This information comes from an Obama campaign-financed focus group, according to the book Obama’s Last Stand by Miller’s Politico colleague, Glenn Thrush.

According to the book, the focus group ranked former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs first and deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter second in terms of relative effectiveness.

  • TomJB

    Gibbs is first? And an exposed liar second? Sad, truly sad…

  • zodin2008

    Gibbs, Burton, Cutter, DWS, Axelrod…all the Obama surrogates are the lowest of the low. Just watch any of them (as painful as it is to) on any given Sunday show and they just LIE, LIE, LIE constantly. I’ve never seen a worse collection of human beings. And jst nasty people. I think back to Clinton surrogates in 08…Ed Rendell, Terry McAuliffe, Lanny Davis, etc…Democrats that are actually fun to watch on TV, effective without being bad people. Obama clearly surrounds himself with the most vile, left wing scum the Democratic party has to offer.

    Romney-Ryan has to win this. Good must triumph over evil.