It’s true. Paul Ryan, who is widely considered the frontrunner for the GOP VP nomination, is white. And, to make matters worse, he is a guy.

To a number of Twitter users, this is evidence of a deep flaw:

Update:  The meme continues.

  • KateNE

    I’m confused. Why does it matter than Ryan is white? Don’t they consider black conservatives to be white anyway?

    • frank

      You gotta remember, they also think obama is black.

      • Johnny Carlson


    • Charlene M. Thomas

      Very good,KateNE!

  • RanierWest

    Barack Obama is the worst President in our history because he’s the most deceitful POS and the Kool-Aid above Hating ‘Whitey’ because they’ve been indoctrinated into holding tenets of Critical Race Theory is just sickening. The left can all leave America!

    • P Q

      You’re full of class

      • VirtuallyIronic

        You’re full of wit.

    • AsktheWhiteGuy

      You’re full of sht.

      • Jeffrey McNeal

        Aw, full of butt hurt, huh?

    • Orticari

      What is POS; just asking.

      • Terry Dougherty

        Piece of “poop”

  • Tyler

    I’ll take boring over inept any day of the week

    • RanierWest

      Boring? is a false choice. I don’t think the Constitutional conventions had serious* men walking around shooting down others with *stupid quips such as BORINNNGGGGGG! Serious problems need serious minded Constitutional bedrock conservatives.

      • Nik Nichols

        Exactly! Since when did a trait like “boring” or “suave” or “cool” become a deal breaker for a campaign and NOT accomplishments. I tend to like integrity, honour, perseverance, commitment, respect (just to name a few). If this is how people are choosing a candidate, then it’s no wonder that things are in such a mess. What is this F***ING high school???

      • Tyler

        I’m not saying he is boring. I’m saying I’ll take what they consider “boring” over our current admin

  • Love of Country

    You show me a racist and I’ll show you some piece of garbage who wants to remind everyone Paul Ryan is a white guy.

    There’s been a white guy in every VP run in DNC history … and that is perfectly normal and not newsworthy ….. but now all of a sudden it’s supposed to be some big deal indicative of some awful racist brouhaha or something …. unbelievable.

    Reminds me that the DNC is the Party of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, segregation and the K K K ….. they’re all about race control and always have been.


    • Andrea Silver

      Geraldine Ferraro was a white woman.

      • Love of Country

        That’s right, my bad …. but she looked like a white guy, lol.


      • JimMcKee

        That was a woman? Really?

      • TomArizona

        and boring

      • FGCU_James

        Could have fooled me, she looked like a guy.

    • Donna G

      Yep, and you can’t get a soul to listen to that. Not one.

    • John Bailey

      Doany of you liberal bashers out there remember that Joe Biden made a bid to run for President? Do any of you remember why Joe Biden dropped out of the race? Do any of you know what plagarism is? That is why your inept Vice President dropped his bid for the White House.

    • Emily Barnell Mixay

      THANK YOU! I couldn’t have said it better.

    • Douglas Ellis

      You are 100% right. Most people don’t have a clue that the DNC has done nothing to ever attempt changing racism, and of course they swear by getting Obama elected they have progressed. Ignorance is bliss for stupid people.

    • Kwumey .

      RE: There’s been a white guy in every VP run in DNC history … and that is perfectly normal
      yeah its NORMAL if youre a WHITE BIGOT

  • Mary in South Jersey

    Wait… isn’t this reverse racism? Let’s see .. a rich white guy. How did he get rich… Hmm… ah yes.. He had a JOB and got up every day and went to work to build a business or work at a career instead of sitting home on government handouts.

    • Maria

      Exactly! But again the Lefties are full of people who are too lazy or just don’t want to better themselves and are jealous as hell of those who have and are. Therefore they think anyone who has made the American Dream is “out of touch” with the American populace. I for one want to reach the American Dream and when I get it, if I’m considered “out of touch” with the American populace. So be it.
      And as for the whole boring white guys comment.. I’ll take a boring man or woman of any race/creed over a socialist, immoral, and selfish manipulator like Obama. He knows nothing about business. At least Romney knows about business, has worked hard, knows the ins and outs of how the government works and corporations. Obama can’t even balance his own checkbook. The Left of course is so damn brainwashed they will NEVER see anything wrong with Obama even if he admitted to all his wrongdoings on national television. They are such sad little sheep. Bahhhhh.

      • Orticari

        Well, I see tons wrong with both fellas and I am not dem, repub, left, right; i just am. Oh and as a larger viewing person, I can’t balance my checkbook either unless I work at it and I do.I am also living the dream, a once poor inner city girl become woman. Oh my. Rise, just rise.

      • Beth DiPietro

        My thoughts exactly. Di Ann !

      • Lee Carroll

        Give me a bloody break!! NOT EVERYBODY that’s not of your precious 1%, or of your Blind Sheep party is lazy or appethetic! I’ve fought for every little damn penny I ever had…And I don’t have a huge bank account to show for it, either! Matter of fact, I’m makin’ less this year than last, thanks to heavier taxes and higher inflation. To boot, the ONLY time I get to use my vacation days is when we have a family emergency, or I’m out with some sort of medical problem. Now, as far as your precious Romney’s business sense?? You’ve GOT to be kiddin’!! He shut down as many of his businesses here in the U.S. that he could, so he could ship those businesses and jobs overseas, so he wouldn’t have to pay such high wages to his workers!! How would you like to wake up one day, & see things like “Welcome to the U.S.A…Made in Taiwan!”?? If you ask me, THAT would be selfish, and immoral! Take a real good, HARD look. We need a COMPLETELY new government, and, if you don’t believe that, then you are SURELY part of the problem!

    • Brother Bo

      “Reverse Racism” is an oxymoron. because If you reverse racism, then there is no racism…

      • Thom Pander

        your ignorance is showing; put it away….

        • Rena

          @facebook-100000091223635:disqus he’s right… racism is racism no matter the race of the person displaying it.

