As Twitchy reported earlier, New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s closing benediction was the DNC speech of the night.

Despite being unable able to watch Dolan’s prayer on most networks, liberals didn’t waste any time making clear their displeasure:

Keep it classy, people.


Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan gives pro-life shout-out at DNC

NBC, others cut off Archbishop Dolan’s pro-life prayer; viewers revolt

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    Chuck Woolery is right. Freedom looks ugly sometimes.

  • SanDiegoSteve

    Do people say stupid things like this just to get on Twitchy? These people are weird.

  • holygoat

    Wonder if Buzzfeed will cover this?

  • Brad Donald

    Those tolerant Left wingers.

    • Shari Rhodes

      That’s what I was just thinking. Boy they can sure throw the ‘F’ bomb out there can’t they? I enjoyed the Cardinal’s prayer and even if the God-hating liberals didn’t like it, I’m quite sure God appreciated his words. I would hate to be some of these commenters on the day they stand before the Lord and give account of their actions.

  • Zaire67

    These reflect the true face of the DNC. No retort, just infantile lashing out.

    • coachanthony

      Sad but true. Which means the RNC is the party of tolerance……

      • Rachel

        We already knew that. Democrat Party is the party of the KKK and Jim Crow laws. The Republicans are the party that ended it. So this is nothing new for the Dems, They TALK a good game about inclusiveness…but they only include people when they need votes. They have no use for them otherwise.

      • Mini14’sBlkStrat

        We always were the party of tolerance. We’re also the party that wants ALL People to “be all they can be”, and to be proud(not boast)of their accomplishments.

    • Jim Gair

      It IS ALL they got, they are DONE !

    • Michael Hampton

      And what did you call the RNC? All they could say was how much they hated Obama. No plans for moving forward. No plans for fixing things except promising rich people more tax breaks. At least the DNC was postitive.

      • John Hanover

        Solyndra, Brasil, Finland, China…some of the rich people who got tax breaks from Obama. There should be a cartoon character that uses that line…” I wear a mask and night after night I fight tax cuts for the rich ” what a sad cliche.

      • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

        @Michael Hampton for you to say that you may have watched but certainly did not listen. And the DNC was positive? On what? Whether to allow God on the platform or not?

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      Isiah nailed it:
      Isaiah 59:7

      Their feet run to evil, and they make haste to shed innocent blood: their thoughts are thoughts of iniquity; wasting and destruction are in their paths.

  • MaryRose33

    God bless you, Cardinal Dolan. You said what needed to be said.

    • Ken Clary

      Thank You Donna! Cardinal Dolan said what needed to be said to the UnGodly Mass. And I’m a Independent Baptist Thank You Cardinal Dolan!

  • Emma Brown

    Why are all these lunatics so mad at Timothy Dolan…?? They should be thanking them…SOMEONE needs to pray for their rotten souls..

    • Rachel

      They are mad because the Catholic Church has a problem paying for birth control and abortions, since it’s against their religion. The facsist Left wants to end THAT. I have a problem paying for it too! Pay for your own damn birth control and infantacide. Since when do WE have to pay for their irresponsible lifestyles!? Democrats are a disgusting bunch of deadbeats.

      • For My Liberty

        Yet they are not bitching that Muslims have a COMPLETE PASS with Ovomit’s Healthcare…They do NOT have to comply….because they see “insurance as gambling and that is against their “religion” (Cult)”

  • Glenn Meentemeyer Sr.

    Our Lord, and God, will judge these people on the Last Day, and will receive what HE knows is proper for them.

    • Dale Lumley

      Unless they wake up and repent of their sin and receive forgiveness from Jesus Christ. They are sinners in need of a wake up call. Anyone who rejects Jesus Christ and the truth of his word are about to enter a time for this world that will make Hitlers Germany look like child’s play. The rise of Anti-Christ is at hand and the Wrath of God Almighty is about to be poured out upon all non-believers.

      • America Is Beautiful

        Amen and Amen! “They have believed the lie”!

      • Randall Stokes

        Sorry Dale the anti-christ is here and now, the second comming of jesus is right around the corner…be prepared.

        • Jan Myers

          I’m not sure Obama is the anti-christ, but I think he could possibly be one of the 10 horns.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Angela Merkel

  • daveachicagoareajamerican

    I bet they LOVE Jason Biggs.

  • MaryRose33

    And pray for them. They know not what they do. Poor, poor souls.

    • Shari Rhodes

      I think they do know what they’re doing – they just don’t give a flip.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        “Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law.” Google it.

  • Cathy Tautkus

    Wow – they must have all had the same teacher because they all have the same limited vocabulary – “f..k” every other word! Their parents must be so proud.

    • Denise

      how true

    • Dale Lumley

      They are only revealing the limited IQ from which they operate. Sinful lost human beings who do not even realized the destruction that is about to befall them.

    • disqus_GGzwGlmGx2

      Shows how intelligent they really are!

  • Steve Fox

    Truly what do you expect from the same group of people who booed God?

    • bordm

      Not just once, but THREE times, the only thing missing was the cock crowing.

      • Reverend Ken

        wasn’t BJ Billy there?

      • radhat

        ohhh! I hadn’t considered that. Nice catch.

    • Dale Lumley

      Exactly they are lost sinners and clearly need to hear the gospel. The true gospel that leads to salvation.

      • ESP

        LDS true and full gospel of Jesus Christ

    • Chris Frederick

      I think they need an exorcism. Seriously!

  • ismael salud

    Cardinal Dolan was there to enlighten your dark souls nimwits!!

  • Mike Powell

    Deep thinkers…

  • Michael Mckeon

    I like that every one of the comments contained the F word. I guess these people don’t read, don’t use a dictionary. It speaks volumes about the voter base Obama has

    • imonmyway

      Exactly! These people are verbally and morally bankrupt. No wonder they were uncomfortable sharing their “platform” with God. But, He will have the last word!

      • Dale Lumley

        Yes and soon, as vile as they are we must remember who we were before salvation. Pray for them because what is about to take place on this earth is the most horrid time in history. The only thing worse will be Hell itself.

    • Dale Lumley

      It was obvious in the POTUS speech. He praised abortion, homosexuality, and lied through out his speech. Only Godless, infantile, sinful, fools will vote for this POTUS.

      • Leann Wall

        I think you put too many letters in there shouldnt it be POS…..LOL

    • DocScience

      his voter base is the uneducated, and the brainwashed educated.

      • Jeffrey Thomas Browning

        True, and let us not forget, those that are educated WAY beyond their intelligence. Lot’s of book knowledge, and no idea what to do with it.
        Just a quick thought, here. There may indeed be some truly brilliant Democrats. It all depends on which graveyard they lifted the names from.

        • Cheryl Webb Clair

          LOL Probably some of the same as LBJ used.

      • W Richard Lobell

        and the brainwashed mis-educated. they were taught so many LIES

    • Judie Wiltse

      You are so correct I feel that if you cannot state your opinion with out cussing or saying some vile comment, then you really need to step back and take a look at where am I at and how in the world did I get here? Not working!!!

  • hickhamt

    wow…. for being the party of acceptance, they sure know how to hate!! they say these nasty, vile things about a man of peace and then turn around, and with the same mouth accuse conservatives of hating gays and black people. the tragic irony is so lost on them it’s disgusting…

    • Wanda White

      You are so right…

    • Who Cares 2012

      The demon c rats are the party of criminals.

    • Dale Lumley

      They are lost in their sin, and about to perish. Pray for them to find the truth.

      • aglong


      • nw_traveller

        Read Pr 6:16-19. You can put a face on it: Barack Hussein Obama. Fits like a glove.

        • Michael Hampton

          Read Proverbs 23:2 All fat people should kill themselves according to the bible.

          • lordairgtar

            You don’t know what that scripture means. I would suggest you study a bit more.

          • Sarah

            I read Proverbs 23:2. I also read what came before and after it.

            Proverbs 23:1-3

            While dining with a ruler,

            pay attention to what is put before you.

            If you are a big eater,

            put a knife to your throat;

            don’t desire all the delicacies

            for he might be trying to trick you.

    • DocScience

      they are very good @ hating what they don’t like…which is virtually everything and everyone! They follow this…”When I want your opinion, I will tell you what it is.”

      • Bunnie Berryman

        Couldn’t agree more.

      • TomJB

        Which is *exactly* what happened during the “vote” to amend their platform. Someone from the party had to come out and tell the chairman to make a judgement and let them “do what they are going to do”. They deem a 2/3 vote majority to enact what the leadership wants, even though there was no way to determine that without a roll call vote, and just let the great unwashed masses (i.e. “the people”) throw the tantrum they expect them to throw; they are, after all, their benevolent leaders and know what is best.

        • CAmom760

          “Someone” didn’t tell the chairman to make a judgement, IT WAS ON THE TELEPROMPTER. There was never going to BE a vote – it was for show, so obama could pretend he gives a flying fish about God and Israel. The far lefties, atheists and hyphenated muslims in the crowd didn’t play along, and shouted down the ayes………illustrating EXACTLY who they really are.

          NO WONDER they were worried about lightning strikes.

          • nell


          • TomJB

            VCmom: very possibly true on the teleprompter, but who was the woman who was overheard whispering in Mayor V’s ear to do just that?

          • NCMountainGirl

            She was the convention parliamentarian telling him not to recognize any of those calling for a motion from the floor for a roll call.

          • jnora

            The absence of vulgar language on this side of the fence is stark in contrast. Are we not all glad we are conservatives? We WILL be persecuted for our faith, but I would gladly do it. Our lives here are but a blip on the radar in the scheme of things. Eternity is such a long time, we do not have the capability to even understand it.

          • GaryTheBrave

            The Dems deny God and Israel, plus they deny their own votes. Yes, there will be voter fraud. Just as long as they remember that Election Day is November 8th.

        • nell

          That someone was O”bama himself…….He is the platform of the democrats!!!!

          • keribari

            I dont believe that is true. I believe Obama is following his natural instincts of his Muslim/socialist teachings…and is influenced to obey the New World Order.. Obama is not a self made man and has no legitimate identity. He had to be made and. instructed…he is a follower and Not a leader.

          • nw_traveller

            Not unlike the Manchurian Candidate…

          • jnora

            He was molded in their clay and put out there for THEIR purposes. I have always believed that.

          • zipcomma

            This is what we call ‘leading from behind’

          • neverbetty

            You are right. He signed off on the platform leaving out God and Jerusalem. When the uproar even from democrat people he decided he should place it back! They booed God being back. I saw the arab american t-shirts booing it!

          • jnora

            I surely want to be on the opposite side of the radical Islamists. Obama is utilizing the practice of Taqiyya to the Nth! He has shown us in many ways that he is a Muslim. For crying out loud, he thinks we have 57 states! Islam has 57 states. Oops!

        • jnora

          Were it a 2/3 majority vote, it would have been audibly different!

        • Nutstuyu

          Didn’t that floor vote seem eerily similar to Pilate and the Jewish leaders?

    • EM B

      I want to like your comment 50 million times! Thank you for saying this. A political party that runs on world peace and acceptance is cursing out a priest who represents the light of peace. They are so sad.

    • Guest

      awesome point and so true !!!!!!!!! thank you

    • flourgiggy

      One thing I have learned from reading the above — liberals are very articulate and know how to present their side of the issue.

      God bless Cardinal Dolan. I thank God for him.

      • aglong


      • jnora

        You call cursing articulate? I hope you mean the veiled ulterior motives of people like Obama and his goons?

        • creeper

          jnora, are you familiar with the term “snark”?

      • CardiClan

        I’m impressed by their huge vocabulary! You’d think there weren’t any other words in the English language!

        • zipcomma

          Did I count a total of one word? See what’s wrong with unions getting involved with education!
          May God bless Cardinal Dolan

    • Frank Erdelyi

      Agreed what a bunch of loseres

    • Chris Godwin

      Thats dumb, saying fuck you or fuck off isn’t hate.

      • Linda Archer

        No, to you, hate is disagreeing with a liberal.

        • TwitWit

          to him, hate is religious beliefs..

          • Michael Hampton

            No. Hate is trying to use your religious beliefs to control my life. Hate is saying to an entire group of American citizens that if they get fired from their jobs just because they are gay, it is fine with you. In fact you support it. If they get beaten in the street, you are OK with that. If they can’t find a place to live because people like you don’t want them in their neighborhood, you are OK with that. That is the definition of hate. And that is what the republican party has embraced. That is hatred.

          • Thomas Ratcliff

            you were a waste of 3 min of your mother and father time

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            Wrong. All around. Let me explain. We don’t appreciate being forced to accept something that goes against our beliefs. Sound familiar? If I recall, correctly, and I think the example you’re fishing for, but not catching, is Chik-fil-A. They reward their employees, regardless of orientation. It’s a merit based corporation, just like ALL OTHER corporations. You do well, you get promoted. You don’t, well, you can get fired. They didn’t fire anyone ‘just cuz they were gay’. What is SO hard to understand? Regardless of orientation, EXHIBITIONISM isn’t widely accepted. If a person, again, regardless of orientation exhibited behavior that went against COMPANY policy, on company time/property they would be disciplined for that specific incident, but not because they are ‘gay’ or ‘straight’. When an employee signs on with a company, they READ and SIGN the ‘Employee handbook’, wherein contains the company policy that they must abide to, to maintain their ‘EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT’. Did you never get a job here? Do you not understand that employment is a VOLUNTARY contract, entered unto by BOTH parties, and can be terminated WITHOUT cause at any time?

          • Sunny Miller


          • Donna Acosta

            Nowhere does Catholicism say anything like that. It does define marriage as between a man and a woman, and sex as a gift for marriage alone. That doesn’t intersect anywhere with your comments, at all. If you want to single out a religion that *does* go along the lines you stated, I suggest you point your finger (hopefully, not your middle finger) at Islam (which, of course, isn’t really a religion, but that’s probably what you consider it to be, so…).

