We don’t think the science is on Akin’s side — pregnancy resulting from rape is not uncommon — but give Politico reporter Dave Catanese credit for showing a bit of independent thought.

Unfortunately, his thoughts didn’t go over so well with the leftist herd:


Indeed, some went so far as to suggest that Catanese’s tweets are a firing offense:

  • digitalPimple

    I asked a group of women who are not following politics at all. Pure independents and in the medical field. Advanced degrees.

    I told them this story, all laughed and said “who cares”. They thought it was stupid and said it would not be a factor in deciding on their vote. Wow.

    They also said they have never seen a case of pregnancy from rape or incest ever. Never one. Sited it’s extremely rare. South-side Chicago BTW.

    I’m getting that this is WAY over blown. The dude is not a doctor he’s just some goof politician but I leave it in the hands of the MO GOP.

  • ZoriahShepard

    People are so touchy. It was news right when he said it, then for a couple of hours until he issued his statement. How people love to beat a dead horse. (uh oh! Was that PC??) ?

  • Isolden

    Were all of these people hyperventilating and calling for Whoopie’s resignation when she said Polanski sodomizing that little girl was not “rape-rape?” No? That’s quite the double standard you have there.

    • Dio Heerai

      Will Whoopi cost us Missouri ? Is Whoopi on a ballot somewhere ? This is a red herring argument . We need to dump this fool so we can retake control of the senate that’s THE BIG PICTURE

    • Pablo

      Thing is, that was rape-rape.

  • Tanker74

    A Twitter riot is an ugly thingk, undt vonce you get vun shtarted, there is little shance of shtopping it, short of bluudshet.