While most of the MSM and many pundits obsesses over Ohio and its 18 electoral votes, the Romney campaign is making a strong bid for Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes. The Daily has the scoop:

Mitt Romney is set to make a last-minute campaign stop on Sunday in Pennsylvania, The Daily has learned.

Details are still being determined and with scheduling for the final days of the campaign still fluid, it’s possible Romney could still bypass the state. But two top Pennsylvania Republican officials and a Romney adviser said a large rally in the vote-rich southeastern part of the state is in the works for Sunday. The final decision is likely to be made on Friday.

The coming appearance by Romney would be his first since wrapping up the GOP nomination. It is also one of the most serious signs yet that his campaign views the state, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1988, as winnable. Rep. Paul Ryan is visiting the state on Saturday.

This comes on the heels of a major RNC ad buy in the Keystone state:

Democrats and some MSM reporters say the GOP push to win Pennsylvania smacks of desperation or a “head fake.”

But that assessment strikes savvy observers as spin or wishful thinking:

The fact is, Pennsylvania is very winnable for Romney. Coal and fracking are major issues (both play to Romney’s strengths) and unemployment is above the national average.

poll by Franklin & Marshall College, released yesterday, has President Obama ahead of Romney among likely voters by 4 points, 49-45. But take a look at the  sample:

  • Democrat 50%
  • Republican: 37%
  • Other/Independent: 12%

That’s D+13, which is absurd. Turnout was just D+7 in 2008, according to exit polls.

Does anyone seriously believe Democrats will nearly double their turnout advantage from 2008, when Obama-mania was at its peak?

The Franklin & Marshall poll says Romney is winning Independents by a whopping 16 points (48-32).  If Democrats aren’t nervous, they should be.

Twitchy is looking forward to seeing a mustache-less David Axelrod.

  • http://classicalvalues.com/ TallDave

    Haha, if PA goes D+13 I’ll shave Karl Rove’s head.

    • http://twitter.com/AUBraves AUBraves

      I’ll talk Michael Moore into cutting back to only 8 Big Macs for dinner.

      • Robert Hoover

        He’ll be dead of a hear attack.

        • Bill Gordon

          Robert, we can only hope.

      • SineWaveII

        8? You’re going to make him give up half of his major source of nutrition? You’re cruel man.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Earl-Johnson/100000345909722 Earl Johnson

        ….Ilike that. I bet Moore doesn’t go to New York for his Big Gulps anymore.

    • syvyn11

      If PA goes D+10, I’ll shave MY head.
      And I love my hair.

  • CalCon10

    Wow. Talk about a rigged poll.

    But hey, I apologize; that must be my right-wing desperation showing.

  • LoneTree, WY

    I’m sick of the polls. I don’t recall there being this much (over) emphasis on polling in past elections. To be sure there was always stories, but this cycle is just crazy. Not sure if its simply all spin, social media making light year advances since just ’08, or the bitter divide between left & right. I’ll admit my sins – I’m just as emboldened and firm in my conservative values and as sick of the left, as they are me and other conservatives.

    About the only thing in my DNA resembling dems is frustration and confusion with math. Which may very well explain why I’m sick of polls.

    • IPreferTeaOverKoolAid

      LoneTree, you and I are in the same boat. Math confuses me and I am VERY emboldened and firm in my conservative values, as well. LOL. However, if the polls and the maps and graphs, grids, charts properly predict the very near future, I will be one VERY happy patriot!!! 😀

    • Kevin Krom

      Media polls are crap, pure and simple (sorry for the language, but it’s the least strong word I can use to express the point properly). They’re designed to tell a particular story, not to accurately reflect reality. The internal polling done by campaigns (where the pollsters are accountable for their track record) is far more reliable, and believe me, far more consistent between the camps.

      You want to know what those internal polls are saying? Watch what the campaigns do. Which campaign is upbeat and confident and which is flailing about, changing focus, and in other ways acting desperate?

  • Jack Deth


    D+13 to get THAT result! No doubt using 2008 exit polling as a guideline.

    Obama’s going to need a month in non government funded re-hab after the bottom falls out next week!

    I have no problem with Mitt playing in Zero’s supposed back yard sandbox. The New Messiah is on the ropes. And it never hurts to work him over and have hims spend time and money he doesn’t have and has to beg for before the final bell.

  • TonyRaskoon

    D +13! No shame.

  • syvyn11

    I say Penn. goes to Romney. Along with Ohio and Florida. Those three will make it near impossible for Obama to win.

    From my mouth to God’s ear.

    • Kevin Krom

      Two out of those three are generally considered to be what it takes to win the election. Sweeping them would all but guarantee it.

      Call me crazy, but I think Romney/Ryan get Michigan and Wisconsin, too. It’s going to be an early night.