          • Benjamin Lee

            @ Michael Hampton: You can hate the sin and still love the sinner……Choosing what kind of life you live is absolutely everyones free will to exercise, but that does not change the belief by those that follow biblical teachings that gay sex is wrong…. I get tired of gay people trying to convince the world that their choice of gay sex is normal and should be accepted by everyone. God will judge us all in the end and we will each answer for our actions, or at least that is what I believe. Peace……

          • John Hanover

            Let’s look at your talking points…
            1. The Spanish Inquisition does not exist anymore you have freedom of religion as well the freedom not to follow any religion
            2. No one should with any conscience say that someone should lose their job because of their orientation, but then there are those from the other side that want others fired because they are religious. So it sounds like ignorance runs on both sides of the aisles and it is up to us not to tolerate it and to help people get over it, not the government’s job.
            3. There should be no discrimination in regards to housing because of orientation there are laws preventing that. However, the ones that are usually be driven out of communities these days are the pedophiles, and for the safety of my family I do have concerns over them being near me or any of my family they are pedophiles.
            4. Never have I seen either party and especially the GOP have legislation that would legalize hate against orientation.

      • Gary L. Prince

        Only to those without a clue about how to justify or intellectually communicate their arguments is the use of that language not hateful. Perhaps if you belong to a group where F*** is the only adjective/verb/adverb one is capable of using when communicating, it might not be considered hateful. If so, that is very sad indeed.

      • Joe Vickers

        I think after the 37th time you could start to call it hate. especially when they start calling you a pedophile nurturing dickweisel.

        • Michael Hampton

          What else would you call a man who not only protected child rapists, but paid them thens of thousands of dollars in church money for raping those children?

          • WhoMeToo

            @Michael Hampton “What else would you call a man who not only protected child rapists, but paid them thens of thousands of dollars in church money for raping those children?”
            If you believe that than he’s….
            -The DNC’s chosen representative for their closing prayer.-
            Oh the IRONY.

          • Mini14’sBlkStrat

            That’s a very serious accusation. Do you have any proof?
            Like WhoMeToo said”The DNC’s chosen rep for the closing prayer.”
            The IRONY is uproarious.

      • Elaine

        Most Democrats suffer from O.J. Syndrome. A new strain, OPS, (Obama Propaganda Syndrome) a more severe form, has been showing up over the past 4 years. Looks like you are showing symptoms! Better get that checked out!
        Symptoms include:

        •Detachment from reality (delusions) or hallucinations

        •Selective outrage

        •Inability to cope with problems and their solutions

        •Alcohol and/or drug abuse

        •Significant changes in eating habits

        •Sex drive changes along with sexual preference changes

        •Excessive anger, hostility or violence including random attacks

        •Compulsion to BLAME others

        If you see these symptoms in someone, DO NOT attempt to subdue or reason with them.

      • Mini14’sBlkStrat

        It isn’t hate? good, F**k you, and f**k off, you little pedophile s**t. I don’t “hate” you, I just think people like you are little shits.

      • $30423294

        Actually, you’ve lurched into a semi-valid point.

        Lacking thought, leftists are forced to flail for words to express the ineffable.

        The trained leftist, in flailing thus, typically stands at the teleprompter and babbles, “uh, um, uh, um”.

        The simpler ones, those who never went to college and consequently didn’t learn the more innocuous stall tactic, fill the uncomfortable mental blanks with profanity.

        But we’re really over thinking it, aren’t we?

        At least we can all agree that the democrat party, frustrated by its having no ideas, lashes out with profanity on a pretty regular basis.

      • grais

        What is it, then, kid?

        • Mini14’sBlkStrat

          Tough love? Maybe, Tourette syndrome?

      • Jim Chandler

        However saying those who can work should, is? Or requiring identification to vote? Or being Pro-life?

      • JMT Publications XXXXX

        Except if someone said to “f*ck Obama and his policies” – that would not only be considered hateful, it would be racist and homophobic as well (as defined by the left).

      • codemant

        wow, this comment is more idiotic than 90% of the Youtube comments I’ve seen.

      • Darren Koele

        That’s not hate but saying you oppose Obama is hate? Please explain.

      • zipcomma

        Well, not to losers anyway

    • disqus_GGzwGlmGx2


    • gramma_b

      And, they don’t have much of a vocabulary, either.

      • zipcomma

        Truly. Even my 4 yr old understands that some words are more empowering than others.

    • Rosemarie Parrish Wurtz

      God bless Cardinal Dolan for being an example of a true Shepherd. Courage and faith will prevail. We need to pray for those filled with hate for they will never find peace. It’s another example of how many lost souls are searching for a moral compass. Words of anger and hate and disgusting terms are unreal and show they are lost souls. Cardinal Dolans’ prayer reminds me of a church song (Be not afraid) “Wicked men insult and hate you all because of Me, know that I am with you through it all… Be not afraid, I go before you always. Come follow me and I will bring you rest.”

      • jnora

        We certainly have no idea how God will destroy the earth when Christ comes back. Perhaps he is going to let us self-implode! So many have used that God-given free will for evil.

      • delohouse

        Thanks Rosemarie

      • chgocelt

        Beautiful words Rosemarie. Thanks for reminding me of the words in “Be Not Afraid”. Cardinal Dolan walked into the Lion’s Den. There is no more denying the absolute war on religion, especially Christianity, and that the Democrat party is a Godless, evil organization. Call it communist, socialist, whatever, they are all Godless. Time for all of us to “Be Not Afraid”.

      • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

        Love that song!!

      • driveswift

        God bless all the victims of the child molesters that Dolan authorized $20,000 payments to, right before shipping them off to other diocese so none of them would be brought to justice.

    • For My Liberty

      THAT is because they are only the party that accepts WARPED things…IF you are the LEAST bit “NORMAL” they HATE your GUTS.

    • nell

      Well, it’s true this O’Bama party IS the party of Hate!!!!!

    • John Lindquist

      St. Paul said that we would reach a time where we call good men evil, and evil men good. Sadly, I think the Democrat Party has reached that point.

      • chgocelt

        Amen to that John. I believe the same thing.

    • rf_in_va

      This is a group of people who believe that “I’m OK; you’re” not when it comes to any social issues, or even for financial issues based on how they are backing a guy who spent 4.5Trillion in 3.5 years.

    • Dana London

      TRUE….their hypocrisy is DEAFENING! Like the pot calling the kettle black…..JUST STUPID AND IGNORANT!

    • jnora

      I honestly don’t know why the Dems have to be so vulgar in their speech. Is that their entire vocabulary? It is a sin and it is something for which they will have to account to God someday. I am so upset about the morals, or lack thereof, in our country. I am at the end of my life, but I so worry about my kids and grandkids. What kind of world are they going to grow up in? More than likely it will be either secular or Islamic. Neither are good outcomes. We must pray for the USA!

      • Donna Acosta

        Thank you, jnora.

    • Michael Hampton

      Um…did gays and black people not only protect child rapists from prosecution to save their image, but then pay those gay and black people tens of thousands of dollars? No. And after the children who were raped by these priests that Dolan personally protected from prosecution actually got justice, did gays and black people hide $350,000 to keep them from getting it as part of their settlement? Do gays and black people talk about how holy they are and then condemn everyone else for living their own lives after they have protected child rapists? No. Please stop playing the victim. Jesus doesn’t like it when you steal his thunder by nailing yourself to a cross.

      • driveswift

        Bingo. Dolan paid off child molesters – every good Christian and parent in this country should renounce their support for him.

  • Cathi Korelin

    I did not see it but you can see how our country has gone downhill just by reading all the profanity in these comments. People treat others with so much disrespect. You do not have to agree with him but no one deserves to be talked to this way.

    • Who Cares 2012

      This country is going downhill fast toward crime. Everything that is decent is being made illegal. The flag, the Pledge, our crosses, Christianity, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, everything is being made illegal on counts of political correctness.

    • Shirri Hicks Burke


  • Carol Anne Gaston Stark

    So much for tolerant left wingers! THEY are the disgusting ones! The very idea of them speaking like that about a man of God!

  • Shane Dale

    Goes lock-step with the God-Jerusalem chaos yesterday. This is who these people are.

  • Linda Mishler

    Obviously judging from your vocabulary or the lack thereof,you are unable to read the Bible let alone understand it. Seriously,is that the only word you all know??

  • Olga Ortiz


  • SideshowJon36

    Democrats and Liberals who love God need to pray for the Democrat party. We all do

    • imonmyway

      Yes, and leave it, too! I don’t see how anyone who loves God could remain a part of this group. Abortion and gay marriage fly in the face of God. I just don’t think you can straddle the fence, claiming to love God and also loving the things God is against…serious things, not the petty faults we all struggle to avoid and often fail, but the big issues…sanctity of life and sacredness of marriage. “Choose you this day whom you will serve…”

  • Heather Goodman

    Just goes to show: the left knows nothing of the “tolerance” they try to shove down everyones throats.

    • DocScience



    TRUE DEMOCRATS….This is the what the democrats represent….respectful of others, tolerant of others, understanding of others NOT!!!….in truth the ignorant, arrogant, hypocritical double standard loving, insanely weak-minded lemmings…..

  • jlangfel

    The hand tools of Satan sound off

  • rickyinga

    Such potty mouth liberals…

  • vixen5757

    When i saw how they acted when the platform language was changed, I knew the Democratic party as I once knew it was long gone, replaced by some of the most hate filled, angry, intolerant people in the country. They are reveling in their own praises, so full of disgusting thought that it’s spewing forth from them. I know they aren’t all like that but this shows what the Democratic party is made of for the most part. Glad i’m not a part of it. God Bless them…

    • Heartlander

      I am appalled that any Christian, let alone any Catholic, could even consider voting for this criminal, hateful party. Everyone should read David Carlin’s amazing book, “Can a Catholic Be a Democrat?” It relates the history of the Democratic Party over the past century, and how it ended up as the party it is today. Very valuable information whether you’re Catholic or not. Essential reading for anyone who wants to really understand the Democratic Party.

      • Motorcycle 4 life

        Just because you call it by a different name a Gay Marriage isn’t a marriage by definition it is between a man and a woman so no matter how many laws you change to make it right for your own mind it still isn’t recognized in your eternity so the ideal of changing names like Abortion verse’s the real truth murder because they can’t handle the real truth… And they shall follow him into hell since they know the truth. You can’t be a democrat and a christian it is a dichotomy and they don’t and can’t exist as one you wish to murder but you are godly how can that be… The Bible is clear you can not be on the fence you need to chose whom you serve. So lying to yourself and putting on a happy face doesn’t get you anywhere with GOD you have to be truthful and real before him and then he will recognize you!!! Good luck I have never seen so many be so evil and it horrifies me to the very core so many blk pastors and ministers will follow Obama straight to hell because he is their master and savior as they see it oh he’s blk so we have to vote for him… Well remember the man is part white so you vote for slave and your master so really where should your priorities lie.. seriously makes no sense so many want to trip and die for this foolish man of nothing…

      • Guest

        I have the same questions myself. How can anyone who claims him/herself a Christian vote for a party whose stance on abortion, marriage, work ethic, personal responsibility, child-rearing and so much more contradicts God’s Word??? It’s hypocritical and selfish.

    • Dale Lumley

      God will not bless them. God needs to save them if they will listen Something tells me that they won’t. But God will not bless sin. I pray they realize the crushing weight of sin and come to their senses.

  • Bill Mize

    I see all the Intellectuals are here tonight ! Way to go Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan ! GOD IS A GREAT AND MERCIFUL GOD!

    • Natalie Whitmire Baldwin


  • John P. Sullivan

    Our tolerant and diversity based liberal brethren are showing their true colors.

  • SayMeGrandma2

    What a bunch of nice people belong to the Democratic Party … you can tell by the language they use…if I were their Mother, I would wash their mouths out with soap!

    • $22639970

      “…if I were their Mother, I would wash their mouths out with soap!”
      You’ll need a helluva lot of soap. I hope you own Proctor and Gamble!!

  • allenbarr

    do you see the cream of the liberals here rising to the top. really what they are trying to tell us is WHERE ARE THOSE GOVERMENT HANDOUTS.

  • TundraThunder

    I think it’s funny Archbishop Dolan could walk into the lions’ den and castrate them. He’s the one with the cajones!

    • ChickOK

      Double Like!!

    • Gary Atencio

      for sure! well said.

    • WhoMeToo

      My thoughts exactly!!!

    • NancyJo Owens

      Truth in that!!

  • Doris Myers Biles

    That’s sure a lot of F words….That kind of language is used because those that use it are not intelligent enough to use any better vocabulary…I rather enjoyed Dolan’s prayer and I am not Catholic. I do respect their belief that life is important, the unborn and the old folks. You are alive, why do you want to kill of all these others? I saw the vote and I know it wasn’t two thirds to put it back in, but Obama wanted it back in…about God and Jerusalem being the capital of Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and it is God who gives us our rights…not the government. As far as others having to pay for others birth control and abortion….you do the thing, you pay for it. I don’t do those things so I don’t have to pay for it. Why should I have to help pay for you to do it. Be responsible for yourself……

  • Bill Sullivan

    #Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan, has stirred up the Godless baby killers and those who suppoprt them. Blessed are you when men say evil about you,…Jeus Christ.

    • imonmyway

      Amen, Mr. Sullivan! If people have no conscience over condoning the killing of millions of innocent babies, why would they care about being decent in any other matter? And they will certainly say evil, falsely, about anyone who represents the Righteous One, Jesus Christ. We Christians should be prepared to get lots of that type “blessing” from the devil’s crowd!

