In the wake of yesterday’s deadly outburst in Libya, some Twitter users are demanding justice.

Mind you, they don’t want any action to be taken against the vicious murderers who ruthlessly killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other Americans.

No, these Twitter users are calling for action against Terry Jones, a private U.S. citizen who — horror of horrors! — praised a crappy anti-Muslim movie. The nerve!

Like Mike Barnicle and UPenn professor Anthea Butler, these Twitter users don’t seem particularly enamored of that little thing called the First Amendment. It’s just a technicality, you see.

They are certain Jones must be guilty of a crime. Or something. So arrest him at once!

But, really, why bother with a trial? If it’s OK to ignore Jones’ basic constitutional rights, why not carry the lynch-mob mentality to its logical conclusion?

  • Josephine (D)

    What about tolerance, you guys?!

    • TugboatPhil

      Tolerance and inclusion are great for them, as long as you agree with them.

  • E L Frederick

    These animals are no better than the barbarians who killed the Ambassador…

    • TugboatPhil

      Well to be fair to the Muslim barbarians, at least they think they know why they are savages.

    • lhogan

      These people are useful idiots. The murderers in Libya are Evil. There is no equivalence. These are merely fools.

  • WhoMeToo

    Dolts on Patrol.

  • lazypadawan

    This is why I really fear for our future.

  • Mike Sanfilippo

    The one thing they all have in common? They excuse the behavior of the bloodthirsty murderers. That tells you all you need to know about the people writing the tweets above.

  • weRbroke

    What a hateful ANTI-First Amendment lot of turds in the swimming pool of Humanity.
    Humanity is circling the drain because of tools like these people…and I bet they have NOH8 stuck somewhere to show their ‘support”.

    • Guest

      Yea who cares that they knowingly provoked the radical Muslims.

      Here’s something your dumb ass to process, if it wasn’t for the movie and idiots like Terry baited a group just looking for a reason to act like monsters, 4 people would be alive today.

      Think about that, I know it will be the first time you did in your life.

      • J. Cox

        No..its morons like you who think 1 persons actions justify someone else’s.Should a Christian be allowed to riot and murder people because of the constant belittling of Jesus and the Christian faith?You make excuses because you can not think like a rational human being.I sure hope you do not live in the U.S.,because your call for the quashing of 1st Amendment rights is a sure sign of how far the left has truly fallen.If you also believe muslims will not kill Christians,Jews,and anyone else unless someone makes a movie they may disagree with…then you need to crawl back under the rock where you have been hiding for a whole lot of years.I am sure you can dig up some speech or film that caused the Darfur massacres,and the daily murders in Islamic countries of Christians right?How about the estimated thousands of Christians in Iran jailed,tortured for their faith…what movie caused that?Blame everyone but those responsible..leadership at its best.

        • rebel83

          Well in the 2000 years since Christs death we’ve had crusades, inquisitions, witch burnings, beheadings, hangings, drownings, wars, and famine that can all be directly linked to Christs followers. So what do you think?

          • J. Cox

            No wars happened before Christ death?Do you know anything about the crusades?Do you know anything about Arab culture?Have you spent more than a minute on the ground..spoke to the people?I am guessing NO.Again..are YOU OK with getting rid of the 1st Amendment because someone might be offended and do something?This is why you liberal hacks are destroying this country and trying to destroy the rights spelled out in the constitution…not like you know what that document means…but by all means..blame Christians,because that is how you lead from behind,and justify your failed policies and logic.

          • rebel83

            Inciting violence is not protected speech. Look it up and learn something about this great nation of ours.

          • J. Cox

            Sorry bub..that film is nothing more than a excuse..nice try covering for your do nothing empty chair.Maybe you should read a SCOTUS decision…unless you are going to control anything and everything that might offend someone.Your hypocrisy is showing,please pull head out of nether regions.

          • rebel83

            I’ve read a few that do not support your argument at all.

