Erstwhile Yahoo bureau chief David Chalian got himself spectacularly canned today after being caught shamefully accusing Mitt and Ann Romney of being “happy to have a party while black people drown.” Common sense dictates that Chalian be held up as a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Apparently, PBS’s Gwen Ifill is running severely short on common sense. Shortly after the news of Chalian’s firing broke, Ifill coughed up a treacly Twitter hairball and expressed her support for “God’s gift to political journalism.”

Twitterers were rightfully mystified — and disgusted:

As a matter of fact, yes:

Excuse us while we vomit all over ourselves.

Ifill’s ridiculous #IStandWithDavid hashtag was ripe for mockage, and conservatives didn’t disappoint:


Don’t worry, Gwen and Friends. If you should find yourselves in the unemployment line, where you belong for your blatant hackery and dishonesty, Twitter conservatives are always more than willing to lend a hand with helpful job suggestions.

  • weRbroke

    Gwen is still chapped that she didn’t get picked to moderate any debates. PBS lost me as a donor when they couldn’t wash the stench of D-onkey from their commentary.

  • Garth Haycock

    I wonder if Ms. Ifill stood in solidarity when Juan Williams was fired from NPR?

  • TroyGates

    So Gwen thinks everyone should have at least 1 racial/bigot slip up get out of jail free card?

    • Corrie Seames Caldwell

      Only if they’re liberal, of course.

  • Christian Collins

    And this…woman…was a “moderator” for two consecutive vice presidential debates…

  • Psycho Sock Puppet

    Of course, NONE of them stood with Juan Williams….I’m just saying.

    • carlie

      Juan came out of his PBS debacle smelling like a rose and looking like an intelligent/reasonable guy. He’s totally out of control and sounding like a lefty nut ball. Fox should dump him now and the AP should never mention his name again.

      • Paul F Johnson

        Sadly Williams has turned into another leftist political hack. His rants are becoming very boring.

  • BeautifulAmerica

    Gwen & Chalian are typical MSM employees: they were hired and given big bucks & status ONLY because they have this kind of mindset. They are not supposed to be ethical journalists; they just want to have fun with the in-crowd.. That’s all. It’s not journalism, and Yahoo better clean up its dirty act, along with the other MSM “anti-news” sources.
    Boo Ifill, Chalian and all the left-o-crats.

  • Bud

    Media they just believe they can do no wrong, OH! and they’re always right “NO matted how wrong.

  • cracky

    Call an engineer! The Ifill tower is leaning left.

  • digitalPimple

    As someone that has worked many different jobs and careers, I am racking my brain to think of any industry, company or profession that this sort of attitude and racist speak would be accepted and tolerated. It seems, for some reason, being a racist and being in media is widely accepted now and just the norm.

    EDIT: I guess much of Hollywood fits this narrative now come to think about it.

    • carlie

      It’s widely accepted as the norm only if you are on O supporter. You know, cozy up to the guy with ‘skin color’ and you (believe) you save your own hide. This moron deserves to be fired. Not only for the embarrassment he is to his company but for being an absolute racist in disguise. Give him a few years. If the next president is not ‘ a white guy’, he’ll switch horses in mid stream. Hypocrites all of them!

  • Gmama

    What if he said “Barack Obama doesn’t care if black people drown”

    ALL HELL would break loose.

    • Sam I. Metler

      Barak doesn’t care, when the storm hit he was asking for money.

    • Melody Paxton

      Liberals invoking God? Someone please point this out!

      • Gmama

        You got me on that.

  • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

    I enjoy Twitter. Although I don’t tweet, it’s amusing watching everyone try and post in 140 characters or less, essentially making them look like illiterate fools.

    “Wat U say??” (Yet they leave room for extra punctuation). Nice 😀

    • Phil_J

      Twitterese is a foreign language to me.

      • AMERICAN Kafir™(KAdams)

        It hurts my eyes and my head, trying to decipher half of the stuff these illiterate fools type. If I have to work to read English, it’s not English.

        • Maria

          They speak 1337 (leet)..or so I’m told.

  • Johnny Blade

    Gwen, nice to know you favor the drowning of poor blacks… real classy there lady.. Oo… makes me sick I pay taxes to support your hateful ass.

    • Anita Bagley Brown

      Romney will need to see about de-funding PBS and let the rich liberals pay for it since they like it so much!

  • Marvin Rose

    I am sick and tired lying liberal journalist. They are biased and hate anyone who is conservative. By the way liberal lame stream media. There are more of us then what you believe there is. Your loaded polls and always making up things as you go along. This guy needed firing a long time ago.

  • Jose Rodriguez

    “God’s gift to political journalism”…………..Yes, and I am the Easter Bunny! Carrots anyone?

    • Jerry Koszut

      No, but if ya got any of those pretty eggs…

  • Tom Free

    I think I have this right. This was a “mistake” while Romney’s remark about being born in Michigan was a “racist” attack.

  • Bill Gordon

    Juan Williams should be fired from Fox because of his sexist remarks about Ann Romney. Why should David not be fired is the question, when the demagogs can call Ms Love racial names, and Mr Davis Uncle Tom. Whats fair is fair. Live with it.

  • Joe Eschman

    A lib “journalist” says something stupid and gets called “a great guy” … a conservative politician says something stupid and practically gets kicked out of the party.

  • Sam I. Metler

    So the bad comment by a candiadte for the senate in MO should be pardoned about rape? Oh wait Libs spare their own but kill anyone not a lib thats speaks poorly…….

  • Ned Sweeney

    The 1st Amendment does not preclude consequences for the poor use of that freedom, especially in the private sector where any speech can be wxcluded by the business owner.

    • Anita Bagley Brown

      Excellent observation.

  • Judy Hines

    I stand with humans, you know, those beings with integrity, compassion and heart.

  • Ken Miller

    They are just sorry he got caught! The little oops that he got cough on just shows his true colors

  • neworacle

    Maybe it is my cynicism talking but, I believe he was fired, not for what he said, but for the fact that he clumsily got caught.

    • Anita Bagley Brown

      Probably so.

    • Phil_J


    • Cyborg0012


  • Vincent Tamboli

    what about a sports reporter saying nappy headed hoes, do you think the left would defend him since he’s been on the air for decades…and is it lost on anyone that a liberal invoked God in a positive tone.

  • Vincent Tamboli

    how about the fact that the left wanted boycotts of chicken sandwiches because of an opinion yet find it wrong this idiot is fired for what he said. amazing how the Hypocratic I mean democratic party never ceases to amaze.

  • 24vctd

    oh gwenster what would you and your cronies have said if something even as remotely hateful had come from fox ?

  • Marty Luther

    And porn bots are god’s gift to twitter?

  • pocketnunu

    Gwen Ifill. Who cares and who is surprised? I used to think she was good at what she did. But that was like 20 years ago. Twitter has made people come out from under rocks who want attention, any attention. And that’s usually what they get.

  • Chad Lee

    as one person noted – he got clumsily caught,,, as the entire laughs at the “joke” What is going on, my God