According to the Associated Press, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is vowing  to block Chick-Fil-A from opening new restaurants in his city. This morning, actress Eliza Dushku retweeted the story along with the supportive comment, “That’s right, B!”

Chick-Fil-A has come under attack from gay rights activists over its CEO’s opposition to same-sex marriage.

Twitter users, usually very supportive of same-sex marriage, had mixed opinions:

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  • Cyborg0012

    Who? Why do I care if she hates tasty chicken.

  • americandavey

    Boston doesn’t want Jobs, great. Maybe the Mayor can create the same amount that Chick-Fil-A would bring in… oh wait. Government doesnt create jobs, they just like to limit them.

    • americandavey

      I should also note. This same mayor blocked a Walmart coming to Boston in 2011. I see a trend.

      • freecheese

        He blocked Walmart because the are non union. They do the same throughout the union NATHEAST.

        • americandavey

          Guess what. A Job is a JOB.

        • Johnny Huffington

          Who cares if they are non union? People dont want union jobs. The people voted DOWN the union for the Target stores in NY.

          • DB1954

            People want jobs, union or non-union, but they’re learning that when unions grow jobs shrink.

  • 1angryscot

    So he’s going to abuse his power to ban a free market enterprise for exercising their First Amendment rights? Nice

    • wagthedog44

      apparently that is the democrat way. ensure entrepreneurs fail and political correctness wins. I think I’ll go buy lunch at Chick-Fil-A today

      • Betty Anderson

        I just decided to buy my lunch at Chick-fil-A and it isn’t my fave place. I am tired of American’s right to stand up for their beliefs being trampled , especially by Hollywood.


          I wish where I live there was a Chick-Fil-A, so I could go eat there!

          • $1718659

            Ditto that! Wish there were some in NY!

      • Sidney Alexis Campbe

        Smart man Chris, your so right!

      • lwillis59

        Lets Eat!!!!! im headed to chick-fil-la. think i will treat my whole fam damily :)

        • Sandy Clark


          • Nelson Easler

            Hobby Lobby also closes on Sundays.

    • Alan Larsen

      The Libtards suffer from a serious mental illness. You Dumbocrats keep pandering to the GLBT community for votes since they are such a huge percentage of this countries population. Morons!

      • john nelson

        GLBT, a recent poll found less than 3% of the population actually practice that lifestyle. We have been brainwashed by media that it is rampant in our society.

      • Stan Z

        Your name calling comes too easily. Your opinions are far too predictable. Gotta love that Santorum fella..heil!

        • Betty Ann Russell

          What you need to do is look @ the name….. The Nationlist SOCALIST Party……Hitler was a Socalist….Not a commie Stan learn read different books…..

          • $22639970

            …and the real difference to victims of either of those oppressive systems is…..?

      • Galeson J. Eagle-Star Jr

        did someone say BLT?

        • Nelson Easler

          Huddle House has one with 6 slices of bacon!!

    • Betty Anderson

      Fianally a person who understands what it means to be an American. Freedom of Speech, freedom of belief and freedom from oppression by others.

    • Jack Goff

      Is Menino going to “block” any future Boy Scout Troops from forming? How
      about Catholic churches? You have a legal right to be gay. I’m not so
      sure about obstructing commerce.

    • bluewaternavy

      He simply proves George Orwell right.

    • Sidney Alexis Campbe

      That’s the liberal’s for you, shut you up if they don’t agree with what you say or do!

    • lillymckim

      We will see that in court it’s not going to fly!

    • David Evola

      Stop the madness people! Everyone is entitled to an opinion. I agree with you Andrew. this country is so concerned about hurting feelings, they have lost sight of the real issues…tragic. Chick-fil-a anyone?

    • Amy LaViolette

      Communist always do…

  • Glitter

    I’ll be doubling my efforts to go to a Chick Fil A as often as possible. Note to self: Scratch Boston from my vacation plans.

    • Michael Hernandez

      Same here. Even if you stop for a drink. I know that iced tea is their highest profit item.

    • Adolph Pavel

      Good for you!!

    • cgb

      And Glitter where do you live, so I can be sure I scratch your community off mine? Kudos for your Chick-Fil-A support: hope that fried food does wonders for your heart.

      • Tammy Ingram

        Colin, we do have a 1st amendment in this country. So you ok with anti gay mayor refusing a gay friendly biz?

      • Glitter

        Thanks for your good wishes Colin. Oh, BTW, my health is fantastic.

      • deb

        chicken is good for one’s heart. I say, go away government! less control, more freedom!

      • Kurt Anderson

        Good. I don’t want you, or any of your libertard friends anywhere near my town. Hell, I don’t want you in my state. Hope that aids does wonders for your heart.

  • Paul Cusumano

    More intolerance from the left…

    • Gary

      Conservative: I disagree. Liberal: If you don’t agree with me you must be destroyed! By the government!

  • Rod Heinemeyer

    Wow…he has a right to believe what he wants, regardless if we agree or not…To say he wont allow a Chick-Fil to open…I see a huge law suit against the City of Boston…This Mayorand Elisa are the worst kind of Dems

    • Kenneth James Abbott

      I hope so–and I hope he does to the city exactly what they’re working so hard to endorse.

    • freecheese

      He is not an “Imperial Ruler.” He must think he is.

      • Teresa Harrell

        So does someone else think that way! Guess who?

  • wabashcannonball

    With the liberals, political correctness takes precedence over everything else. This whole philosophy is so bankrupt it deserves to be ignored and its proponents never be allowed to have their way on any issue ever again.