      • J_H_C

        “Reverse racism” is not an oxymoron; it is racism, but worse than the racism that it is supposed to counter. Racism is something than one can be born into; I can remember when the Dairy Queen in the town where I grew up had 2 water fountains on its side (I remember thinking it was a stupid idea; if you don’t want someone’s germs, you just don’t put your mouth on the water fountain. Ah, to be 6 again…). The greatest thing that the Civil Rights movement did was not taking political power for Blacks; the Black Panthers tried to do this and we do NOT celebrate Black Panthers’ Day. They made white people of good conscience AWARE THAT THERE WAS A PROBLEM, which Blacks had not dared say before, and those people gave Blacks what they should have had all along. They had grown up with racism, and it was just the way things were, until it was pointed out that it was wrong (granted, there were whites who were NOT of good conscience, who took advantage of the situation; I can also remember flyers for KKK rallies stapled to telephone poles in my grandparents’ hometown in Louisiana). But “reverse” racism is deliberate.

      • Jeffrey McNeal

        Outstanding show of rectal cranial inversion, Bro!

      • Joanne Ciocys

        Yet we used to speak of “reverse prejudice” as a form of prejudice that is intended to cancel out a prejudice against a minority. So i believe the term “reverse racism” as it has been used on this thread leads to the truth that you can’t eliminate racism by hating another, especially a majority, race, ie, by reversing unjust discrimination so that it targets the originally discriminatory group.

    • Steven Vance

      Actually Mary, this is not reverse racism. This is good ol fashioned RACISM, but for some reason it is ok for people to be prejudiced against white people but white people cant be prejudiced against anyone else

      • Alice Manfredini

        The white race is under siege these days, but regardless of the ill feelings harbored by envious people regarding race and personal wealth, it’s good to remember that we choose (or SHOULD choose) our candidates according to their qualifications…….NOT the color of their skin. I’m so tired of hearing people criticize Romney (and now Ryan) for being wealthy. They and their families made their money the old-fashioned way: THEY EARNED IT! America is still the land of opportunity for anyone with the ambition, the determination and the willingness to work hard. If you lack those qualities and resent the ones who do, try to develop them in yourselves instead of treating someone else’s success as an affront. Dream….educate yourselves….work…..achieve! You may survive with a few government handouts, but you will never achieve your dreams living in a socialist, nanny state that redistributes wealth. History has shown us socialism leads NOT to shared wealth but to shared poverty!

        • Lee Carroll

          I think YOU should wake up and realize, that the ONLY underlyin’ qualification e has is tat he’s either one of the 1% super-wealthy, or somehow connected to ’em. Furthermore, I’ve worked HARD jobs in various residential and commercial construction, and I ain’t got jack to show for it, as far as a surplused bank account. In fact,at times, my wife & I have to have help from other family members. Partly due to the fact that with last years tax hike, I’m actually makin’ LESS this year than last, although I’ve had a raise, and work overtime. Opportunity?? Somehow, I don’t see it, unless, of course, you mean opportunity to drive yourself into an early grave, or to the poor house, or both! So, how ’bout this?? Quit bein’ a blind sheep for the G.O.P., and stand against BOTH sides, and help the REAL people have their own, new, re-vamped government?? Or, would THAT be ‘too hard work’ to “achieve” the opportunity??

          • Frustrated Teacher

            And just exactly do you “stand against both sides” in this day and time? It’s not like there are any viable (and credible) third party candidates out there. Or are you one of the anarchists who are against everything? At least the GOP would slow the growth and intrusiveness of government instead of trying to get EVERYONE on food stamps and welfare.

          • Lee Carroll

            If enough people were willin’ to stand together, a GOOD 3rd party COULD arise!! And, no, I am NOT an anarchist, but, I DO believe we desperately need a change, else we all sink VERY badly! Sure, let your precious G.O.P get into things, again…And watch the workin’ people get wiped out and get sunk even further! I know if for fact, ’cause I’m LIVIN’ IT!! & I endorse if not a 3rd party, a complete re-vampin’ of the system.

          • Lee Carroll

            It might sound funny as Hell, but, do you happen to remember the Richard Pryor movie “Brewsters’ Millions”?? Yeh, I know, he used his inheritance money & all, but, take a good look at the message he was sending out…”None of the Above!” Even in his ‘campaign’, he told the truth, EVEN ABOUT HIMSELF, so much to the fact that he’d probably make things worse…And that honesty GOT him elected! Enough people stood behind him and a change was made. Why is this such a difficult concept?? All I’m sayin’ is take a look at the possibility.

          • robcrawford2

            You make your own opportunities.

          • Lee Carroll

            Spoken ike a true 1%’ER!! You try raisin’ a family on one paycheck!

          • Frustrated Teacher

            I HAVE been raising a family on one or one and a half paychecks. We chose to have a parent at home with our kids until they were in school…it is a sacrifice that has been well worth it for the most part. I work as a teacher and due to stupid politics form the school board and education ‘leaders’ (mostly Dems) I haven’t had an effective raise in 5 years. However, my spouse has taken an opportunity to increase their education and change careers and is giving us hope for a better financial future. They are working hard and it is paying off. I am choosing to work within the GOP party to return it to more of its true roots rather than flail away for a mythical 3rd party. Keep hoping and those ponies might be yours.

          • Brenda Norris

            How many spouses have you got that you describe their achievements in the plural?

          • linda

            I raised my family on one income.. It’s called sacrifice and hard work.

          • PixilDot

            You keep saying that “You try raisin’ a family on just one income” – I DID – and when I needed a 2nd income I got a 2nd job. I worked, paid my way through school, took crappy jobs, went sleepless, at lots of boxed mac and cheese – and RAISED MY KID ON ONE INCOME. No handouts, no bailouts, just me and the effort I was willing to put forth.

          • weRbroke

            Been raising a family of 7 on ONE paycheck…since 1998. In all honesty, the last 3 years have been the WORST on our bottomline.

          • JB

            Done, including owning pets, cable TV, a car, and halfway through sending them to college.

            And…done on hourly wages of a non-union electronics technician with a certificate from the Navy, no actual degree, no retirement or disability benefits.

            No credit card debt. Credit score > 800. It comes down to hard work and hard choices.

          • JB

            An example: The Navy offers lifetime benefits including retirement and medical care for Construction Battalions. SeeBees!

          • Chris Carroll

            should of went to school ….

          • Jeffery LeMieux

            So the fact that you’re losing ground economically is Romney’s fault? Or is it Bush? If it did have anything to do with how the governmenet is run, then it couldn’t be the Democratic Senate and the current occupant of the white (oops) house, could it? Naw. . .