          • J. Cox

            Obtuse aren’t we..please show just 1 SCOTUS decision regarding any movie ever made that did not call on anyone to any action other than 1 fomented in their head..just 1…you can’t.Incitement..please look up the definition of the word 1st,then come back and tell me how a crappy movie that has been out since July,all of a sudden caused riots on…9/11!Then tell me how this movie also caused these same rioters to attack German and British embassies.Then tell me how a movie can also go back in time 4 days when intel was given that these riots were going to happen.You can’t,and you know it.
            This entire false narrative that the movie caused this to happen is a joke,and nothing more than a attempt at scapegoating for Oblamo’s incompetence as a leader,and his policies regarding the entire Arab Spring…but hey..keep throwing it against the wall…it may stick.I sure hope Muslims are not offended by abortion,because if they are..there are a whole lot of PSA’s on youtube concerning that.I also wonder if you are going to actually answer any of the questions I previously asked,or are you going to stick to this false narrative.If its the latter..please save yourself some typing and go tear up your own copy of the constitution,I like mine just fine as it is.

          • rebel83

            Yep and 9/11 was an inside job. I’m not doing your homework for you the cases are on the books google it.

          • J. Cox

            Thanks for once again proving you are nothing more than a lying,pathetic troll.I hope you really do believe 9/11 was a inside job..please shout that as loud as you can.I am glad you can not find 1 case supporting your argument…then try to put the research for it on are ignorant…but we both know that now,don’t we?

          • rebel83

            Way to understand sarcasm there man.

          • J. Cox

            Yawn…still waiting for a answer..any answer to one of my questions..or better still,some factual information proving your claim that the supreme court has held up any law /or decision that denied anyone speech via movie or video that did not specifically call on anyone to violence.Crickets eh?

          • rebel83
          • J. Cox

            1st one…no plot here to overthrow the government..does not meet the criteria set forth
            2nd one also does not meet this..the film does not hinder the prosecution of a war.BTW..most of these countries with the attacks are double fail.
            3rd one shocker..does not meet the standard either,as this film does not call for violence.Keep grasping at straws though,and using wiki while doing it.ROFL..the supreme court has its own site with every decision and grouped to make research easier..but you chose wiki..smh

            3 fails and you will never get it will you.One last try to get you to actually answer a question though..If a Pro choice pac makes a youtube advocacy video…and Muslims use that as a pretext to violence..Are you willing to silence groups such as NOW,code pink?How about a video about LGBT rights..if they used that as a excuse..would you call for the silencing of these groups?Or does your hypocrisy only fall on those who are,or claim to be Christian?

          • rebel83

            No one is allowed to incite violence, yet again, for the last time, it does not matter what side of the isle you are on, what your moral or religious belief is you do not and will never have the right to cause violence against a fellow member of your country.

      • robcrawford2

        So, “Kami3k”, you don’t believe Muslims are capable of controlling themselves? You consider them little more than animals — unrestrained bundles of impulses?

        • seanmahair

          She may not but I think it’s reasonably obvious that that is exactly what they are. What kind of “people” treat others like this? How can this be in any way justified?

      • KansasGirl

        O shouldn’t have bragged about killing Osama.

        • Corey Dennison

          Shhhh…the media doesn’t want anyone to notice that!

          • KansasGirl


      • Jim Martini

        Here is somthing for your (quite obviously) small Liberal mind to ponder (don’t hurt yourself…) The film in question was uploaded on 7/2, the attack on the embassy 9/11. 1) I know we enjoy better connections, but even on an old 300 baud modem (giving away my age) you could have seen it long before now. 2) The Al Queda #1’s brother was at the “protest” in Egypt.
        Now I know you are mentally defecient, so let me spell it out for you, THIS FILM WAS JUST A CONVIENT EXCUSE for a WELL PLANNED MILITARY STYLE ATTACK.
        Get it?

        • shiral boone

          Absolutely correct. Did you hear what they were chanting? Disqusting. Good place to drop a bomb.