  • Lisa Dodd

    Get a life people. This is Amercia..People are allowed two have different opinions. Or is that just if they agree with you? How sad. Maybe Boston has too many jobs already.. Doubtful though.

  • Clarke Olmstead

    Get rid of that ass hole mayor. Start the recqall TODAY

  • Son of Kochthulu

    I see…a @#$@#$ vile abuse of power used to silence someone is somehow morally superior to someone holding a wrongheaded notion and talking about it. Gotcha.

    Dushku, you’re stupid as hell, and so is the Mayor of Boston.

  • Neisa Rae

    I’m also surprised that the goverment would actually care about creating a job! All of a sudden they care because one place has a different opinion of them? I say woohoo, if they don’t open up a resturant that means more chicken for me! haha.

  • Al Wilson

    I oppose gay marriage too. I am “STILL” free to say that. What is happening to America?

    • Teresa Harrell

      hell in a hand basket is what has been happening for the past 4 years!

    • Sidney Alexis Campbe

      Evil is what is happening, the lame stream media is also evil, they don’t have morals, they shove all the liberal ways down the throats of those who believe in God, and still believe the bible is the book of life and the real truth! Christians need to use their voice while we still have one!

  • JOe Dutra

    I am gay and I ate at Chic-Fil-A yesterday. Think I will eat there today also. They are closed on Sunday, but I will be there Monday.

    • Brendon Carr

      I’ve heard that gay people like fried chicken too, just like regular people.

    • Betty Anderson

      A true American. How can one ask for rights when denying others.

      • David Means

        No rights have been denied by voicing an opinion nor a conviction. Learn the difference.

        • Nick Noneya

          Pretty sure Betty Anderson is asserting the Chik Fil A’s rights are being denied by the Mayor of Boston, and she is commending the JOe Dutra for not supporting this ridiculousness over the CEO of Chik Fil A voicing his opinion and exercising his rights.

          • Sidney Alexis Campbe

            Let’s hope evil does not prevail in this situation!

    • Teresa Harrell

      Good for you Joe!!! I know alot of gay people that will most likely do the same!

    • Cathy_B_in_AZ

      Love it, Joe!!

    • rivers

      Good for you Joe. And why is it that people like her assume all gay people support gay marriage, and all those who oppose gay marriage oppose gay people?

      • DB1954

        Because it allows the radical gay left to continue their fraudulent claims to perpetual victim status

        • Eric Javier

          Absolutely. We have raised a generation of hipster bitches named Brice who take delight in being punched in the face and pity parties. I will raise my son the way I was raised back in the 70s… NONE of this new age faggotry need apply. And mind you.. I am PRO homo marriage… I am just against all this bitching and thought policing. “OMG that chicken maker guy said no to gay marriage… let’s protest!” < Fucking idiots.

      • Michael Capanelli

        Because this countries population has been dumbed down to the point where everything has to be black/white good guy/ bad guy with no complicated grey area in between that makes you have to think. Life is never so cut and dry, but most people wont even bother to research information and just take at face value anything that supports their mostly uninformed opinions.

    • bluewaternavy

      Good for you!

    • beefrank

      Yes. I am sure you are happy after eating at Chic-Fil-A.

  • tunja

    As far as I know he said nothing anti gay or anything against gays. He more or less mentioned that marriage was between man and women. If you don’t buy into the gay is everything idea your anti gay in this world today. I don’t care if someone is gay, that is between them and whoever they wake up with in the morning. Bible says marriage is between a man and a women. Civil unions can be between same sex couples

  • Ray Harris

    Who died and made this Hoe Queen ?

  • Mark Gamblin

    Just like a lib … no discernable common sense or logical thought process. Daddy guvment , Daddy guvment!!! They said something bad about me!!! Waaa … Waaa!!! Stop them daddy guvment!!! CFA didn’t make any “anti-gay” remarks!!!!!! He made PRO-FAMILY, PRO-CHRISTIAN statements because someone asked him a question!!!

    • Sidney Alexis Campbe

      Amen Mark, just a bunch of cry babies out there crying because…somebody doesn’t like what they said wawawa, sounds like someone needs a pacifier!

  • Martymo

    So the message is ” You must accept homosexuality and embrace it as normal even if your religious convictions and your family values have taught you otherwise for your entire life. We, the Homo-Nazis, have spoken!” Really? This is what America is becoming?

    • rivers

      Except it is not even about embracing homosexuality. The practical reasons for opposing changing how marriage is defined are numerous. And what these people don’t realize if you can just change something to suit you, then you open the door to changes that don’t suit you. Isn’t it fascinating how the left tries to make abortion and gay marriage a strictly religious issue? Morons.

    • Nick Hooper

      I hope you don’t mind that I quoted your response on my FB page. I couldn’t word it any better myself. :-)

      • Martymo

        I consider it a compliment that you would share my smart-assed rantings. Even if you shared them as an attempt to ridicule me, at least it means that my thoughts are attention worthy.


        Subject: [twitchy] Re: Eliza Dushku wants government to ban new Chick-fil-A restaurants

  • radjahshelduck

    I’m a very avid country music fan, and in checking out the Billboard chart, I learned that Carrie Underwood has the fastest climbing single this past week. This occurs just a couple of weeks after she gave her support to same sex marriage, a position putting her in contrast to the beliefs of most country fans. But her current fast moving single demonstrates that Nashville’s fans put political beliefs aside and are happy to contribute to Miss Underwood’s success. That’s tolerance.
    Contrast that to the Mayor of Boston’s stand on Chick-Fil-A coming to his town. He disagrees with the company’s stand against same sex marriage, so he doesn’t want to let them into the Hub. That’s intolerance.