          • GrayeagleSeven

            Lee – Think of what you just said – do you want 4 more years of slavery? I like you have worked hard all my life and I am not rich either, but It’s about time America put some people in the White House that actually know what the hell they are doing! Forget color of skin! However, that is apparently that is all blacks can do – if its black, then its good. Need I remind you what race is killing its own at a very high rate, and who relegate themselves to government handouts as the goal for their success?! Yep, the black community and its roaming gangs shooting innocent kids, and its women getting convenient abortions like picking up a 6 pack at 7-11 [smells like genocide to me – all pushed by the Democrat Party]! “O” is an imposter and everyone knows it. And his incompetence is beyond words! He has caused the national debt to rise nearly $6 trillion since taking office, and the unemployment rate is beyond outrageous! Do you know what $1 trillion dollar is? If a person spent $1 million a day, it would take 2700+ years to spend $1 trillion!!!!!!! Obama spends $1 trillion annually, and all money the country doesn’t have. Get real folks!!!

          • v1cious

            There was nothing racially divisive about this comment at all. Nope

          • Jeff Joseph

            Quit your crying…sounds like you cant get your finances in order…thats nobody’s prob. but your own. Quit looking for excuses to fail.

          • Brian McQuaig

            It isn’t that you’re working hard, you’re just not working smart. If you had a skill that was unique you’d make more money, Lee. You see…that’s how the REAL WORLD works. Can you run a multi-national company and avoid losing billions on the daily decisions you make? Can you dunk from the top of the key? Can you use The Calculus to determine the maximum gate transition time of a P/N junction operating at 60 degrees Celsius taking in account the induction created by other junctions just molecules away? Can you repair a brain aneurysm without killing the patient or rendering them a veg for the remainder of their days? Do you have an idea that you can turn into a business and create wealth from nothing like people do every day in the America the rest of us live in? I didn’t think so. Does someone owe you something? Wow…you’ve got a real chip on your shoulder. You’ll never get anywhere with that attitude. Be prepared to die poor, Lee; no one is going to do it for you, even in that utopian government you’re going to build. Good luck. B$

          • BuddyPC

            “Partly due to the fact that with last years tax hike, I’m actually makin’ LESS this year than last, although I’ve had a raise, and work overtime. ”

            And thus another Supply-Sider sees the light.

            BTW, thanks for admitting life was better under Bush.

          • Robert Haight

            Well shucks don’t you think it will just get worse UNDER Odumba? Golly gee, how novel, work for a rich person and get paid. Keep on bringing illegals in and sign them up for benefits. Ohh don’t worry about that, we all will jus raz tacks

        • Kwumey .

          seig heil … is this from Stormfront the skinhead website?

      • PennyRobinsonFanClub

        Thank you, “reverse racism” is a null phrase. Of course, Rubio or West or Jindal would have been howled down as some kind of condescending tokenism, and immediately subjected to withering scorn and outrightly egregious racist comments about being a “sellout” or “Oreo” or “house ni–r” or some such; hell hath no fury like a leftard scorned by a minority.

      • Bryant

        So true.
        No one is more prejudiced, more racist, more arrogant, nor more out-of-touch with America than the Left. The Political Correctness movement breeds racism, prejudice and division. The commie-libs treat it like a religion. Pathetic.

        • Lee Carroll

          You, sir, are one of the blind sheep! Let me clue you in on something…DO NOT put all dem.s into the same ‘liberal’ basket! I’ for one, am part Native American,and I normally don’t pull the ‘race’ card, ’till someone does on me…A FEW TIMES!! And, out of touch?! P-L-E-A-S-E!! Why don’t you try raisin’ a family on JUST ONE income,and, mind you, a BARELY decent income at that, and see how it really feels to be in a constant sink! Oh, I’m sorry, you’re more than likely too pampered with the good life to degrade yourself by becomming one of us! Jerk!

          • Frustrated Teacher

            You accuse Bryant of blindly lumping all Dems in one bucket…then you blindly lump him in as part of the pampered out-or-touch, 1%. How are you so sure YOU are the only one living on one paycheck? I think you are a left-winger trying to get a ‘3rd party’ to split conservatives. They are trying it in many elections by inserting fake tea party candidates. Give it up and go play with the libertarians.

          • Trevor Senko

            @facebook-100000544593313:disqus 1. if you have stayed in construction and you are not getting enough money then it is your own fault, quit and find another company to work for. 2. If you are not making the money you want, go back to school and get a degree in something that will make you the money you want. 3. If you are “am part Native American” then why are you not getting help from your tribe? You are not the only one that is living on a single paycheck or a single parent on a single paycheck, what ever you are doing. i know a lot of single parents that go to work full time 40+ hours a week and go to school full time also. It is hard, tiring, and frustrating to keep that pace for that long of a time, but they do it. So, instead of crying like a little bitch about how bad you have it, open up those little crying liberal eyes and look around at the other 99% you so calling are fighting for and see how they have it even worse then you but we are doing something about it.

      • glenn barnett

        how funny is that a famous word among some is racism.

    • kelly9107

      Obama said he made Ryan what he is. So if Ryan isn`t perfect,its obama`s fault.

      • $2190209

        You didn’t build that…

    • Erik Christensen

      it’s not “reverse racism”

      It’s racism.

      There is no such thing as “reverse racism”

      • Kwumey .

        Yes is RACISM to call 2 Racist white guys–> white guys .. its also Racist to call the sun “hot” in your world right?

    • Jake Pugh

      I believe that would be REGULAR racism.

    • SheerPolitics

      Had Mitt picked Rubio, Rice or other of another ethic background, they’d say he was a pandering white guy. The more the MSM and other libs scream, the more we can be assured that Mitt picked the right VP. Had he picked a Pawlenty type they wouldn’t have to mount such a defense because the ship would already be sunk.

    • Wayne McKinnon

      He didn’t build that, Obama did!

    • glenn barnett

      amen to that.

  • JoeMyGod

    More interesting than a (fairly) predictable GOP ticket is the gamble that Romney is taking with seniors in FL and to a lesser degree, Ohio.

  • Clayton Littlejohn


  • JoeMyGod

    How long did it take Twitchy to find eight nobodies to characterize as the entirety of the Left? #LOLteabaggers

    • JannyMae

      Where does it say “the entirety of the left?” It says “a number of twitter users,” and I recognize a number of them, including the loser who runs DailyKos.

      • JoeMyGod

        The admin just added that post after I complained on another thread.

        • JannyMae

          So, that’s what you do, go around from thread to thread and complain? You’re a charming little troll, aren’t you? Good night.

