“The only exception I have to have an abortion is in the case of the life of the mother. I struggled with it myself for a long time, but I came to realize life is that gift from God. I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.”

— Richard Mourdock, Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Indiana

Mourdock’s remarks, made during a debate in Indiana Tuesday evening, have liberal Democrats and their friends in the MSM in full-blown freak-out mode tonight:


Watch the video. Read the transcript. Mourdock simply said life is a gift from God, and he believes this to be true even in cases where life results from “that horrible situation of rape.”

What is objectionable about that? Nothing at all.

Unless, that is, you are a liberal who wants to make it seem as though Mourdock supports rape:

Naturally, Democrats wasted no time tying Mourdock’s so-called “pro-rape” comments to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney:


It gets worse.  Some deranged Twitter users are urging Mourdock to commit suicide. Or are calling for him to be tortured,  shot, or killed.



These people are desperate and disgusting. Richard Mourdock sticks up for babies born to rape victims, and he is viciously attacked.

And they think we need counseling?

Decent Twitter users defended Mourdock and his principled stance:


And what’s this?

That, of course, doesn’t support the liberals’ narrative. So don’t expect it to get much attention.


GOP nominee Mitt Romney did not pull his endorsement of Mourdock, but distanced himself from the Indiana candidate’s remarks.

  • Elaine

    They JUST can’t help themselves! They twist and distort everything. How about leaving a failed aborted baby to DIE being extreme and out of the mainstream? That’s Obama and the liberals. EVIL is what I call it!

    • Joe Black

      A difference of opinion is what most sane people call it.

  • Owen007

    I’m curious to know what all these folks think about a certain director that can’t set foot in America without being grabbed by police. Cause funny story, while they are quick to attack whatever they perceive as pro-rape, liberals (particularly those in Hollywood) tend not to mind that Polanski actually raped someone.

    And let’s not forget the accusations raised by Corey Feldman about his experiences in Hollywood’s pro-molester atmosphere.

  • Ramone Love

    Why is that conservative candidates always fall into this rabbit hole that’s placed in front of them? Mourdock could just as easily have said he opposes abortion with the one exception of saving the mother’s life and left it at that. Instead, it seems, he and many other politicians who oppose abortion (as I do) always continue on, usually to their regret, with some further explanation that they must know that the Left is going to jump all over and stomp their feet about, no matter how innocuous. ‘I support life’ is really all one has to say if that’s what they believe. Neither they, nor I, owe any further explanation to anyone.

    • John (it true me am)

      I’ve heard this arguement made time and again, but I solidly reject it. Just because that is the way it is doesn’t mean that is the way we should let it be. We should fight to be able to express our beliefs. We should be able to live in a world where stating a simple truth trumps political strategy, without fear of unjust slander and recrimination.
      Conservatives have routinely caved to the left, playing their game of political correctness and doublespeak while they in turn say the most vile things with impunity. Enough is enough. At some point we have to stand up. It is essentially a civil rights issue, and goes to the heart of free speech. And as with basic equality, both racial and gender, it took people actively standing up to get things to change.

    • http://amandakmelson.wordpress.com/ GreenEyedGal

      If I was running for public office, I wouldn’t give a half-answer on where I stood on the issue of abortion. I’m so tired of politicians who only give half-answers, or non-answers, or misleading answers. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Have the courage of your convictions or they aren’t convictions. They’re just some half-baked idea in the back of your mind that you’ll be swayed to think on one way or the other, depending on how the wind blows. “Whoever wavers in his mind is troubled in all his ways,” James 1:8. Whether you’re a religious person or not, there is TRUTH in that scripture.

      I cringe when I hear supposed conservatives say they’re opposed to abortion unless it involves the health of the mother or cases of rape and incest. The litmus test is: Is life precious or is it not? If it’s precious, it’s precious ALL THE TIME. Even when conceived in rape. Even when conceived by incest. Even when the life and health of the mother are at risk. See, I have this assurance that God is the Creator of all life; that as humans, we’re created in His image; that He has known us from before He called each of us into being; that He has a plan and purpose for each and every one of us; and that the things we see as being a detriment, He sees as an opportunity to draw us all into a more intimate relationship with Him, if we will allow it; that He cares for us each individually beyond anything we could ever imagine, so much so that He sent His only Son to die a horrible, painful, humiliating death on a cross for you, for me, so that we would not perish for all eternity, separated from God forever. A God who loves me that much is to be trusted in ALL circumstances and if He says children are precious and a gift from Him, I will trust Him regardless of the circumstances.

