Tonight, pollster Frank Luntz assembled a focus group consisting of undecided Colorado voters. By the end of tonight’s debate, the group had moved dramatically toward GOP nominee Mitt Romney.

At least half a dozen focus group members who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 now say they will vote for Romney. Virtually everyone in the group said that Romney won the debate and exceeded their expectations.

Luntz, who has been in the polling business for at least two decades, says he has never seen such a dramatic shift in opinion as a result of a debate.

In related news, CBS News reported results of  a post-debate poll of undecided voters:

  • KateNE

    The 32% who said it was a tie didn’t actually watch…

    • Mateo!

      Oh they watched. But they were just like they were in 08. They couldn’t hear a thing he was saying over their own chanting and worship.

    • hbnolikeee

      I’m thinking it was iPhone Lady’s crew.

    • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

      I think 32% of them had Thai wives, and that’s what they thought they were voting for in the poll.

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    Chris Tingles says it doesn’t matter. Nothing to see. Move along now.

  • Chip

    Smack down in D-town. KO for Romney!

  • Shirley Ann Smith-Rhodes

    With 4 more years of Obama, America will be destroyed! We will be a “third world” nation…, Complete with Sharia law They U. N. (Idiots of misfits) will run the world and islam will reign! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!

    • Rose Donlon

      You have got it goin’ on Shirley!!!!!!!!

    • TravisJSays

      True, but I have some confidence now that Americans WILL wake up and not make the mistake of re-electing the failed President Obama.

      • cojar

        We can only hope, Travis. I don’t have as much faith in the voters of this country that I once did.

        • TravisJSays

          At least they heard the Republican case made clearly and confidently enough that if they DO re-elect Obama, well, it will be clear what they are missing – a MUCH BETTER President.

          its like that comment … our nation can survive a man like Obama as President, but we cant long survive as a nation with an electorate willing to re-elect him!

    • Rick Garner

      Amen Amen Amen

    • JO

      Mexico will be putting up the wall to keep US out!

    • k owen

      Ditto, Shirley. This country better wake the hell up. No more “la de dah, we live in America, the land of opportunity, be who, what and where we want to be.” Take a look outside the fishbowl.

      This president is a radical Muslim sympathizer, the UN wants America to pay a tax? Pay for what? “One World Order Plans” going as scheduled for the Muslim extremists, we have to finance that too? Obama is another of their puppets-he can join Chavez, Putin, Soros.

      We need to leave the UN, with all the debt we forgave re WW2, all the fighting we’ve done all over the world, are doing in the Middle East-billions of our money-OUR tax dollars p-ss– away, for what? Higher gas prices?

      Our guys in Afghanistan: come home now, no thanks to “president screw-up” giving a timeline…Jesus Christ. How bad does it have to get??

      BHO is so obvious, how in the world could he fool so many people?

      • Joe

        My 12 year old son walked into the room last night and said ‘Dad – are you listening to the BS that Obama is spewing’? I was so proud!

  • Daniel Bowen

    Remember when Foreman destroyed Frazier? Very reminiscient.

    • CindyLu

      Full steam ahead.

  • Brett A. Wheeler

    My wife who is from Thailand even asked me what is Obama saying, e.g. he just keeps going in circles and doesn’t offer anything. As she put it, “even a child can tell Obama isn’t saying anything real”.

    • Cleanthes

      Ha! My wife is also from Thailand and she’s been saying that to me for four years. :-)

    • agroulx

      I have an ex girlfriend from Thailand, and even she is smart enough not to vote for Obama…

      • Doug Bruce

        I went to a Thai restaurant, and I wouldn’t vote for Obama …

        • TerryOtt

          I learned how to Thai my own shoes, and from what I can tell Obama’s support comes from people who never quite figured out how to

          • RblDiver

            Maybe Obama needs a Thai-me out? (OK, now I’m just stretching it lol)

          • Darth_Venomous

            Boo. Hiss. LOL. :-)

          • Rachel

            I love Thai Iced Tea…but I wouldn’t vote for Obama!

        • Brock Obumbawumba

          I’m smoking Thai stick, and I’m still not high enough to vote for Obama.

    • TravisJSays

      Yes, Obama babbled. Romney was coherent. A specific contrast was on the question of governing philosophy. Obama cant afford to be honest and go all ‘you didnt build that’ socialist, so he … babbled. Romney spoke of the Constitution and our rights and how government should be protecting them. Clearer and much BETTER.

      • Hiraghm

        And how rich people should be overtaxed and the middle class is the end-all, be-all of existence and no, I’m not going to cut gov’t spending to reduce deficit I’m going to keep taxing the producers til they go Galt. About there they started looking the same to me so I stopped watching.

        Romney didn’t surprise me, really.

        • GeneralAl

          There was no reference to overtaxing rich people. Romney merely said he’d cut taxes on the middle class and not for the wealthy. If you’d watched it to the end, you just might have have a different opinion!

        • Hope Motte

          If things work out the way Romney wants, what he is saying, the deficit will be paid down by more jobs, more people paying their taxes. Without big companies and small companies hiring, taxes are not paid. If O gets back in I will have to close my small business, #1 because of forced Obama care, and #2 of the overwhelming taxes that I cant keep paying.