          • JoeMyGod

            Does it bother you? Good.

          • JannyMae

            Self-important, too. The last time I let a troll bother me was 2003. I believe you’re projecting.

          • Robert Varner

            And you are running. took lessons from H.R. I see.

          • Eddie Neely

            Who would be so Stupid that they would vote for a Fraud that Eats Dogs and is and always will be a complete Failure???

          • Maria

            Joe doesn’t have a job therefore he sits on Twitter/Twitchy all day.

  • Andrea Silver

    Liberals (communists) have tried to redefine racism in order to disadvantage traditional America, that is James Cone and his Black Liberation Theology, followed by Rev Jeremiah Wright.
    Racism remains to my mind a belief that one race is superior, inferior or should be treated differently.

  • Jerry Hayes

    Anything is better than the lying black guy in the white house.

  • keefer1958

    DU calls Ryan “Eddie Munster.” What a sad life it must be when you have nothing better to do than berate people who you don’t agree with.

    • Rick

      “Berate”? Are you talking about the two times (at least) that President Obama backed down when challenged by Ryan, once at the Congressional Round Table and once at the Republican Congressional Retreat? That “berate”?

      • Robert Varner

        His teleprompter must not have had an answer for him fast enough. I wonder if they shake it like the old 8 ball. Keeps coming up, “Bush did it”

  • Guest

    I hope the nominee is Bob McDonnell… my nigga
    since when did getting rich in America become a crime? The left wing liberals who make the point of being rich a crime are the same fucking liberals who make 40 million dollars for a movie!!!

  • John Doe

    And picking the black guy worked out HOW???

    • kelly9107

      You took the words right ot of my mouth John. They say that if you go black you wont go back.Now i see what they meant. Hopefully we wont make this mistake again.

  • mikal

    Liberals scolding people for their skin tone. Is this where we’re supposed to be shocked?

  • Red Blooded American

    You see who “ALWAYS” brings race into politics for no known reason!

    • J. Cox

      Not like they can bring the glorious last 3 1/2 years to tout.True racism and bigotry can be found in many progs mirrors.

  • AsktheWhiteGuy

    Romney’s obviously been strong-armed by the tea baggers.

    • J. Cox

      And you have been sidetracked by the stupid stick.

    • Maria

      Teabagging Liberals, guilty!

  • Rick Matson

    Obviously none of these blogger can think for themselves and repeat robotic talking points just like their told too!

  • JoeMyGod

    Mormon/Catholic 2012. The evangelicals must be *thrilled*.

    • J. Cox

      Go hate God somewhere else.Then go racebait with your fellow twits.

    • Maria

      Again, what does that matter? They’re still better than you. Yes, I went there.

  • John W. Kerr

    The last KKK White Guy to consistently win re-election anywhere was Senator Byrd a Demonrat Icon! Is this a case of stupid is as stupid does?

    • Valjean

      Forrest Gump was a white guy and he’d agree with you.

    • TomArizona


    • Brother Bo

      Democrats started the KKK and have populated it ever since. They mostly vote democrat for the same reason that other welfare bums do… they want their government check…

  • Donna G

    Let’s all be tolerant of the Liberals, now kids.
    Of course Liberals are saddened, and outraged by this news, since none of them are white.
    How fair is that?

  • Rags Vnvmc

    Ryan is an intelligent articulate person. It is noticed how racist to see the lefty loons whine about the fact he is white…

  • Swampcat

    Liberals figured out that Paul Ryan is white? Wow, looks like all of that self righteous omniscience liberals are always yapping about didn’t go to waste. Let’s make sure they don’t figure out that fire is hot and water is wet.

  • darcy922

    I think some people may have lost all their senses..Or has the entire country lost it..I’m beginning to think so..I am beginning to see why this country is in so much trouble and we had better open our eyes before we lose this country to a communist..

  • James Cox

    Paul Ryan is a very smart, business minded person who has taken on Ovomit in all things budget related, and has made Ovomit blink on more than one occasion. 31/2 years of failed policies that has driven up the debt by more than 7 trillion, has flipped flop on gay marriage to pander to the gay / lesbian group, has tried to railroad through passage of amnesty for illegals to gain the illegal vote, has shit all over the constitution, and frankly, his wife is as big of money grubbing whore as I have ever seen in DC.

    • Brother Bo

      No… Don’t hold back. Tell us what you really think about the Obummers.

    • Lori Hansen Williams

      I know please don’t hold back! LOL

    • Kwumey .

      Ryan is only smarter than a box of rocks.

  • oldeeyore

    “This will [b]e the whitest ticket since the KKK voted for their box social chairperson.”
    Actually that was Robert Byrd as Grand Kleagle, in charge of recruitment.

  • JoeMyGod

    Has there ever been a ticket without a Protestant on it? Interesting to research…

    • Maria

      And what if there hasn’t been?’re a Liberal, you’re supposed to be super tolerant of EVERYTHING and eat tofu and seaweed and and hug trees and such.

      • JoeMyGod

        If you think the evangelicals won’t take notice of this and complain, I’d like a child’s portion of whatever acid you’re on right now.

  • Gloria L. Ervin

    I’m praying that Paul Ryan is the “WHITE GUY” for VP. He’s the best out of all the rest!!!!

  • jake keller

    Change all the “white” to “black” and maybe you will see your a bunch of racist assholes! typical liberals!

    • Jessica

      Do these liberals even know that the democrats didn’t support inter-racial marriage because it was wrong to marry outside your race. Ha ha who’s raciest now! Oh yeah the conservatives.

    • kelly9107

      Whites need to wake up and see what has been going on . The white race has been demonized so that the race can be diluted.That is why they are bragging about making the white race a minority in a few short years.Time to represent ourselves for a place aqt the table with everyone else. Without the whites,this country would be in the sewer.Stand up and be PROUD my white brothers.

      • rinodino

        Ha ha yep no racism on the right and you wonder why the right gets a bad name?! Lol see comment above

        • Eddie Neely

          Dave not only are you Stupid but you are also a Racist !!!

          • rinodino

            lmao, yep no mention of Kelly Henderson’s comments, but I’m the racist? lmao…. GOP keep digging your grave, might be time for a new WIG party in 2016

  • Hunt3r

    There goes Malkin again, oh poor Repubs getting picked on! The party of ignorance and shame!

