Furrer posted that tweet just after anti-hunting activists began their vicious attacks on Corey Cogdell — a story brought to you exclusively by Twitchy.

Since the controversy began, Furrer has not tweeted a single word in support of Cogdell.

Fortunately, many Americans have stepped up to the plate to voice their support for a U.S. Olympic shooter facing unhinged death wishes.


Previous Twitchy coverage:

Corey Cogdell receives outpouring of support after being threatened by anti-hunting mob

Anti-hunting mob urges Team USA shooter Corey Cogdell to shoot herself, advocates violence against family


Update:  Furrer has deleted the tweet featured at the top of this post and stated unequivocally that she stands by Cogdell:

It sounds like Furrer may have received threatening messages from anti-hunting activists. We have asked her for clarification and will update if/when we hear back.



Update: Gold medal winner Kim Rhode, who was sharing a root beer with Cogdell this afternoon, retweeted Furrer’s supportive tweets.

  • PatriotInk

    It is a pure pleasue just to look at you….uh…and that gorgeous gun. – PI

  • http://www.lidsamy.com/ Lidsamy


    • Bill Gordon

      Bet you wouldn’t say it to her face, you scuz.

  • RanierWest

    She leaves off why exactly there was a need for precision and perfection in now this ‘sport’. Now go stuff your face with a salad you poor, poor, lib Left Wing Fruitarianism Job!

  • Love of Country

    Is she on Team Russia or Team Backstabber?

    It appears you never know where you’re gonna find another liberal, backstabbing quasi-traitor but it feels even more offensive than usual when it’s at the olympics, for Pete’s sake.

    When everyone else is chanting “USA, USA, USA” she’s prolly back there chanting “ME, ME, ME”, “ME, ME, ME” …. unbelievable!

    • http://twitter.com/thetugboatphil TugboatPhil

      She’s Captain of Team Backstabber.

      • http://www.facebook.com/thomas.baranowski1 Thomas Baranowski

        guys redress, she clearified why her post was worded that way. She posted that in response to threats not in response to Corey’s issue, she is clearly supporting Corey!!

  • rodney495

    “Olympic sharp shooter” with no class! You should be ashamed. Actually, it appears you are probably more suited for knife competition, you’re so good at stabbing someone in the back. I will petition the 2016 Olympics for a Knife Throwing Event for you to compete in.

  • RK59

    Just bitter that someone else is getting all the attention. ‘Hey Twitter”??? Look at me! Dumb bitch.

  • jetblitz

    Go read some of her tweets. This girl is madly in love with herself.

    • http://twitter.com/Juliethejarhead Julie the Jarhead

      “This girl is madly in love with herself.”

      Sounds like a particular Breibart reporter we all know.

    • AL349

      I am too. (with her, that is)

  • llcthecableguy

    Yeah, pretty much she can say whatever she wants– I can’t hear her anyway…

  • Daniel S

    Did any of you who are posting on this notice the question mark on the title. Did she throw her team mate under the bus??? The answer is – no she did not. “I am in full support of my teammates and their decisions to participate in the hunting sports.” Did you not read that in her post?

    • Jesse Malkin

      Daniel, the commenters were responding to the original version of this article which contained only the Aug 2 tweet in which Furrer said she has never hunted. At the time, it looked like Furrer had thrown Cogdell under the bus.

      • torpedoman2002

        I saw the original tweet and write up
        by the twitchy team. I agreed it did look like she was throwing Furrer under
        the bus. She didn’t need to delete her original tweet but she did need to
        clarify. I’m glad she did and supported her teammate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ClaritySailingAdventures Mike Barnett

    What is with the hate, people? So what if she tweeted that she doesn’t hunt? I don’t hunt, I’ve been a vegetarian for over 30 years, but I’m also a longtime NRA member, a CCW holder, a strong believer in the wisdom of a certain Ted Nugent, and I despise PETA with a passion so strong it can stun the unwary. This young lady has likely been threatened, and posted a simple tweet to explain her position. Get over yourselves, and support our athletes!

