Christensen is the non-voting Delegate from the U.S.Virgin Islands to the U.S.House of Representatives. Sounds like she and Mia Farrow would get along swimmingly.

  • Booker T.

    Could she be any more racist?

    • McGehee

      She’s trying a hard as she can.

  • Lisa

    Just because someone is black and you yourself are black doesn’t always mean they ‘got your back’. If this were the case there would be no black on black crime.

    • $23438681

      Blacks commenting about race have lost all credibility, beginning in 1991 when they first attacked Justice Clarence Thomas.
      Democrats cannot stand conservative blacks, and therefore there are not
      black conservatives, even when they are right in front of your nose. Martin Luther King dreamt of being judged by character, but unfortunately black democrats don’t believe in that dream.

      • Gary Burnett

        And do you remember who was the Chairman of that Judiciary Committee attacking Justice (judge) Clarence Thomas? Why it was no other than our articulate vice-president Jiggy Joe Biden.

      • Govt_Lies

        I’d like to find a Democrat that can name a single black conservative they don’t hate.

    • Jay Tea

      I am sure if given the opportunity, many blacks would rather commit black on non-black crimes as opposed to black on black crimes. But sometimes (most of the times) you have to commit what is immediately available to you.

      • Sabinal

        that’s just as wrong as Christensen

      • Shari Rhodes

        And this means what? That when the urge hits a guy to commit a crime, he just has to do it right then, no matter who is available to be the victim? It would be preferable if it was a non-black target, but black targets will suffice in a pinch?

    • Govt_Lies

      Your right, but until the both parties recognize this and honestly put forth programs to move families off government assistance and independent, just that mindset will improve such problems

  • Booker T.

    Could she be any more racist? Sheesh.

  • Sheerie Knoll

    So that I understand. Is she implying that Romney is racist because he did not choose a black man? I guess that begs the question: If Romney HAD choosen a black man would he then be racist? So, is a presidential candidate now not allowed to choose a VP based on the candidates requirements?

    • Penny Robinson Fan Club

      Well of course. A West or Cain or Powell would have been just as racist because they’re not “really” black; they’re just Steppin Fetchit Oreo house ni–rs dancing to Whitey’s tune. Leftards are masters of the “Heads I win/Tails you lose” strategy.

      • Ernest Gudath

        That is a perfect example of the “No True Scotsman” fallacy.

        “No true Scotsman puts sugar on his porridge.”
        “But my uncle Angus, who was born in Glasgow, does that.”
        “I said, no true Scotsman.”

      • Michele Driscoll

        Powell is a racist. He voted O because he was a black man. It broke my heart when I heard him say that because I would have voted for him as POTUS in a heartbeat. Still make me sad to even remember it.

        • Maria

          I guess he had a lapse in judgment. Unfortunately that lapse in judgment is responsible for the near destruction of the U.S.

        • Orangeone

          Powell also lied to President Bush and the American Congress re: Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. Powell is nothing more than another destructive example of the Affirmative Action failures.

      • marshwill

        Ignorance personified!

    • dwpittelli

      No, she’s implying that Romney is racist because not many blacks were in the audience. We frequently hear the same complaint about the Republican Convention. It’s not Republicans’ fault that black people are 90+% Democrats; and certainly Romney would like to make a dent in Obama’s black support. What is he supposed to do, Donna, pay them to show up?

      • Ray Weeks

        and they do not realize they have been and will be” PLAYED “by the Socialists……

      • Dave Burgie

        Well I guess they could have rounded Blacks off the street. But the people that where there went due to their own free will.

      • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

        This racist thing is so lame – that’s all the democrats have. I’m believing that all Americans can see what a failure the current president has been and welcome Romney & Ryan and their grownup solutions for the country’s problems.

      • bengali

        That’s how the Dems get them–pay ’em. Direct pay or welfare handouts.

      • Driver_S

        That’s what the liar-in-chief does….bus rides, welfare, tells them the gov. will take care of them….and they buy it.

      • Isabella1709

        That is exactly what the Dems do. They pay them off for votes on every entitlement program that keeps them enslaved. Interesting that conservative Blacks are successful. You’d think at some point they would see that the “Great Society” has been the worst thing for the Black community as a whole, bringing on the 60% of births to single Black women. Once I worked with those in civil rights, and after decades of suffering the bloody head syndrome gave up. Racism works for them.

      • Moneyrunner

        I was in the audience. Next to me was a Pilipino man, next to him a black man and next to him a woman. On my left was a Navy veteran. In front of me the bleachers were filled with young women, middle aged women, men of every age and many, many military veterans. When they say that the people who were there to cheer Romney’s selection of Ryan were not a cross section of America, they lie.

      • Socko7

        The current administration does, in the form of welfare and entitlements.

  • carti

    Way to be racist. Can you imagine if a white Congressman said they supported Mitt Romney because he is white? Why, the Useless Media would come undone and we would never hear the end of it.

    • Jay Tea

      Don’t you know we are supposed to treat black folks with African American gloves? The media understands that just as you wouldn’t treat a 5 year old as an adult, you shouldn’t treat black folks at the same standards as non-blacks.