    • Gary

      I disagree with Carrie’s stance absolutely and I won’t buy her music. But I will never call our radio station and threaten a boycott unless she is taken off the air. The Mayor of Boston has gone a step further and is interfering governmentally with legitimate free trade over a first amendment right.

    • Sidney Alexis Campbe

      So true

  • ns4853

    It seems the mayor and the president have the same beliefs… screw the laws… just push through what they want. Dictatorship at it’s finest.

  • DoctorJNB

    If we have to ban something, I’d rather ban Eliza Dushku…

    • Evie Kattes

      Please do.

    • mary

      thats right

    • Betty Anderson

      She just needs a brain infusion .

      • Sidney Alexis Campbe

        Yes she does!

    • Teresa Harrell


    • Gregory A Granello

      I’ll bet she tastes just like chicken.

      • bluewaternavy

        LOL! Too skinny, if she ate a meal, we’d be able to see it go all the way down to her stomach.

      • lisa kwon

        that’s funny, you made me laugh, thanks.

    • Jo

      Eliza who?

      • Sidney Alexis Campbe


      • Karen M.

        Exactly, who is she anyway?

      • rjetti

        seriously..who is he

    • Delphinus13

      Never heard of her before, but I certainly plan to ban her movies, from my home and TV.

    • Michael Morris

      Very well said Doctor…Who does this woman think she is? I have never even heard of her and I don’t want to watch any movie she may be in….Boycott Eliza Dushku movies!!

      • Eric Javier

        She is yet another actor (LOL) who understands just how much her career depends on holding the “acceptable views” lest she lose her job. An elitist cocksucker who has never held an original thought and takes to parroting with much ease. Logically: CAN ALL of Hollywood TRULY hold the same worldview? NO… Yet, somehow they ALL sound alike. POSING 101

  • Shawn David Lovell

    As someone that lives around Boston let me just say that Mumbles is an ideot. The owner of a company uses his First Amendment Right and your going to Ban his business? Whats next the govenor of MAss having all the pot holes on his street filled because Michelle Obama is coming? Oh wait too late that already Happened. This is what happens when you have a one party system like you have in MAss

  • radjahshelduck

    Wal-Mart, Chick-Fil-A…. what it is with liberals hating southern companies that provide lots and lots of jobs to African-Americans?

    • geddys_uncle

      Libs hate on ANYBODY who employs lots of people of EVERY shape and shade. LBJ said it best when the “war on poverty”/”great society” programs were enacted; “We’ll have these n******s’ votes for the next 100 years”, or words to that effect. An employed person depends on his employer and upon himself. An unemployed person depends on the government. LIbs like government dependence, and, to varying degrees, despise personal independence.

  • Alene Edwards

    who cares what she wants, she is ignorant and would know morals if they jumped up and bit her boney hiney off! im so sick of hollywood and how their opinion even matters! who cares what those strung out devils want!

  • Jim Britt

    Chick-fil-A should BAN gays from entering the building! Business owners have the right to protect their property from dangerous people and gays carry AIDS at a rate of 20 times that of the normal population.

  • Jim Britt

    Mayors are NOT dictators; I would tell this commie liberal mayor to go take a flying leap!

    • geddys_uncle

      Dude, it’s Boston. Translation: Dude, it’s a lost cause. Too many of our northeasterners have had their pro-liberty genes removed. Let’em wallow in their own failure.

  • NCRelite

    Support for traditional marriage =/= anti-gay

    I don’t support taxpayer sponsored same-sex marriage and I have absolutely no problem with gays. This same-sex marriage issue iis completely agenda driven

  • Guest

    Tired of being forced to accept things you may not agree with….there used to be a country(so I’ve heard) where you were free to believe what you wanted…anyone know where that country might be? I have no issue with this, but nobody should be forced to agree with anything.

  • Tom Murray

    I guess gays can have rights and opinions but business owners cannot. That’s the democrat way.

  • larry

    Does the word “FREEDOM” mean anything to anybody anymore?
    Some people may support same-sex marriages and some people may not.
    That is what freedom of choice is all about.
    Just because someone doesn’t agree with you doesn’t mean that YOU have to silence them.
    That attitude only prevailed in “communist” countries.

    Frankly, I never heard of this actress but she jeopardizes her employment by being partisan. People who like her thinking will attend her movies. People who don’t like her thinking will not spend their money (her livlihood) to see her movies. Entertainers ought to think about alienating the public before they begin to become political. Time to be political AFTER you retire from acting and don’t care anymore if people support you by spending their money to see your work.

  • Guy Average

    Tyranny on the local level. No surprise. We’re talking People’s Republic of Massachusetts here.

    • Guy Average

      What I would like to know is…who is Eliza Dushku and what Marxist country did she come from?

      • Guy Average

        And when would she like to go back there?

  • allenbarr

    Christians must speak out. It’s what we do. WE do not hurt physically. We don’t destoy people. Rather we try to get them to understand the true meaning of salvation through our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST.