      Many people don’t share those beliefs with me, but the question is, do you believe life begins at conception or not? If the answer is yes, then abortion at anytime is wrong. If no, you can justify abortion for any reason, up to and even after, birth. I personally wish that we had more politicians like Mourdock who would take an unequivocal stand for life. I’m despise the liberal progressive agenda and would like to have confidence the candidate I vote for doesn’t support that agenda in any way, shape or form. Call me crazy. But I believe there are more of me out there than you think.

      • mayorofshadyvil

        Ok, you asked me too, I will call you crazy. Just don’t call me late for dinner. I don’t want to argue, I respect everything you have said. I speak with a jaded, almost resigned tone when I discuss politicians and “beliefs.” Look, Mitt Romney is a religious man. That’s really all I can tell you. I want him to be our next President of the United States. I have heard him say that he is pro-life. I suspect that he is not lying on this matter. He is also a very smart man, and knows that in order for him to take this thing he needs to either refuse to answer the question, or say what he normally says when it is asked of him. You see what’s taking place right now, there is a movement afoot to instill in the general public a “preconceived notion” a truly “accepted as fact” pretense that pro life people are crazy zealots. They are having some successes and some failures with this stance, but GreenEyedGal I mean it when I say this, I really need this man to use every tool in his possession to make sure he seals the deal and win this election. If one of those tools is dancing with moderates, then I will supply the music. La da dee, la da daa…

  • https://twitter.com/Webnetcity webnetcity

    The democrat party is obsessed with DEATH.

    They vehemently defend their right to murder an unborn child
    and if you oppose them, they respond by telling you to DIE.

    If this is not pure EVIL, then I don’t know what is

    • spawnio


  • CalCon10

    If the media weren’t a Democrat co-conspirator, stuff like this wouldn’t get much play.

  • David Caudell

    The truth is the liberal left has scraped the bottom of the barrel this election season. As I stated in my latest blog this is what happens when you leave God out of your party platform.

  • ThePimpernelX

    The Dems are so desperate right now watch for Romney having to apologize for Obama’s gaffes too. When is somebody going to apologize for inflicting DWS on us, rancid hideous crone that she is.

  • goldwater89

    Ugh, here we go again. This guy has no one to blame but himself. Have we learned nothing from Todd Akin!? SHUT THE HELL UP with the abortion talk.

    The Republicans had a chance of taking the Senate but have completely blown it. First Akin, now Mourdock; two Senate seats that were in-the-bag for Republicans but are now going to be won by Democrats because Moe and Curly don’t know when to shut their traps.

    • RDPortland

      Mourdock didn’t say anything wrong–most folks knew precisely what he meant. Additionally, Indiana is a very conservative state. This seat is easily winnable, especially since Mourdock immediately and stridently condemned those twisting his remarks.

      Abortion is murder. We should never leave it alone simply because of political expediency.

  • http://amandakmelson.wordpress.com/ GreenEyedGal

    I read these things and think, “I HATE liberals. Why am I on here looking at all the vile crap they say?” Ugh! So perverted. So twisted. So in love with sin and physical and spiritual death. That there are so many of them breaks my heart for the future of my children, my country.

  • SansMercy

    The message should always be managed from the victim’s point of view. This was not.. Ugh.

    • RDPortland

      You mean the innocent baby that would be aborted? There’s more than one victim and life involved when it comes to rape. We would do well to remember that, I think, as Mr. Mourdock clearly does.

  • libssukkalot

    My sister was raped…she went on to have the child…today he’s very much a part of a loving family and the rape has been forgiven and forgotten a long time ago…she eventually married a man who adopted him as his own…he later went on to serve America in Iraq and has begun a life of his own now with a wife and recently had a son of his own as well, so now our family has a new grand child. So the child who the left advocates aborting…well, he turned out to be someone good, a father, businessman, and a hero who served our country…if we would have aborted him much joy, love, and a good man and grand son wouldn’t be here today! My sister, and her husband are very proud of him today as well as our whole family! Maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to judge what Richard had said after all, and maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to kill the child who has no say…just something to think about from those who’ve lived through it as we trusted God in our Christian walk with Him! What was meant for evil turned out to be a great gift to my sister, my whole family, and our country!

    • nc

      What a fabulous story! God bless you all!

    • Elaine

      They dont’ really believe in CHOICE. EVERY life has VALUE and you are blessed with a wonderful individual!

