Here we go again…

Twitchy will continue to monitor Twitter for death threats. We hope the Secret Service is doing so, too.

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  • Tiffini

    I just can’t wrap my head around what would make people write this stuff, makes their side look bad. So much for Obama bringing us together. I’m curious how many twitter death threats
    Obama has gotten and how can these people can hate Romney so much. I disagree with Obama, but would never wish death or hurt on him. That’s just madness.

    • Angela Line McGrew

      Bama has not brought the USA together if anything the opposite, IF you don’t like Obama you’re racist…..I have been called that, and I am far from it. I see where Black people even comment on how all the white people vote Romney, well that’s not true anyhow but, how many Black people do you know that are voting Romney? How many black republicans during our last election do you think voted for Bama instead of for McCain? I am willing to make a bet that McCain lost the majority of the black republican votes, because of Bama being black.
      Tiffini, I to would like to know how many twitter death threats Bama has gotten, I bet he has gotten some, would not surprise me either.

      • Safetyguy

        Please stop using the “Bama” sobriquet for TFG. I am a Chrimson Tide fan and I personally resent it. Furthermore, Bama is equated with winning. TFG doesn’t even come close to that. Thank you for understanding.

  • webnetcity

    and each one of you thug wannabes cry like little babies
    the minute the secret service shows up at your door.

    go to bed already… and get off your mom’s computer

    • therantinggeek

      I actually had the opportunity to talk with a few Secret Service agents a few years ago. Decent, down-to-earth men and women, but take their jobs very seriously when it comes to protecting our elected officials.

      Last I heard a spokesperson indicated they were “taking these threats very seriously” but nothing beyond that. Wouldn’t be surprised at all if there are a number of arrests made between the night of November 6, 2012 after the votes are tallied, and the morning of January 20, 2017.

      • Elaine

        Obama threats? I don’t see much happening against the Black Panthers or those threatening Conservatives? If so, why don’t we hear about it? We sure hear about threats from the “rgiht wing nut cases” as they call them.

        • therantinggeek

          I’m sure there have been plenty of threats made against the President on social media networks like Twitter, but you’re right – there hasn’t been a whole lot of media coverage (to my knowledge) on the threats made against Gov. Romney. Either way, it all needs to come to a grinding halt, and quickly.

  • akaf67

    Jeez…one of the brainiacs, Makayla Langston, claims to be studying law in school. A sign that the world is coming to the end.

    • PistolsForPandas

      It’s even better: Langston wants to be a police officer! (incidentally, can I just say it’s very, very nice of these people to provide the Internet with their real names?)

      What gets me is that, if you look through these tweets, hardly any retract what they say when they’re told that the Secret Service will be paying a visit.

      Seriously, we need to crack down on these nuts before somebody gets shot.

    • Deanna

      Terrifying, isn’t it? Her Twitter page is nothing but the “f” word. Intelligence abounds!

  • redc1c4

    every single one of these tweets has been RT’d to @SecretService. someone beat me to some of them. %-)

    • Guest

      I was looking at this and accidentally retweeted it. I can’t believe the crap people post. Now I feel terrible.

      EDIT: Thank God I figured out how to make that go away. I’m a Twitter Idiot.

  • Ihavenothingtohide

    If anyone wasn’t sure before, these comments should make it VERY clear that obama is a cult leader and here are just some of his cult members. All cult members will do anything to defend their cult leader.
    Obama has complete control of his supporter’s minds and they will never be normal human beings, they will always be at the will of their leader, Obama. Very, very Scary.

  • CalCon10

    And no doubt The Authorities will be right on this, just like they were for The One in ’08.


    • redc1c4

      my understanding is that the SS are pros… they followed up on the blogger who was tweeting and posting for Mitt to be killed.

  • Refusedakoolaid

    Unhinged libs talking about assassinating mitt but they hate guns. Gonna take away his organic food, scream boo once he rounds a corner, wait no the dreaded hipster stare down that’s the way.

  • Refusedakoolaid

    Unhinged libs talking about assassinating mitt but they hate guns. Gonna take away his organic food, scream boo once he rounds a corner, wait no the dreaded hipster stare down that’s the way.

  • Refusedakoolaid

    Unhinged libs threatening assassination of mitt but they hate guns. Gonna take away his organic food, scream boo around the corner, hipster stare down yeah that’s the one.

  • Refusedakoolaid

    Unhinged libs threatening assassination of mitt but they hate guns. Gonna take away his organic food, scream boo around the corner, hipster stare down yeah that’s the one.

  • Obama Lies

    It looks like all that most of these mental midgets can assassinate is the English language.

    • kathy jones

      They only speak ebonics.

      • vladdy1

        English is their second language, not first.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Obama must proud of all his childern

    • driveswift

      They’re quite well behaved – didn’t say they wanted to take a swing at Romney after the debate, unlike HIS kids who were quite disrespectful to the POTUS.

      • vladdy1

        Um…I don’t think she meant “his children’ to be taken literally. So there;s no reason to take a gratuitous slap at Tagg Romney.

  • nc

    Mr. President, calls for civility? Mr. President? Hello?

  • rant stocks

    Ha-Ha don’t these dumb ass’s know that the F.B.I and secret service,CIA monitor these twittes…I hope they investgate all those threats. Nov’7th. lets see how many show up then.

  • prlgrl

    And I am in the Twitter Gulag for RT’ing death threats against Romney to the Secret Service. Free @KC_EDM!

    • TwitWit

      i”ll try to help you out..

      • prlgrl

        I’m out now, twitter has a probation system for the Gulag it would seem.

  • AttackOfTheKillerTomatos

    These people are great examples of why we have mental institutions.

