Liberal Fox News contributor Sally Kohn announced that “no one” cares about Fast & Furious, which she considered a “manufactured” issue. The phony progressive who decried a lack of “civility” just a few months ago used vulgarity to deride conservatives who have passionately pushed for the truth on Barack Obama’s bloodiest scandal.

The pushback from conservatives was swift:

But Kohn isn’t backing down:

Only conservatives care? Outrage in “manufactured?”

Tell that to Univision, the DOJ Inspector General, Edward R. Murrow Award winner Sharyl Attkisson of CBS News, Jon Stewart, and Democrat Rep. Joe Connelly. For starters.


  • Neil Leininger

    Funny, had this been a Republican administration, Sally Kohn would be a faux outrage cheerleader.

  • Darth_Slacker_

    It’s the typical leftist casual disregard for any “issue” that might take the spotlight off their ideology – She was obviously SCARED that “Fast & Furious” would erupt into the ‘Mainstream’ after all the elite media did to bury it and keep it from the public.

    Sally is a hater. I imagined her sitting like a decadent Greek politician shoving grapes in her mouth as she says “NO ONE GIVES A SH*T ABOUT FAST & FURIOUS. Manufactured issue, was a mistake and was resolved.” – She thought she could get a “cheap shot” in at Conservatives- Only, Twitter & Katie Pavlich were watching!

  • Slam1263

    Too bad FOX won’t fire her. they need their token Progs.

    • Darth_Slacker_

      I’ve seen her on O’Reilly a few times – always looks like actor Hugh Grant in drag at first…then she speaks and I wonder where Hugh’s British accent went to…the O’Reilly calls her Sally and I realize she’s not Hugh Grant

      Then I wonder if Ellen DeGeneres has a brother…who had a sex change. It takes me awhile to adjust to Sally on Fox sometimes. I’m like- did Elana Keagan dye her hair blonde? Is Al Gore wearing a wig & lipstick??

    • Rhogue

      I agree. Without them the outlet would have to hire clowns or something…

  • Rhogue

    Sally Kohn wishes this was a manufactured issue that only the right cares about. Being so defensive is a tip that the left doesn’t want the truth to be revealed.

  • GoSellCrazySomeplaceElse

    If it’s a conservaive conspiracy theory, why won’t the W.H. release the docs asked for and why the Executive Order? Sally Kohn, you think Americans are stupid, but I know you’re stupid.


    Sally Kohn,
    Every time your face comes up on Fox, I just change the channel. You sound so stupid that I don’t want to go through the torture of listening to your BS. And stop smirking and laughing when other people talk. You look like you have been dating Joe the vice-clown for a long time.

  • odabea

    As a community organizer, Sally Kohn knows all about manufacturing issues that progress her agenda and Leftist ideas, and has no interest in anything that does not further those goals.

  • Ramone Love

    “…when DOJ learned about program, shut it down. End of story. Only far right cares, trying to fuel conspiracy.”

    This is a favorite of the Left and is rarely challenged for the lie that it is. Obama’s DOJ started F&F. However, the water-carriers like to try to confuse everyone by bringing up a similar, smaller program started and ended during the Bush administration.

  • Darkstar1661

    Univision and Hispanics sure care about Fast and Furious – which is why we have seen them move slightly towards Romney after the Univision documentary ran (which happened to be within a day or two of the first debate and has been an ignored aspect of the “debate bounce” Romney has enjoyed.)

  • Sterling Hallbrook

    I hope Ms Kohn understands the hate that accidentally slipped out of her troglodyte mouth and the pain that she caused. Yeah, you tolerant liberal, actually a LOT of people give a sh*t about Fast and Furious. Start with the family of Brian Terry. FNC should fire her immediately. They only hired her because of her “protected class status” anyway.

    • jaimo

      What protected class would that be? Gay?

      • tessaprn

        Nah, stupid class.

  • Stupid Republic

    Sally Kohn is living proof that even with three college degrees, one can still be an idiot.