        • rebel83

          And what you forget is that it did not hit Arab tv until 9/8. Way to do your research bonehead.

      • weRbroke

        Go BULLY someone else. I have had enough of YOUR KIND to last me a lifetime and I am too old to be scared for my life.

      • Corey Dennison

        >>>Kami3k<<< this is what inbreeding sounds like when it posts on the internet.

      • grais

        If it weren’t for the murderous islamists, 4 people would be alive today.

        How dumb are you gonna get?

      • seanmahair

        They don’t need a reason except that others are “infidels” and thus not entitled to life. The sooner you people get your minds around the fact that these animals will kill you (your family, friends, neighbors, co workers be they Jews, Gentiles, Christians, atheists, Buddists, or Scientologists. Not to mention Gays, Lesbian, Liberals, progressives and a whole host of others who’s only crimes is not being Muslim). Their stated goal is to destroy the nations of the world who don’t bow to allah so no matter how “nice” you are to them they are plotting your demise. Say what you will about the West but we don’t go around plotting the deaths of people because they don’t believe in the same God we do. I have thought about it. A lot. Most probably a lot more than you have otherwise you’d know this.

      • Debbie Finch Sikes

        you do not have anything to back up your remark. they HATE us, we give them money and they try to kill us. To them we are all infidels

    • Michael Rice

      Let’s see. Hurt their feelings and they kill you. Don’t say anything and they take over your country and kill you. Lovely options…

  • Moue La Moue (D)

    I don’t think many people understand the brain-washed masses of extremists out there. It does not matter what WE do as American’s. They will hate us. Period. There is no getting through, there is no reasoning with them. The only thing they understand? Strength. If we are stronger than they, will they get the message. Peace through Strength. None of this dancing around the fire, singing songs BS. But then, we’ll never seem as strong with Obama in the WH.

  • CalCon10

    Libs are objecting to treason, huh? About time. Oh, wait. It’s free speech they object to. Disagreeing with them is “treason.” Liberals still celebrate REAL treason as “patriotism.”

  • SL

    This is no surprise coming out of these Dhimmicrats. This is why these far left extremists have to go. This is their thought process. And this is what’s running the White House. Scary as hell.

  • Theresa Singleton

    you all need to shut up!!!!!. you are using freedom of speech. HOW DARE YOU!!!!! It is ok for muslims to murder christians, burn our flag, kill our people and you people have the balls to say this terrorist murder of Americans in Lybia was the movies fault????? how much koolaid you been drinking? you are all Zombies with no clue. it is because of freedom of speech that sick libs like you all , Althea Butler ( chicken chit locked her twitter account) spew such vile hate as you do. and yet this film producer should be murdered for freedom of speech?????????????? talk about koolaid drinkers. oh and by the way…. Those so called people that killed those innocent Americans … are evil and would have found a reason to do such anyway,…. dumazzzzzz’s

    • Kenneth Eidson

      I could not have said it any better. Using First Amendment Rights to explain the dangers of Islam or Muslims is a right all Americans should be studying and understanding. But then you have Jack Wagons like Obama who closes his eyes to the atrocities that are inflicted by the muslim extremist and apologizes to these terrorist nations. We will see an increase in attacks on U S Embassies around the world and U S Citizens. Our people in Iran under Carter was a farce but when you had people like Ragan stepping into office the result was different. My understanding was that Ragan told Iran that it would cease to exist if they were did not release our people in 24 hours.

      • Debbie Finch Sikes

        you are right. and I cannot for the life of me figure out why people are saying he should be killed? They are CRAZY!! and it is sad to think that our citizens would make the remarks above. as far as something being ‘insulting’ to muslims, I could care less. No one cares when any other religion is ‘insulted’ by something or even those who do not believe in a higher power – atheists. they complain and get things done that are against the majority of the people in our country. How can you make open remarks asking for someone’s death!!!!

    • Mack Arlington

      Still looking for tweets above ^^^ that express outrage for the actual murderers.