      • Kate

        Wisconsin is very possible. I was in the Kenosha area this week and was amazed at the number of Romney/Ryan signs. Lots of Democrat senator/councilman signs, but very few Obama/Biden. If turnout is similar to the recall earlier this year, R&R will win it.

        Being from Michigan, it is definitely possible- Gov. Snyder finally has the state going in the right direction, and Ford is doing the best of the Big Three (w/o bailout money!). It will depend on how strong the turnout is with UAW union members in Detroit and Flint.

  • Terry C.

    Ok, the october surprize was how Presidential Obama can be in a manufactured crisis. Then the climate mantra. If that didn’t work then Romney will win!

  • IPreferTeaOverKoolAid

    C’mon, Pennsylvania!!! Don’t let me down!! Red is an AWESOME color!!! I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently reside in Carlisle. Though I have not seen very many political signs and bumper stickers in general, I will say the Romney signs and stickers out number the 0bama signs and stickers. I know they don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things, but seeing the Romney signs and stickers makes me happy and gives me hope. REAL hope. I did see one sign that almost made me stop my car get out ring the doorbell and ask one simple question. Why? The sign said ‘Veterans for Obama’. I’m sorry, what? 0bama wants to cut funding to our military and make them weak. That’s another thing about the Left I don’t get. They don’t seem to mind cutting funds to the military, but cut funds from PBS and they are all in an uproar. Please tell me how that makes any sense? Because to me it makes NO sense to me at all!!
    I’m sorry, I’m rambling. Either way, I hope I find out where Romney’s going to be on Sunday. I just may have to drive out to his rally. :-)

  • TundraThunder

    I remember Reagan being down in the polls to Carter just before the election, and we all know how that turned out. Let’s hope this election ends the same.

    “In a Gallup poll on October 26th in 1980, two weeks before the election, Gallup had it Jimmy Carter 47, Ronald Reagan 39. That election two weeks later ended up in a landslide that was so big that Carter conceded before California closed.”

    • CalCon10

      Democrats weren’t rigging computer-run voting machines back then.

      • TundraThunder

        Duh! Those machines weren’t around then! There are other ways to steal elections, and the Dems are very good at cheating, such as dead people voting, voting more than once, not counting votes, etc.

        • RLinAZ

          Which is exactly why a decisive win for Romney is so very important. He has to beat Obama at the polls and then beat him again to overcome the blatent voter fraud and intimidation O’s minions are counting on to steal the election. However, the look of desperation on Obama’s face and in his ads tells me that he’s sure it’s going to be such a big win for Romney even HE won’t be able to fake the results. Get EVERYONE you know to go vote!!! It’s vital to our nation’s survival.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mandy.ruston Mandy Ives Ruston

      From your lips to God’s ear! I pray for a Romney landslide. I want Obama running home to Michelle with his tail tucked between his legs like a whipped puppy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bernie.northam Bernie Northam

    If Penn goes to Romney, will Michael Moore shave his back?

  • Shannon Piper

    This Pennsylvania girl is holding out hope!! In our neck of the woods Romney seems to be gaining momentum ever since the debates. Yard signs are up everywhere. My 4 yr old pointed them all out to me last night while trick or treating. “Look! They’re voting for Romney just like us!!” (Cracks me up that he says “us” as if he’s voting, and also that “Romney” is now one of his sight words.)

    • http://www.facebook.com/mandy.ruston Mandy Ives Ruston

      Shannon, my 10 yr old was lecturing his friends at lunch on how Obama is a liar and is ruining the country. That “Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly say that Romney needs to win. And my mom and dad voted for Romney cause he’s gonna fix this country.” Lucky for me this is a small Texas town and even the teachers are conservative here.

  • Sean O

    Hi PA! There’s just one thing you need to remember when you go to vote… #BENGHAZI

  • RDPortland

    Guess what? Paul Ryan is headed to Minnesota Sunday…

    Expand the map! :)

  • Colleen Kelly

    Just printed out our tickets for the event! The whole family is going and we could not be more excited! Just got to make sure we get there early enough to get in, but luckily it’s only about 40 minutes from were we live. Just cannot wait to see and listen to Romney in person, and to be surrounded by so many other like-minded people. We may be a blue state, but I got a good feeling this time around that the silent majority in PA will not be silent anymore and not let Philly (with it’s own political machine) sway those electoral votes.

    The whole family went out to see Bush speak at the Keswick Village (right around the corner from our house, he even toured our parish and grade school…that was pretty awesome) when he ran in 2000, and that whole day is forever ingrained in my mind. It was just such an unbelievable experience and the atmosphere was electric. My brother and sister were only 5 and 10 at the time and they were so pumped up. I am expecting even more excitement and people this time around!

  • http://Twitter.com/jkerrysforehead John Kerry’s Forehead

    In the words of that crazy Mike guy who announces MMA UFC with Joe Rogan…”Its aaaaalllllll over!” Pack your crap Obama. You are moving to Hawaii.