Despite all the hand-wringing about Mitt Romney’s campaign (see, e.g., here, here, and here), Romney is slightly ahead of President Barack Obama in Colorado, a key battleground state, according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

The article on Rasmussen’s website is incorrectly dated August 7, 2012.  The poll was carried out yesterday and the results were published today.

Six percent of survey respondents were undecided. Typically in a race against an incumbent, undecided voters break toward the challenger.

The Rasmussen poll follows a Denver post poll last week showing Obama 1 point ahead of Romney.

Colorado has 9 electoral votes.

  • no_more_deceit

    Occupy your ballot on November 6th. VOTE R-R.

  • Streetiebird

    Sept 13: #Ohio (A state Romney actually needs) #Obama 47%, Romney 46%…

    • Dio Heerai

      So Romney was right about the 47% freeloader vote for Obama huh

      • Owen007

        Course, if they can’t bum a ride off anyone, they probably won’t show up to vote.

    • Owen007

      Oh my God, one point behind… in a poll that likely has a slightly larger margin of error… in a state Obama won by five last time… with a month and a half to go.

      …Well, clearly this election is over. 😐

  • Dio Heerai

    Epic fail for the democrats , all day long we have been waiting for the Obama campaign and the media to make their case for Romney’s “embarassment” but NOTHING.
    And now THIS

  • Owen007

    Cue more campaign stops in Colorado… and I mean both sides.

  • reshas1

    I know alot of people here in Colo that are working their asses off….

  • nc

    But but but the lapdogs said the race is OVER.

    Shhhh, don’t tell them, why upset them? They won’t believe it anyway. They certainly won’t report it.