      • Orangeone

        I’d like to treat them with a one-way ticket back to Africa.

        • @jimijammer59

          your an ass,

          • stillinthe60s

            No, just a lib troll

    • Codog

      So true :)

  • Donna G

    And Obama’s VP is…YEP! A rich, white guy.

    • Catamount

      Uh, no, he’s not rich, however, your astute bigoted views were quickly identified when you mentioned his color as if that was one of the qualifications.

      Liberals continue to prove they see people first and primarily through a color prism.

    • marshwill

      I guess that makes Obama a racist, too?

  • cheongyei

    @DelegateDonna You are quite the racist. What ever happened to “color blindness”???

    • ChristianMan

      I think Donna was being sarcasitc and pointing out the left’s hypocrisy.

  • Shiori_Uyoku

    Yeah because you’re so kind to black Republicans. (Like Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Shelby Steele, Walter E. Williams, et al). Black Democrats are in the very Party that enslaved and oppressed them. Stupid or evil? Keep racism alive – it makes democrats rich!

    • Ray Weeks

      Domo ney? You have hit the NAIL on the HEAD !!! Wish that they would come back to the Party that ‘freed’ them……Republican Party started in 1865 and began trying to free the slaves……and here we are trying to do that very SAME THING…!! But, they have been drinking the ‘Koolaid’ way too long…..

    • Dave Burgie

      Why do the Dem’s want to forget their own back ground up till the LATE 60’s they really LOVED the Blacks in the south. Yea Right. They offered free showers (Well Fire hoses) Directions (well they told them to go to hell or stay in their own place)

  • Chip

    “Ruanaway Slave” a movie about the government slavery of African Americans through entitlements. Help get this out there.

    • GaylePutt

      Many are still enslaved, and not just blacks, by the entitlement mentality. They get enough for subsistance but it kills incentive to do better on your own. Entitlements should be tied, depending on circumstances, to education and or work. We need to break the cycle for everyone’s benefit no matter how loud the cries of “Unfair”. We need to cure the “disease”, not just put a bandaid on it.

  • Love of Country

    Racism has been the one constant in the DNC for more than 150 years (no hyperbole).

  • Jo Post

    There were people of color in the crowd at the USS Washington. These people are making up stuff as they go. It really is sad that supposedly educated, highly educated they will tell you, are so danged stupid!

  • henbane88

    because it’s ALL about race.

  • Jason

    More racist comments from a black person. No wonder racism continues to exist today… They refuse to let it die.

  • Gene S

    Maybe she didn’t get the memo……. if your black your suppose to vote for the black guy.

  • Chuck Pelto

    Typical racist.

    If she were white, she’d be in the KKK.

    • Dave Summers

      Dave chapelle show….grand wizard was blind black guy

      • Maria

        Oh I remember that episode!

    • Elaine

      They are the “Klan with a Tan” for sure. It’s all about race.

      • LA

        Love it – hope you don’t mind if I steal it – the klan with a tan

        • conservativechick

          Please. Go ahead, I read somewhere else. :)

    • rickg62

      So true, because the Klan were Democrats.

  • birdlover11

    I thought the issue for this election is The Economy. Romney picked the very best to help him turn America around and to keep us free and thriving. This is about fixing problems, not a popularity contest!

    • Wesley Yelsew

      Call to make a statement against US Virgin Island Representative Donna Christensen for her racist comments. Refuse to vacation there if she represents their views.

      United States Virgin Islands Department of Tourism
      P.O. Box 6400
      St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, 00804
      Phone: (340) 774-8784 ext. 2243
      Direct (340) 775-1444
      Fax: (340) 774-4390

      St. Thomas – St. John Chamber of Commerce
      P.O. Box 324
      St. Thomas, USVI 00804
      Telephone: (340) 776-0100
      Fax: (340) 776-0588
      Email: [email protected]
      Executive Director: Joseph S. Aubain
      President Elect: Richard Berry

      • Elaine

        This is what the other side pulls all the time. I think it is time for a taste of their own medicine. I’m on it! thanks.

      • PJemmott

        E mail complete Hope everyone asks the chamber of commerce if she is a representation of the peoples feelings there. If so maybe we should spend our vacation money elsewhere.

    • Guest

      funeral was attended by some of her prominent followers, including Alan Greenspan. ”
      Greenspan is the person who screw us all!! helloo his stupid free market, (by the way, i got news for you, there is NO free market, it is a small club of connected people who steal money from you and me, using insider info to make money on wall street, or make wars and get on corporate boards to make millions while our middle class kids die for them, have you heard ever Bush or Cheney fighting in a war? NO.
      Clinton left 11 trillion$ money, what did mr Bush jr. do? screw the whole money on some fake WMD story. and lives the rich lives, while poor soldiers coming back with NO health care, no limps etc! just check where cheney and Bush lives or which country clubs they go to and have nice drinks while Our veterans run from hospital to hospital trying to get some care!! with NO money,
      Jesus was against Money exchangers and he is against Mitt Romney and his wall street types, and Do not steal TRUE christianity, especially with Money loving Mormons and club 700 millionaire. Jesus was against them, he is against them still.