        • AJs Daddie

          More mobies on the prowl.

        • Catchance

          Geez, Ron Paul lost. Get over it.

      • Linda

        without all the lame stream media editing………..Loved it!!

    • Henry Felter

      My wife came into the room where I was watching coverage of the Democrat candidates for President. This was in 2007 and I had just returned from Thailand. After a bit she asked me who Obama was. I told her a Demo candidate. She said he was evil, his mouth may smile she said but his eyes tell the truth. Ya gotta love Thai wives.
      She will get to vote next month and savors the thought she gets to vote against him. We’ll be in Thailand when Romney gets sworn it but will watch it on the internet

      • Stephen Greer

        Speaking of eyes, did you see how many times Obama would blink as he was speaking to the cameras? There are signs experts use to tell when a person is lying or otherwise being dishonest. That’s one of them.

        • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

          Do you remember how much McCain blinked in 2008? It wasn’t remotely as much, but the Democrats made a huge issue of it and derided him and Palin as “Winky and Blinky.” Like the deficit, I bet the excessive blinking doesn’t matter to them now like it did four years ago.

        • JO

          Interesting you would say that. I not only noticed that, but did you notice that Obama couldn’t look Romney in the eyes? I think that was out of guilt for all the lies he’s been telling in his ads about Romney. It was absolutely crazy! With all the liberal media’s lies, it was fun to see Romney put those to rest. Also interesting how OB kept repeating 3 times what Romney kept correcting him on. Like that was what he was prompted to say, couldn’t think outside of the box, no teleprompters.

          • Linda

            He has no “guilt” feelings, he lied in New Orleans, he lied after the Bengazi attack. He feels he is above all others and has a pass to say whatever he feels like saying without being checked on it.

          • deepindaheart

            I don’t think O can feel guilt… I think he was just wishing he could get the he!! outta there!

          • Robyn Dessauer Lewis

            I agree, just as when he kept talking about the $5 trillion (he claims) Romney wants to add to the deficit, even though Romney corrected him every time. Romney kept his head high and made eye contact, mr. holy one did not. It’s sad, cuz normally people can at least say Obama is a good speaker. Not last night!

          • James Line

            Obama said what he had to say he just does not see it anyother way. Romney could have hit him worse by say about the 500 million Obama gave to brazil to drill for oil and told them we’d be their best customer but he did not. also miit said about 90 billion he gave green energy but nothing about the half trillion he gave solyndra Obama Gave the 567 billion(solyndra). My point anyway is Obama gave his best.

        • Franklin Allbright

          I’ve heard that it’s also a code that the Muslim terrorists use deliberately to communicate without anyone else knowing.

          • Linda

            hahahah, probably!

        • Rachel

          He looked very sour like he ate a lemon, every time that Romney scored another point. And Romney scored ALOT of points. Obama did himself no favors tonight. Looked very bad and unsure of himself.

        • ride2live

          Or a sign he was coked up….

      • Brandi Alexander Fowler

        I remember seeing him on Oprah (yes I know!) and truly feeling his nasty, narcissistic spirit. But what sealed it was his wife – she is just evil through and through…..

        • voterid

          Yes, and Oprah lost half of her audience when she supported Obama. After she supported the Obama’s and went with them to compete for the Olympics being held at Chicago, both the Obama’s shut Oprah out of their lives. Michelle kept Oprah waiting for over an hour to see her…that’s how much the Obama’s care for others…they want only peoples votes, they could care less about the “little people” that follow them like a bunch of cattle. You can read all about this and more in the book The Amateur.

        • voterid

          Yes, and Oprah lost half of her audience when she supported Obama. After she supported the Obama’s and went with them to compete for the Olympics being held at Chicago, both the Obama’s shut Oprah out of their lives. Michelle kept Oprah waiting for over an hour to see her…that’s how much the Obama’s care for others…they want only peoples votes, they could care less about the “little people” that follow them like a bunch of cattle. You can read all about this and more in the book The Amateur.

      • Tanker74

        Is this your wife’s first opportunity to vote? Congratulations to her.

      • R.s. Moffatt

        I visited Thailand 10 years ago…I should have married one of them back then. I knew there was something special about them…I just didn’t know it was political.

    • Sam Gontz


    • politicaljules

      My husband from Thailand said he will vote for romney

      • Fai Mao

        My Chinese wife has said that Obama as looked untrustworthy for four years. It isn’t only the Thai wives that can judge character

        • Brock Obumbawumba

          My Laotian accountant says Obama’s an a$$hole.

    • Shar

      Obama IS a child.

    • QT

      yes, that’s his specialties, dance around a subject and move on…he even asked the moderator to move to another question tonight at the beginning..because he can’t dance anymore… :)

    • Chance Trance

      My wife is from Thailand also, her only surprise is that we actually have debates in America. Like most Thai’s she doesn’t like Obama because he’s has dark skin. I’ve had to explain to her many times, in America it’s bad to judge someone based on their skin color. I told her Obama does a bad enough job we don’t need to include skin color.