  • Wulfheard

    These dumbass liberal thugs need to be investigated. Threatening a elected official with bodily harm is a terroristic act. These idiots need to learn about what is and what isn’t covered under the 1st Amendment. Freedom of speech doesn’t grant you the right to threaten someone with bodily harm or endanger the public in an irresponsible manner. This is civics 101and should be covered by every HS history class. I guess 40 years of liberal education policies and union pandering has left the meaning of our basic constitutional rights by the wayside.

  • lana ward

    These are the kind of people that vote for Red Diaper. Wonderful bunch!!

  • TwitWit

    Obama doesn’t “care” about those tweeters lives. When was the last time obama stepped foot onto public housing ? when was the last time he held a town hall with the inner city low income public?
    The only thing obama has done for low income, inner city, public assisted men & women, is call them “Middle-Class”, to make them feel better about themselves.

    • pjcostello

      He’s made many, many MORE of them. That’s his sole contribution to life in America in four years — he’s made millions more poor people.

    • vladdy1

      Well, there ARE the phones…

      • TwitWit

        and, there are Obama campaign ads..

      • TwitWit

        and, there are Obama campaign ads..

    • vladdy1

      Well, there ARE the phones…

  • grais

    Look at their pages…they’re all gasbag, impotent children.
    Insignificant, and they know it.

  • sparxie

    I think it’s sad that people even think it’s OK to say these things about anyone. Regardless of how much they dislike them. Very immature.


    Romney waking
    up with a “Property of Obama/Biden 2012” tag on his toe. “What
    happened? I don’t remember anything.”

    • vladdy1

      This is supposed to be an appropriate remark?

    • vladdy1

      This is supposed to be an appropriate remark?

  • Danny Wheeler

    Oy vey!

  • Amos

    I looked at a few of their twitter accounts and more than one of them isn’t even old enough to vote, one of the is from Canada and can’t vote, and one of them has walked back from his threats after being contacted by the Secret Service.

  • philip faustman

    Democrats are Not The Party of Acceptance & Tolerance as They Like to Say They Are. In Reality they are the party of fraud, crime, lies, cheating, and good old fashioned Chicago Mob Thuggery.

    • vladdy1

      AND anti-white and anti-Southern bigotry (and anti-Christian and anti-conservatives) Unfortunately, llots of racism exists in the inner city, and it does figure in when looking at death threats against Romney.

    • vladdy1

      AND anti-white and anti-Southern bigotry (and anti-Christian and anti-conservatives) Unfortunately, llots of racism exists in the inner city, and it does figure in when looking at death threats against Romney.

  • Karl H

    Fortunately democrats fall into two categories. those who are terrified by guns and those who could not hold one correctly if they had a month to practice. You just do not want to be an innocent bystander when one of Obama’s base actually decides to start shooting. I am so glad for fatherless homes where kids learned to shoot from Spike Lee movies. If not for Spike Lee the base might actually be dangerous but thanks to him they are more likely to hit a their own family members. call it a two-fer

  • Ntr

    More reasons to vote for Romney. Maybe he’ll lock them up in those “FEMA camps” left-liberals are so fearful of! lol

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    Where are the assholes who were defending the rape & murder threats from the last few weeks? I can’t remember their names, but one kept insisting that no threats were ever made, and he’s gay…he’s an idiot. I’d like to see him defend the above tweets.

  • Guest

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong – I promise to take my lumps if I am – but didn’t Romney specifically say last night at the 3rd debate that he didn’t want to take food stamps away, but instead create more jobs so that people on food stamps could have jobs? If any of these thugs listened to the debate, they sure didn’t hear that – or at least they’re responding like they didn’t…and I’m guessing it’s because they like being on food stamps and wouldn’t take a job if they were offered one. So even if Romney didn’t change a thing regarding food stamp programs, they still want to assassinate him (specifically those who mention having their food stamps taken away)?

    • Lilly Canary

      You are exactly right. Romney did in fact say that. The problem is these folks don’t want a job because they are getting checks for doing nothing, and it is probably more $ than they would earn in a minimum wage job. Why should they work? These irate people are just upset that the first black president turned out to be a failure and they dont want to see him leave. It is a shame, really, that Obama turned out to be such a failure to this country. The history books won’t have much to say about history being made with him. The great divider of all things good.

    • Mini14’sBlkStrat

      They do not want to work. They want to be supported by the Government.

  • Lilly Canary

    Stupid people communicating threats and using their names!!!!! wow!

  • insolublog


    Violence and Threats: You may not publish or post direct, specific threats of violence against others.

    Threat to candidate or sitting POTUS:

    Unlawful Use: You may not use our service for any
    unlawful purposes or in furtherance of illegal activities. International
    users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and
    acceptable content.

  • Tod Thompson

    Anyone remember all the garbage different black entertainers were spouting about Obama getting assassinated after he was first elected? What was that based on? Nothing. Now when the shoe is on the other foot it’s like “Oh, it’s no big deal.”

  • vladdy1

    Lotsa thugs out there. We can give a hearty thanks to the rap community, that promoted the ghetto culture and made it the only “authentically black” lifestye. And BO doesn’t help when he invites thugs like Jay-Z to the people’s (not his) house. Disgusting.

  • Mrivas

    If people do not want romney to win GOOOO VOTEEE its the best weapon americans have to voice what they want for their future ….. allllll votes matter … GOOO Voteeee

  • captdot

    None of this makes any blessed sense! It should not be hard at all for the Secret Service to find these folks just through facebook. Regarding this tweet -“I have a 1 step plan: Kill Romney—Keshia Cheesman”. On facebook, this person is a student at Calgary University, class of 2016. What business does she have chiming in? Couldn’t this be hate speech according to Canadian law? Regarding, “If Mitt Romney gets elected (God forbid) ill just go ahead assassinate myself” – Tyler A. Ciesler graduated from high school in IL in 2010.