For  once, we agree wholeheartedly with the Obama campaign. By all means, let your friends know what has happened to your health insurance premiums since President Obama signed Obamacare into law on March 23, 2010.

Some Twitter users have already done so:

The legislation Team Obama is touting is called the Affordable Care Act. It was supposed to make health insurance more affordable, not less. At a Virginia rally in the summer of 2008, Obama said:

“In an Obama administration, we’ll lower premiums by up to $2,500 for a typical family per year … We won’t do all this twenty years from now, or ten years from now. We’ll do it by the end of my first term as President of the United States.” [Emphasis added!]

In fact, health insurance premiums have been climbing at a faster rate under Obama than they did during the last four years of George W. Bush’s presidency, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (via Jake Tapper of ABC News):

During Obama’s term, between 2009 to 2012, premiums have climbed $2,370 for the average family with an employer-provided plan – a rate faster than the during the previous four years under President George W. Bush, according to Kaiser.

But it will get better once the law is fully implemented in a few years, right? Actually, no.

Here’s what what a series of studies conducted by Milliman Inc. for the Society of Actuaries found (as summarized by Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post):

  • In Indiana, Obamacare would increase premiums in the individual market on average by 75-95 percent in 2014.
  • In Ohio, rates will increase 55-85 percent above current rates, before tax credits.
  • In Minnesota  individual market premiums will increase 26-42 percent.
  • In Wisconsin,  individual marketpremiums will rise 30 percent, before tax credits. “A majority of the individuals in the non-group market would pay more in premiums in 2016 than they pay today — both before and after tax credits are applied,” according to the Post.

Kessler’s conclusion:

The law’s provisions, especially the requirement for essential benefits, will almost certainly increase premiums, though tax subsidies will help mitigate the impact for a little over half of the people in the exchanges. But a lot of other people — such as a young male who currently has a plan that does not include all of the required benefits — are likely going to have sticker shock when they see what happens to their premiums starting in 2014.

  • Michelle

    What was it Romney said in the first debate? “…people saying something that’s not always true but just keep repeating it and ultimately hoping I’ll believe it.” I don’t know a single person whose healthcare premiums went down as a result of the Affordable Care Act. Indeed, quite the opposite – lost count of how many friends have said their premiums went UP and in some cases, their coverage went DOWN.

  • MoxieLouise

    My co-pays for office visits have gone from $20 to $40. One script co-pay has gone from $8 to $35. And now, every time I visit the doctor (even if it’s once a week) I have to fill out that torturous 6 page form (What drugs are you taking, what surgeries have you had, how did your parents die, how many children, insurance info, etc. etc. etc). EVERY. TIME. YOU. SHOW. UP.

    • MoxieLouise

      Also, my doctor is leaving to practice medicine in a third world country. She says if she is going to be forced to practice in dire circumstances for very little she would rather do it in a country where it’s appreciated. The US is likely to become bedlam when people realize what has been taken from them and the people who will take the heat are doctors and nurses. She’s outta here.

      • Nick Peters

        Some friends from my parents’ church work in a urology clinic and tell us that if Obama gets his way, that all such clinics would be shut down.

      • Tony0920

        Who the hell would dislike this comment? That doctor is more committed to their oath than any two-bit, Chicago gangsta leech President ever was, is, or could have been. I watched the so-called oath of Obama last night: “The Hope and Change”. Pathetic formality. Reality under Obamacare bites. Begone trolls!

  • Typewriterstreaming

    Dear Friends, and Especially to my Patients, As a medical provider I can share with you that due to Obamacare I will be suspending acceptance of your insurance as payment for my services due to the reductions in payments for my services. Unfortunately, appeals to lower the cost I pay to the landlord my office is housed in, the electric company, my malpractice insurance company, my pen, paper toilet paper and paper towel provider, etc, etc, etc, have gone denied. They simply do not give a damn that my income is being slashed, and not only will they not decrease my current expenses they have every intention on raising my current prices due to their own burdens of Obamacare (in addition to every other financial hole the current economy provides). I will be happy to refer all of you to the nearest emergency room, because every single one of my colleagues reports the same predicament. I am sincerely sorry to those of you who had the common sense to have anticipated this problem and tried your best to protest the same. To the rest of you Obamacare supporters, I hope that the impending process of waking up to reality isn’t too terribly painful.

    • fuskiegirl21

      My medical doctor closed his family practice after 12 years now. Not all doctors are “RICH” or “EVIL” some of them even have families to feed. This is real. Obamacare will destroy our good healthcare system as we know it.

  • Jack Deth


    Is THIS what the Maynard G. Krebs of politics is going to use to sway opinions and garner votes???!!!


    Whatever states that were ‘Lean Democrat’ are going to be ‘Up for Grabs’ or worse by the weekend if this is Zero’s preferred strategy of choice.

  • Catherine

    My premiums have gone up two years in a row for a total of about 57%! More LIES!

  • J. Cox

    How anyone who pays for insurance can look at this and not call BS is beyond me.My wife,our son,and I have had the same plan for nearly 15 years now,and when we got the renewal package 2 weeks ago,we both were so angry because of the increase from last year….which was more than the year before.I guess being responsible now cost you more,and it actually does pay to be on the dole.Thanks ACA,Obama,and those who are unwilling to even try.

