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Update: Some Tweeters are managing their expectations:


Here you go: Documents: Despite Obama’s 2008 claims, political relationship with Rev. Wright began as early as 1987

Let us know if you think it’s an explosive story.

  • K.KING

    Do Tell…..Please

  • EditorTTN

    Unless it has something to do with NDAA, drone strikes, or the Federal Reserve, it isn’t important.

  • Robert

    Rasheed Kahleed tape?

  • salvagesalvage

    Is it another secret hidden YouTube video clip of Obama talking about racism in American thus making him the REAL racist?

    I wonder if there is any Twitter chatter about this:

    • John (it true me am)

      You mean where he played up racism in order to pander to his audience?
      Also, um… like 4 Twitchy articles are about the link you posted. Soooo… What’s your point exactly?

      • KatherineBranwen

        He doesn’t have one. He never does..

      • salvagesalvage

        My point was I didn’t see anything about it when I posted, guess it got to big to ignore.

    • journogal

      Wouldn’t gloat too much, because we remember when Michelle Obama wore $500+ shoes to a soup kitchen.

      • salvagesalvage

        THE RICH LADY WORE RICH SHOES?!!?! OMG!!!! That’s… awful.

        • Michael Dennis

          It’s only awful when Republicans do it. That’s the point of mentioning that Michelle Obama does stuff like that all the time and nobody ever mentions it on the news, but when Mrs. Romney where’s something expensive it’s some kind of sign of evil greed.

          • Michael Hampton

            You mean like when John Edwards got an expensive haircut? Hypocrite.

          • salvagesalvage

            Yeah, but to be fair John Edwards turned out to be a total scumbag so they were right to rip on him for anything, file under “blind pigs – lucky”

          • salvagesalvage

            No, the only time that the Female Romneybot was mocked for her clothing extravagance was the UGLY bird shirt that she wore because, I assume, she lost a bet.

            And the problem sensible people have with Romney’s wealth is a) he earned it looting the middle class via vulture capitalism b) he hides a lot of it in off shore accounts to avoid paying taxes and c) a car elevator? Really? He has that many cars?

            Oh and before anyone says “Buh buh he gave away all his inherited wealth!” I say, big deal as his dad’s connections and positions all but guaranteed he’d make it back.

            Hmm, imagine if Obama had spent the Vietnam war in a mansion in Paris? Gosh how you wingnuts would shriek!

      • Michael Hampton

        At least she actually did some work.

    • ZoriahShepard

      That’s what you come back with?? Hrmmm…

  • Booker T.

    Pleeeeeeeeease be the Khalidi video!!!

    • pscully17

      Still waiting for DC caller to post the video/story…its 10: 53 pm here in Maine…..still waiting…..sigh…

      • Guest

        Yah, I need to go to bed as well and nothing on their site. It this was something big they should have dropped it when everyone was awake!

    • Chevypowered

      It better be! Anymore duds and this guy is going to make Geraldo Riviera and his still infamous “Al Capone safe” look like the discovery of a lifetime!

  • PistolsForPandas

    This had better be frigging amazing, like the Khalidi video, or an admission that Obama is really Nyarlathotep or Randall Flagg or something.


      You’re getting a “thumbs- up” just for the “Nylarathotep”, reference.

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        And also with you…ia! Ia!

    • $7465067

      Haha! Randall Flagg for sure!!! The Khalidi tape would be a nice bonus!

    • Jenn of the Jungle

      LOL…..Or Col. Flagg…

  • tjp77

    Obama is teflon when it comes to his past. Our media overlords pronounced him 100% qualified in 2008 despite having done zero research into his background and ignoring anything damaging that managed to find its way to the surface anyway, and nothing will make them walk back from that judgement.

    We could find a video of Obama burning an American flag at a communist party meeting while standing on a platform made from cocaine bales and wearing an I LOVE MARX t-shirt, and the media would just roll their eyes at the crazy conservatives again. Nobody outside the conservative internet echo chamber would even hear about it.