  • spacelink

    Girl, you have some SERIOUS issues! First off, who the hell are you?! If you are an ‘actress’ or something, I’ve NEVER heard of you and frankly, don’t want to after your ‘tweet’. We are raising our grandchildren, one of whom is severely autistic and on a special diet, Chik-fil-a is one of the ONLY fast food places that we can take him and NOT worry about getting ‘crap’ in the food. Why don’t you shut your skinny pie hole and go away… In fact, why don’t you pick a cause like ‘world hunger’, ‘homeless children’ or something worth while to go after rather than a successful business with ‘traditional values’. People like you make me sick!

  • Rick Little

    gays suck not Chick Filet ,
    Eliza Dushku you are an Idiot !!!!!!!!

  • TJE53

    That just means shorter lines, faster service for a good meal. Most libs didn’t know they are a family owned christian company.

  • freecheese

    She is a Hollywood pretentious, petulant, anorexic brat. The last thing I would want is information from a almost-school girl with an eating disorde telling me where to eat.
    As for her stace on homosexuality: I’ve got no use for a guy who gets his sexual pleasure dropping to his knees blowing another guy in the Greyhound bus depot men’s room. That is SICK, and I don’t agree with it or any sicko who does.

  • George Davis V

    Liberalism is a brain disease. It causes envy, jealousy, laziness, greed
    and it also cause the inability to reason.

    • mary

      This is hate mongering at its best just keep throwing up Gay hatred and thats what you get.I Believe everyone has a right to there own life just dont throw it in my face live it and be happy if thats what you want but dont ask everyone to accept it we all have rights too.

  • Rick Little

    The left way is for all to get there way , Muslim are against gays ,and women’s rights and for killing unborns Abortions , baby has 2 daddy’s , if its natural why cant gays reproduce ? the democratic party will self destruct one day the democratic party is all screwed up give every one what they want as along as we get what we want is their way look at Ca. broke bankrupt a democratic state look at Illionois . . more politicians in jail than any other state , look at Harry Reids Nv. largest foreclosure state top only by Ca. I thinnk we need to be conservative for a while . open the borders and let all the state pay for it so Obama cant get re elected , I truly believe any one who vote for democratic party has not a fucking clue . words from Gene Simmons (Kiss)

  • celsma

    @cbyfrmhll !!!! Right on. Some people’s parents let them win too many games of candy land.

    • Delroy_Monjo

      My 4 yr old daughter was absolutely ruthless at Candyland! You would have thought I was reading ‘Mein Kampf’ to her at bedtime instead of Dr Seuss, ‘Cat in the Hat’.

  • Joe White

    I will ask that a support rally, be started now, and put into action! Just go to one that you might be close to? or just driving by one? Go in, and tell them you are here for the support rally. If you can purchase something please do! If not you just showed your support, by enterning the door of a chick-fil-a. Now isn’t that a hell of a support rally?
    OH, make sure they keep track of any person that shows up and express’es their greatly needed support, at this trying time’s here in America… P.S. If my Mother, and Father, were alive, they would! So I will go and stand in for them, and with them. God, bless America/Americans. Amen.

  • Erin Paige Wardlow Cretsinger

    The owner of this establishment (Dan Cathy) never said he hates gay people! Here is his statement: “We are very much supportive of the family – the biblical definition of
    the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business,
    and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that,” So, this is HIS preference for HIS life. BIG WHOOP. Interesting, how so many people preach tolerance of others, yet when someone makes a statement that they prefer a marriage between a man and a woman they are demonized as haters of anything opposite that. TOLERANCE goes both ways. When did this man say he had a PROBLEM with a gay person? He didn’t. I’m not gay, and I’m a woman married to a man. I like it this way FOR ME. Does that make me a gay basher? I guess so…except, I’m not one. Neither is this guy. My first marriage didn’t work out, and I am remarried…but, the fact that Dan Cathy is on his FIRST marriage doesn’t offend me. Some people need to get thicker skin.

  • Josh Postema

    Oh yeah. I remember now. There’s that spot in the constitution that says that you can shut down commerce as long as the person engaging in it has views that don’t line up with the local governor’s. I remember learning about that. It totally lines up with Bill of Rights, separation of powers, and limited government!

    In seriousness, some of those liberal comments are hilarious. “I agree with it, but is it legal?” Nice. “I’m all for the mayor blocking them, as long as he doesn’t violate their rights.” You mean by blocking them? I’ve never seen people contradict themselves in a single sentence before.

  • freecheese

    OBTW: Maybe, if she ate some chicken, she could grow some bo.obs? She is in bad need for them.
    I hate that “little boy” body. Guess it is the fad with all of the queer Hollywood producers/directors.

  • David Cummings

    So if you don’t support gay marriages, does that mean you should be banned from America?

  • $2943864

    It would be MUCH better to ban Huffin’someblow.

  • Petra Vidales

    The mayor is wrong. If you don’t agree with the owner, you don’t have to give them you business, move on to another restaurant. There are plenty of gay establishments, and I would gather to say that only gays visit those places. Those of us who believe in the Word know that G-d created one man and one woman. He also gave us ‘free-will’, which means we can either choose Him or not. The owner of this restaurant, as do many of us Americans, choose to honor G-d.

  • Bo Hart

    ckick-fil-A will get along just fine without boston…..

    • Gary

      And Eliziah (sp?) Dushwho…

  • Edolicious

    I’ve asked my Tea Party friends to join me for lunch this morning at one of our local Chick-fil-A franchises to support its stance against PC thuggery and to support a local business. I’ve even offered to buy lunch for those who show up. God bless Chick-fil-A.