    • Ruth

      Really? Romney NEVER actually answered a question that was directed at him. He flip flops constantly and good luck to all the middle class IF he gets elected. The things he is proposing CANNOT be done with out increasing taxes and guess who that will be on….certainly NOT the rich, as he is one of them. It will be you and I who are working hard for our money….oh and where are your taxes Romney that congress has been asking for? Oh yeah probably in a off shore account somewhere making MORE money, while we all struggle.

    • mickeefann

      He loves repeating all the talking points because he knows NOTHING about job creation and economic matters. Romney cleaned his clock!!!!!

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Americans better wake up fast. It is time to start paying attention to what Obama is doing.

    • RetiredSF

      More importantly, we need to wake up and pay attention to what both of these gangs of crooks are doing to us. Here is some good stuff from Judge Napolitano and George Carlin about the reality of our situation. Hope you check it out and pass it along.
      De Oppresso Liber

  • jerry bouchet

    If the debate was a boxing match they would have stopped it in the first round and sent Obummer to the hospital

  • Axeman64

    That means 52% of the people who watched were brain dead.

    • James Van Roy

      What 52% are you referring to?

      • T Kallenbach

        i think Axeman meant 54% (32 = tie; 22 = Obama win)

    • Clyde L Trent

      You must be deaf in one ear and can’t hear from the other also Blind in one eye and no sight in the other !

  • chris hasty

    it was well worth all the traffic shutdowns. Obama got absolutely schooled by Romney tonight. a lot of my friends who were 20-21 four years ago who voted for Obama are more encouraged to believe in the america Romney wants us to be. obama lost a lot of the youth vote and romney gained the youth vote out here in colorado.

    • louisiana_mom

      My daughter and nephew both turned 18 during Obama’s administration. Being teenagers during Obama’s term has been rough on this age group of kids and many dispise him and what he has put families through! They have been forced to give up vacations and all the other “extras” they once got during Bush’s presidency. Many have registered Republican as a result.

      • Linda

        my nephew was 18, three months before he was able to vote for Obama. I asked him why he voted for him, what policy did he like, etc. His answer was, “He’s cool”. Out of the mouths of babes. Well, my nephew is now 22 and he has seen what a mess we are in. His dad’s business that he is being most definitly going to inherit, hit with taxes, regulations, insurance spikes, healthcare costs, the list goes on and on….has opened up his eyes to what can be and what should be, NOT WHAT HAS TO BE UNDER OBAMA’S RULE!!

  • Michelle

    the %22 percent that said Obama won clearly were not actually paying attention

  • Scooby_Doooo

    Chris Matthews didn’t feel that tingle tonight . He was having a coronary over how bad Obama did.

    • Michael Orlando

      I watched his melt down epic

      • BettsAZ

        Ha!…the only time I ever check out mslsd is on a night like this…poor little Chrissie.

    • Rose Donlon

      Good…..maybe he and all the other KOOL AID drinkers in the media will stop being deuche bags!!!!

      • Bruce Koeneke

        it may seem that the media will stop , and they may throw obama overboard (,in awhile ) but they wont throw liberalism overboard , in fact the left pundits will claim obama wasnt left enough and thats why he failed , it wont be the medias fault or liberalisms . it will become obamas fault ( and of course he’ll blame bush !! lol ),

    • Laura Palmer Holbrook

      He didn’t get a tingle, he felt a gush and wet trickle.

      • TexSizzle

        The tingle moved from his leg to his left arm.

    • AlmaAlma

      What about Hollywood? I fear for them.

      • deepindaheart

        I fear for our country… Obama and the dems are realizing they’re gonna lose and a cornered hyena is a very vicious animal.

        something must be done to protect the country between Nov 6 and Jan 20.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Someone on another thread somewhere said that Chris Matthews is now feeling the tingle in his left arm, and he complained it felt like MO was sitting on his chest…

  • David C

    Do we need to remind him of the swing to Herman in the first debate?

  • lumendelsol

    Obama sounded like the teacher from charlie brown. Why was he talking in circles?

    • Lyle E Long

      he had no telepromter

    • Ken Alan Draper

      Because he has nothing to offer, he’s always offered nothing but doubletalk, it’s only now that people are really listening.

    • WingedBishop

      He forgot to start with “Let me be clear.”

    • jhva99

      Obama was a heavy drug user in his young adult life and flipped over to alcohol when the choom was not a smart thing to do in his position.
      He doesn’t have the capacity intellectually to make the case for him self as Pres or any sense at all during a debate with a bright and articulate opponent.
      Because of his substabce abuse and the very weak job the media has done, never asking any hard or substantive questions, Obama is very weak and disorganized

    • AlmaAlma

      He’s been unchallenged up until now. Worshipped.
      He was visibly nervous because he knew in his bones, that Romney is a very intelligent, informed and eloquent man and good to boot.

  • Nana Taylor

    Without the MSMedia’s lies —they heard the Truth –from Romney

  • tjp77

    This debate just PROVES that if Romney had been given FAIR treatment by the media all along, he’d be ahead of Obama by 20 points by now.

    When people get to see Romney without the liberal media filter beating him down, they like him way more than Obama.