      • Diane Diggs

        Man! Are there only evangelicals on this site? I have never heard so much sanctimonious caterwauling in my life!! I thought you all believed in “judge not, lest ye be judged”. What happened to that? Taking a break from your Bible teachings?

        • Cyborg0012

          We’re also told to not tolerate sin in our midst. Why don’t you try reading the Bible and get to know what we believe. You know, that whole tolerance thing we’re told liberals love?

        • imonmyway

          Ahhhh! The liberal’s favorite Bible teaching…”judge not…”. How about this one, “ye shall know them by their fruit (works)”. My dear, a judge pronounces a sentence. I don’t do that…God will take care of that…it’s part of His job. However, I can see and I can recognize rotten “fruit” when I see it. God will decide what should be done with the rotten fruit, ultimately. I, too, without the forgiveness I have received by trusting in Christ, am nothing but rotten fruit. Thankfully, I opened my heart to Him and allowed Him to become my Savior and my guide through life. He is my moral compass. But it takes humility to admit we need that relationship with Him and it takes a willingness to commit to Him our future…not puppet-like, but partnership-like, with His being the “senior partner”! And because He is always the same, He will not go against His nature and lead His people to murder innocents (there’s a verse about that, too), desecrate marriage, and “bear false witness” (lie). These are prominent features of the Democratic Party, not to mention their three votes to disallow God a place on their platform. How do you think He will judge that big insult? Just don’t worry about my judgment, worry about His and turn to Him in humility and repentance while you still have time. I’m not being sanctimonious (although this type talk probably sounds that way to you). I’m really being sincere in my concern for all who reject the only ONE who can really bring “hope and change” to their lives.

          • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

            One of my favorites: Straight is the way, and broad is the way that leadeth to destruction and MANY there be that go there at. Narrow is the way that leadeth to life eternal, and FEW there be that find it. (paraphrased, I know)

        • Jan Myers

          Bible teachings tell us to judge the fruits of a person.By their fruits you will know them. Exactly what we are doing. God will be the ultimate Judge of each person’s sin. While we are appalled by these actions exhibited, we still pray for them. Not sure how that is a bad thing. At least we aren’t like one delegate at the DNC and calling for the death of someone we don’t approve. Remember, “I’d like to kill him,” in reference to Mitt Romney.

        • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

          I guess you need to take it into context. Jesus tells us to ‘judge righteous judgment… as far as the “judge not” that gets thrown around, take it in context: Jesus says “O ye hypocrites, judge not lest ye be judged”. Beam in your own eye, speck in your brother’s.

    • Gary Atencio

      Totally. Please pray for him as well, he is going to feel the heat in the next days.

    • Motorcycle 4 life

      Thank you Bill that is totally beautiful The lord knew the evil and he watched as they spit, tortured him and he died for them… So he has met the democrats already… I pray the lord blesses each and everyone of them with the truth so in their face they can never deny our lord again and turn from Satan who destroys their souls in Jesus NAME I pray Amen

    • Diane Diggs

      “Godless baby killers”. What a twit you are. All this pious BS is making me ill.

      • imonmyway

        Careful, Diane. You may be calling God a “twit”. The following are His words, not Bill’s, mine, or anyone else’s:
        Proverbs 6:16-19 New King James Version (NKJV)
        16 These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
        17 A proud look, A lying tongue, HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil,
        19 A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren.
        I hate to say it, but this sounds like an accurate description of our current president and his liberal supporters.

      • Patricia Ruedisueli Therrian

        Then why are you here? Go ponder that for awhile…..not just on this site but literally what is your purpose in life…maybe you should go read the bible or go sit quietly somewhere and figure it out!

  • Stephanie

    These people will love what hell looks like. Yeah I went there. You can children disagree with someone without resorting to the vile spewage coming out of the mouths of these very bitter unhappy people. How much does anyone want to bet a lot of these bitter lost souls are fallen away Catholics that couldn’t handle having to realize there’s a difference between liscecenciousness and liberty? These girls are especially vulgar. I know the Cardinal will pray for them. Me however, I’d like to ask their parents if these gentle angels were raised in a pig sty or not. Their parents must be proud. I know I’d be bursting with fruit flavor over this display of public obscenity coming out of my daughter’s mouth. Of course she’d never do such a thing because she would have self discipline and self respect. These tweets display none of that at all. Its shameful. Obviously these sad little moppets never learned shame either. Shame is such a fantastic tool when one is raising children. If a person is aware of shame they don’t do shameful things. This twitter spewage at a very good man is the ultimate in shame.

  • George Hardy

    someone has to stand on priciple, if we wait on the Dems, we will have a long wait

  • William Thomas Ridenour

    I never knew that there were so many gays in the DNC who lusted so much over an aging Catholic bishop as to publicly declare it over twitchy–or whatever the Hell this is I’m writing on. Is there a name for this kind of sick fetish?

    • Catchance

      Uh huh… Democrats.

  • John K

    Is THAT what “tolerance” looks like?

  • Sal


  • Catchance

    Wow! That’s…. that’s…. just appalling.

  • Caroline B. Johnson

    Unreal. Is that four letter word really the only vocabulary word they can come up with? Disgusting describes these liberals, and they have the audacity to say this of a prayer by the Archbishop? Libs preaching tolerance, while at the same time spewing out these nasty remarks. Such freaking hypocrites! Their intolerance will come back to haunt them. And when it does, they won’t be laughing.

    • Who Cares 2012

      When their communism takes over like they want, they will not be eating pizza at their occupier camps anymore!

  • Paul E Guiteau

    Would these young people be making statements like these if a Muslim had spoken instead of the Cardinal?

    • brianmouland

      Hell no not this group of fake atheists

    • Diane Diggs

      If a Muslim was making those same remarks, then yes they would. And I see everyone on this post is almost ecstatic with the disgust they feel for the Liberals. I don’t see that you are any better. It is the Republican Party that looks the other way when doctors who perform LEGAL abortions are hunted down and murdered by anti-abortion extremists. So why don’t you all “can” your phony shock at all the F bombs and think about how you all are so pro-life when it comes to abortion and pro-death when it comes to doctors who perform abortions. Hypocrites!!!!

      • Kevin Neufeld

        Painting with quite a broad brush, eh? Just who looked the other way when anyone is murdered? I don’t know anyone. Save your pious preaching for someone who deserves it.

      • Douglas M. Scalzo

        Only the living would condone the killing of ones unborn.

      • Jan Myers

        I have yet to hear a story of an abortion doctor being murdered where a Republican leader did not come out and condem the act.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        Abortion doctors should experience the post-term abortion. I wonder how Dr. Tiller is feeling right about now. It’s probably a bit warm where he is.

        Genesis 9:6

        Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.

  • Obysmal: Dependency Politics

    It’s time for a revolt if Obysmal wins the election. No more of this BS. I’m ready to fight back in real terms.

  • Denise

    Wow! Obviously these guys never read the story of Elisha and the she bears. I’m not Catholic, but I commend Cardinal Dolan for standing up for his faith. Oh Yea, Vote Constitution Party. That’s where the real pro-lifers are. Save the babies!!!!

  • Steve Smith

    I am not surprised at the show of intolerance and limited vocabulary at all. What else can be expected from a group that shares a collective IQ.

  • crahn

    The liberals are not intelligent enough to talk without using profanity. They will be judged in the end and it won’t be favorable. They really show their intelligence with they way they talk.

  • Melinda Loomis

    I recently commented “Classy” to a lib on Twitter who made a crack about Bretibart’s death. She proceeded to troll me explaining how my one-word response indicated I was bat-shit angry/crazy and proved her point. I made the mistake of trying to explain otherwise but she just came back with the same response. There’s no reasoning with these people – everything is anger and obscenities and projection. I give up on them. I just hope to God we outnumber them in November.

    • Rochelle Dwight

      you can’t be the jackass whisperer and you can’t fix stupid. they really do lack class.

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

      “Never argue with an idiot; They only drag you down to their level, and beat you with experience.” -No clue who said it.

  • rich__b

    Makes me glad I’m not a Democrat! Yikes!

  • William Clay

    and the party of the tolerant, show themselves to not be ….

  • RIchS

    These trashy comments are reflective of the hearts and minds of liberals today. May God have mercy on their souls.

    • brianmouland

      The same people who worship a Tin Can idol like Bill Maher beyond pathetic

    • vadenjaychandler

      I agree. I did not watch the DNC this year because I have been disgusted with their liberal policies for years. However, I regret not watching the ending benediction from this admirable man of God.

  • Jeff

    I commend Dolan for being courageous and giving that benediction – and in NO way do I condone these nasty tweets against him – but I’m concerned about Dolan’s involvement in this sex-scandal cover-up in Milwaukee. If someone could please point me in the direction of a non-biased report on what really happened, I’d appreciate it.

    There doesn’t seem to be much news out there about it – and if I’m going to praise Dolan for this pro-life message tonight, I know the first thing I’m going to hear is that he protected pedophiles. Is that true? And if not, that non-biased report would come in handy.


  • Jamesnco

    I just can’t believe there is so much hate. He’s a priest! You don’t say things like that about anyone, especially a man that has dedicated his life to God. I won’t lower myself to these imps and their remarks, but I wil say they should be ashamed of themselves.

  • ChickOK

    Scary. Just scary. Scarier than Jason and his hockey mask. And it’s only Thursday the 7th.

  • Dweighn

    So much for being. “Liberal”! Maybe they should change their party to, “Fuckocrats”! (I’m laughing hysterically right now)

  • Richard Lawrence

    What a classy group. I weep for the future of America…especially if this is how it is to be defined.

  • brianmouland

    My grandfather was not a church goer but he often said the only thing that is worst than a pushy Christian is a pushy Atheist

  • Samantha Cowan Fitzgerel

    Wow….what a sad state of affairs our country is in, especially if we let these intolerant fools run it for another 4 years. God, (yes, I said GOD) help us!!!

  • gellero

    Arrogant elitist imbeciles.

  • Kevin McIntyre

    I notice that all the tweets contain the F word, some more than once.Says a lot about the people tweeting

  • Phil Bacalzo

    OMG!!! The DNC just got PUNKED by “GOD”!!!

  • Erica Johnson Winfrey

    Wow…mental illness is alive and well

  • gator

    Its a shame really. This used to be such a nice country.

  • Ralph Pizzani

    keep it classy people?! whata bunch of ignorant motherfukers commenting on the Pope…burn in Hell you bastards !

  • [email protected]

    Liberals are sooo tolerant… and classy. Pure class.

  • Mickey James

    If the left hates Christians so much, why do they insist that Obama is one? Shouldn’t they be bad mouthing his Christian beliefs?

  • Bill LeBourveau

    LOL …..the great liberal response to life.

  • Leigh Ables Hopkins

    Why didn’t Biden defend the cardinal?? Biden is Catholic for goodness’ sake! Biden could care less about his faith —he doesn’t want to tick off his meal ticket, i e the Liberals. If he shows his face in Scranton, he’s going to have a lot of explaining to do to the Catholic Diocese and the faithful followers of the blessed saints. The Liberals don’t surprise me, the MSM doesn’t surprise me, but Biden’s lack of response does. He should have done something, but did nothing…doing nothing…hmm. Okay, my bad, I should not be surprised but I am.

  • Lynne Patrick

    Did anybody notice all the praying hands and bowed heads? Then we see all this profanity? Seems like an oxymoron to me.

  • tradalaskan

    These folks are so angry and hateful. And what do these people(?) have about ears?

    • Lynne Patrick

      Right on! That confused me too.

    • Spoon

      Well if someone where to do that to someone in the ear, Obama’s got the best ears for the job….
      I really think it’s a Family Guy thing. There was a whole episode on abstinence and the only way around it was to have sex in someone’s ear.

  • Teresa

    Wow! Obama has built hate and separation with his supporters. You’re right, we didn’t build that….Obama did!!! This is what happens when you take God out of your life!!!

  • Tom Clampitt

    WOW…Where are all the typical left wing trolls that usually pop in to defend their “F” bomb dropping buddies and chime in with hatefull insults twards us Christians. I guess one good thing came out of this.

  • Ellie Wilson

    For those who insulted the Cardinal with the”F” word I would like to remind each of you that you just hurled yourselves against the ” Rock” the Church of Christ in which our Lord Jesus founded His Church. Each of you sound like a bunch of uneducated idiots and neither one really knows God for if you all knew Him you will be in your knees praying for your souls and asking for forgiveness from the living God! He founded His church and not even the gates of hell shall prevail against it. For the so called Catholic who says he love Jesus and Mary, and the many others with the potty mouths you are liars and your father is the Devil the prince of liars for you curse with the same tongue that you use to mention the name of God and His son Jesus and the most Holy Mary! You are all Vipers and as such each will be condemned to the pits of hell, many of you will be passing through a lot sooner than expected and the devil himself owns your very own souls .None of you has a chance, you are all had been judged already by the Almighty God. Vipers !

  • Mark Cotter

    I do not understand the Freedom of Choice argument. No one is stopping your freedom to do with your body as you will. However abortion is not about freedom of choice it is about freedom from consequence. You made your choice when you had sex now you want a ‘do over’ but that is not freedom of choice that is freedom from responsibility.

  • Joel Torczon

    So this is what Pontius Pilate had to deal with when facing a rabid mob who’d chose Barabbas over Jesus.