    • Dawn Mallard Galloway

      Amen! My husband and I went there yesterday and it was delicious. I stand for God and His word not some actress I have never heard of and probably not many others have either. Way to go Chick Fil A!

      Reallly, who is against good food and jobs except maybe an idiot? SMH

  • Deborah

    Eliza Dushku: YOU play the KILLER Rubi in the video game, “Wet.” With a gun in each hand, YOUR character KILLS large numbers of people. As the voice and model for a KILLER character, how many kids did you influence to shoot anyone they dislike? And you’re mad a Chic-Fil-A?

  • Maha922

    OK. Now, let’s ban Eliza cause we don’t like her opinion. Another sleepy celebrity showing her ignorance.

  • eddychuck1

    I will only eat there for now on. I’m happy to hear they don’t want to use gay chickens in their sandwiches. Someone could catch that dreadful desease just like mad cow. Chic-fil has my full support from now on. No more beef for me.

  • Teresa Harrell

    That mayor isn’t thinking at all. He is going on pure emotion stirred up by others, is my guess. With an economy like ours’ he seriously wants to stop business from coming into his area and creating jobs!! Really!!! Glad he isn’t my mayor!!!
    I can’t believe the amount of people that want government to do everything, just hand us over to the communist while you are at it!!!

  • Ric Ettinger

    Bad actress has bad idea. Film at 11.

  • trueamerican1776

    Who is Eliza Dushku?

  • Rob Salucci

    Boycott if you wish, that is your right, but to stop the establishment of a business because you don’t agree with the owner’s opinion is against everything America stands for. I say boycott Boston and their totalitarian mayor.

  • Rob Salucci

    Who the hell is Eliza Dushku? And why should we care about what this airhead thinks? She recites lines that other people write for her, on the screen and in life.

  • Mark W. Baros

    If you don’t want to know the truth, quit asking the question. How stupid. I will never agree with the gay marriage thing. If the state wants to allow civil unions, whatever, but don’t call it marriage. How simple is it. Your morality and how you conduct your life has absolutely no effect on my salvation so you can do what you want. I don’t care. Just don’t lean on calling it marriage. Grow up. Damn!

  • Bev Braun

    Why do you think he has done so well with his restaurant being closed on Sunday to Honor God? He stands by the Bible and so do I. If he isn’t allowed to open his restaurant in Boston….he will be rewarded anyway. Stand for what is right by God.

  • lillymckim

    Chick-fil-A has as much right to their beliefs as she does.
    The government doesn’t own chick fil A it is a privately owned Christian owned company .
    They government has no dog in this fight!

  • lillymckim

    The Boston mayor has no legal rights to ban a private company!

  • David Rice

    OK so let me see if I understand this correctly. The liberal mindset says that we simply must allow everyone and anyone the right to be who they are and do as they please. However this only works properly if you agree with the liberal mindset and all others are simply wrong and you would then DENY the beliefs of another? Seems like you just shot yourself in the foot there. Be that as it may, if the Massachusettes gov’t manages to do that, chances are, they are in line for a MASSIVE Federal Law Suit.

  • King Richard

    I’ll be doubling my efforts to go to a Chick Fil A as often as possible. Note to self: Scratch Boston from my vacation plans… (Christmas plans were Boston… Now it will be further south.. thank you moron mayor!)

  • LAPhil

    Who cares what these Hollywood nitwits think? They have no tolerance for anyone who disagrees with them, and yet they consider themselves “liberal”.

  • BeeKaaay

    No surprise here. Leftwingwackos hate it when someone has a different opinion on anything, so they must punish those who don’t conform to their agenda.

  • cozette westenberger

    Who is this person? I mean really, an actress dictating politics. Yeah, she changed my mind.

  • hofmanjim

    Eat a turd Lady. You are of no use to the world.

  • John Smith

    If opposition to same-sex marriage is now “anti-gay”, does that mean opposition to people who are against same-sex marriage is now “anti-straight”? Or “anti-normal”? Are counter opinions no longer tolerated?

    Where is the ‘tolerance’ from The Left? Oh, that’s right, tolerance flows in one direction only. You know, THAT is the definition of “hypocrisy”!

  • Carol Ryan Adams

    Chick-Fil-A is a Christian-based business! Why are you all acting so violated? They are closed on Sundays, too. Oh, my word! Get over it. I’m thinking it’s Chick-Fil-A for lunch!
    That makes so much sense to eliminate jobs in the food service and construction not to mention the added tax base. REALLY?

  • Jimmy Coshatt

    Good job chic – fil-A !! There are many millions who support you and who believe that what that what the bible says is wrong is still wrong.Message to liberals.People are waking up and good will overcome evil just as the bible says.

  • hofmanjim

    DoucheCU your love is unnatural.

  • minnierv

    Dumb emaciated bitch, go eat a chicken sandwich or something.

  • RobertNT

    Maybe if Eliza worried about something important this would have some meaning. But instead, like is usually the case with Hollywood Elite, picking on something trivial is a way to gain publicity in an otherwise limited talent and career. If he’d said Gays Will Not Be Served In Any Chic-fil-A From This Point On is one thing, BUT HE DIDN’T Liberal Idiots!!!! He’s a CEO not the POTUS. But then again, even with his view and obvious success as a businessman and JOB CREATOR, he would be a far cry better than the crap we’ve been saddled with for the last 3+ years. Maybe the Boston Mayor could take some points from someone like this CEO for stating his true view and not whining and taking the PC road that makes so many REAL Americans want to puke…..