    • Clyde L Trent

      You said it all tjp77

    • tony greene

      Right on all points !!

    • $28215153


      • Elaine

        Finally we get to see the real candidate Romney without the media bias. What a surprise!

        • Judith Lewis

          CNN is going crazy because all their polls show that Romney was chosen to be the best in all categories. They’re stumbling and stuttering and old James Carvel is about to have a hissy fit. I love it!

    • Finrod Felagund

      Personally, I was just happy to see a Republican stand up in a debate and say that raising taxes is a bad idea, and make a strong stand for federalism and the Tenth Amendment to boot.

      • TundraThunder

        Amen to that!

      • RetiredSF

        I wouldn’t get too excited about Ole Mitt’s defense of the Constitution. Romney supports the Patriot Act (warrantless searches), NDAA(indefinite detention of american citizens without charges), the concept of too big to fail, the federal reserve, stimulus, bailouts and undeclared, never-ending, ever-expanding wars. It is nice to see the Marxist get his ass handed to him, but the real big things that matter will not change if Romney is elected. Government wil grow. The police state will grow. Globalism will grow. And oh yeah, the Constitution will be diminished on a daily basis. So sad for our children that there is no real choice, once again. De Oppresso Liber

        • $1718659

          For an ALLEGED retired special forces operator you’re not too smart. The NDAA as interpreted by Obama is not part of the Patriot Act – it is O’s EO that makes that possible. Also, Romney SPECIFICALLY last night – and previously – stated that he is absolutely opposed to the concept of “too big to fail” and shot that down as soon as he could rebut O. He has also come out for an audit of the Federal Reserve.

          • RetiredSF

            Nobody said that the Patriot Act was the same as NDAA. Romney is a politician who says what he thinks will get him elected. He has also stated that he believe the bailouts. SO has Ryan. Believing what politicians say and ignoring thier actions is what got us in this mess.
            Judge Napolitano Illusion of Choice
            Personal attacks online are lame. I live in southwest Georgia and will be more than happy to meet with you personally and we can compare our team time.

        • AJs Daddie

          You don’t like Romney? Get somebody else in the primary. Seriously. I hate eeyores.

          • RetiredSF

            I did vote another guy in the primary and will be voting for him in the general. I hate blind loyalty to crooked political parties. That is what got us where we are.

        • carole

          that is true

      • EastValleyConservative

        Absolutely. And Romney isn’t the conservative most expected–but he is proving he is NOT a RINO and he’ll nail even jello Obama to the wall.

        • MrSubtle

          Did you watch the same debate I did (well, I listened on the radio)? Romney said that he wouldn’t cut taxes, that he wouldn’t cut entitlements, and even accused Obama of cutting Medicare. I’m still planning to vote for the idiot, but I’m not happy about it.

          • JO

            Brian, google “Path to Prosperity 2013” and you will get Romney’s plan in detail. It’s brilliant and I think it will clear up a lot of things that were hard to explain in a 5 min answer. Everything you just mentioned will be very CLEAR to you in this document.

          • Joe
          • Terri Castles

            From the moment he picked Ryan for VP, Romney has stated emphatically that his plan is NOT Ryan’s plan. Pay attention people. He said he likes aspects of the Ryan plan, but the Romney plan is the Romney Plan.

          • Rachel

            Obama DID cut Medicare! Even they don’t deny it anymore.

          • Tedsunday

            He said no changes for current retires and those age 60 and above I am guessing changes below 60.

          • shrgngatlas

            Yeah, I know. I’d have loved it if Gary Johnson had won the Repub primaries instead of hanging on as a possible spoiler. But one step at a time. Romney’s GOT to be a h*** of a lot better than Nobama.

          • freeinaz

            A vote for Romney is a vote for America. Voting for Obama is like asking to live in Cuba.

          • Ron Smith

            Brian . . . Since you listened on the radio, are you SURE you put the right name on the voice you heard making those statements? I don’t think I heard Romney say those things.

          • brenda

            that isn’t what Romney said, maybe you need to watch again and take off the colored glasses…he said he would cut all non essential government expenditures including PBS…he said he will cut taxes for businesses and for individuals, he said he will reform social security/medicare which are not entitlement can bet the cost of his administration will be a lot less than Obamas with his Czars and lobbyist..go watch it again

          • Ginawmson

            I’m still planning to vote for the idiot but your not happy about it? Why? Does that make you a useful idiot?

          • Stephen Ryan

            You said that you are voting for the idiot, but you didn’t specify. Which one did you mean?

          • Lisa Edward

            even obama eat his own poop libturd still vote him,

            . The emperor wannabe has
            not clothes on. He never did.

            IS DEMOCRAT PITCHMAN he is know nothing
            about nothing FIRST DEBATE PROVE IT, he is mental MANNEQUIN . HE IS

    • Ruth

      You’re insane….he is nothing but a liar!

      • $1718659

        Yes – you ARE insane. Now be a good little girl and drink your kool-ade and go to bed.

      • Catchance

        Are you speaking of Obama? Yes, he certainly is a liar.

        • Ruth

          I am being harrased by other users due to the fact that they did
          not like my comment. Take me off of your site!
          Ruth McCormack

      • voterid

        Prove it!

