Stephanie Cutter, the Deputy Campaign Manager for Obama 2012,  claimed yesterday she knew nothing about Joe Soptic’s story even though the Obama campaign had him tell the same story during a conference call a few months ago and featured him in two campaign ads.

“I don’t know the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick or when she died,” she insisted to CNN.

Cutter is normally quite active on Twitter:

  • Wednesday, August 8: six tweets and two retweets
  • Tuesday, August 7: four tweets and six retweets
  • Monday, August 6: one tweet and one retweet
  • Sunday, August 5: one tweet
  • Saturday, August 4: four retweets

Yet Cutter has been totally silent for the past 17 hours. Could it have something to do with being caught in a lie on national TV?

We hope to hear from you soon, Ms. Cutter.

Update: She’s back!


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  • digitalPimple

    You got some splainin’ to do.

  • Jupiterkcc

    To busy removing head from …

  • John Kerry’s Forehead

    Libs have a short memory. That’s why she is hush hush for now. Back in full (lying) fury when she figures her followers have forgotten.

    • Jstalongtalltexan

      wiith their IQ should be about 10 minutes

      • boogsmama

        LOL you give them too much credit

    • sikntyrd

      We don’t easily forget, do we? We have a long memory to continue the fight.

  • MovingToNevada

    Lying is the standard MO for the Obama campaign. Nothing to see here…move it along.

    • josef

      She’s been busy creating the next distraction to distract us from this distraction.

      • medbob


  • noelbuckley1

    If she values her career she outght to run as fast as she can from Obama and his thugs.

  • Larry Knight

    Lying generally catches up with a person after a time!

    • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

      Hopefully before November.

    • Bob Young

      lying is viewed as a virtue among the dabama crowd

    • Bowen Sargent

      It hasnt caught up with obama yet

    • sikntyrd

      Not with the liberals they don’t . They believe the lie as truth hook, line, and sinker!!!


    I’m sure they have a chapter in their playbook for dealing with getting caught in a lie. It’s just part of the game for them.

  • Garth Haycock

    Why doesn’t she use the same defense she used to lie about Obama saying that you didn’t build your business?

    “I didn’t do that conference call.”

  • Saffiulla Karman

    She’s busy putting together a memo that the audio was spliced together AND that the ‘EVOL’ rightwing media dynamically changed the color of Soptic’s shirts while the ads aired, just to embarras the DNC.


  • thetroll01

    The Obummer Bus strikes again

  • WJGBalderama

    You git some spinnin’ to do, young lady.

  • Glen Saunders

    Need to call a Mormon Church and see if they’ll Baptize you…..You know submerge you for the remission of your sins? Lying is both a sin and a sickness……

  • James Jessup

    It’s hard to talk with both feet in your mouth!

    • boogsmama


  • SgtRed

    Ms. Cutter……Your fibbing again….

  • George Murrey

    Now I wonder why she shushed up as quickly as she made that lie, anybody care to jump in give us a name?

  • ❥FoxY❥

    The sad thing is each party is doing anything to win both sides are just as dirty. Shit we gave BUSH 8 yrs why not OBAMA….

    • TheColoredHand

      Once again, a hard lefty gets caught in a lie, disappears, n libs like Base Bitch can’t wait to blame Pres Bush! Unbelievable!

    • Orangeone

      Romney has not told one lie in ads or anything close to a lie. Your O’Bambi is a bully, Chicago thug and liar-in-chief.

    • emjem24

      Ummmm…. reallly??? I wasn’t a fan of Bush toward the end of his presidency but Obeyme has been a DISASTER. I really don’t like either party but I just can’t take another freakin’ 4 years of O’Deuchebag.

  • Jstalongtalltexan

    I hope Ms. Cutter, Robert Gibbs, Jen Psaki, Jay Carney AND Barack Obama all get hard time at worst Federal Prison for Election law violations and election fraud

    • boogsmama

      don’t forget Harry “captain senile” Reid for just being a not so sharp tool

      • Donna W

        captain senile..LOL made my night lol

    • sikntyrd

      That’s just his style. People just excuse his age for his outbursts…but he is just as bad a liar as Cutter.

  • Del Olds

    Wasn’t me, it was my evil twin.

  • Amie Ernst

    No – the playbook will be she will have entered rehab for some sort of issue and claim that she doesnt remember the phone conference call due to some personal addiction of some sort – and will bow out for 3 weeks and be back in full throttle mode before November. Its always their default when caught – go into rehab.

  • Art Belmore

    Like Sgt. Ed Schultz “I know nussing”

  • Tanker74

    Maybe lying causes cancer. I hope she’s okay.

    • Orangeone

      Soptic’s wife found out that smoking does, especially lung cancer.

  • Jim S.

    Another lying Obomite… sad that they are so despicable.

  • TheColoredHand

    Maybe she’s busy posing for more Twitter pics!

  • Mike Behrens

    She’s busy with pants on fire. No time for Twitter.

  • rivers

    The lying liar Stephanie Cutter is a known gutter-rat campaigner, typical sleeze of the Choom campaign. These folks unsealed custody records of Jack and Jeri Ryan, which were sealed to protect their child, to get Ryan out of the race and Obama elected in Chicago. They’re trash and Cutter is at the top of the garbage heap.