    • Jesse Malkin

      The commenters were responding to the original version of this article which contained only the Aug 2 tweet in which Furrer said she has never hunted. At the time, it looked like Furrer had thrown Cogdell under the bus. She subsequently deleted the tweet and clarified that she is supporting Cogdell.

    • Dave

      Very good points …!

    • Tony Adams

      Let me quote two statements of yours:
      a) “What is with the hate, people?”
      b) “I despise PETA with a passion so strong”
      We can get academic and debate about the differences between “hate” and “despise”, or you can just check yourself and see that you are a part of the problem.

  • LM Shed

    There seem to be some confused individuals posting here. I did not see anywhere above where she “threw her teammate under the bus”. She said she stands by the hunters. On another note, the animal lovers are just insane. I’m guessing the liberals do not see the irony in their rants to stop killing while at the same time threatening death. Buffoons.

    • Jesse Malkin

      The commenters were responding to the original version of this article which contained only the Aug 2 tweet in which Furrer said she has never hunted. At the time, it looked like Furrer had thrown Cogdell under the bus. Perhaps that was not her intent, but that is how it seemed.

      • Chase C.

        So you can’t edit the headline on your own website?

  • Randy C. Lindsey

    I killed 6 rabbits yesterday.

    • Diane Stephan

      I hope it wasn’t Bugs Bunny.

      • http://twitter.com/LewTheProf Lewis Regner

        If they are anything at like the ones I have around here,, they were probably all just a bunch of “wass-kol-wee wabbits,” so I am sure it was perfectly okay! :-)

  • NWFL Conservative

    Too little too late. I find it reprehensible that you would drive a bayonet right between your teammate’s shoulder blades. You know she would not have done it to you. I hope you miss getting a medal by ONE SINGLE POINT on your shooting score.

  • Diane Stephan

    If she wanted the wackos to know she wasn’t a hunter, all she had to say was she did not hunt, an that she only shoots targets. I think she made a swipe at her teammate with those additional comments.
    At least she finally came out in her defense.

  • AtTheRubicon

    So let me see if I understand: Someone is threatening this woman. She carries a gun. She can hit what she’s aiming at.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.brandenburg.520 Mike Brandenburg

      hitting what you aim at is true “gun control”

  • http://www.facebook.com/speak4theanimals Sadie Mae Bambalam

    seems like twitchy has a tendency to write polarizing articles to stir the pot before doing their research… i thought journalism was about researching facts first? way to throw Furrer under the bus yourself… PS – the story was not brought to “exclusively by twitchy”. the controversy had been published in many pro-hunting websites first, prior to your “expose”. sure your readers don’t mind your lack of candor, lack of research, or lack of evidence of a “MOB” making death threats…

    • Jesse Malkin

      Furrer published a tweet that implied she was distancing herself from Cogdell. We published an article about the tweet. We updated our article when she deleted her earlier tweet and clarified her stand. Readers can decide for themselves if they think we did something wrong.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pierreetienne.fiset.7 Pierre-Etienne Fiset

    She is a backstabbing bitch, it took her SIX days to finally “stand by” her teammates, that is way too much time, I would believe that “out of context” crap if she had tweeted the “stand by” thing the same day but no, she just wrote that she doesn’t hunt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rsahlgren Bob Ahlgren

    This is a non-issue. She supports gun rights and the rights of others to hunt even if she doesn’t. Why mess with women who could shoot your eyes out at 100 yards anyway?

    • godspal53

      what Bob said, amen

    • GUOD

      My granddaughter is one of those woman and boy is your comment true.

  • jmz

    ohhhkkkaaayyyy. so let me understand this anti hunters. anti hunters, never hunted and at best guyess NEVER EVER shot any type og gun actually think they can threated an olympic precision shooter….well just shows the ignorance of these people. I do hunt and this classy lady can outshoot me i stand to reason, so libs have no leg to stand on.

  • jmz

    the best thing is that gun she is holding was a snub nose before she picked it up….

  • dave

    Classical! People against hunting and killing want to hunt down these women and kill them!!!!!!!. Duh!!!

  • west_rhino

    well, the anti hunters would be the type to go shoot up a church or movie theater to promote gun control…

  • Bill Gordon

    They always have to hate something. It’s their nature. Hate is the only thing that keeps them going. They will never be satisfied with anything except what their beady little minds can absorb. they will get theirs.