  • Streetiebird

    I love my Obamacare :) Now I can be assured that my insurance company is spending a certain amount of my money on providing care instead of providing massive giveaways to their shareholders and CEOs. I just wish the Republicans had not blocked the public option, whether or not we live should not be decided based on how much profit these companies can make off us, but apparently the right disagrees…

    • J. Cox

      Fail parrot troll.I am so happy that you like that this cost the middle class so much more money,and that you are OK with gov. sanctioned death panels.You idgits on the left are completely clueless.

      • Scott

        Streetbird obviously isn’t paying for that wonderful insurance ofcourse she likes it. And the obamaphone,and the obamarent, and the obama groceries etc..
        Wouldn’t like it worth a toot if had to pay.

  • ked5

    are they really that naive? or have that much audacity? my husband sell’s health insurance (for a number of providers), and bozocare has done nothing but drive up rates (and other associated costs) and reduce coverage.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    I’ve been employed for four years at my present company. They promised to pay my health insurance after six months, but still no insurance. Now I’m told premiums have sky-rocketed and my employer is going to let me know what their plans are regarding insurance after years end. I have the feeling that insurance will no longer be offered or I’ll have to pay a large percentage of it. At least illegals will continue to get free healthcare under Obama.

  • Nick Peters

    I moved from TN to NC in 2007 and left behind insurance that cost me about $160 a month.

    I’m trying to get health insurance again now since I’ve moved back to TN and it’s going to cost me about $300 a month.

    Thanks Obama! Not sure how I’ll pay for it since I’m unemployed in this economy also! Which by the way, there are several employers who aren’t hiring now also because they can’t afford to cover for their employees on ObamaDeath.


  • Dandapani

    And how we can keep our insurance and our doctors…. My insurance is forcing my wife and I to find all new doctors owing to “negotiations” with our existing providers not going well.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    I’ve been a cash customer for all my medical needs for over 2 decades.

    I started become suspicious when Teddy Kennedy, The Lyin-man of the Senate said that HMOs would do all these miraculous things for people w/o medical care… and lower the cost of healthcare while allowing doctors to earn more (this was before 3 decades of demonization).

    Common sense dictated that HMOs demoted doctors from being professionals to being assembly lineworkers. Quotas for patient throughput became inevitable.

    The final nail on the box came when Reagan gave his warning about the takeover of the medical community. I knew what he was saying— during that speech I lost the last vestiges of “it can’t happen here” attitude.

    Let me ask the people crowing about loving StinkyCare™ here on this forum, assuming they honestly do like it and not jyst sowing contention:

    1. if it’s so great for everyone, why are the top levels of government, (Congressman, Senators, their staff, and Admin. people along w/their staff) exempt? Do you really believe it fair to use guns to force people to take up a subpar healthcare system?

    2. Since the man who was incharge has now come out and said that severe rationing for the very young– under 7yrs– and very old– over 65yrs– is inevitable and will probably be instituted before 2015, which would force old people into what is for all intents and purposes end-of-life panels, why make cash payments illegal? Why force my participation in my own euthanasia?

    Please explain those two things to me. Without cliches and talking points.

  • FlatFoot

    We are going through insurance Open Enrollment right now.

    All health insurance options have increased dramatically. My usual health insurance provider — Blue Cross — went up $146 PER MONTH this year. The least expensive option for us this time — by just a few dollars — is Kaiser Permanente — and they went up $151 PER MONTH compared to last open enrollment. The third option — HealthNet — went up $177 PER MONTH.

    All of the increases by themselves are greater than our monthly average cable television, telephone, and internet service provider utility bill combined.

    ALL of them also increased their co-pays dramatically while simultaneously reducing covered services as well. From $15 co-pay for a routine office visit to $25 co-pay. No shiznit! And — pregnancy services co-pay for prenatal care and delivery from the routine office visit co-pay per visit and nothing more to $500 just automatically added as co-pay PLUS retaining the per visit co-pay which increased to $25 per. There’s much more in the changes too but suffice it to say — far FAR less provided at a massive increase in premium and co-pay cost.


    All Dental and Vision Insurances went up too — but they were all very small increases most likely due to our tiny COLA raises.

    Being at least partially on the public dole — the whole famn damily — seems like a better and better option these days. In other words — it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy — or — everything’s going according to Democrat plans just as they’ve contrived and foreseen.

  • Ben Bollman

    I was pay $80 a month last year, now I am $144 a month for a Health Savings Account! Not only that but less coverage because they no longer have prescription discounts.

  • Moose

    I dont have any cause I can’t get a job

  • Dan Thorpe

    I had a liberal co-worker tell me today that I had my facts wrong that the ACA (Obamacare) was in fact a bill created by Republicans to drive up the insurance costs. I literally laughed out loud in his face and said “so a bill introduced by a democrat and co-sponsored by 6 other democrats is a Republican bill?” He shut up after that

  • Guest

    We have Blue Cross. Until about 3 months ago there were 3 of us on our family plan. Our son has since become employed. We took him off- and they subtracted 60.00 a month.
    60.00 whole dollars.
    OK that left my hubby and I. Knock on wood- we’ve not had a problem, We were paying 1250.00 a month for a 5000.00 a year deductible.
    I called and raised the deductible to 10,000. ( we never hit it anyway- so it would be really if we had an accident or became real ill)
    This lowered our monthly premium to 850.00.
    The next month, our statment came and our premium was back up to 1107.00- but with the higher deductible.