    • J. Cox

      Ya,that is exactly it,whining about being picked on.Has nothing to do with the blatant hypocritical standards the left uses.Of course,let anyone mention Obama is black,or that you disagree with him on anything,and the term racist is used faster than a liberal can spend someone else’s dollar.

    • Maria

      You didn’t finish your sentence. I think you meant to type out: The Democratic party, full of ignorance and shame!
      You’re welcome.

    • Eddie Neely

      Gonzo? Is that a name or a statement about oboma? HaHaHa Republican Landslide 2012 !!! Time to Throw the Trash Out !!!

  • Brian Roastbeef

    Wait, Paul Ryan is white? Crap, HUGE breaking news guys. I never would have known that. Thank God for the mainstream media. I always thought he was Mongolian. Or maybe Ecuadorian, but like an Asiatic sort of Ecuadorian, if that’s a thing. Is that a thing? Probably racist to ask if that’s a thing…

    Oh that reminds me, Paul Ryan is probably racist, isn’t he? What with his turning out to be white and all…

    • $21590057

      Not to mention those gorgeous blue eyes. That’s clearly a sign that he’s GOT to be racist. A brown-eyed, brown-skinned person simply *can’t* discriminate against others who aren’t like him or her. The Black Panthers, for example, are a group of people devoted to the promotion of understanding between the different races and not a group that sees their race as being in any way superior to other races.

  • Val Shinkle

    Only RACISTS will notice race, creed and color, and make a big deal about it. Americans got over that crap after the Civil War, and only the DEMOCRATS pull out the divisive card when it suits their ‘SociopathiMarxiCommIslamistoFascist’ Red Diaper Baby UN Caliphate Globalist vision……GO BACK TO THE TRUTH, The Bill of Rights is the WHY, and the US Constitution is the HOW…’Character Counts, Truth Matters, Courage is Contagious. The Sun has never shined on a cause of greater worth” Thomas Payne.

  • Paula Noakes

    Okay, so boring white guys who are liberals: Bill Clinton. Ted Kennedy. John Kerry. Harry Reid. Joe Biden. Jimmy Carter. Walter Mondale. Al Gore. So what? If libs think non-boring, non-white, non-male is so important, why do they persecute conservative black women? Conservative Hispanics? Sarah Palin? (Definitely not a GUY, although I will concede white applies. And boring, if you consider a mother of five, mayor, and governor boring!) Double standard, anybody?

  • Casey Ashley

    Please leave Ryan in Congress. We need him to keep doing his work there!

  • bret robertson

    hmm tough choice boring and intellectual white guy (( ryan)) versus boring inept and idiotic white guy (( biden))? hmm yup boring and intellectaul wins

  • megandrewsmom

    Remind me, who’s racist again? Oh yeah, Republicans (conservatives/tea party/white people).

    • Chase C.

      Really? Explain your reasoning please.

      • $21590057

        I’ll explain it for you. The Democratic party is the party behind the Jim Crow laws of the South and the KKK. <– This link has loads of information about the historical facts of the connection between Democrats and racism.

    • Maria

      We’re not the party who was in favor of slavery or triple K, as has been brought up before in this comment section. Right Wing: 1 Lefties: 0

    • flipicaneze

      Oh because democrats think Hispanic and Black people are too STUPID to do things for themselves like getting a job and becoming self sufficient….So they offer welfare, food stamps, affirmative action because their beliefs are such that minorities are not able to do that for themselves. Oh but hey, that’s not racist…because the democrats are the ones who started all this, right?

      I as a conservative will not believe that. We are all created equal and everybody has a chance to do things for themselves. I am Asian and a Ron Paul republican, far more conservative than Romney, so give up that whitey republican racist bullshit.

    • Eddie Neely

      At least we are not Stupid enough to vote for a Fraud like oboma the muslime communist Failure !!!

  • MovingToNevada

    And what’s Biden? A liberal, gay, handicapped, minority? Did I cover all the bases?

  • David Kamber

    Man I can’t believe all the Racist comments coming from the LIBS. Oh no white is bad?? That is Racist. Racist come in all colors not just white, Grow up!!!!!!

  • Cecilia Tolley Hone

    my goodness! I hate the fact that so many people make this a racial thing! That is not about race!……… unless you are a racist!

  • JoeMyGod
  • Joey Cosentino

    Michelle, reading these ill-informed idiots speaking out of their A**** is too much to handle sometimes. How are liberals SO ignorant about these things and so racist but unable to see it???

    • Jessica

      liberal journalism my friend… Watch any of the alphabet channels and what do you learn… Not a damn thing about what is really going on in the country just about how raciest conservatives are.

  • John Urban

    “Two rich white guys”. Obama’s net worth is approx 16 times Paul Ryan’s.

  • Leo Williams

    Ill bet that white guy might bring down that 19% percent unemployment number for the black Americans community. Obama sure hasn’t helped.

  • Valjean

    Ah, the dreaded White Guy. Source of all the world’s woes. Ryan’s crime? Calling for fiscal restraint and articulating the dangers of a runaway deficit. Yeah, that certainly qualifies to mock and label him unfit as a VP candidate…..

  • EastValleyConservative

    What a bunch of pathetic racist sheeple. These people run around squawking “racist” all day (the sky is falling!) and you’d think in all that jumping up and down shrieking would alert them to the clink of the chains they seem to unknowingly embrace.

  • flipicaneze

    Oh shit!! I thought he was a one-eyed asian midget, I swear!!


  • jeffofnh

    the racist liberal left sees Ryan as a “white” guy. A conservative
    views a person as competent or non-competent, no matter what the race.

  • jeffofnh

    sure have the lion’s share of hypocrisy.

  • Red Forman

    Ryan is a wiz with economics… he’ll undo the mess we’re in.

  • kevin johnson

    Notice… None of the comments talk about Obama`s record!! Or accomplishments. It is now a race issue. Cain was too much of an Uncle Tom for them, now this guy is too White!! You cannot make a Liberal happy. So why would you try?

  • Tom Smith

    We do however have a clear choice. Romney is boring but a good businessman nonetheless. Ryan is brilliant. He came up working and he understands government. He has personally brought forth budget proposals and has presented great change to congress. I don’t 100% agree with either of them but clearly I think they are far more capable than what we have now.I think these guys do have what it takes to lead our country over what is certain to be much more difficult times financially than our country has ever seen.