    • GeneralAl

      Yep, what a difference it makes when the people can see an unedited version of Romney as opposed to a doctored video!

  • Chris Welch

    How can people say Romney won that debate.Big deal he says things need to change and he’ll do this or do that.I dont care what either one of them says about what needs to be done.We all know what needs to be done to fix this.I want answers and what they are going to do to try and fix it.I think that was more or less a tie,neither one of them talked about what they were going to do,it was either what they are going to do(which Romeny has never said “WHAT” he would do) or Obama talking about “WHAT” he has done*which apparently hasnt been much)

    • Guy_Montag_OG

      Obama was just sad. He was thinking about that bad slice he made on the back nine this afternoon.

    • truebeliever101

      I think Romney did lay out the framework of what he wants to implement. However, he is not so arrogant to think that just because he wants something, his way is the only way to implement it. He knows that to be a real leader he’ll have to have the input of the senate and the house…BOTH parties. He lays out the principle, together they work out the details.

      • Linda Petersen

        Amen….Romney is willing and capable of working with the Congress (both dems and repubs) to work out the “details”. As he should be. Romney just isn’t so much “into” bypassing Congress with executive orders (as our current president has done) . Romney is not interested in being a “dictator” Obama is obsessed with being in “supreme control”.

    • Clyde L Trent

      What debate did you watch ?

    • Philip Shaner

      You should not have smoked an ounce of weed before the debate.

      • gtdav

        Just an Oz? Just harvested In Oregon (with an OMMP card,,,It was ready tonight)…Go Romney!

    • Linda Petersen

      You may have “watched” BUT you didn’t “listen!

    • Malcolm Jenkins Sr.

      You’ve gotten so many likes on your post you must feel like a star?

    • Maria

      Romney did say what he was going to do.

    • stuckinIL4now

      You must’ve been watching the debate in that alternate reality with Uncle Joeke Biden, Auntie Nannygoat Pelosi and cousin Rachel Madcow.

    • Judith Lewis

      When Obama ran four years ago all he said was, “Hope and change.” He never said what that change was going to be and I don’t remember anybody asking what change. I did but nobody knew or cared. Now the dems suddenly want to know in minute detail what Romney will do. I know what he’ll do. He’ll work with Congress. Now there’s a concept.

    • Corey Dennison

      Hint #1 that Obama lost tonite: When he told the moderator to change the subject.
      Hint #2 that Obama lost tonite: He couldn’t make eye contact with his opponent.
      Hint #3 that Obama lost tonite: Maddow was reduced to bitching about the format rather than who won
      Hint #4 that Obama lost tonite: Chris Matthews had a full on meltdown as even he conceded that ObamAA- got butt-chugged by Romney
      Hint #5 that Obama lost tonite: Libs on the message boards have all be whining about what ObamAA- ‘should have said’
      Hint #6 that Obama lost tonite: He couldn’t brag about his achievements, but was forced to basically run on Clinton’s record and invoked the memory of Lincoln.
      Hint #7 that Obama lost tonite: Aww hell, how many more do you need? Your boy got smoked like a cheap cigar tonite!

      Your tears: They nourish us.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Cheap cigars get smoked? Or do they get turned into a sex toy…

        • Tom Simon

          When you add in the cost of the special prosecutor and the ‘Wag the Dog’ attack in Bosnia, that was a very expensive cigar indeed.

          So yes, cheap cigars do get smoked. Especially cheap cigars that wish they were Cuban.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    I’m watching the debate again on the Roku box, Tonight Obama proved he is a master debater……minus the DE.

  • Chris Welch

    and I did watch ALL of it,I never got up from the tv,and I paid special close attention.anyone who says Romney or Obama won that did NOT watch all of it and most likely those people already had in their mind who that want

    • Linda Petersen

      I DID watch ALL of it. Clear win for Romney!

    • Maria

      I watched it, and Romney wiped the floor with Obama. He won.

      • deepindaheart

        I’m starting now referring to Obama and Mr. Swiffer.

  • Guy_Montag_OG

    Pelosi declares Obama debate victory! Rachel Maddow concurs and queries, “why do we even need an election? He’s already won a second term. Let’s just all agree that an election is not required.”

    edit: Jeez, what do I need, sarc tags?

    • Ken H.

      Their empty heads resonated with Obama’s – so of course they think he won!

      • Guy_Montag_OG

        It gets better…

        Harry Reid declares Obama debate victory! Asks, “Term limits? Obama has clearly won the election! Let’s just declare him King for Life!”

        • jeanbean14

          Is this for real???

          • Guy_Montag_OG

            Of course not. I’m paraphrasing. :)

          • Timothy Crenshaw

            The sad part is that people have to ask if this is for real. It is actually believable that these people would say these things. Sad when you understand how low the expectations are of them.

      • Laura Palmer Holbrook

        They are just too drunk from playing Debate BINGO to realize when they got the BINGO it was a BAD thing.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • Larry James Dungan


    • deepindaheart

      and, hopefully, his previous supporters will realize: empty promises.