  • Love of Country

    People are all over the map on this thread … the topic seems to be more complicated than most and more complex than meets the eye.

    Personally, I don’t like to see the hunter bad mouthed by her teammate in public during the olympics. I do come from a family with a lot of hunting history but it was always for food and not trophies to put all over the walls. I enjoyed hunting deer, quail and dove well into my teens and always ate what I killed. There is nothing wrong with hunting for food and since I also have accute hypoglycemia I have no choice but to eat animal proteins every 3 to 4 hours anyway lest I get 24 hour migraines and some jitters.

    So in my case, I must eat meat and understand an animal has to perish first. But by the time I was 21, I was through hunting because at heart I am an animal lover and had a bit of a conversion and I just couldn’t bring myself to kill any more animals after that. It is strange that my hypoglycemia requires me to eat animal protein so in that respect I am in a peculiar box and will always be eating meat. Admittedly though, I would still eat meat even if I didn’t have this peculiar diet because meat is tasty and is a natural part of the healthy human diet.

    Having said all that, I certainly would never begrudge anyone who eats what they hunt and fish … this is completely normal and acceptable behavior but it’s just not for me with the exception of fishing which I still enjoy 2 or 3 times a year. Switching gears, I actually spend a healthy 300 dollars every month hand feeding raccoons and birds in my backyard … animals are awesome. And yes it does makes me sick to see the trophy hunter girl posing next to that totally awesome bear she killed for reasons unbeknownst to me … I don’t condone trophy hunting in the least bit but I defend the hunting girl from the backstabbing girl who bashed her at the olympics based upon other principles like loyalty and patriotism. There is no excuse to tweet bad sentiment toward a fellow teammate at the olympics, IMHO.

    • Chase C.

      If you spent as much time researching this story as you did typing that comment, you might have made a little sense. Do people really think that people that hunt and stuff something they kill for a trophy just throw the meat in the garbage can in the garage? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you have never hunted a day in your life.

      • Love of Country

        Well from here you look pretty foolish out on that limb and perhaps if you had as much brains as you do hollow conjecture then my post would have made a lil sense to you and I don’t know anyone who eats bear like the former living and breathing magnificent one featured in this story.

        But don’t tell me you put dead animals all over your wall …. my opinion of you is already low enough for being a presumptuous troll who is dead wrong about my “previous life” that included dozens of hunting trips. I mean I can stomach a single 12 or 14 point buck on the wall these days but if you’ve got a room full of stuffed animals everywhere then you prolly have some issues. I know once I got over my own deep-seated childhood issues I never went hunting again, lol. I just have no desire to kiII a beautiful or majestic animal and would much rather see it go free and live another precious day in the wild rather than to gun it down because I want another stuffed head on my wall.

        If you want to shoot and eat a deer then go do it cause I certainly won’t lose sleep over it. I just don’t want any part of it. Bring me some nice, lean backstrap and I’ll gladly cook some steaks and chili but I simply no longer want any part in the killing nor would I ask you to kill one for me. The only way I would hunt again would be some unlikely and unforseen survival scenario.

        BTW – Too many of you “trophy” hunters got no heart, no compassion … just washed up highschool bullies and jocks who could never make the college team … LMAO!

        • Chase C.

          Hahahaha so you are above killing the animals you eat? No part in the killing? Really, really? Yeah just let someone else do the work for you. Typical lazy ass liberal response. These hunters with their trophies on the wall use the meat you dumb ass.

          • Love of Country

            You eat bear? LMAO!

            So you “like” to kill animals? Says a lot about you. Your need to power trip over the animals you killed is unappealing to say the least. Personally, I never said I was above killing animals for food, but people like you cannot be expected to comprehend what you’ve just read. I said I don’t enjoy killing majestic animals and that’s quite a distinction …. if you do it’s because you have issues. Besides, based upon the standards you have set for me, you’re too lazy to eat 99% of the meat you eat …. so give me a break! You’re just a troll with an attitude and zero reading comprehension skills.

            This tedious little dialogue reaffirms everything I already knew about you. Now go kill another animal, tough guy …. show everyone how tough you think you are.