      • Archie262

        OLE is in search of an education.

      • Wayne Gagnon

        WOW!!! You’re an idiot!!

      • jaded

        OLE is the ‘ole dimwit here. Got some greed there OLE? Something needs to be done with the greed and with the stupidity!! NOTHING you said is accurate but demonstrates who you’ve been listening to!!

        • Guest

          here you go, lesson for you staight from JESUS, you fake christians, rich loving lower middle class people, you GOD is MONEY and master is KOCH brothers.
          here is a lesson from JESUS himself, go read BIBLE yourself for a change.
          “A rich man asked Jesus, “What is required for eternal life?” Jesus replied, “Follow the commandments.”The man told Jesus that he had always kept the commandments and wanted to know what else was required. Jesus then told him, “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (Mat. 19:21). The man walked away very sad because he was wealthy. Jesus told His disciples, “And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” (Mat. 19:24).

          • rickg62

            Ole, please do the rest of us Christians a favor. Crawl back in your cardboard box, take another hit and quit giving the rest of us a bad name.

      • Manse Towery

        First, after being wounded in action, I have health care in the VA healthcare system. at no charge to my own wallet.
        Second, Jesus was against “Money changers” in the Temple, not outside of the temple,
        Thusly, you are an uneducated fool and should do some research before you open your mouth or start typing. So you do not prove that you are bigoted toward the people who have succeed in this life more than you have.

        • Guest

          :) this is all you can answer, You cannot deny that Jesus was against the rich and powerful, is it too much for you to take?? does it bring down your life believes? since you love money, rich people and your god is MONEY. you cannot take this. I understand. but try to deny his saying about the rich going to heaven, you CANNOT. Rich will have to give away their wealth to get in there and you my friend will never get in to heaven. you can hair split his saying but Truth is truth. you cannot handle the truth.
          Bill gates might go to heaven, he gave his money away. Romney is hding his money overseas in some little island, why?? loves his money so much? :)

        • Guest

          yeah you have health care because of Roosevelt, not Bush! and that health care will go away under Paul Ryan and why rich people’s sons do not go to war? why? Bush’s daughters were drinking, partying, traveling Europe,(that hated France) eating fancy food, while you were in 100 degree heat fighting on some fake wmd. is that justice my son? NO! that is BS. wake up and educate yourself. Jesus was against Money loving bankers.
          Jesus says ” “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (Mat. 19:21).”

      • RightCoastMike

        Jesus was against the money changers because they were violating his father’s house, not because they were money changers. He is not against anyone, because he died for all of us. He does not want even one to perish, but for all to come to the knowledge of him that leads to everlasting life. He loves us all because he came to save sinners. Also, re Bush fighting in a war. George H.W. Bush was a fighter pilot in WWII shot down. George W. Bush was also a fighter pilot, even though he did not see action. As a Christian, you should try harder to hide your bitterness and hatred of those who love liberty and our founding principles. Just sayin’

        • Guest

          I tell you the truth, it is hard for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God. Matthew 19:23-24

        • Guest

          Romney and wall street will have a lot of giving away to maybe get in. :) just saying
          No one talking about founding fathers, i love them, why mix them up? dont change the subject. Argue the subject, Jesus said this, and you cannot deny it. hair split you can do. but whatever you say, Jesus was not with RICH people, if he was with them, he would have joined the money exchangers in the temple and have a nice life, like you people love to do, eat, shop, dine and hate poor people then go to church and pretend you are true christians. No wonder people love to live in denial. i guess it protects you from reality.
          Jesus loves you still, even though you pray to satan and his money.

      • Larry Burt

        your wires are crossed up.i think you are speaking with the wrong pair of with your bottom end and not with your brain.

  • pabarge

    Aren’t black people fun when they get all riled up?

    • SDN

      Don’t know about black people; professional racists like her are.

  • Catamount

    It’s a pathetic and sad statement made by a women holding a leadership position. She shows race is all she sees when she looks around. It proves her bigoted views and harboring an abrasive attitude towards and resentment of white people.

    Voting for Obama based purely on color further illustrates and proves her bigoted and flawed character…..

  • aelfheld

    Planting knives could be considered ‘having your back’ in some circumstances.

  • jsteele98



    STUPID IS SPREADING….what a complete MORON you are …..pathetic realy

  • RIChris

    Obama does not have their backs, he’s breaking their backs. The black community fared far better when they didn’t have a president who took their vote for granted.

    • Sabinal

      preach it :)

  • rbeccah

    There are lots of black people in Virginia. Just maybe some of them don’t think Obama has done such a good job.

    • Sabinal

      thank you

  • Conservativeanarchist

    If Lincoln only listened to that French architect back in 1863.

  • michael

    Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party, It’s really shameful. The party for the Common People has become the Party of the “Takers”, IF they can’t take by honest means, then lie, cheat steal and accuse others of your own crimes to distract.

  • Poppy-Kathryn Van Ameringen De

    Funny thing is that I haven’t seen Obama do ANYTHING to help the blacks…whites, reds, browns, nor yellows either! He’s only interested in helping the Obamas!

    • Chris Braun

      And the Muslims, building mosques in the Middle East.