  • mark davis

    Mumbles blocked a Walmart from moving into Dorchester because of the whole evil capitalism crap. now this. So when the unemployment numbers continue to go up, he will have no one to blame but himself.

  • $25014546

    The owner has a right to his opinion. If you don’t want to eat there because of this then go somewhere else.

  • Dan

    Just more of the usual from the left. Whether it’s trying to silence opponents at the point of a gun (via government) or killing people in a theater, the final destination of liberalism/socialism always ends in bloodshed and misery.

  • Bill Malicia

    Tell them to come farther south. Taunton works for me, Dartmouth is better. FU Menino, and anyone else who tries to supress the 1st amendment.

  • lazypadawan

    Really? Should Boston just force everyone whose opinions are the same as Mr. Cathy’s out of the city? Should Mayor Mumbles start checking with all of his city employees to see if they support gay marriage and fire them if they don’t? In any case, the Cathy family has never banned gays from working at Chik-Fil-A nor has it prohibited gays from eating there. This is something those on the hate Chik-Fil-A bandwagon don’t seem to understand. They think civil rights are gained by stepping on the throats of those who aren’t sufficiently with the program. As for Miss Dushku, who can never keep a show on t.v. for long, the next time she gets into a cab, she should ask the Arab/Pakistani/African cabbie what his opinions are on gay marriage…and be prepared to walk.

  • Greg Cagle

    Politicians and media mongrels need to keep their noses out of it, Mayor has no right to stop them from building because of their views on gay rights. If a company that was bragging about its gay thoughts and same sex marriage beliefs had been denied the whole world would be in an uproar. So why do you support the mayor when the shoe is on the other foot. Its because your a bunch of leftist and racist biggets in my opinion. Just remember our soldiers have died so you have the right to speak your mind even if you don’t make any sence!!! I’ll be eating more chicken!!!!

  • Brad Larsen

    I can’t buy a drink over 16 oz. in NY and can’t buy a chicken sandwich in Boston. You have to go from city to city just to get a meal. You know the biggest problem here is people pointing fingers and saying “I don’t like that person because…..” They will not be happy until they get rid of everyone they dislike and then they will attack themselves in the mirror.

  • Antigreen2008

    Not only is it illegal for the Mayor of Boston to block a business from opening simply on Religious belief, but for the whore Eliza to suggest the government should intervene shows how pathetically stupid this whore is.

  • Gregory A Granello

    There is not the IQ of a chicken sandwich in this Eliza Dushku.

  • Gregory A Granello

    From the mayor of Boston to nitwits like Dushku, there is not enough intelligence to understand that this policy is lawless, nor enough foresight to understand where it will inevitably lead. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • [email protected]

    sick to death of gays running the show……..also stupid actors. get the goverment out of our lives…..if i don’t agree with your perverted ideas to bad.

  • Terry Smith

    Beautiful girl with an Obama sense of government. Sorry, you can’t make them open on Sundays either as a protest to the owners religious beliefs.

  • ChrisBan35

    Let’s be REAL HONEST here… For Gay activists to SUPPORT the BAN of anything is a DIRECT CONTRADICTION to their fight to let “ALL” walks of life have their own OPINIONS!!! As a U.S. Veteran, I did not give for my country so that one group could have power of authority over another!! If gays don’t like the opinions of Chik-Fil-A, there’s always Kentucky Fried Chicken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JD

    I will go to Chick fil A as often as possible. I NEVER go to McDonalds because of their social agenda. That is MY choice. As far as the Government getting involved…Hey Mayor…IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY OUT OF IT!

  • moonwatcher2001

    Ironically, in Dollhouse, she
    played a college student who let her body be used for nefarious
    purposes by a shadow organization which programmed her brain each week.
    Funny, in saying crap like this, she has become that character…

  • Erron Garrett

    I think people can choose whatever they like-be it Chic-Fil-A, or KFC. Even Wendy’s serves a pretty good chicken sandwich. That being said, it really isn’t going to make a difference in their business if people choose not to eat there because of their owner’s stand on homosexuality. There are other alternatives out there, so eat where it might be more “PC”. I certainly do not use a litmus test everywhere I eat with my family. There actually might be people that work there that I don’t agree with their politics or their gender choices (GASP!).

  • birdlover11

    The gay rights activists don’t want their rights, they want to deprive the rest of us from having ours, one of them being Freedom of Speech. They want to take our rights to disagree with them!!!!

  • Karla Venezia Hall

    Good reason to not go to Boston! It is the individuals right to eat at Chck Fil A or not, it is not the place of the Mayor or government to block the opening of a legal business.

  • birdlover11

    We do not have Chick around me, but if they open one in upstate NY, I will be there with bells non!!

  • Miguel Gonzalez

    Again those who advocate tolerance don’t have it for an opposing point of view. Bunch of hypocrites.

  • slimypayload

    She’s just upset that her career has been over for 10 years. Trying to stay relevant.

  • Tommy Cook


  • J.r. Reaver

    Chic-fil-A has every right to voice their opinion how they feel on same sex marriages just as anyone else does. My bible tells me that people are homosexuals are sinners. It is detestible in the eyes of the Lord. So don’t jump all over Chick for telling everyone how they feel about it. You are saying no one else can express their opinions but gays and people who say it is ok.

  • RonaldusMagnus

    Hey Eliza, you are too beautiful to be so stupid. Read the Constitution, educate yourself, listen to Mark Levin, I’m trying to educate you. Now, go read a part and be someone else. You’re good at that, but politics no.