  • Evelyn Lowe

    All this from those who claim to belong to the more accepting party. I was just on another site, mostly conservatives, and I did not read one nasty word from anybody on anything about the DNR last night.
    I used to be a Democrat and switched in the 70s when all the politically correct nonsense was getting its beginning. Look what we have now: abortions, even to decided a certain gender, just to mention one of the more loving, accepting pushes from that party. And then, using the big bullet, so, so overused today, when talking about somebody who is against such things. I will never understand what is so accepting about these kinds of thoughts, words, and remarks. Can’t you people be a little more creative and at least find a variety of offensive words to spew?
    If I hadn’t already changed parties, I would now, simply due to the low class language from the gentle, loving, and mercifully kind people of the Democratic Party. You definitely must make your president proud.

  • Timothy Phillips

    LMAO.. Tim D is Monica Lawinsky’s Rabi….. HA!! HA!!…… you DEMO’s cant see Beyound the end of your own EGO…… for Cryin out Loud……. SHAME… must be KOOL-Aid coming out your EARS!!!!..LMAO..

    • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)


  • Lucinda

    I have noticed that each of you have one thing in common. You are too stupid to own a real vocabulary that doesn’t include profanity! Hahahaha I certainly got my laugh at seeing your stupidity!

  • gator

    Typical foul mouthed small minded children of the left.

  • anthonybgonzalez

    Lady’s face when Dolan included blessing of Romney Ryan along with Obama/Biden

  • bordm

    What else did you expect? HALF of the Democrats denied God THREE times,
    in the vote to restore his name to their platform? The only thing missing was
    the cock crowing.

  • Evelyn Lowe

    And too, to all of you folks who are so sure abortions are the answer and panacea for women, or young girls, faced with this decision, are you aware that the woman who was the party in Roe vs.Wade is now against abortion. HMMMM!!! I wonder why???
    My heart goes out to any female who faces such a big decision, and I do not judge those who go the way of abortion. But, to condemn those of us who think there are better solutions, I do not understand. Who really is the more caring person? I care deeply about those who decide to end a life before it even begins. God bless each one of them and those little ones who definitely go directly to be with God.

    • rlonc

      Many of the abortions are from the (frequent) cheaters in high office, not only the less fortunate, who need the safety of ‘taking care of it’. Centuries of this stuff and still no one seems to call it what it is. Just fix it by killing, while denying ‘it’s’ a living thing. Money talks for them for their consciences.

  • iKarith

    That’s truly all they’ve got?

  • Gregory D Allen

    Don’t forget, this is the party that literally BOOed God being added to the party platform. What do you expect?

  • Victoria

    I’d say to these septic fanatics, God bless you. Believe me, your curses will backfire.

  • Kevin Ormsby

    Parenting with a capital “P” and that rhymes with “T” that’s right we got trouble my friends! We got trouble right here in Obama City – Professor Harold Hill.

  • David Edward Smith

    My kind of people, What a bunch of CLASSY morons. YOU clowns just PROVED how IGNORANT YOU and you freaking PARTY ARE!!! You have the right LEADERS for the job, I’ll say THAT much. Here’s an idea. Get a freaking JOB….and then give all your PROFITS to the POOR. Ooops, did I touch a nerve?

  • Spoon

    I just don’t get it. Most Jewish people vote Democrat. A huge percentage of Catholics vote Democrat. Hispanics which are mostly devout Catholic, vote Democrat. I really don’t know the percentage of African-Americans who are Christian, but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say A LOT, and they vote Democrat. Yet the liberal Democrats that spout out about their Atheism get the most attention, and they try to run the party. The thing is, I know a lot of Atheist conservatives. But I NEVER hear them bad mouth Christians or people of other faiths. It’s going to get interesting in the next few years in the Democrat party and it’s splitting over the GOD issue.

    • PistolsForPandas

      I’ve always thought that that divide between black and hispanic Christians and mostly secular progressive whites within the Democrat party would be a great wedge to hammer.

  • Antonio Sosa

    Wow! More power to Archbishop Dolan! The more Obama’s brainwashed zombies insult and demonize a patriot like Dolan, the more respect and support that patriot deserves.
    God BLESS Archbishop Dolan!

  • inspired by truth

    And, well, let’s face it…..these fools have a REALLY LIMITED VOCABULARY TOO.

  • Erin Burnette Tregeagle

    We should just pray for them, that they will start feeling the love of God in their hearts and turn away from such hateful, hurtful words. Dolan is a wonderful messenger of God and does not deserve to be treated this way. I’m not Catholic, I’m Mormon, but he speaks for me and my values and deserves more respect and kindness.

    • pepjrp

      Good for you Erin, but those people at the moment as about as lost as one can be.

  • BamaMoon

    And they kiss their mommas with those mouths? #disgusting pottymouths.

    • pepjrp

      Yes Tracy, they do and they are fine with having their babies killed as well.

  • Statler

    God bless you Cardinal, IMHO liberals are the lowest form of life.

  • pepjrp

    Well we all see how a group behaves when atheism reigns supreme. In their minds, they have no one or nothing to answer for no matter how they behave and speak.

    • eagles55

      They answer to Obama, and he loves it, because he knows exactly where he wants to take them

  • Diane Diggs

    Why was Archbishop Timothy Dolan invited to give a closing benediction at the DNC in the first place? It is bad enough that we have to put up with the self-righteous GOP and their never ending attacks on abortion rights. Now we have to have the closing of the Democratic Convention spoiled by the Archbishop blathering on about the unborn? Of course, I don’t agree with all the violent cursing going on in the twitter feeds, but the Archbishop had no business being allowed to give the closing benediction. Who was the idiot who invited him? If it turns out to have been Pres Obama, I will be very disheartened.

  • Keith Davidson

    Aah the voice of the enlightened, the tolerant and the all-accepting left. They sound to me like a bunch of little kids that missed their nappy-time…..but got all the kool-aid they could drink.

  • ryukidn

    Grab some popcorn, kids, and watch the dnc implode!

  • DocScience

    rude, crude, and socially uncouth…shame for such foul language towards a man of God…guess what you don’t like you must tear down…Heaven forbid you have a decent discussion, instead of indecent words. The DNC is trying to bring into the fold more Christians…not gonna happen w/ intolerant posts like this…

  • FrontRowNews

    So glad for DOLAN….

  • EastValleyConservative

    What is WRONG with these people??

  • John Smith

    These comments are just another example of all you wonderful “Tolerant” socialist liberals. Archbishop Dolan did a great job and yes he did mention God!

  • cascom

    i forgot (just kidding) how classy liberals really are.

  • golfmax13

    Maybe it’s not totally fair to call the Democrats a Godless party —– but it’s close.

  • Flaxman

    I have no loyalty to the church of Rome but I can’t figure out why so many people can’t find a good dictionary so that they could express themselves without using the ‘f’ word all the time. Are we all really that primitive or is it that we just can’t be bothered learning how to express ourselves with all the English language has to offer? It smacks so much of such a lack of decency and civility, yet really shows to us the unbridled manner in which people lash out without any control or maturity. It really does speak to our society and how close we are towards slithering back into the gutter of the dark ages. Shame…or rather a lack thereof.

  • sming01

    women have a right to an abortion but he doesnt have the right to speak his mind according to these democraps

  • Lee Harstad

    I love how the “Buddhist” says f@#k you. LMAO

  • James A. Mathias

    Isn’t Tolerance great?

  • trixie bluebell

    I think Cardinal Dolan hit a sore spot with these folks as evidenced by the vitriol they’re spewing. Perhaps they could take some time with vocabulary lessons as the F word is becoming so passe.

  • redgypsy

    Wow. Classy AND vocabulary-challenged.

  • Clementius

    How ironic how many have fallen for the ruse that the devil doesn’t exist. But by all accounts the commentators we’ve just heard from have just outted him. Well, we finally know how many are agents of Satan. Seems by the full of expletive comments almost 99 % are doing the devil’s work. And we sure do know who is Satan’s chief representative here in the US of A. We judge not but their fruits you shall know them. Pray for them for that is the Christian commandment and hope they find the light of the Truth, and find repentance for mocking God.

  • Donald Hale

    Hmmmm, sounds like once agan, liberals are mad at someone and instead of intelligent discussion they use hate, foul language, ignorance, and demeaning remarks to attack someone’s belief, because it does not agree with their belief. sad to say, this is now the appropriate stand for liberal Democrates.

  • Ken Colditz

    The poor babies being aborted should be called “The Holy Innocents”, America’s current Maytrs. They have not choice or voice.

  • S. Leyva

    “If you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules, …” HEY, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! We do live in that country until someone like you with hidden sinister agendas comes along and plays Pied Piper. This guy is a master of saying things that are universally true and getting people to follow him, even though the statement
    s are void of practical use. That’s how he got elected the first time, by using a One-Size-Fits-All statement “hope and change” that everyone could read into whatever they thought he meant. Meanwhile, they fall in love with the guy because “he just gets me.”….fast forward 4 years, and he’s left a lot of broken hearts in his wake, though some hang on because they think “there’s still good in him,” and that “he deserves another chance”, or that “he’ll change.”
    Wake up, pack your bags, and leave him! He’s no good for you!

  • Ken Colditz

    You must know that people who use foul and bad language lack intelligence! They are not able to express themselves in a proper manner. They have to use words that do not represent a normal conversation. They swear because they… well can’t think of anything to say.

  • Richard W.

    What a bunch of sick human beings who support abortion….murder..murder..murder…yes let us kill the unborn in the womb for SELFISH sexual reasons…..then let us attack those who LOVE LIFE and say they love life…just like truth says lwet us hate the unborn by those who have been dare any of you who have been born ever discuss who is allowed to be born…,use your cursing and profanity because that is all you know…and next the judgement…….

  • Richard W.

    Generally speaking, abortion is bad, or even wrong, because it ends the
    life of a human being simply because that human life is an inconvenience
    to the mother (or to the child’s family).

    There are, essentially, two things that need to be understood in
    order to come to this conclusion: 1) that killing another person for
    selfish reasons is wrong, and 2) that yet-to-be-born babies are other
    persons. For the length of this article we’ll presume that the first
    point is easy for you to recognize (cf. Genesis 9:6, the Sixth Commandment, and Romans 1:18-32; esp. v. 29), and so, our focus shall be on the second idea (that the unborn are human persons).

    First, a species only conceives members of its own species. Cats
    beget cats. Dogs beget dogs. And humans beget humans. You don’t see dogs
    conceiving antelope. You don’t see fish giving birth to cattle. And you
    don’t see women conceiving tigers. It just doesn’t work that way.
    Humans conceive and give birth to other humans (albeit tiny undeveloped

    With that, let’s look at what the primary differences between us, as adults, and them, as the potentially born.

    We are largely independent of others for our survival. We are
    capable of abstract thought. We have reached a high level of
    development. We are contributing members of society. And we abide
    outside a womb.

    Fetuses, on the other hand, are dependant upon the host/mother
    for survival. If they do have abstract thoughts, we cannot know it for
    fetuses are poor communicators. Fetuses exist at the most rudimentary
    levels of development. Fetuses contribute nothing to society. And
    fetuses abide in a womb.

    Now the question is this: are these differences enough to keep personhood from unborn infants?

    Does our independence make us more valuable than the unborn? Only
    in a productivity sense. I can help out around the house whereas my
    unborn child cannot. I can cook, clean, vacuum, and bring home a
    paycheck. The fetus in my wife’s womb can do none of these things. Of
    course, neither can my two-year-old. And neither can I when I’m really
    sick. Does this mean that I am less of a person when I am sick? Or that
    my two-year-old is not a person either? Of course not. And ending the
    life of either of us would be wrong.

    What about the complexity of our thought lives? Am I more a
    person because I consider ideas such as the meaning of life and the hope
    of life beyond the grave? I would hazard to answer this in the negative
    as again this would make me more worthy of life than anyone who doesn’t
    think about these things as much or as clearly as I do. Hitler killed
    thousands of people who did not reach a level of mental capacity to
    satisfy him; if we base personhood on how well a human thinks, we have
    vindicated his atrocities.

    The difference of our various levels of development operates
    along similar lines as far as our value as human beings. As far as
    production value, of course the better developed are more desirable, but
    this doesn’t affect our intrinsic value as humans. I don’t think any of
    us are ready to start
    killing off or enslaving C students and those who run an 8-minute mile
    simply because they aren’t as well developed as the A students and those
    who run a 6-minute mile. The C students, the four-year-olds, and the
    mentally handicapped all retain their intrinsic human value in spite of
    their inability to perform at the higher levels that those who are
    better developed are able.

    Does personhood depend upon the degree
    to which we contribute to society? Not remotely. If I get in a car
    accident this afternoon and am laid up in the hospital for nine months, I
    am still a person. If someone entered my room in the ward and shot me
    to death, he would still stand trial for my death for we, as a society,
    still recognize the inherent value of people (even if they have been
    injured). We also do not kill hermits in spite of the fact that their
    contribution to society is negligible.

    And does personhood depend on location? Will I be less a person
    if I am here or if I am there? If location determines personhood, then
    we should fear constantly to go anywhere, for in being somewhere else,
    we might lose that which makes us valuable.

    In fact, none of these things determine our value as humans. What
    does determine our value is simply this: we are humans. We are
    conceived in the image of God. God has breathed into us our human
    spirit—and it is that spirit which gives us our innate value. Therefore,
    all human beings—whether small or large, new or old, productive or
    unproductive, intelligent or not, strong or weak, here or there—are
    innately worthy of respect. To kill any of them as a matter of
    convenience is morally wrong.

  • Hunter Ayers

    A tolerant bunch of leftists true to form.

  • quimminator

    What else would you expect from the party of tolerance!

  • tjp77

    Wait, but lets get Dick Durban on TV again to tell us how the Democratic party is just as God-fearing and spiritual as Republicans.

  • Bob Gayle

    we love you cardinal dolan! sorry you had to enter the gates of hell at the dnc. you did more for the conservative cause than you will ever know, your being their brought out the real, deep dark nature of much of the democrat party. i can’t imagine any of the God fearing democrats wanting to align with this pathetic creature… i know God expects me to love these folks, however he does not command me to like them.