    • Guest


    • sikntyrd

      Wow!! Can she unseal Obama’s records???

  • Paula Noakes

    Odd, that … (insert sarcasm here)

  • Tyler

    And the Oscar for scumbag of the year goes to……. STEPHANIE CUTTER!!!!!

  • RIChris

    How hard was it to cut middle-class taxes when boatloads of the middle-class were forced to apply for unemployment, welfare and/or food stamps?

  • Edward

    Lying leftist POS.

  • Edward

    Hey where the news media on this this ?

  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    “Oh House Ethics Committee, we got another one.”

  • TugboatPhil

    She’s most likely been working on the ad showing Border Patrol Officer Bryan Terry’s family grieving after being told he was executed with an automatic rifle that Obama allowed to be delivered to Mexican drug cartels.

  • G.

    So the preferred way to fool the ignorant public, for every Dem official, fm El Presidente’ to lowly campaign workers is to……..(suprise!!!)……..LIE. 0bama, Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Debbie H.Schultz, Frank, Holder, Dodd, Michelle, press secretarys …right on down the (party) line.
    The party name needs to be either shortened to “Democrat” or lengthened to “Democrat-Socialist” party, since they’re no longer either democratic or pro-American.

  • freeinaz

    Stephanie you didn’t build that lie by yourself, somewhere you’ve had some help to make you such a great liar, someplace in your background there has been a big liar which helped you get to be such a good liar. It’s not that your a better liar, there’s a whole bunch of big liars out there. You work hard at lying, but there’s a whole party of liars out there working hard at it.

    • emjem24

      Boys and Girls, I have a new word for you today. It’s called collusion and that’s exactly what the Obeyme campaign and Priorities USA did.

  • DorothyGrissom

    Well, kids. Here’s what I think. There is no shame. There is no remorse. There isn’t even any regret. Ms. Lying-Liar-Cutter is neither personally embarrassed at being ‘caught’ nor is she being punished by the Choom Gang. She’s in some dark backroom chortling while cooking up her next despicable lie-laden project. And when the fervor quiets down, or gives attention to some other Obama trashtalk, she will re-emerge with more lies upon lies. Does this really surprise anyone when it’s coming from the campaign for the Liar-In-Chief Obama? Whose only chance of winning re-election is to focus on anything but his own record? God help us because this “Kill Romney” campaign has indeed re-focused the argument, just as BHO intended. Recall that Obama said in 2008 that, “You turn big elections into small things when you don’t have a record to run on.” And this Chicago Thug is good at it. Remember the Democrat’s method will be to Distort, Distract, and Divide. We The People can’t fall for it. This will be the most important election is the history of the United States, if we are to save our country from the likes of Barack Hussein Obama’s “fundamental change.”

    • sikntyrd

      I know that it is sad that Joe Soptic’s wife died, but really…was she a smoker? What was Joe doing after he lost his job? How long ago was that…and he didn’t find another job with insurance? I’m sure that the economy wasn’t that bad at that time…and sorry to say, people do lose their jobs occasionally.

  • Bob Young

    whatever happened to blabber mouth schultz. haven heard her blanning recently. was she proving too much of an embarrassment even for dabama?

  • Mike McLeland

    There is no question here. Stephanie Cutter is a liar. She looked straight at the camera and the public and lied. It is on tape. It doesn’t matter if Obama knows or not. Stephanie lied and Obama continues to support her and keeps her on his staf. That shows both of their character and ethics. They have none. This isn’t the first time Obama’s administration has used unethical tactics like this.

  • BwBarrnone

    And yet, what or who will hold these people accountable? Stephanie Cutter is just another example of how the Ruling Class is above the law and there nothing we can do but VOTE THEM OUT.

    • BDerby

      Why is everybody so stuck on “voting them out”…..SCREW THAT!!!! Impeach them and charge them with treason. If tried for treason and found guilty all laws and executive orders put into play would have to be nullified. Why are the masses of American people capitulating to their game instead of taking the offensive position? WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! We have the right to remove them even without impeachment…..we put them there. Start recall elections and force them to vacate their positions from town commissioners to the oval office.

  • emjem24

    Cutter is a lying political hack. She wouldn’t know what the truth looked like because I don’t think she has a close relationship with it. Obeyme tends to surround himself with such people.

  • Paul J. Citro

    Be afraid this administration is ruthless, they are getting everyone to take their eye off the ball with a new distraction every week.

  • Gman

    She’s an unprincipled hack who doesn’t deserve any respect, consideration or even basic courtesy.

  • Guest


  • lillymckim

    She is a unadulterated liar

  • sikntyrd

    That’s it???? soccer??? Come on, Cutter, you can do better than that. Why don’t you just claim responsibility for all the lies Obama is telling the world???

  • Lane Winter

    It takes time to think up ANOTHER good lie, to try and cover-up that OLD lie ^_^
    Waiting with baited breath….

  • Maliheh Banoo

    maybe cutter has you teabaggers blocked on twitter