    • http://twitter.com/MawMaw4Romney Donna

      Beautiful story – thanks for sharing with us.
      What is despicable, are people like Debbie Wasserman-Shultz who exploit women for her own personal & Party gain. She sickens me beyond belief.
      God bless you, and your family – sounds like He already has, and abundantly :)

    • http://twitter.com/karmacontrarian M

      There is so much ignorance here. The reactions on this page are just as ridiculous and single-minded

      • mayorofshadyvil

        Such as? You replied to N657OR’s post. Where is the ignorance. I would love to have a conversation with you as to exactly what is ignorant, ridiculous, and singleminded about a candidate saying that he values all life, regardless of circumstances, and the subsequent defense of said statement? I have commented here, and as I’ve said I am not religious, I just value speech, expression, and religion. If the state of Indiana did not know by the time he got up on that stage that Mourdock had deeply held Christian beliefs then SHAME ON THEM. But don’t fault this man for speaking what he feels to be truth. WTF did he say that was so egregious? “I think that even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something that God intended to happen.” Wouldn’t the appropriate measure of response be, “I disagree?” On what basis did this man get to where he is now? As an announced devout Atheist? NO. So whoever is gasping at these remarks is disingenuous at best.

    • Joe Black

      Great story, but it should be a choice to birth the child of a non-consensual sexual encounter. Not a mandatory obligation, and thats the long and short of it. If you want to have rape babies, thats YOUR CHOICE! If you can choose someone else can choose. Not everyone shares the same religious convictions as you folks. Have a good one!

  • brewerandpatriot

    I saw this last night with my wife on the local NBC affiliate (we were watching “Parenthood”) and I had to rewind the piece. It was eyebrow-raising to say the least. The libertarian candidate, Andrew Horning, tried to breeze past it by saying “I think we can all say we’re pro-life.”

  • o0Nighthawk0o

    I live in Indiana and will be voting for Mourdock. The left’s reaction and twisting of what he said just solidifies that decision for me.

    • SideTraKd

      I agree, and I will be voting for him too… But I am still mad at him for being stupid enough to provide the Democrats with something so easily twisted.

  • nc

    What? Mourdock is advocating all Liberal women be raped? What a Monster!

    Oh, that’s not what he said? Doesn’t matter. Libbies have their story. They’re good to go.

  • Gallatin

    Hmmmm, who am I going to vote for? The man who just said; “life is that gift from God.” Or the obowmao hack that voted for DEATH PANELS. I’ll go with life, Richard Mourdock has my vote.

    • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

      there are no death panels moron. rape is NEVER ok and is certainly NOT a gift. Women should have the right to choose when to get pregnant. It is our bodies this issue concerns, not yours.

      • Gallatin

        You’re a complete and utter tool. Mourdock never said rape was okay. He never said your right to choose would be taken away. Do you have any brain cells? Can you read ENGLISH? And don’t worry sister, I want nothing to do with your body.

        • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

          LOL that our right to choose would be taken away is EXACTLY what he is saying! Get your head out of the sand and come back from the dark ages.
          PS. No one is asking for your tax dollars to pay for birth control and abortions. You need to take a class on how insurance works

          • Gallatin

            Sweetheart you need to say no more you’ve convinced me to vote for Romney-Ryan-Mourdock.

          • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

            You are a fool

      • Gallatin

        And I’m still voting for Richard Mourdock, so roll that into whatever you smoke.

      • Gallatin

        Lastly you sound like one of those moochers that think I should have to pay for your birth control and abortions with my tax dollars. Why don’t you get a job and pay for them yourself?

  • Jeffrey Olah

    the today show is running with the comments but would they be doing this if it was a democrat

    • http://amandakmelson.wordpress.com/ GreenEyedGal

      A democrat (really, liberal progressive) would never believe or state that life was precious and should be protected at all costs. They can’t be liberal progressives if they think that way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maliheh-Banoo/100001527498988 Maliheh Banoo

    if claiming rape and that rape is god intended not despicable,i dont know what is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Maliheh-Banoo/100001527498988 Maliheh Banoo

    not about the unborn mourdock was talking about,he said women who get rape is gods will.

    • Hiraghm

      No, he said that should a woman get pregnant as a result of rape, should she get pregnant, the baby’s existence is God’s will.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GPKINCUOPQI3P2JM5PGIDBS56M Sharon

    How about free speech? How about choice? These liberal fools don’t want anyone to think for themselves. It sounds like China since they would like to make abortion mandatory. The man has personal values that I respect. Would I fight him tooth and toenail if he tried to make changes in the current law? Yes! Am I pro-choice, yes? This sounds like desperate people who use the tactic of the assassination of integrity in order to choose aims. Not everyone believes the same.

  • http://twitter.com/rashiedrushing Rashied Rushing

    Romney’s position is steady…he has always said (in as far as I know) that he is against abortion except in the cases of health of mother and rape. Someone please correct or clarify if I’m wrong.