  • Darryl Cliff Brown

    I don’t go there because most of the time the chicken is dry and tasteless, but there again, so is Boston. I’ll go to Chick Fil A just to PO Boston!

  • Beth Owen Keysear

    Allowing government to interfere with business based on their beliefs…… scares me more than anything else! In America we should be able to speak our opinions without having government spank us for it!

  • Dio Heerai

    chik-fil-a knows its customers and this will actually ENHANCE their buisness

  • Wayne McMichael

    Every body thinks they are king now:) Hilarious… So it’s okay to bash heterosexuells huh… ridiculous…

  • Michael Heinze

    That’s just another woe is me I’m being resecuted kind of thing to do.What right does anyone have to stop jobs from coming into a city. Chick Fil A is a community supportive resturant they give back to the community in so many ways by donating food, money and time to many great causes. They have a right to believe in morality if the mayor does not then I guess that speaks for itself.

  • pepjrp

    The north can be so perverted. They are so disgusting and hate filled. Boston sounds like it is just as bad as New York.

  • Katie Conrad

    Chick-fil-A is SO FREAKING GOOD. @stephenboston You are a liar! They seriously have the best chicken sandwiches on the face of the planet.

  • fivebyfive


  • pedrowe

    Gays are the scum of the earth. Loudmouth minority trying to tell the rest of us normal folk how to live.

  • Allie

    To the Mayor of Boston and whoever the heck this actress is – YOU ARE IDIOTS! If you don’t like boycott, not ban!

  • TimH1955

    Eliza Dushbag is a mental case! She obviously thinks she is a well known actress that everyone respects! Who the crap is she??? And the mayor of Boston is a total moron to think the city to can stop a business from expanding in the area because of their beliefs! What is the world coming to???

  • fmbchris

    where are we? Russia?

  • Cole M Prentice

    @elizadushku your an idiot if you support this, they have the right to operate and have an opinion. Chick fil-a is a christian based business. What the Mayor is doing is ILLEGAL just cause they dont support Gay Marriage, well I dont support Gay Marriage either, but I also know that everyone has an opinion, we can agree to disagree on it. The Mayor is an Idiot, thats my opinion. Political Correctness is BS.

  • Ely Santos Garza Jr

    Chick-fil-a is one of the only companies sticking to their TRADITIONAL family values. I will be eating there more and NOT seeing any movie with Eliza in it

  • Karen M.

    BETTER IDEA…. WHY DOESN’T THAT UNKNOWN ACTRESS AND THE MAYOR OF BOSTON RELOCATE TO IRAN OR ? where FREE SPEECH isn’t allowed! and EVERY CHRISTIAN, and others that are sick of having the gay agenda crammed down our throats, GO TO CHICK FIL A!!

  • beefrank

    Another reason I do not watch Dushku on-screen whose last good role was in ‘True Lies’. Chick Fill A is a good portion of food and deserves our patronage against Leftist wannabe dictators. Nothing is stopping those who want same-sex relationships to have them. Civil unions are legal and have all the benefits of ‘marriage’ except the label. The homosexual agenda is to legitimize their actions as ‘normal’ which it is not. They are playing the same game as they did in the 60s when they hijacked the word ‘gay’ to convince everyone they are ‘happy’ with their lifestyle ‘choice’. History and current events indicates they are not ‘happy’ until homosexuality is the norm. Then what?

  • pdx73

    So much for me going to Boston for a few days of spending some money in their restaurants and enjoying their city. I’m changing plans and going to Philadelphia instead. They can have my business and I will enjoy their cheese steaks and their history. At least they are inclusive of all points of view whether they agree with them or not. I will not support intolerance of ANY sort, and the Boston mayor has proved he is intolerant of a view on same sex marriage that differs from his. And as for Eliza Dushku, she really needs to keep her trap closed, nobody cares what she thinks.

  • Botzilla

    Stupid stupid celebrities

  • John Greggory Kemp

    Another communist on the rise.

  • Dennis Vest

    So he’s against new job creation, just b/c they’re practicing their rights? Well I denounce useless “green jobs” that take taxpayer $$$, file bankruptcy & skip town…Boy, liberals sure have a warped sense of values…

  • Wayne McMichael

    You have to understand the owner of Chick Fillet, they believe what the Christian Religion tells them. They are wrong of course, but they still think it’s just a behavior:( Ignorance is not an excuse, but it’s understandable. I don’t believe the mayor has any excuse… that’s just stupid, pompous and outside of his job description:)

  • Wayne McMichael

    It’s bad when the “servants” start trying to take control:)

  • Alice Manfredini

    While you may not agree with the views expressed by Chick-Fil-A, they have the right to express their opinion; and they can’t be banned for the simple reason that the United States Constitution, while abused and disrespected by this administration, is still the law of the land. One single issue, as important as it may be to many individuals, should never override the most important challenge we face in the US today: keeping our First Amendment rights. We can fight for what we believe, and gay activists should certainly fight for their place in society, but NEVER at the expense of the individual rights and the freedom of expression that we enjoy in this country.

  • ron stefanacci

    Should Boston deny Cathy the ability to build new restaurants based solely upon his statement of beliefs, I hope Mr Cathy sues the Mayor and city of Boston under title 7, Religion is protected,
    And cannot nor will not be silenced. If you don’t agree with Mr Cathy, as is your right, then simply do not buy any of his food.