  • Charlie_Nestor

    One must remember, these DNC delegates are representative of the Lower Orders. They provide absolutely no value added to society, much less the United States of America!

  • John Philip Brown

    Liberals just can’t handle someone who disagrees with them. So much for tolerance and acceptance…

  • Screaming Eagle

    the “f” word was used alot. they must have learned it from biden.

  • Rachel

    Ahh..the tolerant Left. So inclusive and peace-loving. I’m a Catholic, and not a fan of his at all, because the irony here is that Dolan is a Leftwing Catholic! However, I don’t spew hate like the Dems do. But I guess just the mention of God sets off these godless Communists in the Democrat Party (most of them) who worship Government, not God.

  • Rick Graham

    I thought libs were all about fairness, equality and tolerance. They call everything conservatives do and say “hate speech”, “bigotry” and “racist rhetoric”. That’s a shameful existence.

  • RM

    I wonder how many times Jason Biggs typed out a tweet and then deleted it. #pullingmyhairout

  • Sandra Y. Freeman

    Such Morons and Immature Idiots who’s Vocabalory is so limited to such foul language and all directed at a man of the Cloth ~ Tells me if this the future of our Country then GOD!! help us as only he can

  • brianguy

    it’s what they do best… well, all they know how to do, really. disgusting cretins. I’ve also never thought of referring to Archbishop Timothy Dolan by his first name, let alone a shortened version of his first name, but they seem to be oddly on a first name / nickname basis with him. seriously if someone uttered the name “Tim Dolan” to me in an elevator, I’d have no idea who they were talking about unless it was in some religious context. that’s beyond referring to Barack as Barry, since he actually went by that name at some point. nothing from disrespect out of their mouths.

    by the way the Hollywood idiot (Clooney) who on a red carpet said to Bill O’Reilly’s producer when asked what he thinks of the job Obama is doing “that’s PRESIDENT Obama” in a very snarky way, disdainfully referred to President George W. Bush as simply “Bush” on TV at least twice before 2008.

  • Tom Beard

    What transparent hatred of Christianity.

  • GabbyGibby

    Why they need our prayers more than ever.

  • mkreider

    Oh my. The little young or want to be thought of as young used the f word…how 80’s Just a bunch of Demtwits. Probably tweeting in the comfort of their parents basement.

  • blackrobe

    The wit and eloquence of the heathen left always leaves me in awe.

  • Skevvy

    I understand that in response to this sentiment, the next DNC Convention stage will look like the temple in “Apocolypto”, and the closing “benediction” will be the defiling and beheading of a virgin…… (this time they really will get a 2/3 voice vote from the delegates)

  • carmital

    Who raised those Godless degenerates?

    • Red

      Public schools.

  • Donald Koller

    The party of hate.

  • M C

    Folks, don’t hate them for their comments or opinions. I know sometimes it’s not easy, but we can’t allow ourselves to be divided. For if we are devided, then we lose the only leverage we have for keeping politicians accountable for their actions.
    If you are a person of faith, like I am, just pray for him and treat them the way Christ would want us to. “Let them know we are Christians by our love.”

    • nc

      That’s nice. But ignoring these people won’t make them go away. First step is to expose their filth – as MM always says, “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.”

      As far as being “divided” – do you really want to join with these people? Find “common ground?”

      Cardinal Dolan is an inspiration for us all, and I’m not even Catholic. He showed love all right, love for the unborn.

      • $21590057

        I think you misunderstood. MC was saying to not let them find a way to divide conservatives.

        • nc

          How does this divide conservatives? I know you’re not suggesting anyone of us would “side” with these foul mouth louts. I really don’t understand where I misunderstood, but I’m open to an explanation.

  • Remington tyrone

    These comments are not only disgusting, but it shows us how liberals are trying to push only their agendas. I find that they scream
    racism yet are the biggest racists and bigots

  • Tommy Woods

    What a bunch of intollerant asses. Now…If a Muslim cleric got up to speak …different story.

    • Walker Bennett

      Yea, he would be called a terrorist and be sent on his way.

  • Alex Loggins

    no tolerance here … democrats are such bigots, angry haters of God

  • Shoehanger

    Amazing how many haters we are spawning. Spare us from them having children.

  • NILF

    They really are repulsive…and have a common theme..pale, trashy hipsters…Get out of moms basement and up your vocab….#losers

  • Jason Quinlan

    Such a tolerant bucnch of loving people???? Um well maybe sometimes!!!

  • BN

    HATE and reason and Love are excluded and you know them by their fruits like their language, you think they ever went to school since it seems they only know one word, which is character to their party and they say we are haters and they are such moral figures wow. Lets not talk tolerance here you can tolerate gays, baby killers but not a Cardinal or man of GOD, Does that show you’re intolerance or your hate for the opposite. Where is the reasoning in your belief system, none whatsoever, just blind with filth for a mouth. You dear filthy mouoths just changed my vote to REP.

  • Paul C.

    They are all part of the 2nd coming of Satan. Need I say who Satan is.

  • BN

    You folks are living a illusion of life.

  • Jackie Rapuzzi Rufo

    oh and i got a lecture about religious tolerance when I posted a video about Obama being a true Islamist. I just love the one way street these people live on.

  • mr_kev

    You liberals have potty mouths. Low class

  • Todd Colosimo

    These people are sad no wonder are country is in the state it is. Thank God it wil be all over in November.

  • gunny55

    Well, I see the party of the godless have a legion of idiots all ready to show the world how foul mouthed and disagreable they really are. Congrats to you morons.You have given me a new sense of what a Demoncrap really is. Speed on brothers and sisters, Hell ain’t half full yet.

  • ric

    How do people get taken in by this party? They are absolutely the biggest collection of Haters on the planet. Yet they say we are!!???!! I have no use for organized religion whatsoever but this country was founded on freedom of religion. You can truly see where the term useful idiots apply’s to this group. They are all takers with there hand held out wanting more I’m going to get mine too bad for you. Hell unions live very proudly by that motto Rather than make some budget cuts they would rather see members get laid off Really???? and you want my money? These useful idiots deserve what they get

  • SFerggie

    If you wonder why the Liberals are so admit
    about taking from those that have succeeded and give it to their own you only
    have to listen to the Liberals run their mouth for a little while. You will
    understand it is because they are too STUPID & LAZY to earn it themselves.
    Worthless POS!

  • Linda Burkhead


  • Tom Kramer

    Having grown up Catholic and going to Catholic schools, there were plenty of nuns and priests I didn’t care for all that much. I would never speak to them that way, even in print behind their backs. This is beyond disrespectful.

    • Tom Kramer

      I especially liked the guy who said he loves Jesus, Mary and religion in general, but then f-bombed the Cardinal. Probably too stupid to notice the disconnect.

  • Ron Burtnick

    I love how these folk have no problem displaying how much class they possess.

  • Havanese MorningStar

    WOW, such an impressive and articulate rebuttal from an uninformed
    Socialist against another human that believes GOD the Creator.

  • pc325

    What classy and high quality individuals…not.

  • Rasmus

    Wow, Dems show their true colors. It used to be they’d put on a faux smile and bear the prayers, but they’ve become emboldened by their new, false god Obama, and following his example they now only worship themselves.

  • Mr. Fever Head

    Hate God and the church. Nice folks these Democrats.

  • forgetyoutooo

    Obama inspires bllacks, gays and government Julias to hate. How democratic of them.

    • America Is Beautiful

      These “victims” have no idea the hell Obama has in store for them, more poverty,less liberty and a slave state run by his cronies Careful what you ask for!

  • bob12268

    Talk about walking into the “lion’s den”,(ArchBiship T. Dolan) first the exclude God from their platform, then they boo God being allowed back in, then they cuss His messenger….Actions speak louder than words are who you really are…….!

  • Josh Postema

    You stay classy, democrats.

  • George Murrey

    Sick and disturbing. We’re not supposed to bash those of prominence unless you are from the far left. Congrats far left, another low to all the others from last week.

  • Trill Laura Palmer

    I’m glad this happened. No real Catholic can be a Democrat concurrently. Look at Biden, Pelosi… there’s your ‘Uncle Toms’ right there.

  • America Is Beautiful

    This is why I as a black American left that party! No more kool aid for me! Booing God did it 4 me! But this is of Satan!

  • Desert Rose

    The Democratic Convention was an eye opener! It clearly showed that there are alot of Democrats who hate God, think Jerusalem is not in Israel, and showed their true colors. Wake up people! They are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  • megapotamus

    What these morons don’t realize is that chopping up babies for fish bait is not as popular even among Democrats as it is among the commie elite that runs the party. Too bad the Rules Committee fictionalized the platform vote. They hate Israel and revile the very concept of god, mostly because they fear retribution for their baby-killing ways. Their platform should reflect that, electoral death though it may be.

  • Susan Mack

    So much for civil discourse! These liberals seem to have a limited vocabulary. Did our public schools fail them??

  • Rosemarie Parrish Wurtz

    The unspeakable words that were used towards Cardinal Dolan shows the disrespect for decency and truth. I pray for those with such hate in their hearts for they will never find peace. We all need to pray for the love of God to fall upon those who are obviously suffering. God bless Cardinal Dolan and God bless America. Some wise words “If we act like them, who will be left to be like us?” Respect, Pray, Love and support the party with a moral values.

    • Red

      Save your prayers. It’s pearls before swine.

  • America Is Beautiful

    “And this is how Liberty dies, with thunderous applause”! Scene from “Star Wars” This is so true! God can’t be a part of Theistic hatred! This is dangerous to a free society! History teaches hard lessons and the hard lesson here is that we are doomed to repeat it if we don’t learn from it! Alexis De Toqueville praised America for her belief in a “Creator”
    He saw this as a “Badge of Courage” that would help reserve our Liberty even if men’s tendencies are to dominate and rule other men! When a free society embraces the views of Karl Marx and Joseph Stalin, it can not have God as the ultimate arbiter! If “evil” is the rule, then “Good” can not exist in the same time line! The disrespect here aimed toward Archbishop Dolan is typical of a “Godless” people who embrace the tenents of “Communism”! Good for Archbishop Dolan who went as did Daniel into the “Lion’s Den”, to stand for GOD! And shame on the people who worship at the alter of “Satan”! Those who say such vile things in the name of Obama worship are “Drones”! This “Utopia” that he sells is a”LIE”! Please read Plato’s “Republic” or better still watch the “Hunger Games”! The idea of such a “Society” has appeal to many but in reality it can never be! Why? Because man’s natural tendency is to “Rule” over and oppress other men !History teaches us that, look at Hitler, Stalin, Marx, Pol Pot, Mussolini, etc. The modern “Progressive” has fallen prey to this philosophy!

  • Maureen Crane

    wow, these are from the “inclusive party” …These are demanted, deranged people. Such anger. WOW

  • Naplesjim

    Thank you Cardinal Dolan for praying for the unborn who have been murdered and those that will be murdered simply because they are unwanted.

  • Janet Silverstein

    What happened to prochoice? Meaning, there is a choice and Cardinal Dolan chooses life. He walked into a den of lions and didn’t change his position to placate the masses, unlike their elected leader who changes his position every time the polls change.

  • barbie05

    These people show their mentality everytime they open their mouths. Nothing but trash.

  • Justin

    Yes…. because the actions of a few speak volumes for everyone.. Rolls Eyes… I guess that makes the entire Christian Religion a Bunch of Pedophiles, since the Catholic Church loves young boys and Mormons can’t help Marrying them off. All Conservatives are terrorist, because Timothy McVeigh a Radical Conservative blew up Oklahoma City (He was rasied Catholic and Professed his belief in God). Then we have the guy who shot up the temple and was a member of a hate group recently. Hitler said I stand before you a Catholic and will Remain so… Went on to slaughter 12 Million…. Milosevic (Christian Serb) massacred 200,000 Muslims in Bosnia.. On that note, since the Right favors religion… We’ll take the actions of those above, blankly apply them to Every person a member of the conservative party, and run a story.

    Conservatives are terrorists and pedos. Ah yes, the stupidity here is pervasive.

    • PistolsForPandas

      If the hate displayed in these tweets weren’t so pervasive within the Democrat Party, Twitchy wouldn’t report on it.

      Also, Hitler called himself a Christian when it was politically expedient, Milosevic, being a communist, was an atheist, and Timothy McVeigh died an agnostic.

      • 2ndcomingofISA

        Milosevic at least knew to fight the muslims. Too bad Clinton sided with the Bosnians to appease the Saudis

    • The_Original

      Christian groups do more for people in need than the government does. A report in of all places, Portland, OR, showed it.

    • 2ndcomingofISA

      islam allows the rape of beardless boys. McVeigh was a patsy for Eric Holder. The Sikh shooter was a neo-nazi (socialist). Hitler was Occult Thule Society follower and an admirer of islam. muslims should be beaten back in Bosnia, nothing wrong with that considering Bosnia’s Nazi past.

  • cscape

    ANY catholic who votes Democrat deserves the derision they’ve hurled at the Cardinal

  • Thomas Baranowski

    WOW is also my only response

  • Marjorie Haun

    Progressive trolls need a hash tag with the EFF word just so we can identify them quickly. (Sorry, but I can’t bring myself to say that word)

  • Vince

    Geeez…what is wrong with these obama worshippers?!!!

    Jesus said that it’s not what a man puts in his mouth that makes him unclean, it’s what comes out of his mouth.

    I may not agree with everything the Catholic church stands for but c’mon this is disgusting, but what else should we expect from the far left, they are scared and are lashing out….there is no truth in them.

    Jesus also, said that the world will hate you, but just know that they hated Me first. But be of good cheer because I have overcome the world.