    • mayorofshadyvil

      No I think he was pro choice when he ran against Teddy Kennedy, because Ted Kennedy is a bully and a liar and just taking abortion off the table was astute. He kept rejecting that his personal beliefs should matter, kept sticking to Roe v Wade is settled law and I support and defend the constitution. Now he is out from under the blue thumb that is the Massachusetts voter he can actually articulate that he believes except in health and rape abortion is immoral, and in a thoughtful and respectful manner might I add. Previously he maintained his settled law shtick all through his Massachusetts years, because God forbid a liberal learn that he believed life started at conception. They would never talk about anything else, they would keep going back to the cro-magnon Mitt Romney and his Taliban-esque religious views. The Red Sox would change their name to the Kill Romney Nows and Robert Treat Paine would rise from the dead and prosecute him for treason.(Wait what? Paine was a devout Christian? Signed the Dec of Independence and supported speech, expression, and religion? Damn) They would erect a statue of Gov Romney strangling a woman and rename Quincy Market to Mitt-sogyny Square.

      So to summarize, nothing has changed except the percent chance of being subjected to liberal angry hate mob violence for saying what you actually believe.

  • mayorofshadyvil

    Just not much to say after reading that. But more to the point of scaring women and how I want to raise my daughter, this is all being recorded in history. The steady assault of freedom of religion and speech from the left is duly noted. Huh, the funny thing is when some of their speech is attacked we will STILL side with the Bill of Rights, so no worries there. But man oh man, just blatant arm twisting coercion for the women of our beautiful country to jump in line and goose step with these hacks.
    I say all this and I AM NOT RELIGIOUS! I don’t care what this man said, because I happen to believe that if this is not what the state of Indiana wants, he wouldn’t have been on the damn stage saying what he said in the first place! Now the radical left from outside of your beautiful state is in full SHAME mode, trying to dissuade you from voting for this man based on something you probably already knew, he is a devout Christian and therefore believes all life is precious and to be protected at all costs, whether its a pregnancy through rape or anything else. News flash, Christianity takes issue with abortion, get over it or VOTE otherwise, but our Constitution DEMANDS you respect it. GMA this morning led in with it, right after that crazy bitch Sandy was tracked for the thousandth time in the last 24 hours(hint: it’s still heading North.)

    • mayorofshadyvil

      What got left out was we push the Bill of Rights, the left pushes a Bill of Goods. And still wins elections, thanks in part to Comedy Central, MTV, and all our pop culture icons in Movies, TV, and the Music industry selling that Bill of Goods as if your life depended on it. I can see the look of the celebrity du jour, feigning concern, looking deeply out from your 50″ HD TV, almost in the room with you, “The stakes are high America, the assault on Women is real, your right to your basic needs such as an imaginary mammogram from our imaginary machines, your right to your free Birth Control Pills, your right to be on unemployment and food stamps indefinitely is under attack. The choice is clear, Vote, or DIE!” Then Jigga and Kanye dance Gagnam Style with a group of eclectic women all with the same pink vote T-shirt on while the content of the ad is paid for by MoveOn.org and George Soros runs in the foreground print.
      They use our love of the arts against us. They use our affinity for a good distraction from reality, a “Mystic River” like performance we so yearn for, they take that and turn it into coercion. I am 34, my friends have been brow beaten so badly for the past 20 years they have no idea how truly radical Sean Penn is. They love Jeff Spicoli, they love Carlito’s Way and 21 Grams. They WANT to be like those characters. Ipso facto they want to be with Sean Penn on “The War on Women.” Make sense or am I rambling?

    • mayorofshadyvil

      One more thing, I mentioned my daughter, and the pic of my profile is of my son. My daughter turned 2 years old on the 19th, my son will be 4 years old on the 28th. I am not one bit worried about him. The emotional aspect that the left correlates with their causes, or lack there of, is persuasive. My wife is 31 and these ads and this rhetoric works on her sometimes. It is not until one takes the time to research for themselves that the lies are exposed. We watched GMA this morning together, sharing Apple Jacks with my daughter while my son made his own Angry Birds boards with Lego sets and building blocks. We sighed together. She is weary as I am sure most stay at home Mothers are, short on time and short on patience for anything perceived as anti-woman. Thus enter Josh Elliot into our living room this morning, suggesting another GOP candidate is pro rape, wondering aloud if it will tip the election because women are so hopping mad, and maybe you should be too. An apolitical household grabs that headline and goes no further. An apolitical household eats breakfast and starts the day, worrying about the matters at hand rather then what was actually said. Then when I get home we will watch CNN, she likes Wolfie Blitzer and I get a kick out of the fact that we are the only ones watching most nights. Wolfie will undoubtedly have Stephanie Cutter or Debbie Whatsherface Shultz on, and her counterpoint opponent will be (A man!) not quite as politically savvy as those two women. Maybe Ari Fleisher. Ari will cede the false pretenses, will speak on the premise that what was said was an anti-woman narrative, and Gloria Berger and Van Jones will be sitting with Wolf debating whether or not this is the end of the Romney/Ryan campaign. It’s actually comical, but it’s tough to continually run interference on this crap. It’s more shovel ready than anything Van Jones ever oversaw in his life! So anyways this stuff works, it effects women. And that’s why I mentioned my daughter and not my son, who is not part of the demographic they are trying to scare.