    • Chuck Cubbins

      You are spot on Poppy! If anything, he has made their plight worse for those who want to succeed and easier for those who just want a check for free each month.

    • Archie262

      How many were murdered/shot in his “adopted” hometown Chicago last night, last week, last month, etc? Crickets from the president as Chicago’s murder rate has skyrocketed with obama’s buddy Rahm as Chicago mayor.

    • Govt_Lies

      Obama helps anyone they tell him to help. That’s it.

  • Dayal Krsna Das

    14.4% black unemployment, Obama really has your back doesn’t he?

    • Socko7

      You have to want to work.

  • Conshirtative

    Wow. Racist much?

  • Norm Balog

    By “got our back” does she mean “give in to our terroristic murderous threats and riotous behavior and keep the money – food, housing, medical care, school, child care – flowing from those who earn it and can least afford to continue to do so to those who will keep voting for know-nothings who skim off the top like me”? I think so.

  • Janis Johnson

    Let us not forget, the Democratic Party is the party of the Klan and fought hard against The Civil Rights Amendment. Even Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a Republican and was hated by Democrat President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Racist. He’s got your back alright just don’t bend over.

  • jimmer99

    Ask Malcom X who had his back!

  • DebEast

    He stabbed you in the back.

  • Stephen McCurdy

    Well at least we know exactly why Obama was elected in the first place.

  • Aaron Yawn

    How’s he got your back? His policy have led to the 25%+ Black employment rate!!! He’s got your back alright! About as much as he has the good ole US of A’s back these past 4 years!

  • TDS

    So what color was that dude standing on the stage behind the podium?
    Oh, I guess he was just planted there as a token…

  • Kathleen Schultz

    This comment is just plain stupid. How are we supposed to make
    everything right as far as the skin color of a candidate? If we went by
    statistics, there would be very few blacks in political office. By the
    way, Mr. Obama is actually half white and his vice president is all
    white. I think that he secretly hates being part black. He is a racist.
    I’m still wondering if people like Donna Christensen would have been
    happy if Mitt picked Allen West as his running mate. Would all of the liberals vote for a Romney/West ticket? After all, West is one hundred percent black. The answer is no. It’s about ideology not race. This argument is specious and should be ignored.

  • Dennis Davis

    i’m black she’s full …….. fill in the blank go romney/ ryan take down this kind of race baiting I’m sick of these liberal whores selling their immoral trash

  • Karen Tracy

    When the liberals don’t have a leg left to stand on, meaning they can’t fight about issues, ie economy, the unemployment rate, the national debt. They will just bring out the race card showing what true morons they are. Don’t allow this distract you from the real issues at hand.

  • Robert Booker

    Romney doesn’t think you have to stage your appearances. I didn’t see any Native Americans behind him either. Did you count the number over 65? Were there any Asians? Any kids looking up with moony eyes? That’s Democrat hype; not our style. First come; first served. The American way.

  • Tigerclaw1

    What an ignorant buffoon. What happened, the circus shut down so she joined Congress?

  • David Tremblay

    It is so sad to see America stepping back in time!! People voting for the worst president in the history of America just because he is Black!!! And he wants to give people things they did not earn!! And pass the bill to the middle class!! Obama has single handedly created a CLASS war in America! It’s not a color thing it’s a education thing!! Educate & apply yourself! Guide, support & educate your children Try opennin up your little minds & vote for someone who has the interest of America & ALL Americas! Not just the the blacks one!! You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!

  • David Tremblay

    She need to resign!!!!! I love people of all colors! But I truely dislike a RACIST of any color!!!!

  • Bill Gordon

    Typical racial baiting. They are trying to seperate this country even more than they allready have. The blind leading the blind.

  • oldkirbs

    wish they would get along swimmingly headed back to the U.S. Virgin Islands doing the dog paddle together ………

  • ShawnP

    Wonder is she said the same words to the Grand Wizard of West Virginia?

  • nadadhimmi

    Donna Christensen: Sounds like you and Gwen Ifill won’t “let the white boys win”. The stench of Race Hate envelopes you. Obama is scared to death of Paul Ryan because Ryan knows the cheats and schemes of Obamacare as well as Obama and is better at explaining them. And can do it without a teleprompter, understandably. As opposed to Obama, who can’t form a coherent sentence without reading it off the prompter. Obama is in trouble with this pick. I look for Obama to cancel the V.P. debate. The contrast between young, intelligent and dynamic; and old, dimwitted and dissipated is just too great

    • Maria

      Oh but the V.P. debate will be sooo much fun to watch! I will make myself a bowl of popcorn and settle in to watch Ryan wipe the floor with that dipsh*t Biden.

  • conservativechick

    God, can they PLEASE run out of those race cards?

  • Sabinal

    I’m black and that is the most outrageous racist statement. What the heck does that have to do with Romney/Ryan? Romney has to pick black in order to please Virginians? Give me a break, sister. Even if Ryan were black she’d have a beef because it’s not Obama.
    And I AM a Black person who lives in Virginia. You don’t live here, Donna, so be quiet.