  • Homer Powell

    Anybody notice how Obama kept using the phrase “four years ago when I took office”? It’s like he’s trying to roll back the clock to 2008 before he took office and wants us to forget how much he’s screwed things up the past four years.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      He did mention AGAIN (First time on Letterman) that when he first came into office, there was “a trillion dollar deficit”. Aren’t the national debt and national deficit the same thing?
      Or, is the deficit how much we’re going to default on what we owe for the fiscal year? I assumed the deficit and debt were the same. Apologies for ignorance.

      • Maria

        I thought the same thing for awhile myself.

      • djtx

        My understanding is the debt is the sum total of all the money we owe everybody, and the deficit is how much, this year, we spent over what we took in. He has been upping the debt with each year’s deficits.

      • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

        The budget deficit is annual tax revenue minus spending costs, whereas the federal debt is basically a cumulative sum of past deficits.

        • Corey Dennison

          You said it better, and more succintly than I. :)

      • Jеrrу Thоmрsоn

        By the way, the deficit in 2008 was $400 billion, up $246 billion from 2007 due to TARP. It wasn’t anywhere near $1 trillion. Another Obama lie.

      • Corey Dennison

        Deficit (i.e. Budget deficit) is the negative difference between what the government takes in every fiscal year vs what it spends every fiscal year: “We’re spending more than we make.”

        Debt (the 16 Trillion number we hear about) is the accumulation of all the annual deficits. Since Obama took over, the annual deficits have been netween 1 – 1.5 Trillion, and when those are added together, you get the near 6 Trillion that he has added to the debt. It was just over 10 Trillion when he was immaculated in Jan 09, and it hit 16 Trillion during this year’s Democrat Nat’l Convention. (Poetic, huh?)

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Thank you all, for the plain spoken responses. I thought that’s what they were, but I didn’t want to make a bigger ass of myself than I already have, lol. You are all much MUCH appreciated! 😀

    • Linda

      Pulling up Slick Willie’s name a few times, trying to ride on his coat tails. Too bad there’s not enough room with Monica already trying to use them as well….

  • Bev Kitchings Copes

    One debate does not a winner make … if you wanted to see a true debate, ALL candidates should have been allowed to discuss the issues.

    • Linda Petersen

      All candidates? Please be more specific.

      • Laura Palmer Holbrook

        You dyslexic or speaking like Yoda? I think you may have wanted to say does not MAKE a Winner, not a Winner Make LOL She means Gary Johnson and Ron Paul LOL tee hee. that made me almost pee my pants typing that.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          Her grammar is correct: “One debate, does not a winner make.”

        • Maria

          KAdams is right “winner make” is correct. Plus you responded to the wrong person. You should have replied to Bev Kitchings Copes, not Linda Peterson..

      • RetiredSF

        I’m thinking Gary Johnson, the LIbertarian. I will be voting for him and think he should be allowed in the debates. But, neither gang wants that to happen. He might bring up something uncomfortable, like the Constitution or the lunacy of our War On Drugs. De Oppresso Liber

    • Maria

      Be honest with yourself. Romney not only won, but rubbed Obama’s face in it.

    • BossyBlonde

      A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.

    • Darth_Venomous

      Give it up, buttercup. Ron Paul isn’t going to be President, no matter how you may wish it so. (snicker)

  • Alex Hearn


  • tony greene

    How obama came across tonight..#tcot

  • Billy Riemer

    Move over, Mike Tyson, New Heavyweight Champ, Mitt Romney!

  • Billy Riemer

    Mr. Obama, We Need a Leader, not a Ladder!

  • bbhorsefarm

    Talking heads. Yes empty heads. Obama could not hold up to Romney. Moderator was PBS…and a lefty.Backbone and not Dictator or socialist is what this country needs.

  • Neil Leininger

    This Jen Psaki lady is in complete denial.

  • Philip Shaner

    I’m just now watching it over on the DVR – but one thing I can tell you – We have our choice – a bumbling fool whose all but trashed the nation over the past four years, or someone who has run business for years, won at times, lost on some things, longingly cared for a very sick wife, and he still cares to honor his parents at 65.

    All the bumbling fool could do was look stupid and toss anecdotes and distortions.

    Who do YOU want making decisions? A proven failure of historic proportion in our history, or a proven success – someone who has now demonstrated he CAN.

  • JJ McCartney

    Memo to Barack Obama: After four failed years, your re-election slogan(after tonight’s debate performance) should be changed. Instead of “FORWARD”, you seem instead to be saying this: “I want a do-over!”

    The job of President of the United States requires competence, maturity, substance and the ability to think and to speak without a teleprompter.

    Obama is an epic FAIL.

    • deepindaheart

      But wanting a ‘Do-Over’ usually includes a willingness and/or desire to do things differently… O would just do the same things he did before, but expect a different outcome.

      hmmmmmm, doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different outcome. Someone said something about that? What was it and who said it?

      Insanity and Einstein

  • Laura Palmer Holbrook

    Speculated Inner Monologue here: Where the CRAP is my teleprompter??? WHO THE H!$# thought this was a good idea?? I’m gonna kill Pelosi! Now where is Bill when ya need him?
    Meanwhile Bill to Hilary sitting on the couch watching the debate: This is going EXACTLY according to plan, glad I had that talk with John Kerry about coaching him. Now let’s call that Monica girl and see what she is up to…

    • stuckinIL4now

      Good point bringing up John Kerry–what the heck was he preparing Obama for?