      • Garth Haycock

        You will never find it. Obamabots are not programmed to love the Constitution of the United States. They are only programmed to hate what Dear Leader tells them to hate.

        • Poopy McPooperson

          Are you functionally retarded?

    • shiral boone

      You got it right. The movie is terrible but thats my opinion. People say dumb things but that’s their right. No one has the right to murder.

  • Capt_Twang

    This is just a glimpse of the fhe filthy ignorant mobs that will inhabit our future, if we don’t act now. Emotionally unstable swarms of overfed and clueless anarchists screaming for blood.

    Ignorance and ‘want’ is a bad combination.

  • rifleman

    Terry Jones is clearly an idiot seeking his 15 minutes of fame but when Muslims start rioting and killing they give him just what he wants: attention.

    • robcrawford2

      Jones wasn’t involved in making the movie. Do some digging, and don’t trust the press.

  • Rafael Eduardo Peña-Rios Riber

    What they did to the diplomats is disgusting. But i really dont like people who bash ANY religion being liberals or radical religious groups

  • Snap N McGarrett

    Times like these remind us that we’re facing a vicious, erratic cult that attacks every freedom that we hold dear. They assault us while hiding behind women and children. Violence and intimidation are their primary weapons used to impose their sick, twisted ideology of absolute subservience upon us. They seek to eliminate those who disagree with them while promising a false paradise to those who will submit to them. They are absolutely evil.

    We also have radical Islamists trying to do the same thing.

  • Richard Jefferies

    If I burn a mosque to the ground and claim the death of Libyan ambassador hurt my feelings, do you think the left would be sympathetic of me? This is Holland redux, burn the cartoonists for offending Islam!

    • shiral boone

      I have seen pictures of them killing their own people because they were Christian and would not convert back to Islam. I was offended.

  • Jan Oquin

    Attacking the movie maker or a person who “likes” the movie is the same as attacking the gun instead of the person using the gun.

  • DavidKramer

    Can we PLEASE talk about a two state solution folks, there is absolutely no way to deal with these insane freaks. It is like trying to bargain with Islam. They are going to destroy our country, let them do it to tiheir own. We will give them, NY, CA, IL and maybe WA and one or two more states. They make up about 20% of the country only. Anyone that begins whining like a lefty we boot them into the Democrat holding states. You know it is the only peaceful solution………………LOL

    • JoeMyGod

      I endorse your idea and suggest you start your new country in Texas. It’s huge and has bountiful natural resources. Oh wait. Mexicans. Let me think another minute…

      • DavidKramer

        Nothing wrong with Hispanic people, illegal invaders is another matter all together. Why are you so racist?

    • dogrdg

      Oh heck, I live in CA- I’m not a lefty any suggestions on which state I should move to?

      • DavidKramer

        Leave, I did in 08 before the SHTF. So did my brother, my nephew and his wife. We moved to a state that went Republican.

  • Mia Bryant

    Wow! How quick some people are to want to play executioner! Yet isn’t it strong opinions like that they are enraged about??? Now WHO wants to step up and take responsibility if Terry Jones ends up dead?? Should we all play judge and jury?

  • Guest

    OOOOH! It’s all Terrys fault for insulting Muslims. Uh no. I think it’s Obama with American blood on his hands. You think the line at Chik Fil-A was something, wait till election day. It’s gonna be epic.

    • rebel83

      The men who made the video are the ones with blood on their hands, as well as the men who murdered the embassy workers. All of these men need to be brought to justice.

      • Guest

        Then arrest Obama too for inciting violence for bragging how HE got Osama. The murderers were carrying signs with Osamas picture on it. Guess Obama should of kept his mouth shut. A video does not justify murder!!!!

        • rebel83

          Can you not read or do you not understand that I just said that a video does not justify murder?

  • grais

    Well, if Terry Jones is murdered, I hope all those boneheads are ready to face the music.

    • Corey Dennison

      No, cuz don’t ya know…if they arrest him, all Islamic violence will end for all time. Right?