  • Teresa Nelson

    Paul Ryan is not “rich”. He’s a good guy from a small city in WI. His dad died when he was only 16. FYI: Paul’s hometown is heavily populated by people who worked at the GM plant or other plants in town that supplied GM. Guess what? When Obama “saved” GM, they shut that plant down for good. Lots of hard working, middle class, union workers out of work. After the union takeover, er bailout, some who had seniority were forced to move to other states to continue to work for GM or else lose their unemployment. This pick may very well give the state to Romney. Polls in the coming weeks will be interesting to watch.

  • Snarky D

    Man… When these guys figure out Joe Biden is white, they are gonna be PISSED.

  • John Gersper

    Appears the anti-white bigots all feel that they have something to say and someone actually gives a sh1t. No story here..On to the election….

  • cloudshe

    “because race and gender are the most important qualities of a candidate” we are a country of dumasses

  • Diana Criss

    Paul Ryan over dumbass Biden anytime!

  • Diana Criss

    Would love to hear Ryan debate against Biden! Ryan would blow Biden out of the water, while Biden spits out dumbass gaffes!

  • Everett Walker

    Who do you want him to pick? Debbie Wasserman-Schitz??

    • rinodino

      Now that would be a surprise but I thought a home run for mittens would have been rubio this feels like a single or at best a double

      • Eddie Neely

        Dave you have to wake up and pay attention. Rubio sided with the muslime brotherhood against Rep. Bachmann. Thgat makes Rubio a Traitor and a Loser !!!

        • rinodino

          lol, I think that GOP grave site is almost deep enough, what do you think Eddie? lol

  • Dr. Gerald Colbert

    Anyone but Obama!

  • Jean Howard

    we all need to get a grip & understand this is not for our entertainment but to get our economy under control. get the big picture. if 2 boring white guys can do that – great

  • Descent13

    Joe Biden is an old, rich white guy with hair plugs. Obama hasnt done jacks shit for minorities and has completely ignored the black community. Oh yeah and he was raised by rich white bank owners in Hawaii and plays lots of golf. Can’t get any whiter than that. He is the welfare no jobs no focus euro non-leader

  • Mickey James

    I can’t believe how many white people are against their own race.

  • George Murrey

    First, congrats on the VP pick, Rep Ryan is just as good as any of the other possible choices. Second, it wouldn’t have mattered who Gov Romney picked for his VP, they will come out and attack them for whatever issue is out there. Next, why should it matter if he is white, is that bad thing? Shouldn’t people look at the person and what that person has to offer, over race? Again, congrats on Rep Ryan, he will help out the Republican base and what it stands for. The first and foremost, the economy and unemployment.

  • Jorge Torres

    Hello… we elected the black guy to prove we are not racist, now lets elect a smart financial guy who has a winning track record of solving problems and working for free (MA Governer who worked for free and fixed a 1.5 billion dollar deficit) to prove that we are not stupid!!!

  • Jonathan Deaux

    It wouldn’t matter who he picked …”Look a white guy, he’s racist”…..”Look a woman…he’s pandering to the female vote”….”Look a [insert minority here, he’s pandering to the minority vote”…

  • Emory Rowland

    Looking forward to a Ryan Biden debate.

  • Norbit Peters

    Democratic Media RACISTS strike again!
    It’s OK when 95% of blacks vote for Obama; not a PEEP out of the Democratic Party Media…but two white guys, and the Democratic RACISTS go wild!

    Start identifying THEIR exploitation of racism, as RACIST itself!

  • Ken Alan Draper

    Wow! such racism. just another case of lefty keeping a cracker down. if this is the best dems can do then they’re in bigger trouble then anyone thought. How is spending within your means “radical”?

  • Melissa Bloom Gillis

    Radio Geek Zack so cleverly Tweeted above: “Mitt Romney is going to pick a boring, generic, white guy. And remember, you HEARD IT HEAR FIRST!”

    Someone needs to Tweet to him that a complete lack of a grasp of the English language does not help others to “here” his cause. Typical ignorance from someone whose cleverness is a legend only in his own mind.

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    Romney didn’t pick Ryan himself. “Somebody else made that happen.”

  • Kathleen Schultz

    I like Paul Ryan very much. He has actual ideas about fixing the fiscal problems that are facing not only those who are alive today, but our future generations. The national debt is not sustainable. Twice, Obama’s budget proposals have been defeated unanimously (yes, that includes democrats), and the Senate has refused to produce a budget in three years. Obama has no viable answers, and our highly esteemed senators have decided to shirk their responsibilities to the American people. How does this make Paul Ryan a bad choice? Oh yeah, he’s a white guy. Let’s stick to the issues and stop playing the race/gender card. Being white doesn’t necessarily make one a racist, just as being a male doesn’t make one a sexist pig.

  • chrisallenrich

    You just can’t put anything past those persnickety liberals can you! They are so damn perceptive! Romney had hoped to present Ryan as a middle-aged, half black/half-Latina/half-LGBT named Wanda. Those darn libs!

  • Kathleen Schultz

    I LOVE Allen West. But, I suppose that he wouldn’t qualify as a black man since he doesn’t subscribe to liberal ideas. Liberals don’t believe that African Americans should be allowed to think for themselves. It makes one wonder what the liberal definition of a racist is.

  • Ken Alan Draper

    HE’s WHite!!??!!? I’m glad we’ve got these highly educated people to point these obscure facts out.

  • Rob Leon

    The Chief One-Percenter picks the most boring white guy on the planet as VP running mate. Thanks, Willard.

    • Eddie Neely

      Romney and Ryan are only a Thousand times Better than the current Fraud in the White House. If competent and smart is boring to you then maybe you should stick to watching the Simpsons…

  • OneNation245

    The Democrat Racists are in full force. Who would have thought the Obamanites and Democrats would be so racist? I do. Look at the Democrat History. The Democrat Party created the KKK. NOw they have blacks believing in this hate organization, not knowing their founding principles are enslavement of minorites. At least the Republicans have two Fully qualified candidates rather than a unrepentant terrorist (Obama) and a white guy with no brains (Biden).

  • Ziel Dave

    Is Vice President Joe Biden is a better pick? He looks white to me, eh? How about a black guy that lives on Pluto for President? Would that be a better pick for the President of the USA? So race is the key issue in choosing a qualified canidate?