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Yes, but in order to prepare someone, that someone must be present to be prepared. I wonder if he voted ‘present’ before gallivanting off to see the Hoover Dam.

  • Love of Country

    To me, the real story was MSNBC’s focus group ….. it actually mirrored the Luntz/Fox focus group. I expected to see a bunch of trained partisan seals spinning their collective asses off like Jay Carney, Robert Gibbs and Stephanie Cutter do every day. To my shock and delight, most of them said they would now be voting for Romney ….. unbelievable!

    I LOVE IT!

    • Brendon Carr

      Yeah, MSNBC has probably done some internal reevaluation on that one. Whose idea was it to bring actual undecided voters to the MSNBC “undecided voters” focus group? Next time they’ll let Axe stock the room for them.

      • cojar

        They can stack the deck as long as they want to. The American people are not stupid, even if the “liberal elites” think otherwise. They will only end up going belly up for lack of ratings.

  • golfcrackerjack

    The three in Luntz’s focus group who stayed with Obama are recovering from lobotomies. The didn’t understand that being an independent voter means one doesn’t fall on his/her sword for the village idiot.

    But to be fair, Obama wasn’t really all that bad trying to defend his failed presidency. OTOH, Romney was scary good.

  • Celeine Sandlin


  • JesLHW

    I’m amazed that 22% thinks Obama won and that 32% thought it was a tie. Some people are immune to the truth.

  • treblehook

    The emperor has no clothes. No teleprompter, no liberal media covering for him. Nothing more to add.

  • BLow

    The heck with Thailand. USA/ROMNEY?RYAN

  • Angel Nova

    Tthe Messiah has fallen from the skies. Obama should be humbled after this debate. He looks sick and haggard tonight.

    • deepindaheart

      a narcissist is incapable of humility.

      Obama will be ANGRY and out for BLOOD!

  • Gary M

    Looks like Obama was playing a defensive stall game and it didn’t work. Romney didn’t make the ‘gaffe’ the Dems were waiting for….

  • justlisa

    The truth…

    While there are other reasons Obama succeeded in’08…charisma, the feel-good transformative choice, etc… It was EASY to run against Bush…unpopular wars, 8yrs of being flogged by the media.

    • Maria

      He wasn’t running against Bush though. 😛

      • justlisa

        Someone, obviously, forgot to tell Obama that…

        • Maria

          Oh hehe.

  • Mae Lour

    People are talking about their Thai wives not voting for Obama. I am a Filipino and I’m not voting for Obama. We Asians know who is good for the job. Romney/Ryan 2012

  • James Neal

    Bravo! Great
    preparation, extensive in depth knowledge and grasp of the serious issues we
    face. Great leadership skills. The point on bi-partitionship resonated strongly
    with the focus group. Keep the pressure on and November will be a historic
    election when we get our country back.

  • Rachel

    Obama offered the same failing formula that didn’t work for the last four years. Nothing new…just more of the same garbage! He couldn’t defend four years of incompetence and failure. Romney trounced him. I feel very good about voting for Romney.

  • Rachel

    Well, everyone enjoy the victory tonight, because tomorrow the Democrats go on the attack. Nothing more dangerous than a trapped rat. And they are trapped NOW that Romney exposed Obama’s abject incompetence, and now that Mitt has shown what a leader he is.

    • Catherine Barrett

      That is why we must stand strong .. and support Romney .. already went online with another donation.

  • rant stocks

    This is my wish list.what if people voted RNC across the board and took full power in the WH the senate and congress like the DNC had.that would be awesome for the next 4 years.

  • wassup402

    How many ways are there in spelling Landslide?

  • Paul C.

    Romney Called the prez on all his lies unlike the MSM who never question what he says.

  • BeeKaaay

    This enthusiasm needs to until the day after Election Day.

  • shrgngatlas

    Just remember, it’s not who wins a “debate”, it’s who votes and who counts the votes. An activist judge in PA ruled against it’s legislatively passed Voter ID law because of the “possibility” some voters “might” be disenfranchised even though they had nearly 8 months to get themselves an ID. Sounds like a lot of dead voters in Philly and Pittsburgh just got resurrected and I doubt if they saw any debate.

  • Marks2Cents

    THIS is what happens when the propaganda media filter comes off. Imagine all of the things they’re helping Obama hide…

    • deepindaheart

      I have and it is VERY scary!

  • John Hanover

    Just like the Denver Post, Romney was trailing then he was leading then the polls disappeared from printing. Watch these new polls force them to give the narrative that the race is closer now…ha ha. Romney owned the room, look for the polls to start looking more realistic now. Confirming what we the educated and common sense enabled have known for a long time. If Luntz and CBS can find that much of a change in only one debate, can you imagine what the numbers will be after Ryan deals with Biden and Obama is beaten in the next two debates. Nothing But Clowns and Completely Nullified News will be given their pink slips this November.