  • allenbarr

    she is pitiful

  • Gerald Messick

    You think he has your back. Seems to me black unemployment is up, food stamps are up to 46 millions, and the president hasn’t passed a budget in his 1st term and will be the only seated President to do so. No need to play the race card with us. Oh..lets not forget the Presidents budget was defeated and got ZERO (0) votes from a joint GOP/Democratic house of representatives. Just because a black man is in the white house is no reason for keeping him there if he isn’t doing the job he is voted in for. Obama said himself “If I can’t reduce unemployment and reduce the deficit I expect to be a one term President.” Well Congresswoman I am keeping my end of the bargain and giving him what he expected and deserves. A ONE TERM PRESIDENCY!!!!!

  • Guest

    “Rand’s funeral was attended by some of her prominent followers, including Alan Greenspan” this scoundrel Greenspan is the one who screw the US economy so few can make billions! mostly his friends. and now you will follow this rich people loving PAUL who follows an Atheist who hates poor people, and against JESUS! read her biography, She even got a job here in USA with connections not talent. She was a second maybe 3rd rate wanna be Philosopher who ruined many young peoples minds and ruined USA period.
    ” These included supporting abortion rights,[72] opposing theVietnam War and the military draft (but condemning many draft dodgers as “bums”),[73] supporting Israel in the Arab-Israeli War of 1973 as “civilized men fighting savages”,[74] saying European colonists had the right to take land from American Indians” She was a classic racist even though herself a Jew. She sounded more like a NAZI though. She was clearly against Jesus also. You cannot believe in her and believe in JESUS at the same time, If you do, please do not call yourselves “christian” since you are NOT a true christian, you are a fake SUDO wanna be christian with sick hateful thought towards humans, your brothers. Peace

    • Maria

      Wha? And what does Paul have to do with your little schpeil there?

      • Guest

        You support Paul Ryan? Did you read his life story? she believes in Ayn Rand as his idol, guide in life. I am making a connection explaining who this Ayn person, so you can understand the true Paul Ryan since he is the one believing in this Ayn person. Clear??

        • doc255

          Did YOU read Paul’s life story? He admires her economic philosophy, but rejects her social views. He has said so more than once. You are doing nothing more than spreading liberal lies. Maybe you should go back and read some more…..

        • Maria

          And we have Obama in the White House who funds the Muslim Brotherhood a hate organization, is not an American citizen by birth, and IS a Socialist. Hmm… Romney/Ryan 2012 it is! doc255 is right.
          Matter of fact, my CAT would be a better President/V.P. than this duo of idiots in the White House right now.

  • Gerald Messick

    One thing I forgot to add! I am glad you are a non-voting delegate if you have such bias views to vote for a man in office simply for the color of his skin. I am white and voted Obama in 2008 because I thought I was voting for the right candidate. Now after nearly 4 years of broken promises and lies, I wish I could have taken my vote back. All I can to to fix MY mistake is to ensure he doesn’t get my vote this time. He brainwashed America with his charm, now they have had a chance to see the real Obama…I just hope some more folks come to see the light and get out from under the spell Obama put them in now that they have seen him and his lack of action in all areas.

    • Maria

      I saw (D) next to his name and knew he was not the right candidate.

  • DrDean

    Yet another Joker from the official Democrat Deck O’Race Cards. You know, in a just nation, this woman and others who behave so despicably would be dealt with both officially as appropriate and publicly by people of all races for the bigotry and hatred they display so openly.

    The supreme power of the land is and has been for far too long, political correctness. Ask yourself, why can this woman get away with her hateful behavior? And not only get away with it, but thrive on it.

    It is long past time that we throw off the yoke of PC by ignoring it and turning the tables on the seething bigots of all races, colors, genders, preferences. Don’t be racist. Don’t be sexist. Don’t be anything but the truth that needs to be discussed. Be true to the nation.

    Imagine what Americans could accomplish together without the chains, muzzles and whips of PC oppression.

  • Chris Carroll

    what a piece of crap racist she is

  • Douglas Ellis

    What a racist comment to make, but then you have to consider the source, and the limited mentality. I guess the economy, healthcare, the deficit, etc are only a black thing, and no white, hispanic, asian, or indians have anything to do with paying taxes to cover their wild and lavish spending for golf outting’s and family vacations. I can see Obama has never balanced his checkbook, and neither has Biden, therefore they will never put a balanced budget on the table to be voted on. So far their own party affiliation voted against the crap they think will suffice. please wake up America and reign in this group of morons by voting them out in November to save America.

  • John Hanover

    Non voting Delegate. Non credible person, when opinion is steeped with liberal racist hypocrisy.

  • Jeff Adamo

    Why are liberal black politicians allowed to make such ignorant, racist comments when a conservative white politician would be excoriated for saying anything similar? The Left poisons minorities’ minds against the GOP, then insinuates we are racist because of their absence.

  • Rich Reason

    Yep when all else fails use the race card !! Dumb-ass

  • Diggs

    Remember this comment, and the millions like it from prominent blacks, the next time some Leftist says that electing a black president will help heal the scars of racism in this country. Obama could have ended this entire sordid race card playing if he ONCE stated that honest, well-meaning Americans can have opposition to his policies based on things other than race. But he has kept silent while others claim everyone opposed to him is a racist. Thank God we have a chance to send the most racist President this country has ever seen, back home to Chicago in January, where he and Rham are limited to just damaging the second greatest city in America.