  • Notjack

    All those non-racist Democrats and Progressives who are talking about choosing some one based on the color of their skin.
    Isn’t that racism? And isn’t that pretty fucking stupid?

  • Theresa Mattia Murro

    Hopefully, all the obama voters will stop drinking the cool aide and open their eyes and stop lookig for a free ticket to everything.. I bet most who voted didn’t and don’t know a thing about obama just the fact that he is black, which he does not consider himself black…so wake up obama followers and stop looking for a free ticket and get out and work..There are alot of people who work hard and maybe can’t make ends meet but do not sit at home or on a corner in the park or on a street corner waiting for the people who work to pay their way.. So, if your’re voting because he’s black wake up he doesn’t consider himself black..If you can read read his book and learn what he is about. Terry

  • Clay Buster

    NEWS FLASH: Joe Biden is a white guy….and a racist. He said, Obama is one of those “clean” black folk. Biden is a big fan of 7-11 and Dunkin Donuts.

  • judy

    “reverse rascism” this is a fresh new term, how exciting.

  • Bart Davis

    Lefties would have you think that Joe Biden is Mr. Excitement. Comical.

  • Wendall Paul Sexton

    The only choice pleasing to a liberal mindset such as what is on display here would have been a juvenile, black, female, Hispanic lesbian, who stands strong for abortion and female contraception (so as to never reproduce), gay marriage (again, so as to never reproduce), and a complete and total renunciation of all U.S. military action (including and especially existence) so as to ensure no further reproduction of any side.

  • screaminmimi

    Yeah he’s a white guy, big deal. The guy’s brain is an economic MACHINE, something this country desperately needs. And he’s boring? Bring it. Less fodder for the liberal media to chew on. I couldn’t be happier being from Wisconsin myself. R&R 2012!

  • Alice Manfredini

    Since when are we choosing our candidates because of the color of their skin!? It doesn’t matter if Ryan is white or black or purple. He has the qualifications it takes to become POTUS if something should happen to Romney. Aside of his many achievements, he is articulate and charismatic and will have no problem attracting new voters. As for the folks that called him “a random white guy”……think again (if you bothered thinking before making that inane statement). If you had checked his background and his record (instead of assessing his worth by the color of his skin) AND read some of his writing and heard his speeches, you would have seen that he embodies the qualities needed for the office of VP as well as the conservative values that are the platform of his party.

  • Donna Jean Rettmann

    Obama picked a white guy–and that’s ok? Racism!

  • Darenda Anastazi

    Since when is the color of ones skin, or the size of his or her pocket book have anything to do with viable credentials for the office of Vice President? Let me guess…Public School grads…right?

  • TeslaRawks

    I would love to reply to a lot of those posts… but its on twitter and Im not gay.

  • Philip Romick

    ok almost every single president and vice president in US history has had a white president and white vice president so it’s not a big deal. I would prefer a race other white people that are more like common americans to run the country. GO ASIANS 2016.

    • Philip Romick

      anyone can do better running the country then the black guy in office. And I mean anyone i’d choose a bum off the streets over obama, at least the bum would be more connected to society.

  • Pushbroom

    Yeah, picking the hip black guy worked out for us. Democrats: Hypocrites. Is this really what America has become? A bunch of pandering pussy’s?

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Actually, Paul Ryan’s ethnicity is Irish Catholic, not “white”; for much of the last millennium, Europe and even US elitists and eugenicists had insisted that Irish, and particularly Catholic Irish, are NOT whites. Seriously, it’s true, go look it up; they said we were subhuman, closer to monkeys than to people – which is how they justified all the oppression, persecution, slavery (YES, slavery), and genocide that the Irish were subjected to for centuries.

  • rickg62

    Just once when someone spouts the left’s talking points such as “he wants to take away Medicare” or “he wants to do away with Social Security” that they would explain exactly how. They can’t because they are just repeating what they’ve been told and have no idea about any specific proposals that have been made. The uninformed and intellectually lazy are always swayed by the scare tactics of the left and the left knows it. The left knows that, historically, propaganda works and they are masters of it.

  • joe

    I would really love to know when it became bad to be white or a guy. We created this nation and led it to greatness. Yet, now we are no longer trusted to run it. Where is the logic of that?

    • rinodino

      ask THE NATIVE AMERICANS what you created….idiot

  • CPBinDC

    Any of these people ever hear of Joe Biden ?

  • Bob Burwell

    A guy whose 1st job out of college working for Oscar Meyer driving the Wienermobile – then if he is rich that’s a pretty good self made story.

  • Shannon Piper

    I’m not really sure where the “out of touch” thing comes from when it comes to Paul Ryan, except that liberals just don’t really know much about him. For goodness sake, the man sleeps in his office! Sounds like he’s living much more of a “common” life than many of their own democratic congress-people.

  • Norm Balog

    Really? President Obeyme calls Ryan “radical and extreme?”

    That’s like Pol Pot calling the kettle Hitler.

    It takes one to know one.

  • Jason Eitland

    Paul Ryan may be a boring white guy, but he’s also quite attractive. I’d bone him.

  • Karen Tracy

    If you really think Paul Ryan is random, then you need to educate yourself and quick. This guy is smart smart smart!! Inform yourself and quit looking stupid.

  • Michael Z

    Aren’t our liberal brethen just precious?

  • Shannon Piper

    What gets me is the comment about Paul Ryan being “out of touch”. The man sleeps in his office, for heaven’s sake. Sounds like he’s living more of a “common” life than many dems on capitol hill.

  • Phillip H. Widener Powers

    Listen to all of these racist, bigoted comments. I would have rather seen Condie Rice, but it’s better than what we have.

  • George Hardy

    we are not holding a music concert where the most popular guys steals the show – it is an election for the soul of our country. Obama is not and never will be an example of the soul of our country. Better boring than dead, better dead than having Obama for another four years and be happy you still have choices; choose well whom it is you wish to lead. Should Obama win in November, the country is finished and you with it !!

  • ss396

    Well, say what you will, but Joe Biden is not boring.

  • Patricia Castellano

    So who’s the racist here? Of course now, that would only come from liberals. What else can you expect from them. Disgraceful!!!

  • Patricia Castellano

    Talk about calling Romney, a white rich guy, how about the 50% that live off our taxpayer’s money and do not work. He worked for everything he has. Only morons would speak that way.

  • Jake Pugh

    Worked pretty good for us the first 250 years. “Boring, rich white guys”, made this country the greatest nation on the planet.

