Via, talented investigative reporter Matthew Boyle will be leaving his post at The Daily Caller to begin work for the Breitbart News empire:

Matthew Boyle, the investigative journalist who has been lauded for his work on President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder’s Fast and Furious scandal, has joined Breitbart News.

He is seen a rising star among center-right journalists, and Michelle Malkin cited and praised his work on Fast and Furious during her speech at the 2012 “Right Online” conference.

Boyle confirmed the move on Twitter:

Congratulations are pouring in:

Boyle says he is ready to take on the Breitbart-haters:

  • nc

    I love all these sites, Breitbart, DC, and so many more (including Twitchy, of course). But I wonder how we will tackle our next great challenge: How do we get these Internet sites and conservative talk radio, these wonderful sources of information, out to the “main stream” consumer? The low-information voters are saturated with propaganda from the libbie sources, including entertainment and academia, and we talk among ourselves.

    Do I have answers? No, but someone must have some good ideas.

    • LordLieutenant

      Well said. Conservatism faces similar challenges across the Western world and our failure to convey the message of freedom, liberty and enterprise is allowing sinister forces to corral the Left wing vote from folks who basically want the same things as you and I. Jobs, prosperity, family and health.

      Like everyone with a disqus account, I think my ideas are an election winning golden ticket ;), and seeing as you asked…

      Social Libertarianism. Get government out of the bedroom or chapel. Smoke weed if you want as it’s your lawn that won’t get cut. Drink soda from a bathtub, but be prepared to pay a surcharge for your lifestyle choices rather than presenting the government for the entire bill for winching you out of the window, and offer abortion up to 8 weeks if states vote upon it and a comprehensive adoption programme where they do not.

      Fiscal Conservatism. Cut spending on all unnecessary items, such as foreigners and foreign countries, armed forces in Europe, and voting block goodies like green stimulus and failed companies.

      Immigration. Adopt a pro-immigration programme. But only for those who will contribute to the country in terms of finance, culture or academically. Anyone that doesn’t, ought to be swiftly but humanely repatriated along with their anchor baby. Just like in every other country on the planet.

      Foreign policy. Debt and deficit first.

    • Steven F

      Like you I enjoy these sites, but worry that they’ve created an isolated environment where a bunch of like-minded and sane people preach to the choir. It’s nice to see others who think like you do, but I fear it doesn’t move the message beyond the web site border. We need humor…and lots of it. Its what draws people to the likes of John Stewart, etc.

    • Vennoye

      Experience is always a very good teacher…….will have to see how they like the marxist experience a couple of years from now.

  • Paul C.

    What a great site and a great addition.

  • Danny Wheeler

    Good show, Mr. Boyle!

  • Booker

    Not too shabby. We are all fighting the same fight. I look forward to reading his articles in the coming months.

  • TD2323

    Uh, this is news? Malken sucks.