          • Chase C.

            Who said I hunted? Dodging the fact that you are still a lazy ass liberal that uses hard working Americans to do your killing for?

            You know nothing about me and love the security you feel behind your internet blanket.

          • Love of Country

            So you equate trophy hunting with conservative philosophy and buying hamburger is lazy?

            You’re not too bright but we already knew this. And where you get this “lazy” notion is projection at best. If you call buying hamburger at the store “lazy” then you might want to get off mommy’s computer before everyone realizes you have no clue about anything.

            So you don’t hunt but want to judge me for not hunting …. that makes a world of sense, huh?

            I worked hard, before I all but retired, and now I am wealthy and buy my food at the store …. but you feel the need to push some “lazy” angle to try and feel better about yourself because you’re a shallow, trophy hunting kind of guy, lol.
            If you read my post, I clearly stated I would never ask anyone to go hunting for me … again …. your lack of reading comprehension is really holding you back on this whole “social networking” thing.

            If you have ever bought anything at a store are we to presume it is because you are lazy and want to use hard working Americans? Or do you just assign these notions to your moral, fiscal and intellectual superiors the way you have done to me this fine morning? (rhetorical)

            Now run along, Scooter, I’m done with the likes of you …. we’ve already beaten this dead horse ad nauseum and you know how I feel about unnecessary violence towards animals. Wild animals are awesome and are way better people than you are, lol.

          • Chase C.

            Violence towards animals? But of course if you aren’t doing the slaughter it isn’t really happening. I have to go my mommy wants her computer back.

          • Love of Country

            You are awful at reading comprehension, I said “unnecessary” violence but you left that part out because it didn’t reinforce your baseless grounds for attacks. I have hypoglycemia and must eat animal proteins. Cows are not majestic creatures and I don’t lose sleep that they die so that I may live.

            But like some common liberal, you keep trying different disingenuous lines of attack against me hoping something will stick but curiously you are not bound by any truths or realities. You clearly really feel the need to keep attacking me and to your credit, that is in good keeping with trophy hunter mentality/dementia.

            I enjoyed defeating you in the debate this morning since you brought it upon yourself but just remember …. killing cows is necessary for we are not herbivores and I must eat meat to survive and no, I would never kill an extraordinary bear or an elephant for a photo op.

            My brother still hunts deer, however, and I’m fine with that and I will eat some at his house on occassion. I personally don’t want to kill the deer because there is no joy in it for me so why would I? … and if you want to try to find some sort of manufactured hypocrisy in that then be my jest. I also like to drive my car but I don’t personally like to build “those roads and bridges” …. LMAO!

          • Chase C.

            Cows are a lesser creature than those other majestic animals? Look out your window you might see a unicorn.

          • Love of Country

            I believe those are only seen through your magic windows so I won’t even bother.

            Why you would use an issue such as this to imply I’m crazy only goes to your own lack of intelligence and common sense.

            If you took a poll and asked people how many people equate killing cattle with killing other awesome animals your embarrassing assertions would be in the minority by a long shot.

            Personally, I couldn’t work at any slaughterhouse regardless of the species but no one really loses sleep over cows being killed because it is understood they are an essential part of our food chain. But horses, dogs, dolphins, elephants, etc., etc. are entirely different because there is a difference. Everyone and their sacred dog knows this except for you …. unbelievable!

            Go away, pest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004161721683 Deacon Blue

    My response to the hate filled anti-hunting crowd…. Come get some you candy arsed stinking tree hugging hippies…

  • http://twitter.com/RSPW_DEP David Powell

    PETA has killed more animals than the whole shooting team combined in their “no kill” shelters (What a sick joke, PETA are just fame whoring pigs!)

  • Rick Nelson

    Those lefties are always complaining about a lack of civility in political discourse.More hypocrisy from the left.Surprised?

  • godspal53

    Maybe the purveyors of death threats to our athlete’s should be the ones watching their back, how long do these pigs think they can threaten our athlete’s and get away with it, these ladies don’t hunt, but they can shoot, why bother them???

  • marine37

    Hey Peta. How many birds are killed everyday by your green windmills?