  • http://pinterest.com/j0s1395/ Josephine (D)

    It’s extremely unpopular to be pro-life even in cases of rape, but that’s the only way you can be truly pro-life. First, if you admit that the unborn baby is a person, then it’s still killing an innocent being. Second, a woman in this case needs help, not abortion; plus, I have read where rapists make their victims get abortions to hide the crime. Third, the Roe in Roe v. Wade tried to claim she was pregnant through rape. Look what that case did to America’s babies.
    What Mourdock said was the truth, but of course the Left is spinning it, because they want abortion without any restrictions.

    • Colleen Kelly

      Well said, Josephine. Walking the walking on pro-life means exactly want Mourdock said and he did not once condone rape itself. It doesn’t have to do with being religious, because any competent, rational person who can think for themselves would know what Mourdock meant and not what he supposedly meant. It’s like the dog whistles and coded words that the liberals hear regarding racism. You’re guilty no matter what since that’s what the liberals want everyone else to think, and the MSM makes it so much easier for people to fall into the trap.

      Liberals need to stop playing God. Babies are a blessing, a gift from God that cannot and should not be controlled. God doesn’t intend for a woman to be raped and leave it to the liberals to leave out the “life” part of Mourdock’s comment. What God had intended was the beginning of life, despite the horrible and sick act that is rape. What is there to apologize about? We shouldn’t have to worry about stating our believes on being pro-life and be labeled pro-rape. Just like opposing Obama, shouldn’t lead to the fear of being labeled a racist. Everyone has a right to their own set of beliefs and a right to state them, but what shouldn’t be accepted is the intentional and disgusting twisting of someone’s words in order to bring them down. Mourdock spoke like an adult and stood by his convictions, without resorting to personal attacks or vile language. He isn’t advocating some horrible belief or action…then again the idea of the sanctity of life may be too shocking for liberals to handle.

      And credit to the person who tweeted Obama’s comment of being “punished with a baby.” Lest we all forget where liberals stand on this issue. Their desperation this election cycle opens up the door for them to sink to new lows.

  • W Randall

    So the Democratic stand is that a child produced from a rape is less of a life? less of a child? That any woman that chooses to keep that child is less of a woman?

    Not surprising from a group that want’s tax payers to provide funding of a group founded on the belief of eugenics.

  • spawnio

    You always get the hate from the liberals if the table was turned this would not even be a story, and the spinorama is amazing. really hateful bunch tweeting . And when Romney wins they threaten riots and all that jazz, no wonder there symbol is an ass.

  • michael s

    Joy behar recently on her show asked what is it about Republican men and rape lately?

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Jared Thorne

    Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin should both die via gentalia mutilation. Slowly.

    Naah, you should.

  • http://twitter.com/DaffodilTimes The Daffodil Times

    Rape is not a gift from God. You Conservatives are crazy.

  • Richard Compton

    Big Government is not going to help you, one way or the other on this issue!

  • rkinminnesota

    Thanks for sharing N6570R

  • SideTraKd

    As an Indianapolis resident who supported Mourdock in the primaries, I deeply resent what he said in the debates. Not that I entirely disagree with what he said… I am just angry that he was stupid enough to SAY it. As a conservative, he should know better than to say something that can be so easily twisted by unscrupulous liberal Democrats into something it isn’t.

    That being said, rape certainly isn’t the fault of the baby. Go after the rapist instead of taking it out on the unborn.

  • is4u2p

    Sorry but, he didn’t say he was pro-rape and he never wished anyone was raped… What he said was, a pregnancy that is the result of rape he believes to be the will of God.

    I don’t condone that point of view because it kind of is a little awkward and he would have been better served saying, All life is precious and we should commit another vile act to repair the damage caused by one!