  • Orangeone

    This person is such a racist! She is part of the divide and destroy America. Time to take away representation from the Virgin Islands.

  • Brenda Cooper

    she is full of shit

  • Nadine Faber

    I am so tired of the “race card” they keep playing, if you listen to President Clinton’s speeches he accused the Obama Administration of the same thing and won. This election should be about ALL THE PEOPLE and not one group over another. I am proud that Romney went to the “cool reception” at the black delegation and spoke to those Americans at this convention. First, we are Americans and everyone should be as important as the next person. However, it has become a division of racial, social class, poor-elite, union-nonunion, teachers against parents/citizens/students, black-white, white-hispanic, war on women’s issues, poverty a hand out instead of a hand up…. Dirty politics (Romney did his fair share against the others running for president), but the Obama’s actions/behaviors/lack of honesty/not condemning the low blows to Romney that are false cannot be justified. Still the issue of restoring and returning a healthy ECONOMY FOR ALL PEOPLE is, should be and will be the theme for these two guys. I do worry about the future and scared to death if Obama keeps his. I think Congress needs to take steps to restrict what a president can or cannot do when it comes to the laws of this land. Obama has gone over the top, overstepped his authority and this congress has done little to stop him from abusing his power and stepping into areas that are the states and individual rights that this administration and Obama were never given to authority over. Some people I suppose want to give him a second chance because he is half black and forget what the damage he has done with his policies or the harm it has caused on a world basis. I don’t care if he is “pink”, nothing he has done is working and only creating an angry, hostile, frustration, depressed, loss of hope and decline for all Americans and the world so it is time for him to go regardless of the color of his skin. It doesn’t matter. It is the heart and the mind and the policies that need to change.

  • Susan-Lee Ahl

    send her a tweet and let her know what you think about her RACIST comment! I DID!!!

  • Chris Braun

    If no black people turn up at a Romney-Ryan rally, what does it say? To me, it says that if the choice is black or white, they will vote black every time, regardless of issues or failure or success. So who’s the racist?

  • thorgodofthenorth

    Tribalism at its apex

  • Bill Sullivan

    Obama has no ones back but the marxist dreams of his Father. We had better learn what this man is talking about. A lot of blacks don’t care or even know what this man stands for as long as he is black he could be a communist and they would not care. White liberals want exactly what he is bold enough to say that, “”free enterprize has never worked in this country.” and they are pushing with him very hard to removed this country off the foundation of the constitution and free enterprize to one of government control. If he gets reelected, “he will have built that.”

  • Shirlene Denny

    They always make it about race.Pathetic.

  • Joanne Long

    She is just dramatizing as a recorder player of her aberations.

  • jmz

    hey donna..yer boy has your back just like dems have had it for 60 yrs now…see when they have your back its easier to grab your wallet. when they have your back its easier to bend you over to screw you. yeah obama and the dems have your back. look at all the dem lib cities/states in america to see just how yer boy hooked you up.
    Obama: freedom is racist… welfare slavery for everyone

  • DocScience

    You want to see racism?
    96% of America’s black citizens support Obama.

    The color of his skin, not the content of his character.

  • Susie Allread

    I am not voting for Romney because of his color. I am voting Romney because Obama has made a mockery of the Constitution, and a mess for our country.

  • orbicularioculi

    I can easily say it, “…I despise ignorant black racist jackasses…”.

  • William2010

    It appears that Donna Christensen has deleted this tweet and all responses – before 2:00 PM, Sunday, 08/12/2012

  • jasamc

    Like I keep saying – there are only three types who will vote for Obama: the racists, the lazy, and the ignorant. Sometimes, one person has all of those qualities.

    • richard40

      One other class as well, gov employees, although some of them are smart enough to defect now, since they realize that its better to have smaller gov benefits now, than none later.

  • William2010

    Before 2:00 PM, Sunday, 08/12/2012, I noticed Donna Christensen’s twitter post on this subject, as well as all responses, have been removed.

  • Rod439

    double standards, black racist is what you are… change your culture in your “hoods” then you might be able to compete with the rest of america instead of live off of it

  • Rod439

    93% of blacks voted for obama…. if 93% of whites voted for a white candidate it would be racism…. either all most blacks are racist or they all think alike…. that is they dont think

    • richard40

      Its not so much race as party, since those same blacks wont vote for black repubs either. Blacks are a one party constiuency, and it harms them greatly. Dems like Obama can treat them like dirt (black unemployment in double digits) and know they can get their vote anyway, while repubs have no reason to reach out, since whenever they do they get nothing for it. Other minorities, like hispanics and asians, cultivate ties to both parties, and are both much better off for it, since they know both parties have to compete for their vote.

  • LouAnnWatson

    Well, Obama said he wasn’t going after the white working class vote, so there they are! I’m thinking they’re a little scared that whitey has had it with the black liberation Marxists

    • richard40

      Of course the really sad part is black liberation theology is not even good for black people.