    • rinodino

      Maybe you’re right, except for Bush, Nixon, Hoover to name a few………

  • Frances Toth

    seniors know there is a lot of sacrifice to be made, either side of the aisle seniors are going to pay I have faith in this team and will stand with and for them. he should be put in control of the budget commission ..God bless America and everyAmerican

  • Rick Stones

    Do you know a progressive whose head is about to explode now that Paul Ryan will be the next VPOTUS? Perhaps you are forced to work or live in close proximity to one of these foot-stamping, red-faced tantrum-throwers? Have I got a solution for you!!! “” to the rescue! This amazing product WILL help. it isn’t a drug. It is completely safe. And it is guaranteed to instantly stop any liberal progressive profanity-laced temper tantrum.

    Check out this video of an actual progressive upon hearing the news that Joe Biden would be required to debate Paul Ryan… AMAZING!

  • religionandhistory

    Had enough excitement yet with the young , confident, handsome, affable , progressive president yet ? With his new political learners permit , no experience , and totally drunk on socialism , he is recklessly driving a beat up U.S. economy at 85 mph., in the ditch … in reverse , with trillions of dollars blowing out of the trunk ! Vote for sane leadership … anyone with economic understanding , poor , red yellow , black, white ,etc. ….exciting or not who has sense enough to slam on the brake pedal and turn this economy around .

  • Betty Harlow

    Obama is half white and a male too. So what???

  • EM

    interesting how these left wing liberal moronic commenters have nothing of value to say

  • Ty Mcwilliams

    Imagine if he had picked Allen West. The Libs would have been calling him all kinds of nasty names. It doesn’t matter who the VP pick is the Libs would show their lack of class and tolerance towards him or her.

  • Peter Giardini

    Arnold Schwarznegger for president 2016!

  • Peter Giardini

    Is it just me that Pauls Ryans speaches are a dry as a rice cake?

  • Maureen Edmond

    I have to give these folks just a little credit – they accurately called him a white guy. But they can’t seem to take the race issue out of their speech! This does, however, state that they’ve been unable to do their homework on Paul Ryan. That’s the level of intelligence we’re dealing with. Heavy sigh.

  • Peter Giardini
  • Laurin Rachel Moreno

    I’m with you, Mary from NJ! You hit the nail right on the head! It is reverse racism and once again, liberals are talking out of their *ss.

  • Brenda Ward

    The party of tolerance, being racist as usual. After destroying Herman Cain while the NAACP and others watched from the sidelines. Laughable. Only a racist would point out the mans color and not his beliefs or policies, which for the information of the uninformed is to save medicare and social security which will fail if nothing is done. Check the social security website.

  • Guest

    So what! Obama is not cutting it. Sharing the wealth is not going to cut it. The chickens have come home to roost! Get it! Get to work leaches!

  • BwBarrnone

    Racism is Racism is Racism. Stop falling in the trap of REVERSE Racism!!!!! If one thinks the word Racism = White on Black hatred only- Then New Speak has already nested it’s roots in the Land of Freedom.

  • Tom Dean

    As opposed to a moronic white (dumb) and racist, lying, two faced, socialist black guy(dumber)….yeah it’s never boring watching these two destroy America…

  • MaryEllen Smith

    YAY TWO WHITE GUYS……….We white people are SO SNEAKY……….

  • Conrad Baylor

    ugh paul ryan is totally the vp nominee. white guy, white guy 2012!!!

    How bad can that be? You see where “black guy, black 2008!!!” got us.

    Or maybe skin color really has nothing to do with it. Maybe the problem is that we’ve had four years of a socialist in the White House. Now that he has screwed things up so royally, it’s time to give a couple of capitalists a try.

  • Chip

    Gore – Liberman, Clinton – Gore, Kerry – Edwards…… white enough for ya? Pot, meet kettle.

  • XD

    Love how the liberals are getting so nervous.. Say goodbye to Obama Boy…..

  • Ray Ibanez

    Are Liberals that racists? Americans shouldn’t care about his race, but his performance.

  • $4750977

    I’m thinking all that ignorant “racist” name calling the libtards have been doing because those who voted for their party and not for the half white guy is now a moot point? Or will it still be a racial thing for them because now no one wants to vote for a no working, spend like crazy golf pro err standing CIC? It’s STILL a party thing! I guess IF he had put a black or yellow or black female on his ticket all you non racists would jump parties like a bunch of morons did in 08 and vote Republican? Yeah like I’ll live to see that happen!

  • Larry Glogowski

    I suppose they wont be happy until the the entire country is sucking on the gov tit

  • disqus_LASIg6epmj

    People need to realize that Ryan is not rich.

  • $139615

    He’s anything but boring. And HEY ya so called liberals, your racist azz is showing. TOOLS

  • Wag_a_muffin

    And Biden is SO ethnic. (He does speak in a middle eastern accent on occasion.)

  • rutbuster1

    I don’t like to pick sides but the ones that are out of touch with reality is the Left. They’re the most uninformed, brainwashed, and racists group there is. I mean really, these posts PROVE IT! I can pretty much guarantee that hardly any leftist actually research what the Dem’s say. They just believe it. Sad, very sad. I was always brought up to “not to believe anyone until you research it yourself.” If the Lib followers did this, they would be in “SHOCK” at all the lies, scandals, and destruction this current administration has done….All you have to do is “RESEARCH” people.

  • Kris Wilcox

    “Racism is generally defined as actions, practices, or beliefs that reflect the racial worldview: the ideology that humans are divided into separate and exclusive biological entities called “races”. This ideology entails the belief that members of a race share a set of characteristic traits, abilities, or qualities, that traits of personality, intellect, morality, and other cultural behavioral characteristics are inherited, and that this inheritance means that races can be ranked as innately superior or inferior to others” -Wikipedia
    Sad that in 2012 we are still dividing, catagorizing and seperating ourselves from each other based on physical differences. As long as we look at things so superficially, how will we ever come together as a nation to solve our very real problems?

  • Steve-Mary Ann Sealey

    Go Figure. Ryan says after his dad passed away, he got social security (entitlement)and saved it to go to college. Now he wants to do away with it. Hmmmmm.

  • Kwumey .

    wait – is this more racist rednecks on this site than a klan ( TEABAGGER) rally.. peeeyewww.. stinks in here

  • ric

    LOL these people are so brainwashed