    Try if they must, but they can’t mock God! God always has the last word.

  • irishgirl91

    The only comment that shocked me, was that someone was actually inspired by anything that happend at this convention.

  • Richard MacKay

    Do we really need liberals like this to run our country, this is really bad look where we are going. Twitter really shows how the liberals really are, All I can say is God help our country.

    • KN

      God help us all

  • PapaStephenA

    I guess they were listening to their leader, President Obama, real close when he said we need to be tolerant of others.

  • Kathleen Bell

    The United States needs God now more then ever!

  • Yolanda Estrada Munoz

    These are extreme liberals in the full extension of the word…how very sad…many of my friends are opting to not vote democrat because of such things…I’m losing “friends” because I tell them to see things as they are..oh well…

  • JoeMyGod

    Hurray! I made Twitchy! #LOLteabaggers

    • Larry Waddell

      Hold on their Joe, I assume by your derogatory tone that you are a progressive, I thought to progressives homosexuals were a protected class deserving of acceptance and high honor. Why then do you ridicule the homosexual practice of tea-bagging as if it is a bad thing? Do you secretly hate homosexuals? Or are your latent tendencies coming out. Don’t be afraid to come out of the closet Joe, we are a tolerant group and will accept you just as you are.

      • JoeMyGod

        I am a 52 year old gay man and have known thousands of homosexuals in the 37 years I’ve been out. And I *never* heard the word “teabag” until the advent of the Tea Party. That’s YOUR word, not ours.

        • The_Original

          It is your problem that you don’t know that it is a derogatory word against homosexuals. It has been out there for a long time.

        • Larry Waddell

          Joe come on now, you are being disingenuous, there are no Tea Party Members who referred to themselves as teabaggers. It is debated as to whether it was Your friend and mine Anderson Cooper or Rachel Maddow who first used the term as a derogatory description of those who stand for limited government and belong to the Tea Party. It is hard to believe that of the dozens of men you have pleasured none has suggested that you tea bag them.

        • 2ndcomingofISA

          Prison Break (TV Show) had a main character named Tea Bag

    • J. Cox

      What you made,as well as all the other haters,was a ass out of yourself,and showed just how tolerant you are.

      • JoeMyGod

        Yes. I am very intolerant of pedophile-enabling organized crime syndicates such as the Catholic Church.

  • Barbara Knutson

    is this another example of our “tolerant” left using the F word when they don’t agree with someone else?

  • Brian Tull

    The pro-choice movement is so full of shit and are hypocrits to say the least….. It is all good and fine to stand up there and say I am pro-choice until you actually have to make that decision….. I thought I was pro-choice when I got my girlfriend pregnant 23 years ago and we discussed it and both of us couldn’t go through it and after seeing my son born I hated myself for ever thinking I could have wanted to destroy such a precious gift…. So all you pro-choice people you are either the biggest hipocrits in the world or the greatest haters in the world…..

  • M. Martin

    the difference is it was regular people, not our candidates and leaders

  • Whobedat

    II Timothy 3 – I think that about says it all for me and most Christians…

  • ShaSha

    Cardinal Dolan was INVITED to speak at the DNC. He’s not going to change his beliefs to please people. You can disagree with someone but to use the “F’ word towards a man of the cloth. How outrageous! How crass! How vile! How hateful! You are a disgrace to the Democratic Party.

  • Guest

    Party of peace my ass! Demfools!!!!

  • Noel

    What a bunch of Haters and potty mouths! Keep on bad mouthing people who preach the word of God, there’s a special warm place in Hell for you someday! I thought the prayer was good and appreciated it! As a matter fact it was the only thing I watched in the entire convention that didn’t make my blood boil!

  • Randall Stokes

    Unbeliveable desgusting tweets,Satan and his minions are in control,if Obama loses this next term sure to be riots coast to coast.So be prepared people.

  • KN

    Nobody hates more than a “tolerant” liberal who disagrees with you.

  • Larry Waddell

    It appears to me that the Progressive Party has become the anti-God, anti-Christian, atheist party. They demand tolerance and acceptance for any strange belief and practice but condemn and hate those who see the world from a traditionalist perspective. They cannot tolerate those who promote life, those who understand a marital relationship to primarily about the creation of family and therefore limited to male/female coupling. They condemn, in the most vile fashion, a man who did nothing to them but pray. This is the world of the Progressive Party and its acolytes; it will soon by our world if Obama is re-elected. It is odd how much these modern progressives resemble the rulers of the old Soviet Union.

  • Isabella1709

    Liberals have this adolescent predisposition for the word “f**k. Shows their intellectual abilities me thinks.

  • $16575667

    So this is what they mean by tolerance.

  • Tom H

    Libs are an angry bunch of people/ If the word F*** was against the law, they all would be fined. Go Mitt.

  • larcomar

    All you F_ __ _ wads. On judgement day God will ask you about your comments. Hope u like hell. Obviously u’re living it in your mind.

  • Rafael Hildebrand

    Go ahead all you liberals, keep showing your colors. No one cares what you all say!

  • Isabella1709

    The Cardinal thought he had a deal with Obama that these mandates on Church Institutions would not be placed in the Obamacare legislation and/or his church would get an waver from compliance. So he supported Obamacare regardless of the burden placed on the nation. Now is he against the legislation, or is just the legislation that affects Catholics? I don’t see him representing Christianity very well, but then, Catholics don’t seem to be high on that.

    • 2ndcomingofISA

      muslims, scientologists and christian scientists all received total waivers from the mandate

  • The_Original

    I just can’t get over the coarse language that is used continually by the liberal left. Can they not say anything without using ridiculous language.
    As my grandmother would say . . . “If you have to resort to using that kind of language, you obviously do not have a large vocabulary.”

    • celsma

      Yup, it’s a bait and switch. The democratic party is the party for atheists, hate mongers, societal parasites, and baby killers. Even racists if one does not limit racism to white vs. black, but recognizes it from every direction. They are the very reason that the Republican party was formed:

      “Founded in the Northern states in 1854 by anti-slavery activists, modernizers, ex-Whigs and ex-Free Soilers, the Republican Party quickly became the principal opposition to the dominant Southern Democratic Party … The main cause was opposition to the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which repealed the Missouri Compromise by which slavery was kept out of Kansas. The Northern Republicans saw the expansion of slavery as a great evil. The first public meeting where the name “Republican” was suggested for a new anti-slavery party was held on March 20, 1854 in a schoolhouse in Ripon, Wisconsin.”

  • AnnS

    I think the whole crowd should of been forced to watch the video “Silent Screams”. obama lifted the ban on live birth abortion in Illinois, so what makes any of them think this admin..would care about anyone elses life; or medical problems?

  • Gary L. Prince

    Wow! If these tweets are a representation of the mainstream Democrat in our country, I pity them and our country. This country was founded upon a strong belief in God. If this is a representation of the mainstream Democrat, then they are the party of the intolerant and immoral. Isaiah 5:20 ”
    Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”

  • mapooler

    As usual, I can’t help but feel that if this were one of the many Pro-Life Buddhists, or Jewish leaders, or Muslims, people would be more outraged at this explicit show of religious hatred. Have some decency. Have some tolerance. Lord. Nothing burns more of hatred and immaturity then blasting curse words at a religious leader.

  • carbo


  • Chris N

    Cardinal Dolan must be a very holy man to create such a stir among the demonic forces. Well done, good and faithful servant!

  • disappearing moderate

    Wow, I thought this Kaili Joy was just some girl. She actually has a job and as an editor no less. Guess Obama’s economic policies must be working better than I thought. It would be laughable if only it weren’t so sad.

  • Progressive Nitwit

    Take it from where it comes a bunch of disfunctional fags and lesbos who think through their genitals.

  • Randall Stokes

    2-Timothy.chap3 ver27….This know also that in the last daysperilous times shall come,for men shal be lovers of their own selves,covetous,boasters,proud,blasphemers,disobedient to parents,unthankful,unholy;Without natrual affection trusebreakers,false accusers,incontinent,fierce,despisers of those that are good;traiders,heady,highminded,lovers of pleasures more than love of god;having a from of godliness but denying the power thereof;from such turn away;for of this sort are they which creep into houses,and lead captive silly women laen with sins,led away with divers lust, ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.Now as jannes and jambres withstood moses,so do theses also resist the truth;men of corrupt minds,reprobate concerning the faith.But they shall proceed no further;for their folly shall be manifest unto all men as theirs also was,But thou hast fully known my doctrine,manner of life,purpose,faith,longsuffering,charity,patience, yea,and all that will live godly in christ shall suffer persecution;but evil men and seducers shall wax and worse ad worse deceiving and be decieved……

  • Randall Stokes

    Also the beast with-in……..I think you get the point.

  • Gail Mercer Ansley

    This took a lot of guts and a strong faith in God for Cardinal Dolan to get on that stage. It was obvious with the confidence in which he delivered this prayer that he had God speaking in his ear. This was the only part of the DNC that I watched. I waited up to see what his prayer would say. It was great and appropriate.

  • DefendAmerica

    The prayer was a slap in the faces of the murderous, corrupt, and perverted freaks that make up the Democratic party.
    Thank God for Cardinal Dolan.

  • slimypayload

    It’s funny that the groups that preach tolerance the most are the most intolerant when your ideals don’t match theirs.

  • Barb Smith

    so much for the party of love and peace

  • Mini14’sBlkStrat

    My, how civil the dems are. At least there were no death threats….Yet.

  • Jints

    Typical angry liberals that are only accepting when you agree with them. It’s actually sad to see these comments from the morally bankrupt

  • Tarbender

    God bless the Democrats. God bless messenger Cardinal Timothy Dolan, a great man!! All the best. Tarbender

  • at_brown

    This is a sad commentary.
    Here we have listed less than 20 random tweets that are degrading a single individual, which is bad enough.
    But below we have hundreds of comments degrading not only the people whose tweets are listed, but an entire group of people–yet somehow the commenters are able to maintain a sense that they are somehow better or more righteous than the tweeters above.
    Be careful, hypocrisy goes both ways.

  • Charlotte Powell

    Thank you Michelle for pointing out again how much hate the liberals have for anyone who believes in God.

  • james papet

    I wonder if when a liberal walks through the woods and nobody is watching…do their knuckles drag? knukkaheads!!!

  • Charlotte Powell

    Side note, maybe you could check this out. Site called”walk with Jesus”keeps running google ads for Obama! Offers link to join the liberal ranks! I’m so disgusted,I UN liked the page!

  • donnaccr

    unfortunately this represents a HUGE part of our younger generation…….indecent, unkind, uncaring, unable to command a better use of the English language, very barbaric………….I just pray for the rest of the younger generation to be a greater influence for love, charity and hope to their peers…….God help this country if we don’t all call them out for their bad vile self-damning behavior. Absolutely SICKENING language and lack of respect for other people’s views.

  • Molly S White

    “Murders.” Taking the life of others with malice. The malice has its seat in the heart, and the murder therefore proceeds from the heart, 1 John 3:15. James 3:6 The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole person, sets the whole course of his life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.
    Psalm 14:1 For the director of music. Of David. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.” They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good.
    Matthew 9:3. Blasphemy proceeds from opposition to God, hatred of his character Romans 8:7, and from a desire that there should be no God. It proceeds from the heart.

    I could go on and on but you got the point.

  • nell

    On your death bed, you will probably call for a man such as this who prays to GOD,because you are about to meet the one who he prays to………But guess what!!!!!!

  • Patrick D’Agostino

    Little wonder they lost “God” from their platform and then were incapable of voting it back in.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I could point the obvious that these people are going to hell, but they’re libs so they’re already there.

  • Jorge Hernandez

    This is typical of the democrats who portray themselves as accepting different points of view (just not Christian’s). They are for abortion of innocent lives and against the death penalty for any reason. Who can understand this?

  • migunner

    wow, the left is really showing how tolerant and loving they are inside, after all the leftist ssm and gay military love fest speech of the liberal left baby killers who would have renounced God had not the BibleBelt south came all up in their business for trying it, it was a welcome prayer he made, I was glad to hear him since it was either that or go sand the evil speeches out of my ears, Does anyone beside me know of the several times Obama voted for Partial Birth Abortions,. that is murder and the left wants it to be law?? nothing is sacred anymore from that party, it is the party of yes, yes to ruining a crucial part of our society, yes to indoctrinating children into gay sex lifestyles in grade school, yes to letting the government tell us we can not discern from scripture how our society is to be ordered, more of the same degradation of our social order, more speeches from serial rapists like Bill Clinton, more of the same agenda of lies built on deceptive lies built on greed and lies. wow wow wow,

  • radhat

    This and DNC proves it. Democrat Party = Godless Haters.

  • Odenheimer

    Typical libturd intolerance and potty-mouth tantrums…does it really surprise you anymore?

  • bartman44

    These are the God-less pagans that have taken over the Democrat Party. No wonder it’s sinking like a stone. They hiss like vampires seeing the light of day when someone mentions God.

  • Lisa Kay Hauser

    The “big tent” of the democrat party does not extend far enough to include conservative women, or Christians. And they are blind and deaf to their own prejudices. Incredibly sad.


      Yes, very scary I don’t see any this hate and intolerance ending anytime soon. Our country is doomed.

  • D Wagner

    God says to “bless your enemies” and Dolan did just that! My heart aches for those who said these horrible things, God will settle the account with every one of them and I pray it’s for the good!

  • Elbereth

    Well, when your people boo the mere mention of God, of course your going to curse him workers.

  • Sandy Pfaff

    It reminds me of the movie The exorcist when the little Satan filled girl started cussing out the priest that was praying….scary isn’t it? the Devil shows his ugly face…..