  • robert bellman

    go screw yourself! ur the reason we have problems in this country! cuz u see everything through black glasses! im white and was taught not to look at anyones color! we are all just men an women tryin to get a little food out here and your communist president aint for anyone in this country, especially blacks! ur a pawn,,,shutup! im tired of all u holier than though burgoise blacks who have made it on others backs and blood pointin the finger for ur progressive hardline bullshit. We aint goin there an we will fight to stop it!

  • Gregg Van Oss

    Congresswoman Donna
    Christensen’s web site says “Regrettably, I am unable to reply to any
    email from constituents outside of the district. Please enter your zip code to
    verify residency and go to the next step”.
    If she doesn’t care about people who don’t affect her reelection, then why
    would she think we care to hear her racist ideology?

  • Lee Reynolds

    Tribalism. Rooting for Obama because he shares her pigmentation. No apparent care or concern for the fact that the ideas and ideologies he believes in and operates from create devastating consequences for all of us. Or maybe she’s one of the nitwits who believes in these same ideas. Either way, it is depressing that yet another black person is stuck on the leftist plantation.

    • richard40

      It is not mainly about race, it is about party and idealogy, otherwise she would support black repubs as well as black dems. Race is just an excuse. The sad tragedy is too many blacks fall for it, and vote dem, screwing themselves in the process.

  • Donna Ahern

    What a ridiculous, racist, divisive, ignorant statement.

  • Deity

    OLE is the “PERFECT” example of the old saying, ” It is better to be silent and be thought a FOOL, than to open your mouth and REMOVE ALL DOUBT !!! “

  • Shockwave

    Racist pig!

  • @jimijammer59
  • lillymckim

    I see a bigot and hear class warfare when I look at and hear Donna Christensen.

  • Paul Shannon

    I travel the country for work, people of every color are fed up with him. She needs to meet with people who actually work.

  • TTownHustler

    I’m sure there are a few african americans in Virginia that would have liked to see Romney-Ryan speak but the Dems wouldn’t let them off the plantation for the day

  • Bryant

    What a glittering jewel of colossal ignorance! USVI should be ashamed for voting in such an Obama-bot.

  • Fred P!

    I have checked her account today and it appears the tweet has been removed. She accepted her shame, apparently, and took it down.

  • Robbie, American!!

    Who died and made her queen of the world…..there are literally thousands of black people in Virginia who will VOTE FOR ROMNEY/RYAN! Rant on, Ms. Christensen! It’s what people do when they see their ship sinking! I sincerely hope to see you on your way home next time you are up for reelection…and God Bless America!.

  • kenny1801

    I know I saw some blacks at Romney/Ryan speeches. She’s just trying to stir the race pot…

    • richard40

      I saw far more blacks at tea party rallies, than I saw at Elizabeth Warren’s campaign headquarters, did you see that all white picture. Dem hipocrites. If all they have left is this pathetic hipocritical race card, they are in trouble.

  • George Murrey

    Why is it that many people and the media have to use the race card, is this their best answer to solve our country’s problems? This is what has been happening since the pres came onto the scene. I thought people voted for a person that would give us hope and change, and we all know how that is going. But, when two white men run for president/vice-president, race comes onto the scene. The Romney/Ryan ticket isn’t about race, and those that think it is are the ones that are hung up on themselves, and not what these guys can do to make our country strong again. Cut the race card, let’s talk about issues and how it can help our country back to prosperity. Lastly, as what I have seen so far, the dems don’t have a plan on how to fix our country’s problems.

  • SuzetteD

    I’m so tired of the race card being “thrown out” so frequently, when it’s clearly not about race. For me, it’s about making poor choices and not being fiscally responsible. Get over it!

  • Guest

    Question, why Romney hiding his money overseas? while he thinks he is a patriot? a patriot will never ship his money overseas, or ship jobs for that matter. Obama is the same dont get me wrong.
    we need a 3rd party. Paul Ryan is a sneaky guy, dont think for a second he cares about you and me or middle class, he loves rich and he is an in closet Atheist in my opinion.

    • Guest

      He loves his money more than Jesus. Never forget this. He is the new MONEY EXCHANGER that Jesus rose up against.

      • richard40

        Jesus was not a leftist. He called for his followers to do their charity with their own money, not stuff they take from others by force by big gov. If Jesus was a leftist like you, he would have called for a welfare program from Rome. He did not, he insisted His followers do their charity with their own money, voluntarily. And by the way, Romney gave away his entire inheritance he got from his father to charity, before making his new fortune, so he is actually the one that practiced what Jesus preached. How much did Obama and Biden give to charity (and no, I dont count it when the give away OTHER peoples money).

        • Guest

          Romney believes that Jesus was in America and told his people to go build malls to make money! Do you really think his religion is the REAL christianity? He did not gave his whole money, when you make those kinds of comments please put proof. he cannot even show his taxes last 10 years, and he hides it, Do you really want us to believe he gave away his money!?? come on, he loves his money too much to care about others especially Poor people.