    • disqus_eric

      Were they earned? Or mail-ordered, along w/ her Obama phone?

  • Justin Levesque

    Cold-hearted witch.

  • brewerandpatriot

    Somewhere, Obama is throwing his bus in reverse and rolling over Hillary again.

  • Corey Dennison

    @sallykohn Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata could not be reached for comment…

  • ozconservative

    Typical disgusting lefty. But after all, they don’t give a sh*t about millions of dead babies so why would they give a sh*t about a couple hundred dead Mexicans??

  • Rob Stevely

    Just because Mz. Kohn says its over, doesnt make it so.

  • grais

    just looked at her twitter feed…what a weird woman.

  • Owen007

    Anytime someone has to add “you know what I mean” follow-ups to their initial, attention-grabbing statement, you know that they know they screwed up royal. Course, I love how she stands by her initial “no one cares” comment after getting shellacked by a fair number of people.

    But yeah, no one cares… sure… uh-huh… right…

  • Joe W.

    Remember the lyrics from the old “Steppenwolf” song?? “She’s evil, wicked, mean & nasty….”….That’s Sally…….

  • Love of Country

    Another disingenuous, self absorbed liberal ….. (yawn).

  • $13644770

    Sally who?

  • $13644770

    Why would anyone listen to the opinion of someone to dumb to recognize mass murder? Its like basing your next move on what your dog thinks.

  • MLCross

    Yeah, what’s the matter with you right-wingers? 300 dead Mexicans is just a statistic. You can’t expect someone of the stature of Sally kohn to actually care about that many dead brown people. Heck, she’s probably got a dozen replacements cutting her lawn right now. /sarc

  • orringtonmom (D)

    how infuriating. abuse of of power is relevant, election year or not. manufactured? no, a manufactured issue is saying that romney wants big bird dead or that all the birth control in the country is somehow going to vaporize on nov. 7.

    i hate stupid people.

  • disqus_eric

    I’d probably care more about her comments if I knew who the hell Sally Kohn was…

  • TocksNedlog

    Move on! Move on!! MOVE ON!!!

  • TocksNedlog

    Dear Miss Kohn,
    I live 50 miles from the Mexico border. This issue isn’t anywhere near ‘ended’ for me, and — unlike you — I DO give a sh*t about learning the truth about this operation. To me, your attitude means one thing: you KNOW that the administration cannot possibly come out of this thing looking good; hence, your attempt to bully critics into throwing in the towel. If there’s no smoking gun (so to speak) then let’s allow a FULL investigation to reveal the facts.

  • Adela Wagner

    UNConstitutional Executive Order does NOT equal “resolved”.

  • LissaKay

    Dear Sally, Please do not deign to speak for conservatives. We do indeed care quite a bit that lives were lost because of Fast and Furious. We care very much that people in our government gave guns to Mexican drug warlords for the purpose of pushing the anti-gun agenda. We do care very much that the president is deeply involved in the cover up of the above issues. We also are quite aware that many liberal Obama sycophants do NOT care about any of that — please limit yourself to speaking for yourself and them. Remember, WE are not the party of death. Mmmkay?

  • John Hanover

    I cannot stand morons like her sending out something like she did when she damn well knows this administration is obscuring, obstructing, and holding executive privilege over all pertinent information. Any administration that does something like that is first suspect and then willfully negligent and finally legally obligated to release all information. There are casualties on both sides of the border and two Federal agents killed by those guns. Clueless and classless is not the way to go through life Sally Kohn.

  • writer59

    I hope others will do as I have done and contact Fox News to ask that she not be included as a contributor in the future. Liberal opinions I can put up with, but this blatant disrespect for the Terry family shouldn’t be acceptable.

  • r_coplin2001

    Sally i bet the people that were killed in Mexico and in the United States cared about Fast and Furious and how many people in the future will be killed by these guns our goverment allowed to fall in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels.I am sorry to tell you that this scandal is worse then Watergate as no one was killed in that scandal.