Earlier this morning, Katrina vanden Heuvel tweeted the sad news that left-wing journalist Alexander Cockburn has died. He was a columnist at The Nation and co-editor of CounterPunch.



Update: Cockburn’s CounterPunch co-editor Jeffrey St. Clair wrote a moving obituary this morning:

Alex lived a huge life and he lived it his way. He hated compromise in politics and he didn’t tolerate it in his own life. Alex was my pal, my mentor, my comrade. We joked, gossiped, argued and worked together nearly every day for the last twenty years. He leaves a huge void in our lives. But he taught at least two generations how to think, how to look at the world, how to live a life of resistance. So, the struggle continues and we’re going to remain engaged. He wouldn’t have it any other way.

According to St. Clair, Cockburn died of cancer last night in Germany.

More condolences:

  • Justin Horton

    Is there a source to say when, where and why he died?

    • Jesse Malkin

      will update post now. thanks.

  • Justin Horton
  • mechanic540

    WHO? Sorry, but I dont follow radical left thinkers much.

  • teapartydoc

    No comment.

  • $14525937

    brian ross reported that the tea party gave him cancer.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERQEE56XAK35S74DPOT4WEYZKI Mitch

    Radical Left Thinker… In other words an American Hating spoiled brat that never did a real days work in his life… Lets compare these “tweets” to the writings the day Andrew Brietbart died, shall we?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ERQEE56XAK35S74DPOT4WEYZKI Mitch

    Funny, the ONLY dissent comes from the Tea Party nowadays, isn’t it…

  • dkatsnelson

    Cockburn was an anti-semite, radical leftist. His loss is a gain for the world.

  • Glen Wishard

    Alexander Cockburn was the son of Claud Cockburn, an avowed Irish communist who wrote for The Daily Worker.

    I read Cockburn’s column in the Nation many times and the little red apple didn’t fall far from the tree, but in a world full of double-talking leftists you can give Cockburn credit for honestly speaking his mind.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jasper.zebbie Jasper N Zebbie

    I hope he didn’t suffer too much. I’m sure it’s a sad day for those who knew him personally. Every day as I hear of more sixties radicals going to that great commune in the sky, I can’t help but reflect on how destructive their generation has been and how things are bound to get better when they are all finally gone.

  • DavidBernstein

    Few did more to normalize anti-Semitism among English-speaking leftists.

  • BobbyBobby

    Given that Marxism resulted in the deaths of over 100 million of my fellow humans during the 20th century, and given that Cockburn was an unrepentant Marxist, pardon me if I shed nary at tear at his passing.
    In what may be only my opinion, Cockburn was an inhumane ideologue incapable of rational thought, and humanity is better for his passing, not to put too fine a point on it.
    Don’t believe me? Consult the various search engines for his pathology.

  • John Fox

    If a writer publishes his work in “The Nation”, does anyone see it? Other than a few radical malcontents? Nawwww.

  • M Maller

    I seem to recall AC wrote that he was a direct descendent of the British officer who burned the White House in the War of 1812.