  • WingedBishop

    Obama’s past = Obama’s present

  • Ars21689

    I’d have to disagree slightly that the last tape wasn’t newsworthy at all. The fact that he claimed the Stafford Act hadn’t been waived because NOLA was mostly black, a week after he voted against waiving the Stafford Act, was certainly newsworthy. The only problem is it would have been better if it had come out four years ago.

  • $23782507

    The last tape could have had more an impact on Obama rather than the citizenry. The fact that he was exposed as a panderer with a fake accent could have had an affect on him. Barack Obama is notoriously thin skinned to the point that his staff might shield him from some things. This is psychological warfare at this stage in the game.

    • vetgal1970

      This is a brilliant observation.

  • Cyndi Martin

    It’s not that others haven’t been enough but that the mainstream news refused to be credit to them.

  • Sketti

    King Obama a foreign student @ Columbia University!

  • ember

    We’ve got 11 mins. till its officially tomorrow est. Where’s that bombshell?

  • $7421226

    we enlarged the internet online photo of college obama cuddling up on the sofa with his pakistani gay boyfriend sohale siddiqi, and they’re definitely holding hands. it is pure obama. on the down low even before he went into Wright’s basement down low club.

  • cracky

    They have a photo of Obama throwing Hillary under the bus.

  • Ars21689

    Wow, Obama knew Rev. Wright in the 80’s. More evidence that the lying liar is a liar…… Yawn.

    • Michael Hampton

      Knowing of someone’s teachings and knowing them personally are very different.

  • Guest

    Wow Matthew Boyle, is it something Dinesh D’Souza, Michelle Malkin or — I don’t know — *every other conservative* hasn’t already covered ad nauseum?

    • PennyRobinsonFanClub

      Er, yes.

    • Michael Hampton

      And I love the D’Souza sex scandal. How he plays the moral card and then gets caught having an affair with a married woman. Ha!

  • Mancave001

    Not explosive. We all knew Obama and Wright were attached at the hip for 20-30 years.

  • carold501

    Am looking forward to it.

  • jakee308

    The DC has managed to blow holes in their credibility by running some sort of parody of an expose’ about Obama. Without letting the readers in on it.

    I guess they thought their writing chops were so great that anyone could see what they were doing . . wrong. They suck and the piece came off as legit. Until they ran a faux interview of the writer. Then it unraveled.

    So DC why should we rely on anything you write? Why should we invest the time to read anything you write? You obviously think this election is an opportunity to amuse yourselves with your (lack)wit and hackneyed writing.

    I’ll read it but I won’t quote it nor rely on it for news. NO NEVERMORE.

  • Michael Dennis

    Obama could run for re-election with a pledge to bring back slavery and sending Jews to concentration camps and he’d still have the same people supporting him.

  • Norman

    Unfortunately, if the president ate the fingers off of several children during an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller our traditional media would ignore it and run a story on to the Repulican war on women before the end of the day.

  • TocksNedlog

    This WILL be big news . . . on Sean Hannity’s radio & tv shows. For others, the revelation that Obama tried to get political appointments for his radical friends — 25 years ago, when Barack himself was a community organizer with limited and localized political power at best — isn’t going to mean all that much. But hey, if it wakes up a few voters that have been wooed by the Obama mystique, then more power to them.

  • Michael Hampton

    So let me get this straight. He’s not an American. But he was when he was making this apparent manifesto. He’s not christian, even though he is talking about Rev. Wright and attending his church. He’s communist even though he is talking about people’s rights activists getting positions in government. And he is Muslim even though, in his own writing as you put it, he is clearly stating his Christian beliefs. Got it.

    • NCRelite

      the bottom line is that he’s a failure, by his own measure. time to let him go.

      • Michael Hampton

        Actually, he has done a pretty good job. The economy is slowly ticking up. Unemployment is coming down. Housing market is stabilizing. He did what he said he would do. Romney on the other hand has lied repeatedly through this entire election season. I would rather have a man who makes promises and is unable to keep every single one, than a man who can’t decide which side of an issue he would like to be on until money tells him what to do.

  • civet

    I have 1982 footage of a young Obama clubbing and subsequently dry humping a baby harp seal after doing a potentially lethal amount of blow with Anton LaVey.

    Media response: meh.