          • richard40

            “Romney has also publicly stated on multiple occasions that the entirety of his inheritance from his father, who died in 1995, was donated to the BYU Marriott School of Management’s Institute of Public Management, which now bears his father George W. Romney’s name.” Source:
            I found that source in less than 5 minutes on a simple google search. You demand a source from me and dont even bother to look for yourself. And then you follow it up with a bigoted anti Mormon screed. Good lord, what a troll. If this is the leftists idea of legidimate debate, they definitely deserve to lose.

          • Guest

            Richard, i read the article, he says “Romney has also publicly stated on multiple occasions that the entirety of his inheritance from his father, who died in 1995, was donated to the BYU Marriott School of Management’s Institute of Public Management, ” why believe him? he cannot even publish his 10 year taxes to public! what is he hiding? also look at the givings, 90% 5mil$ giving to Mormon church, a sect, sudo religion where jesus came to America!! you believe this? tell me you do then we continue. It is a money loving sect like scientology

          • Guest

            I dont like Obama either, he is wall street loving person also. you are wrong, believe in real Jesus, and learn his ways, not money loving greedy preachers and churches with private jets. Open your hearts and eyes please, I am here to help.

          • richard40

            Obama is far worse than a Wall Street lover, which he is as long as they kickback donations to him, or give sweet jobs to his advisors. He also loves doctrines that hate real religion, like socialism, or america hating black liberation theology. You can see how much he hates religion by the way he trampled on the beleifs and conscience of churches in the contraception mandate.

          • richard40

            Why would Romney lie about that, its an easy enough thing to check, even without tax returns. The college receiving the donation undoubtable has a record of it, why else would they publically name the school after Romneys father, and publicly acknowledge the donation. You are just looking for a lame excuse to get the tax returns. How about this proposal, Romney releases his tax returns, in exchange for Obama releasing all the stuff he has been hiding, like his academic and medical records, or the F&F scandal stuff. If we are going to have transparency, how about transparency on both sides, not just one. Typical of obama, and his surrogates, to demand transparency standards of others that he will not apply to himself.

            And again your anti mormon religious bigotry. He gave it to charity, I did not specify which charity. I suspect the Mormon church, like the Catholic church, has plenty of programs to help the poor. In any event, Romney donated much more than your idols Obama and Biden ever have. Obama isn’t even being his own brothers keeper, with his own brother living in abject poverty in Kenya.

    • richard40

      Isn’t it terrible that romney is an extremely competant businessman who knows how to put his own money where it will do the most good. Of course in these dire budgetary times, with rampant gov waste and completely unsustainable finances, we cant possibly have somebody in the WH who actually knows how to handle money wisely, and not waste it, and might even use it productively and do more with less, no cant possibly have that.

  • Glitchus Glitch

    Democrats are the most racist people I know. They promote racism for political graft and have absolutely no desire to move into a truly post racial era.

  • Guest

    Jesus says ” “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (Mat. 19:21).”
    Why Romney and Republicans and some democracts hide their money outside US in some nameless island? why?? Money is more important than JESUS? what his teachings tell us to do? sell your belongings and help the poor? Why Romney cannot pay a little extra and help poor? instead of being selfish and pray to money as his god?
    Good questions, we will never know the answers to, and people here instead of trying to answer these, will call me names just like they did to Jesus, called him names, even when he was at the cross. Truth hurts and you cannot handle the truth.

  • Karen Waltermire

    I suppose if Paul Ryan were black they would be ALL supporting right? HAHAHAHA yeah right!!

  • Guest

    Jesus says ” “If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me” (Mat. 19:21).”
    why hide last 10 years of taxes?? why? why put money in some foreign island? why? Come as you are. dont hide. People who hides stuff have something to hide from. If he really did not care about money or loved money he would have paid a little more taxes just like we “MIDDLE CLASS” pay on average 30-35% rate, he pays as little as 14%!! or maybe he did not even pay, who knows.
    GE as a company owned back refund! yes you heard it refund fromm IRS!! 100billion$ comopany not paying a single tax here in USA
    is that fair? just? meaning of religion is justice for all, meaning of our constitution is JUSTICE FOR ALL. where is the justice you have been talking about? where?

  •!/wdelpilartcot William Del Pilar

    Here we have another racists race-baiting bigot w/ @DelegateDonna as she’s another black activist that will say and do anything to remain in power at the expense of blacks, Latinos and every other culture. She’s a great example of money in racism. It keeps her base, enflamed, enraged and full of hate which is all she wants because then they’ll believe anything she says.

    She’s ignorant but in her defense she’s only been taught “White Guilt,” by the @NAACP and the Democrat Plantation. The irony is that she knows she’s keeping her own people in the poverty circle yet has no qualms about it. I hope she doesn’t have kids cause this is the type of hate that is passed down and keeps racism going.

    She knows that and knows it’s her only key to remaining in power.

  • Govt_Lies

    Why are we still counting black folks? That’s sad.

  • tullmargaret

    check out obamas dece ption

  • tullmargaret

    alright are you all stupid watch obamasdeception

  • Brenna Horton

    who’s…….she means whose!!!!! If you are an elected official and you are tweeting to show how “smart” you are…..please use proper English!