  • Jim Clark

    Great thread… Thai’s it all together

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    If I may say, Romney truly gave Obama the smackdown when it came to MA healthcare vs. Obamacare: “The difference, Mr. President, is that 85% of my constituents voted for it, wanted it. Obamacare, on the other hand, didn’t get a single Republican vote, and you pushed it through anyway” (paraphrased)

  • Sam Howard

    I think the 32% that call it a tie either didn’t watch the debate or actually weren’t uncommitted voters. Ijs….

  • Streetiebird

    Romney was more animated, I’ll give him that. But it’s too bad he has to back-pedal on his own policies, and hide the rest for fear the middle class will see what he wants to cut. Obama had the substance, Romney had style.

  • Bowdoin81

    No one who saw the Denver debate can deny that switching from Obama to Romney would be a substantial upgrade in American leadership.
    I say we have to declare that November 6 is National Leadership Upgrade Day.

  • Heather Ewell Cole

    No matter what obama does or any person/leader for that matter,,, even if he fainted on stage, or did something even more terrible in front of the world there are those who would still be blinded by him. There are always people who for pure spite, or other silly reasons or for just no reason at all will continue to keep the blinders on or keep heads in the sand about anything not just about voting in someone with obvious major defects in soul, spirit, personality, morals, values, etc. They are still there. (sigh)

  • Streetiebird

    Why does anyone treat Luntz as if he’s some kind of independent pollster? He’s proven time and again to be a shill for whoever is paying him the big bucks, and for years it’s been hard-right FOX news. This “focus group” is just a stunt FOX pulls when they want the viewers to think that real independents agree with Republicans. 10 Obama voters, but ALL of them undecided in this election, that sure makes up for a good sample LOL

    • Linda

      You just go ahead thinking that way, someday you may wake up and think for yourself as well

    • Darth_Venomous

      Why does anyone treat Luntz as if he’s some kind of independent pollster?

      Why does anyone treat you as if you have as much as one-quarter functioning brain cell, Tweetyturd?

      (That’s a rhetorical question, BTW – you’ve already proven you don’t.)

      This “focus group” is just a stunt FOX pulls when they want the viewers to think that real independents agree with Republicans. 10 Obama voters, but ALL of them undecided in this election, that sure makes up for a good sample LOL

      CBS: Romney 46-22CNN: Romney 67-25.

      Spin that, chumpette. (chuckle)

      • Streetiebird

        You’re not worth my time :) Thanks for trying though.

        • Tom Simon

          Streetiebird, since you’re not President, you’re not entitled to a house or an airplane — but you’re STILL not entitled to your own facts.

          Every poll shows Romney the winner, by varying percentages. Maybe Darth Venomous isn’t worth your time, but reality should be.

          • Streetiebird

            Yeah, did I say he didn’t “win” the debate? Read what I wrote.

        • Darth_Venomous

          Shorter Tweetyturd: “WAAAAAH!!! I’ve been PWNED!!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!”

          R. O. F. L. X-D

          • Streetiebird

            Again you prove why you’re not worth talking to.

        • RightStuff

          I’d guess that you wouldn’t make a pimple on Darth’s hiney, Streetie.

          • Streetiebird

            Yeah, because spatulacity is such a popular blog LOLOLOL

          • RightStuff

            You mean flatulencity?

          • Streetiebird

            Yes, yes I do :)

  • Karl Spencer

    It wouldn’t surprise me if the mainstream media just stops showing Romney anymore. Heck, they may just not televise the next 3 debates (1 vp). A total butt whooping!

  • Rosie

    Before the 2008 elections were held, I was sitting in a restaurant with an elderly woman from Germany. She was there when Hitler was in power. The TV screen in the restaurant showed Obama talking. She looked at the TV and then at me and said: “I’m not voting for him. He reminds me of Hitler.”

    • RightStuff

      And if Americans will study the rise of the Third Reich, even down to the speech mannerisms of the fuhrer, they will be afraid. Very afraid! One other thing about the fuhrer was his perpetual negative campaigning, pitting one group against the other. SCARY.

      • smiley_t

        Before the 2008 election, I read what I thought was an Obama speech. Ended up being a speech from 1959 given by Fidel Castro. The similarities were scary…

  • RightStuff

    Having been in a long career where I dealt with high school and junior-college students, I learned to pick out the lightweights, the lazy, the glib, etc. I’d say that Barack Obama proved himself last night to be all of the above, plus some.

  • alohasteve
  • stillinthe60s

    Romney’s “Shocked and Mauled” campaign debate strategy.

  • RickyZicky

    An entire half a dozen? Wowzie. Isn’t that like 6 people? That’s great because Colorado has only 13 registered voters right? I support Mitt, but really?

  • MarkStolzoff

    what happens when the facts come out and everyone finds out mitt lied 8/10 during the debate?

  • Steve Mcm
  • Steve Mcm

    YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS BE FOR YOU VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ONeil Arce

    wait till the second debate on foreign policy….Obama will be torn apart! He doesn’t have a leg to stand on…no accomplishments at all to show…oh excuse me, he showed that he is the ONLY PRESIDENT in U.S. history. that bows to Muslim Kings.