      • weRbroke

        That one earned a snarky snort.

  • allenbarr

    oh sure arrest Terry Jones. 1 american against islamic countries shouting Jihad every hour of the day.

  • MirrorKrys

    The pastor has the freedom to make a film just as the one who made the film about assassinating former president Bush (where were the calls for jail ?). Or Spike Lee tweeting George Zimmerman’s address so he could be attacked…. As we saw with leftists in the past, they have no problem insulting christianity with a cross in urine, feces on the Blessed Mother, and so forth, and no one is calling for them to be in jail. Is the first amendment now being defined that you can express your opinions freely EXCEPT when it offends a violent mob? See only leftists like Lee and others are allowed to be irresponsible with their speech you commoners are not allowed. The mobs who murder are responsible for their actions…no one else.

  • Madelyn Martine

    What’s ironic is if these knuckle-draggers want to have this kind of “justice” they should immediately go to Libya, Syria, Iran, Egypt etc., and join the mob of the religion of peace. They can then kill anyone for any reason.

  • Daryel Miller

    why dont all of you calling for the death of Terry Jones why are you sucking up to the murdering bastards you are the reason that we had 911 2001 pres Bush but cowerds like you the muslims dont like in fact
    thay hate your stupid ASS

  • grais

    There certainly isn’t a lawyer in that fruitbasket.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Ah yes, the good old left. If nothing else they are consistent. The party of tolerance and simultaneously, perpetual outrage. They call for the murder of someone because they disagree with something that he said.

    It sounds, oddly enough, JUST LIKE the people who killed our embassy people doesn’t it? Coincidence?

  • JoeMyGod

    “Mind you, they don’t want any action to be taken against the vicious
    murderers who ruthlessly killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other
    Americans.” Where, exactly, do they say that?

    • J. Cox

      Where do they say they do…on any news or other media site?Other than the 1 liner from the president…crickets. Everything is directed at the filmmakers,or that pastor,and anyone else that the media will scapegoat for this instead of placing the blame where it belongs…but you knew that…you just don’t care because it doesn’t fit your narrative.

      • JoeMyGod

        And by “one-liner’ you must mean today’s nationally televised news conference by the president and Secretary Clinton? And the president’s denouncement of the Cairo embassy apology? And the president’s ordering of all government and military flags to be flown at half-staff? That one-liner?

    • Corey Dennison

      Reading is FUNdamental.

  • Guest

    As a “leftists” I hope Terry does die. So does the idiot who knowingly made the movie purposely to bait.

    I also hope the religious retards that did the attack are killed.

    But unlike the idiot right wingers here I know the fault is all religion and dogma as a whole, so fuck Islam, fuck Christianity, fuck Judaism, and fuck religion as a whole.

    • robcrawford2

      Charming, tolerant person. Hope you never make a movie expressing your opinion of religion.

    • Corey Dennison

      You fell on your head as a child, didn’t you?

    • grais

      The guy who made the movie wants Terry Jones to die? huh?
      How dumb are you gonna get?

  • KR

    Terry Jones did make the film …LOL How about you arrest the TV station in the country that this took place. They showed clips of a film that was released in July over and over to incite the extreme islamist. Some people have a warped way of thinking. you can’t go around silencing people, when you do, the same freedoms are at stake for you. Get a grip people. Put the blame where it belongs with the people that murdered 4 Americans.

  • Mike Meyer

    Typical liberals. It’s ALWAYS the fault of someone else. If people wanna cry for “death” for someone, why not the Muslim that, ya know, actually killed these people? Why must they ALWAYS, blame somebody other than those responsible for crimes? Why? I don’t get it.

  • Shawn E. Johnson

    It is insane and absurd the logic of so many people! I think Jones is a crackpot but if Christians were offended by Muslims belief that they should be killed and attacked them who would these people blame? The double standards are ridiculous! Grow some stones folks and stop being afraid and angry at the wrong people!

