As Twitchy reported last night, Nickelodeon is actively promoting the Twitter feed of actor Jason Biggs. Kids who follow Nickelodeon’[email protected] — an account that boasts nearly 2,400 followers — are literally one click away from this filth. Women’s rights groups such as the National Organization of Women, have yet to speak out, but concerned parents and others are calling on Nickelodeon’s advertisers to disassociate themselves from Biggs and his foul, hate-filled tweets.

Here is a list of Nickelodeon advertisers mentioned at (This is not necessarily a complete list of Nickelodeon’s advertisers.)

General Mills[email protected]
Mattel[email protected]
Kelloggs[email protected]_us
Xbox[email protected] @billgates
Kmart[email protected]
Toyota[email protected]
Marriott[email protected]
Cici’s Pizza[email protected]_Pizza
Target @target
Bird’s Eye (Pinnacle Foods) @birdseye
Ubisoft[email protected]
Sears[email protected]
Hershey’s[email protected]
Luvs (Procter & Gamble) @luvs @ProcterGamble
Reebok @reebok
Old Navy[email protected]
Capri Sun (Kraft Foods) @kraftfoods
Big Lots[email protected]
[email protected]
Kimberly-Clark[email protected]
Nintendo[email protected]
Post Cereal[email protected]
Toys R Us @ToysRUs
Kleenex (Kimberly-Clark)[email protected]
Lysol (Reckitt Benckiser) @lysolproducts
Kodak @Kodak
Lego @LEGO_group
Walmart @Walmart
McDonald’s[email protected]
Del Monte @DelMonteFoods
Got Milk? @GotMilk
Dell @Dell @MichaelDell
Mucinex (Reckitt Benckiser) @Mucinex
Norwegian Cruise Line[email protected]
Hasbro[email protected]
Safe Kids[email protected]
Honda Odyssey @[email protected]
100% Pure Florida @TropicanaOJ
Burger King @burgerking


Volkswagen is no longer a Nickelodeon advertiser. That decision was made prior to the Biggs controversy.


Twitchy confirmed that Nickelodeon has indeed removed the Dell logo from its list of advertising partners.


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