  • Mike Smith

    Thank God that there are those that still love the Lord here in America

  • tpartyerga

    Do they eat with those mouths? Typical Democrats!

  • Nancy Richeson

    What is with these dissenters? Like they never went to school, only one word vocabulary…they need to use some of O’s school loans and get an education!

  • dabbobean

    If you listen closely, It was a powerful, pro-God, pro-life, pro-American, pro-constitution, pro-Israel……so pretty much Anti-Democrat prayer……and they all had to bow their heads and listen quietly.
    The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

  • Linda White Besink

    Hard to say when I’ve seen such vile, putrid hate — and for a man of God. These people need our prayers, they have been completely taken over by evil.

  • Robert

    Booing God and now this? I think it would be a good idea to steer clear of democrats when lightning is near.

  • Jim Chandler

    Their platform is tolerance?

  • Charles Temm

    lots of class highlighted with that reaction to the Archbishop

  • hinckleybuzzard

    Amazing–15 different way to use the same obscenity. Sure glad there are so many civil, tolerant, liberals out there. Hey hippies, what ever happened to kumbayah?

  • Nannie Sue King Sillavan

    You guys that think abortion is your right to have, just think about your self, what if your mother had not accepted her pregnancy , wanted to and did abort, Well see what I mean??? Still look at abortion the same way????

  • Wang Newton

    It’s official: The Democrat Party has become a cult. Its followers are mostly snot-nosed, selfish children who know nothing of the world.

  • ronwagn

    God lets the weeds grow with the wheat until it they show themselves clearly. They are then identified and torn out of the earth.

  • Ken

    I just loved the vote that wasnt passed, the platform change in the middle of the DNC, and then a prayer to close. Nothing like telling the Muslims to go screw themselves after the squatter in office quoted his beloved koran, pushed out the national day of prayer, and hasnt visited Israel in four years. What a great way to say F you to our nation, allies, and now his own party. I like this guy. He really does blow with the wind. Im so proud all you dem. sheep just follow him and kiss his ass while he kisses the ass of Muslim Kings, and then then closes his own convention using the name of God. He F yous everyone and you love him. LMAO. Priceless.

  • JMT Publications XXXXX

    Let’s send all of these tweets to Dick Durban. He’s the one who was all incensed when he believed Fox News inferred that the leftist brigade in Charlotte was “ungodly” just because they excluded God from their platform. This should give him an eyeful!

  • AngryConservativeAsianDude

    Even as a deist I am disgusted by this. Would love to see what happens if they do it to a sheik or an imam.

  • RanierWest

    Libs with their panties in a twist sound like the possessed child, in
    The Exorcist.

    • Lorenzo Faberini

      stop insulting that wonderful actress Linda Blair

  • phillyfanatic

    Since the DNC convention and Obama’s empty speech, one wonders why anyone who believes in the Judeo-Christian worldview: Jews, both wings of Christianity;Catholics-Prots would vote for the Dems on any level. Whether for the WH or the Reid Senate candidates or the Pelosi House candidates. Why support them when they hate so vividly as some of the tweets , emails, and columns show.

  • Streetiebird

    Where are those tweeter’s liberal credentials? I don’t see any names I recognize from anywhere, just as possible that they’re Cons.

    Also, Dolan is a bigot.

  • $17337106

    I can hardly wait for Romney’s inauguration, when the Mormon Tabernacle Choir will sing, “The Holy City.”

  • keyboard jockey

    God Bless Cardinal Dolan for standing up for the sanctity of life. If you are a human being you would sacrifice yourself for another human being, but if you are of the beast – animal, you won’t sacrifice anything for human being. If you don’t belong to the human race you resent the human race for pointing out you are inferior. It takes more than walking upright, and opposable thumbs to make you a human being. It takes respect for human life.

    • Exposing religious stupidity

      Now if he would only stand up for the children molested by priest in his parish instead of paying them off .

  • play 18

    Who really would have expected any more from such a classy, well-educated, well-spoken bunch? So sad that they don’t even realize just how far they drag the liberal camp into the abyss. STARK contrast to the end of the Republican Convention– the choice is really clear now. Open your eyes you poor blind children.,

  • Rosie

    They sure have a small vocabularity.

  • SL

    Gee, what a bunch of tolerant, compassionate, class-act liberals! You liberals are bat $h!t crazy. I’m convinced all of you sleep hanging upside down.

  • Dana London

    WOW….the party of inclusion……ON CRACK, STEROIDS OR SOMETHING!

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    The networks (with the exception of Fox and C-Span) all cut away from the Arch Bishops prayer. They of course all pray to a different god… I love this image of Obama. It goes back to 2008. You can almost see the skittles flying out of his butt. It so sums up the false promise of Obama.

    But there is a guy all freedom lovers need to thank. I love this explanation of Clint Eastwood on his improve performance last week: Mission Accomplished! Thanks Clint.

  • Dana London

    CARDINAL DOLAN….I thank you for standing up for Jesus Christ and doing the right thing!

  • Froggey1

    I see Democrats are keeping it classy and tolerant as always! *SMH*

  • CPTWilly

    Tolerance does not equal Love.

  • AZWarrior

    Love the Demtard tolerance. I guess they hated the part about ‘life’. If they hate ‘life’ so much, why don’t they just ki………… Never mind- I’m not scum like the ‘tolerant’ left.

  • Darren Koele

    Oddly enough, their sentiments toward Dolan are the same I have for Der Fueher, Obama. Yet, I’m the one considered hateful and racist.

  • zeitgeist2012

    The land of the foul beaked progressive parrots who found their morals in a crack pipe or cracker flavored blunt…. All Hail! The monkey and earth worm people who are always up the progressive liberal creek flowing beside their socialized third world ghettos…. Captain Crunch educated crowd…. Get it??? Learn to read from the back of a cereal box…. Jerry Springer show contestants….Make America proud!!! Here are some real facts for the progressively liberal indoctrinated to comprehend…lol…

  • Grandma HeadInjury

    I see that joemydog is showing his usual class and douchebaggery….

  • renec

    True demoRATIC colors. Damn shame these people are called Americans.



  • Neil Anderson

    These tweets are depressing. If the number of such individuals ever reaches a critical mass, the United States is doomed. The greatest empires on earth either were from the outset or became tyrannies ruled by narcissistic leaders who cared nothing about virtue and even less about people who aspired to virtue. Each one of them declined and eventually expired, becoming nothing more than the dust of an antiquarian past. The United States was founded on ideas who origins are found in the Judeo-Christian tradition of faith and morality. The American notion of individual freedom that is self-restrained and thankful for the opportunities it provides is a thread that stretches back to St. Paul and even further to its source in the command to love God with one’s heart and other persons as oneself. This essentially biblical concept of freedom became the political foundation of a nation that became great because it was designed to be good. When Americans begin to hate other Americans because of who they are and the God they serve–in spite of the clearest demonstration that the freedom of the haters derives from that God–they lessen the goodness and greatness of the nation. Fortunately, these angry haters seem to be in the minority still. May it ever be so.

  • action

    LOL this is why the zombie rummer is going to win, these dem moonbats have no class.

  • Smart Grunt

    To the regressives, freedom of speech means freedom from criticism when they speak, but a big F U to everyone else. They hate the Catholic Church because it is a symbol of morality and firm principles. Plus the Church can’t be made to change its doctrine through judicial fiat.

  • NWFL Conservative

    Does this really come as a surprise to anyone? These are the very same people who pitched a royal fit when that awful three letter word, GOD, was put back into their platform. They prove to us time and time and time again that the left is filled with utterly vitriolic, profane, God-hating imbeciles.

    People who use profanity to that level and disrespect other human beings that way show themselves to be very poorly educated and of very low moral character and their moral compasses, if not completely broken, point SOUTH.

  • Mellisa621267

    So is this what liberalism means by inclusive and compassionate? Profanity is just an excuse for their small, mean souls. What intelligence does it take?
    As an ex-Roman Catholic I am finding new respect for the Church, really am. They have their faults and have made many mistakes but they are standing up to these bullies for ALL of us. I find myself in the unusual position of standing with them.
    God Bless Cardinal Dolan – saying prayers before that stadium of godless fools was comparable to going down and the Arena and saying prayers before the Ancient Romans!

  • Mickey Byrd

    It makes me happy that these people aren’t conservatives. I would be embarrassed if they were. Maybe they will calm down a bit before they get to voting age.

  • John Acord

    DNC was a collection of Godless Marxists and that perception was not lost on the American public. They have set themselves up for a humiliating defeat in November.

    • 13nanatutu13

      Surely hope so..

  • Jim McGowan

    I don’t care what your religion or lack of it is. Dems, just kiss the Catholic vote, (33,000,000) good bye.

  • Maliheh Banoo

    how do you know there were democrats? they could had been republicans to make the left look bad,malkin does these tactics all time

  • BeeKaaay

    Look at all the KKK members tweeting :)

  • victoryman

    My, my. What limited vocabularies. I guess they all had unionized public teachers where they only learned to spell words with four letters. Advancing to five or more letters was over their empty heads.

  • Don Turco

    Now you know what is really going on in the Dnc and the democratic party. The odd thing is the Dems could have passed a Privacy Amendment to the constitution 12 minutes after Obama took office. Why didn’t they?

  • TapestryGarden

    The vulgar and hateful speech does nothing to improve their image with the vast majority of Americans who neither use this kind of language nor have such disrespect for Cardinal Dolan. I heard him interviewed and he offered to pray at the DNC although he had not been invited. He was perceptive enough to know that were he only to be seen at the RNC, the Left would jump all over his partisanship. The DNC originally rejected his offer but someone must have told them that there are still some “Catholic” Democrats who might vote for Obama (HORRIBLE!) so they reversed the dis-invite approach. But of course the homosexuals were in an immediate panty-wad crisis. You know the ones who demand we be tolerant of THEIR viewpoint want to shut down everyone else. Hypocrisy thy name is Democrat

    • Guest

      I do not need people that protect child molesters praying for me . If this is what he is what consider moral then you have none.

    • Exposing religious stupidity

      I do not need people that protect child molesters praying for me . If this is what you consider morality then I will pass .
      Matthew 18:6 ESV / 33 helpful votes
      But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a great millstone fastened around his neck and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

      • Dave Wadsworth

        Sorry, but there are far far far far far far far far far far far far far far more child molesters in this country then could ever be found in the Catholic Church. I hear someone with an affiliation with the man, boy love association is influential with our education czar. Shouldn’t you have a problem with that? Thats pretty whack. Also, the rise of sex traffic in our country, and the world, was a big topic at the Saddleback debate in 08. The DNC never seems to address it. I’ll continue to fight child molestation where ever it resides. But I won’t use some lame excuses to demonize all Christianity.

        • Exposing religious stupidity

          The fact that the pope is threatening to excommunicate people that bring forth molesters or the fact that the church is trying to get states to not pass laws to prosecute priest after the statute of limitations in no ways makes my argument lame . The fact that they have done nothing to fix the problem makes it a very real issue so you want to justify evil by calling it lame be my guest . And things like I hear are they this guy is nambla member is not real factual .

          • 13nanatutu13

            Sorry.. Wrong…

          • Dave Wadsworth

            If I’ve offended you, then I am sorry. Your screen name suggests that you’re only interested in Christian bashing. The truth is…. Sex trafficing is growing rapidly in every major city in America and our justice department seems to have their hands full with too many controversial side tracks. They could have been addressing this much more. As for the mambla thing. I did hear something. So now I looked it up for you. It doesn’t involve a church so you probably won’t want to read it though.

          • Exposing religious stupidity

            Not true read it . I think defending anyone who has done something terrible is not justified and prefer not to enable bad behavior by making excuses for it .

  • detroit19

    Highway to Hell anyone?

  • Belinda Henry

    Ah tolerance from the left,hilarious.

  • LDM

    They all sound like a bunch of forth graders throwing a temper-tantrum. A a bunch of spoiled, ungrateful brats.

  • Windriver

    Sounds like all these libs have a hidden sexual attraction to Archbishop Dolan and fantasize about him. Even the lib men.

    • Guest

      Yes because all liberals are priest

  • Vikki Klask

    Michael Hampton is a troll. Check out his twitter account under hamybear.

  • John Fowler

    I wonder if they issue crying towels to everyone that registers as a Democrat? Seriously, for their responses alone, I’d discount the opinion of every one of those users. Our nation’s at a very treacherous time–we can’t be weighed down with playground colloquy with simpletons that are more concerned with seeming edgy than making sense.

  • joe

    Respect for others by these people just doesn’t exist anymore. Its sickening.

    • Exposing religious stupidity

      Right and the you never see the right wingers saying thing like kill all homos , kill all atheist throw them in jail see it all the time .

  • John Hanover

    I like that line ” I grew up Catholic but then converted to Buddhism but Dolan can F(blank ) off ” Very Buddhist of you, last I checked the core value of Buddhism is ” your worth is measured by your charity to others ” even that’s just in respectfully keeping your narrow-minded opinions to yourself. Still lost in the wilderness of failure lashing out at everything that is not liberal and crass, is what happens when you have no moral compass. Funny how they all act like crack addicts and tweakers for government as the answer, but still believe that fairy tale of ” religion being the opium of the masses ” for those who find something to believe in outside of the government. Shameful really.

  • Exposing religious stupidity

    I guess his paying 20k to pedophile priest gives you guys all warm fuzzies?

    • Lorenzo Faberini

      I’ll bet if he got up on stage and performed an abortion you would cheer ?

      • Exposing religious stupidity

        No but I am not the one talking about thank god for this loser that protects child molesters only Catholics take that idiotic line of thinking . I sometimes think you guys want more children so your pedophile priest can molest them .

  • Joe Thompson

    What a bunch of haters. If I was undecided ,this would tell me who the real extremists are. Proud to be a Tea Party nut!