  • NWFL Conservative

    Calling for Terry Jones’ murder, based on something he said, which agree with it or not, is still protected under our First Amendment, places these people on the very same level as the inhuman muslime savages who attacked our embassy and killed four Americans.

    But as we all know by now, Freedom of Speech is only for liberals anyway. If Conservatives exercise their First Amendment rights it is bigoted, homophobic hate speech.

    • rebel83

      Well if you’d stop gay bashing and using racial slurs, people might respect your speech more.

      • NWFL Conservative

        Oh really? Where in my post did I make a racial slur and where did I bash gays? Do you live in a parallel reality? Has the Kool Aid really disconnected you that much from reality?

        • rebel83

          Show me where they didn’t and where they were accused of it.

          • Guest

            Your post makes no sense. You refer to the post I made and then go off on some tangent? Are you really that non-functional? How do you get through your day being that disconnected?

          • rebel83

            How do you get through your day without being able to spell Muslim? For hating an entire religion your ignorance is showing.

          • J. Cox

            How do you go about your day making idiotic accusations,then when asked for proof..change the subject and obfuscate the point?Still waiting for the gay bashing and racist statement in that post to be pointed out…crickets.Throwing the word racist,bigot and homophobe have lost all meaning because in every argument..that is the 1st,2nd,and last card you leftist play.Congratz on actually doing more harm to race relations in the last 4 years than every real racist has done in the last 100.

          • NWFL Conservative

            Is that how you answer a question, with another question? Dodge my question? How pathetically weak minded of you. Second graders do that, and usually end with sticking out their tongues and saying nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah! Go change your huggies little boy, they are leaking.

  • JoeMyGod

    Media outlets report that the man named as the film’s producer does not exist. Some are now wondering if the entire thing was staged and timed to damage the Obama campaign.

  • KansasGirl

    Maybe O should of quit bragging about killing Osama!

  • imgary3

    The hypocracy of the left, freedom of speech only if you agree with them other wise you must die, some tolerance. They are advocating Sharia Law.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    You can yell fire in a crowded theater especially when the theater is on fire because it has been fire bombed by 7th Century swine in filthy night shirts who cannot get along with any of their neighbors and who use movies and any other excuse to commit more savagery.

    The only possible benefit to come from the coming Islamic Caliphate in America is that their persecution and purge will begin with godless infidels the likes of the 12 anti-Christian bigots pictured above. So called, gays, lesbians, feminists, pedophiles, atheists will long for the days of the peace loving, tolerant Christian majority America.

    It is good to see someone is keeping tabs on the leftist loons who are inciting violence against Rev. Jones so we can bring them to justice in the event any harm is done to him.

    Classic godless, leftists, they think civil-rights are only for them.

    Liberalism is a suicidal, anti-Christian bigoted and anti-american mental disorder.

  • dlxgirl

    I would suggest that the people who sent out these tweets be arrested for conspiracy to commit murder!

  • stillinthe60s

    Sell America on your logic Leftist Twitterer’s.
    First raise your hand if you were against capital punishment for criminal murderers before you were for executing an American citizen exercising his God given right to speak freely in the US.
    Thought so!
    Stop emoting and try a little thinking.

  • Chauncey Freeman

    Liberal logic and “reason” believes that one old redneck with an audience of 5 who gives 2 thumbs up to a film critical of Mohammed is responsible for increased savagery in the barbaric Islamic world but not the global broadcast to billions worldwide of Barack Hussein Obama bragging for 3 days solid about “killing” Osama Bin Laden at the democrat convention a week ago. Liberalism is a dangerous strain of feeble mindedness.

  • Kami3k

    Lol at the fascist Nazis here. You are what is killing the US.

