, that you were the defending champion–you have outdone yourself for lunacy.

      And have some respect for the man’s family… .

      • pairadimes

        You, sir, are a crushing bore as a troll. Besides, you spelled ‘juvenile’ wrong in your otherwise aptly chosen screen name.

        • Juvenal451

          People of education know that “Juvenal” is not a mis-spelling but the name of a Roman satirist. I will happily stop disagreeing with your little Michelle Malkin fan club when someone better steps up to take my place.

          • tredglx

            Not familiar with sarcasm, are we?

          • Juvenal451

            I cannot hear a braying tone of voice; nor see that one of your eyebrows has raised a millimeter. I have only your literal statement, which seems stupid to me.

          • pairadimes

            As do I, but you are far more deserving of my appellation, misplaced and condescending little apparatchik.

          • Juvenal451

            I don’t understand what you mean by “misplaced.” If I have blundered onto a private listserv for right wing morale building, then I DO apologize. If, on the other hand, this Twitchy thing is a publicly accessible web site, as I believe, it’s time that you accepted that not everyone shares your views.

      • $9787932

        Wait a minute . . .please don’t tell me you are equating yourself with “Decimus Junius Juvenalis” by pilfering his name. Ha ha ha ha that in itself is funnier that anything you can post. You Lit majors crack me up. All you can do is attempt to elevate your standings by borrowing another catchy name and then plagiarize anybody”s works to make you seem intelligent. Bet you like OBAMACARE too . . .lol . .lol . .lol

        • Juvenal451

          What a fat duffous can’t learn by checking out the wikipedia. I looked at “pontifex” for a screen name but found out it is taken.

          • tredglx

            It’s ‘doofus,’ you doofus.

            ‘The’ wikipedia? Do you also say ‘The’ Led Zepplin? ‘The’ Cream? ‘The’ Twitchy?

            Liberal Arts degrees are absolutely worthless except as toilet paper.

          • Juvenal451

            Oh…, did you look it up in the OED? “the wikipedia” was a commetary on the fact that your picture makes you look like a dumb hick. Too subtle, I guess. What was your major, prison?

          • tredglx

            Actually a double major in nuclear engineering and physics, thanks.

          • Juvenal451

            Good for you. One would think that you learned how to reason somewhere along the way…that would be a start.

          • Grumpa Grumpus

            Well– w/double major in the hard sciences, (what in my day would be called a practical and a theoretical science) how do you find the time?

            BTW :
            Juvenal451 is just a middle schooler. One of the others tracked his ip down.

            Sure explains the lack though, hmmm?

  • tredglx

    Bravo Zulu, BMC Terrell Horne III.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    And, anyone who’d like to do more than just bristle, (I’m looking at you, Juvenal451), give a gift to the charity funds that take care of the dependents of Our Honored Dead.

    Like I have, Juvenal451.

    Do that, and you can call me any name you like, all day long– and I’ll even answer to it a few times.

    • Let’em Crash

      Minuteman patrol, Ventura County coastline, here :) It just means whenever I sit on the beach, I’m ready with a handheld VHF to directly contact the USCG on their monitored channel. I enjoy doing my part, binoculars in one hand, beer in the other.

    • Juvenal451

      I give freely of my time opposing deracinated poppycock such as yours online. It’s for the kids.

  • nc

    What a sad end to a beautiful life. God rest this brave man’s soul.

  • Mike Horve

    I wish the coast guard would have blown those SOBs to hell. Go Grumpus and tell it like it is. Re-electing him was the biggest mistake in history of this country. I still think his regime stole the election.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jose-Gonzales/100003694111815 Jose Gonzales

    How long is the insane war going to last over a plant that is safer than aspirin? It makes me sick to see the government sacrifice human beings in this manner.

    • kdor

      Safer than aspirin? Besides how do you know what this was about?

  • Ralph Lapaugh

    I hope the Coast Guard blew both Mexican boats out of the water before they left!!!!!

  • Eric Johnson

    This is sad, I worked with some USCG while in the navy doing LEO ops in the gulf. I hope a gunboat finds em and sinks the bastards!

  • malcolmkyle

    Yet another law enforcement officer dies in order that unconscionable transnational corporations, and their media enablers, can continue to abuse, addict and poison us for obscene profits.

    According to the CATO Institute, ending prohibition would save roughly $41 billion of expenditure while generating an estimated $46 billion in tax revenues.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Knott/1812980916 Charles Knott

      Except for the litigation from companies and employees involved in marijuana related workplace accidents. Not to mention the unemployment rate from those not able to pass a drug test. They tend to overlook those facts.

  • Paul C.

    The reason they got away is we couldn’t stop them with BEANBAGS. We need 0 tolerance with them and heavy weapons.

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Weed is legal in CA and available to anyone who wants it, so why does illegal smuggling even exist there?

  • Curtis_JB

    As a “Coastie” myself and coming from a Coast Guard family…..THIS REALLY PISSES ME OFF!!! Were they able to shoot at them before being rammed? Did the Cutter then fire at them?? Was a CG helicopter sent out in chase??? Too many unanswered questions here!!! We were ALWAYS armed when doing any boardings…..and down there, being armed is a MUST!!!

    • tredglx

      Not under Zero’s ROE it’s not…

    • Juvenal451

      Indeed. But a word to the wise: if you want to get along with the posters on this site, it is best to blame Obama, facts or no facts….

    • Grumpa Grumpus

      @curt brennan:
      Thank you & your loved ones for their service!

      No. The ROE is such that they could not.

      Infact (oddly enough) it is remarkably similar to the Border Patrol’s ROE.

      I only know this because I’ve got children/grandchildren in all the different branches, (though not surprising considering the size of my family, it does make these worrisome times for me…).

      I’m insufferably proud of them all, some might say sinfully proud,gov even.

      But my heart goes out to the Coast Guard (I’ll not use their nickname— don’t feel entitled to…) they’re often forgotten, and even when remembered, belittled.

      But, Mark You! They’re going to prove again their mettle before the decade’s out!

      Don’t mind the noise of the ten year old who started up with me. He seems to be making the rounds insulting anyone with encouraging things to say about the Coast Guard or Border Patrol.

      I made the mistake of replying before I realized he was only a snot-nosed middleschooler. Once that was pointed out to me I stopped the return fire.

  • Streetiebird

    Why is Obama covering this up??? Why did he not call it an act of terrorism??


    • Juvenal451

      This site is so whacky, I can’t tell whether you’re kidding or not.

      • Streetiebird

        You should know Obama is no kidding matter. He’s an Athiest Muslim in Commie Marxist clothing, disguised as a Christian Capitalist.

        • Juvenal451

          Thanks for straightening that our for me. Gotta go–11:00 a.m. astronauts’ meeting….. .

  • $9787932

    How in the hell did they get that close to one of our Coast Guard vessels? Anything within 100 yards should get blown out of the water then kill all those on board. That way there is only one side to the story . .”OURS”

    • Juvenal451

      Including recreational boaters. Damned right.

  • People Corporation

    Weird, we never hear about rum runners going up against law enforcement any more. I wonder why.