  • LochGates44

    Why aren’t they bitching about the DNC who invited Cardinal Dolan?

  • Elizabeth Berens

    I find it funny that these are the same people that say everyone needs to be heard and everyone should be treated fairly and equally. It’s a shame that when someone that they disagree with says anything the liberals want it shut down and there is no need to hear what they have to say. What ever happened to free speech and the right to an opinion and the right to have prayer when you are invited to give one? And these “women” that are using that kind of language are just making fools out of themselves. They are also to blind to see that they are being used as pawns in the liberal agenda because all this abortion rights and health care and birth control is not about being responsible it’s about the government having control over them.

  • Pauline Trapani Urban

    So sad and pathetic that when you don’t like someone or disagree you all become hateful and nasty. You are all disgusting.

  • Original Rebel

    This is the problem with the kool-aid swilling liberal lunatic lugnuts. The pencil-necked miserable excuses for human beings think THEY are so much smarter than we poor backwoods hicks; yet they can’t speak OR type in anything over four letters. Must be a biatch to be so mentally challenged!

  • Gregory Hall

    Thank God for Dolan.

  • Flygirl53

    Ummmmm, I’m pretty sure God can read twitter! But then, again, I’m pretty sure he’ll tell you that Himself – face to face.

  • Flygirl53

    This truly is a spiritual battle. It is obvious to me that God has allowed the liberals to be blinded to the truth. The only things/people that the Dems can’t tolerate (with their platform of “tolerance”) is anything to do with God or Christianity. I think the left has been so used to having no pushback from people for so long, that now that we’re finally pushing back at them, they don’t know how to handle it. So, since they have no real argument, they attack in the most foul, vile way they can in hopes we’ll just be intimidated into silence. It’s sad. We do need to pray for God to change their hearts, and, for Him to open the eyes of the American people. One thing I’ve seen circulated, and my family does this, is to pray every night at 9:00 pm Eastern, so many prayers are rising at once. I set my phone alarm so I don’t forget.
    Also, please go see 2016, if you haven’t already!

  • Harlan Hikaru Fox

    I’m seriously disappointed that you guys gave attention to Vinny Piccolo. He’s one of the biggest douchebag attention whores that I’ve ever known and he got banned from a message board that I post on for being such a cock-eating douche monkey.

  • Valjean

    Because the networks chose not to cover Cardinal Dolan’s prayer, I watched and listened to it on YouTube. The posts above are a measure of the vicious intolerance of certain “liberals” for those who don’t share their views. There was nothing in the prayer that should invoke these kind of vile and disgusting responses. And led by Kaili Joy Gray, “Associate Editor of the Daily Kos”, whose astonishingly vulgar hatred reflects directly on herself and that political blog. By extension, these posts are a direct and despicable attack not just on Cardinal Dolan but on anyone who dares to celebrate God, life, and traditional marriage. These type cretins have poisoned the pool of political debate and discourse.

  • WessOA

    I think he prayed for you all because all you need it as evidenced in the article and the booing of God at the DNC. Pretty sick people on the left..

    • JoeMyGod

      The booing of “god” is as pointless as the booing of Santa Claus.

  • Charlotte Jones

    They would rather have had the Rev “Goddam America” Wright

    • JoeMyGod

      YES! We would!

  • PastorRuth1

    What a WONDERFUL PRAYER!! That prayer was the BEST PART of the WHOLE DNC!! What a DAVID vs Goliath moment!! GOD was smiling down at a DNC who obviously wanted nothing to do with Him…and GOD SHOWED UP!!
    I expected a storm, wind, rain, lightening!! But no, God showed up in the still small voice. 1 Kings 19:12 ” And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.”That still small voice was GOD speaking! But only those who had “ears to hear” as the Bible says, could hear HIM.I my church little Haily, a 5 year old 1st nations child was choking, turning puple, and at the point of death. Her mother grabbed and held her, crying out for Jesus to save her. Haily spit out the food and could finally breathe again.When she could talk she said that Jesus had “poked her” in the tummy. Her mom asked what He looked like, and the little girl said He had a HUGE shirt with sparkles all over it, and “long dark hair like me!” Her mother asked what else she saw and she said she saw Heaven, with people wearing different kinds of constumes. And then she said, “There were babies in a huge room, and young moms were taking care of them.”YES! Haily saw Heaven alright! And the pure and innocent babes and children are there! And ANYONE who has their sins washed in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ!He is NOT a swear word! He came to live as a healer and example; and die as your Savior. He did NOT come for the righteous, but for the sidk of heart, mind, and soul! He lived and died for YOU! Now the choice is yours: Receive Him, accept His sacrifice for you in place of your eternal death for your own sins; or reject Him and live with lord of H e l l for eternity. The choice is yours, and every eloquenly presented by Cardinal Dolan. I am not Catholic, but I applaud that moment and that brave man! May God continue to bless Him for giving the greatest speech at the DNC!

    1 Kings 19:12 ” And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.”
    That still small voice was GOD speaking! But only those who had “ears to hear” as the Bible says, could hear HIM.
    I my church little Haily, a 5 year old 1st nations child was choking, turning puple, and at the point of death. Her mother grabbed and held her, crying out for Jesus to save her. Haily spit out the food and could finally breathe again.
    When she could talk she said that Jesus had “poked her” in the tummy. Her mom asked what He looked like, and the little girl said He had a HUGE shirt with sparkles all over it, and “long dark hair like me!”
    Her mother asked what else she saw and she said she saw Heaven, with people wearing different kinds of constumes. And then she said, “There were babies in a huge room, and young moms were taking care of them.”
    YES! Haily saw Heaven alright! And the pure and innocent babes and children are there! And ANYONE who has their sins washed in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ!
    He is NOT a swear word! He came to live as a healer and example; and die as your Savior. He did NOT come for the righteous, but for the sidk of heart, mind, and soul! He lived and died for YOU! Now the choice is yours: Receive Him, accept His sacrifice for you in place of your eternal death for your own sins; or reject Him and live with lord of H e l l for eternity. The choice is yours, and every eloquenly presented by Cardinal Dolan. I am not Catholic, but I applaud that moment and that brave man! May God continue to bless Him for giving the greatest speech at the DNC!

  • PastorRuth1

    What a WONDERFUL PRAYER!! That prayer was the BEST PART of the WHOLE DNC!! What a DAVID vs Goliath moment!! GOD was smiling down at a DNC who obviously wanted nothing to do with Him…and GOD SHOWED UP!!

    I expected a storm, wind, rain, lightening!! But no, God showed up in the still small voice.
    1 Kings 19:12 ” And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.”

    That still small voice was GOD speaking! But only those who had “ears to hear” as the Bible says, could hear HIM.

    The choice is yours, and every eloquenly presented by Cardinal Dolan. I am not Catholic, but I applaud that moment and that brave man! May God continue to bless Him for giving the greatest speech at the DNC!

  • PastorRuth1

    In my church little Haily, a 5 year old 1st nations child was choking, turning puple, and at the point of death. Her mother grabbed and held her, crying out for Jesus to save her. Haily spit out the food and could finally breathe again.
    When she could talk she said that Jesus had “poked her” in the tummy. Her mom asked what He looked like, and the little girl said He had a HUGE shirt with sparkles all over it, and “long dark hair like me!”
    Her mother asked what else she saw and she said she saw Heaven, with people wearing different kinds of constumes. And then she said, “There were babies in a huge room, and young moms were taking care of them.”
    YES! Haily saw Heaven alright! And the pure and innocent babes and children are there! And ANYONE who has their sins washed in the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ!
    He is NOT a swear word! He came to live as a healer and example; and die as your Savior. He did NOT come for the righteous, but for the sidk of heart, mind, and soul! He lived and died for YOU! Now the choice is yours: Receive Him, accept His sacrifice for you in place of your eternal death for your own sins; or reject Him and live with lord of H e ! ! for eternity.

  • PastorRuth1

    In my church little Haily, a 5 year old 1st nations child was choking,
    turning puple, and at the point of death. Her mother grabbed and held her,
    crying out for Jesus to save her. Haily spit out the food and could finally
    breathe again.

    When she could talk she said that Jesus had “poked her” in the
    tummy. Her mom asked what He looked like, and the little girl said He had a
    HUGE shirt with sparkles all over it, and “long dark hair like me!”

    Her mother asked what else she saw and she said she saw He av en, with
    people wearing different kinds of constumes. And then she said, “There
    were babies in a huge room, and young moms were taking care of them.”

    YES! Haily saw Heaven alright! And the pure and innocent babes and
    children are there! And ANYONE who has their sins washed in the bIood of the
    Lamb, Jesus Christ!

    He is NOT a swear word! He came to
    live as a healer and example; and die as your Savior. He did NOT come for the
    righteous, but for the sidk of heart, mind, and soul! He lived and died for
    YOU! Now the choice is yours: Receive Him, accept His sacrifice for you in
    place of your eternal death for your own sins; or reject Him and live with lord
    of H e l l for eternity.

  • PastorRuth1

    The BEST part of the whole DN! A true David vs Goliath moment! And the truth was spoken!

  • PastorRuth1

    There is NO freedom of speech here, for no one but those who agree with this post are even allowed to post! Drink your coolaide with the father of lies. One day you will meet G o d face to face and you will have NO excuse but your own ignorance.

  • $2410054

    What do you expect from Democrats? They represent the worst in this country.

  • blastitaway

    And they want to reelect the nappy hair/ white trash savior. I can’t wait for the race war to start. Actually I was waiting for Bin Laden to walk out with Obammie, And Obammie saying FOOLED YOU AGAIN.

    • Dave Wadsworth

      Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God. Just a little food for thought. I’m proud to be in the party of Abraham Lincoln. I agree with some of your other posts/responses though.


    DNC supporters talk trash because that’s all they know.

  • john

    They are the party of hatred and point their finger.

  • Thomas Collins

    They claim to support homosexuals, but when push comes to shove, they wish sodomy on their enemies. Well, I don’t know if the ear qualifies as sodomy, but eff you, get stuffed, getting shafted, the venerable “bird”, these are all amongst the vilest curses one man to another, and they all signify homosexual “love”. When are the homosexuals going to push for making “the finger” a hate crime?

  • Joyce

    When I was young (oh, about the last ice age) a friends father told me that in his opinion the only people who used foul language are people who aren’t smart enough to speak any other way. I admired and respected that man and have remembered that all these years. I now have an excellent idea of just how intellectually challenged the liberals truly are and shudder at the idea that THEY are seeking control of this country in total.

  • Jaya

    Liberals: such loving and tolerant people!



  • Mark81150

    and these are the same people who screeched like scalded demons because… when Clint Eastwood mocked the president… he wasn’t “Respectful” enough?…. He offered the only ONLY bit of grace to that freak show, and they curse him for it?

    So which part enraged these freaks more… the pro-life stand… the bit about we’re all God’s children… or maybe that he offered prayers for Romney and Ryan as well?

    Nothing sears the shriveled soul of a liberal like being forced to confront how small are petty they are…. and how much more Christian the opposition is than they could ever hope to be.

  • anniebiz

    They are pitiful people. God give them peace and discernment, please…..and God Bless the Cardinal, he’ll pray for them anyway!

  • William Meyer

    Such lovely people, demonstrating their liberal tolerance. Unuseful idiots.

  • Nadine Faber

    Yes, they are hateful aren’t they! This is the kind of society we have now because God was taken out of the governmental policies and regulations. I believe God is trying to tell the American People to wake up and to work together because bad times are coming since so many people have turned their backs on God. We have to go back to Godly principles and policies and regulations in all areas of government whether it is on the State, Fed, local, county and so on. This president and current administration have become so anti-God and anti-business and anti-American that our Nation is in decline and so is our standard of living. Obama refuses to take measures to protect this Country, the world and our rights and freedoms because “he is doing everything to get reelected and cares nothing about the people he is suppose to be serving.” We deserve a president that serves the people not expects us to serve him and does what is in the best interest of our NATION, the people, adheres to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and doesn’t abuse his/her authority by using executive orders to over-ride and by pass laws made by Congress. I feel this president and his Chicago style administration are so corrupt that it has created this toxic environment for all of us and created a division with opening old wounds from the past as a means to generate anger, hate, culture and religious differences and so on to keep the focus off the real issues: restricting our freedom of religion and speech, stripping away our Constitutional rights through gun control to the UN, etc. One of the major statements that has me really bothered is that “we belong to the government” is the actual intent of this administration is to dictate, be served by the people and steal those rights of the American People. The government is to serve the people, they are suppose to be employed by US. Not the other way around. We all have to call on God to help us restore our Nation and remove the “evil” that seems to growing everyday this group has been in office. We need God to stir the hearts of men and women to make the right decision and fire him from his first real job. He needs to find a job that matches his qualifications, president of the US was never a good fit for him. Romany may not be the best, but I believe he can start to turn this Country around and he needs to do it by cleaning up WH and all the agencies first by restructuring and combining like programs and not cutting where it will really hurt those of us in the middle/lower wage earners and families. One important thing about Romney is I believe he will bring people together because that is what he does, listens to advice and experts in fields he knows little about. obama assumes he knows everything and yet, look what has happened to our Country with an inexperienced, bully, professor type, anti- everything that Americans stand for and with him came the frustration and hate and anger and … evil.

  • DawgByte

    No wonder so many eligible American bachelors are going to Ukraine to select a bride! Damn, these bitches is hostile… just love the “Tolerance Party”! LOL.

  • driveswift

    I don’t hate Dolan because of his religion or closeness to the Republican party (of which I am a member). I hate him because he authorized payments to child predators and kept them from being brought to justice. For that alone he deserves all the hate and scorn of good Christians and moms everywhere.