  • hounddoggie

    I cant believe the hate speech I see on this site. You call yourselves Americans? I dont know who Terry Jones is but I know right and wrong when I hear it.

    our enemies has not made the world a safer place. Article 3, Section 3
    of the United States Constitution states: “Treason against the United
    States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering
    to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” I consider providing
    funding to the Muslim Brotherhood and apologizing to them when they
    murder our citizens to be Aid and Comfort.”
    ~Michael Ford~
    Many of you are speaking treason anti Christian Anti American propaganda. Its the most racist I have ever heard. This is America JACK…As you have the right to speak such ignorant hatred remarks, This Terry Jones guy has his rights to. As Jesus said, he that is without sin cast the first stone… meaning are you willing to go to jail with him for the words of hate you are speaking about Terry Jones?

  • roger w


  • shiral boone

    I hate what has happened the movie is terrible. You all are taking this too far, freedom of speech must be protected even if you don’t like the speech.

  • seanmahair

    If someone is going to be arrested I would think that Barak Hussein Obama would be first on the list. It is his failed foreign policies that are to blame for what happened yesterday. It is he who has bowed and scraped to tin plated religious dictators with delusions of godhood. He is the one who wanted to “reach out” to these animals. Well, as most rabid animals will, they bit the hand that was feeding them. Time for a new policy. NO MONEY to any country we can tie to Al Queda, these acts or religious intolerance of any kind. NO MONEY for countries who treat women as chattel and treat children as expenditures. NO MONEY for people whose stated goals are the destruction of any and all other religions and countries that don’t ascribe to their personal doctrines. NO MONEY now, NO MONEY ever to them and anyone who supports them. No companies do business with them, no students from their countries allowed to come here for training, no visas, no green cards and no immigration. Anyone who wants to go back there can get a free ticket for the first plane east (or west doesn’t matter). And yes I am seriously incensed, I can’t even describe how angry I am.

  • ozconservative

    You can’t yell fire in a crowded theater if there is no fire because that is a lie. You can say muslims are a bunch of 7th century savages who murder anyone who dares mock the pedophile they worship because that is the truth.

  • Teresa Blakeslee

    Apparently you are not aware that free speech has limits. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater or incite people to riot. That is the LAW! And I never said the actual murderers shouldn’t be punished. This is nothing but inflammatory reporting. The people who put out this movie and support it are putting our people in harms way (as should be obvious by what happened at the Embassy and Consulate) as well as inviting another 9/11. Anyone stupid enough to deny these FACTS just has their head in the sand.

  • porgiefirefighter

    If people like Terry Jones didn’t exist Islamo-Fascist would never be violent.

  • Jeanette Victoria

    Proof that government and media brainwashing is quite successful. Look just how stupid these people are. They would make marvelous foot soldiers for Stalin and would be proud to be so.

  • allenbarr

    T.Jones burnt a copy of the koran after a Holy Bible was burnt by islamist. Why condem him of anything.

  • merwg

    Read this article and see if it isn’t inflammatory towards another religious group in our country, the evangelicals. Frank Schaeffer spewed as much venom towards them in a hateful way as I’m sure (though I haven’t seen it) the film was toward the Muslims prophet.

  • Michael Rice

    I guees every non liberal would now be justified in killing Michal Moore.

  • Michael Rice

    I guess Obama should be arrested and executed, too. I’m sure all the bragging he did about killing Osama had nothing to do with this…nah..

  • Amber

    No barrel, not even one where the hoops and staves go every which way, was ever split open like one frayed Sinner I saw, ripped from chin to where we fart below.His guts hung between his legs and displayed His vital organs, including that wretched sack Which converts to shit whatever gets conveyed down the gullet.As I stared at him he looked back And with his hands pulled his chest open, Saying, “See how I split open the crack in myself! See how twisted and broken Mohammed is! Before me walks Ali, his face Cleft from chin to crown, grief–stricken.
    Dante’s Inferno Canto 28.

  • rebel83

    Try Jones and the filmmaker for treason, capture those that killed the embassy members. Just killed your argument didn’t I?

  • meru

    That guy they’re out to get did NOTHING except endorse a film/ MUSLIMS killed the people in the embassy! THEY should be held accountable! SHAME ON ALL YOU TWITTER POSTERS! SHAAAAAAAAAAAME!