  • Steve Kellmeyer

    Before this, I’ve only been to Chik-Fil-A once in my life, but now I’m taking my entire family this Sunday! Maybe we’ll make it a family tradition now.

    • freecheese

      On Sunday ? Duh?

    • laserblast92

      Closed on Sundays

  • Delphinus13

    I CANNOT WAIT to go to Chick-fil-A and show my support with my $$$. Their food is great, their service is great, and it’s so nice and refreshing to hear a business that actually has values and is willing to stand by them and OWN them.

  • Duane Wood

    I have never eaten at a Chic Fil A, but I will now.

  • mcgirv

    I’m bringing the local Boy Scout Troop to Chick-Fil-A for lunch!

  • tomdfw1

    What an idiot! I think I will boycott BOSTON!
    I support Chick-Fil-A and will eat there more often…Way to Go!

    Look what happened to JCPenney after they got Ellen Degeneres to be spokesperson and they endorsed gays…their sales and stock plummeted!

    America is a conservative and Christian based society…if you are a freak go somewhere else!

  • Jmac

    Notice how most if not all of the post chain of this story is from “Huffington Post”, just another Leftist Moutpiece. So this actress can take her opinion and wipe her backside with it. And for the Mayor of Boston, good luck guy, in blocking the opening of a tax paying business, YOU TOTAL DOLT…..

  • Marty Luther

    #BanElizaDushku ? I like it…..

  • Glenn

    i AM all for Chic-Fil-A! Am more than proud for their stance, and their philosophy that Sundays are for family and they are closed for this reason that their employees CAN spend time with their families on Sunday.

  • Brian Richardson

    If the Boston mayor wants to go down that road of banning businesses because of political beliefs, then he can ban Chick-Fil-A and we can ban Planned Parenthood.

  • Susan M. Atkins

    What happened to free speech? The owner of Chick Fil A says he’s against gay mariage, so you want to ban his resteraunts because he exercises his right to free speech? Or is it only ok to speak your mind if you agree with the minority?

  • Bhoddisatva

    1. Eliza Dushku is hot. 2. If a business or person has done nothing illegal then its wrong for the government or elected officials to stomp on their Constitutional rights. 3. Eliza Dushku is still hot. 3. Bashing gays is wrong but any displeasure with a business should be through the usual methods available to common citizens. The Gov should be neutral. 4. Eliza Dushku, amazingly, is still hot!

  • Nancy DeForrest

    I do not understand same sex marriages. But them again I do not understand marriages. Some say it is good but explain it to me. A relationship can go on regardless of marriage. All relationships are different. So many live in fear that they won’t have this or that but in reality what is it fear but a way of controlling things.

  • Grumpa Grumpus

    Let’s write movie studios. Ban Doshku. I don’t like the way it thinks.

    Gee, if that idea actually gain traction I think Dushku would complain whine.


    We need to start slapping these people down when they talk stupid. The 1st Amendment only applies to government private citizens can ban and discriminate against as much speech as they’re inclined to!

    We okd farts — when we were the age of most of you reading this — decided to be more lenient w/stupidity (not a word I use lightly…). Inshort, we let ourselves be taken in by the Progressive’s propaganda.

    To all you youngsters, I’d like to apologize. No one can really speak for a generation, much less the 2 or 3 between mine & yours.

    But for my part, I’m sorry.

  • G.


  • Michael Morris

    Why would anyone in their right minds want to add to the economic problem in the world by preventing a business that creates jobs from opening its doors because of an opinion. Everyone has a right to their opion, no matter how messed up it may be

  • Cynthia

    Maybe if we all boycotted Hollywood movies for a couple of weeks and see what they think then. Hit’em when it hurts, in their wallets. Boycott Eliza Dushku!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waydeday

    I have emailed all my friends and asked them to join me in eating at Chick-Fil-A every day for a week the week of August 20th even if it means just buying a tea. I also told them if they don’t have a chick-fil-a near them to go to the website and buy a t-shirt or hat.

  • LightSabre

    Who the hell is Eliza Dushku?

  • Rich Martin

    homosexual marriage is not in the bible and even if you dont believe the bible it is against nature, do i have to describe their unnatural acts?

  • Heather Moreno Borrego

    I love Chick Fil A. Sorry, I could care less about someone else’s views on gay rights. I am sure that there are gays working for Chick Fil A’s. There has to be better news than this. Seriously. Why is everything having to revolve around the gays? Ugh…. Reality sure does bite some times.

  • Jason Speckert

    Why are liberals so quick to take liberties from people just cause they don’t agree with them?

  • LL1885

    The left is also trying this kind of intimidation with The Boy Scouts. These are private businesses and organizations. If you don’t like their policies, you’re free to not eat there or join their group, but to threaten them as this Mayor is doing… wow.
    It’s Komen and Augusta all over again.

  • lillymckim

    This Weds the 25th is “Chick-Fil-A Day”!

  • Maureen Edmond

    This is a country where we should have the right to express our beliefs – Chick Fil A is a wonderful, family restaurant! I love having them blocks from my home! So they won’t support gay marriage – fine! If Boston doesn’t want ’em, we’ll have them! The mayor is answerable to Boston, however. If Bostonians do not wish to have Chick Fil A, that’s their privilege in a free-market country. Not moving to Boston, anyway. :)

  • Otis Wayne Granger

    Since when is it wrong for someone to have their own opinion on current events and to express it? I fail to understand why we can’t have a civil discourse without acting like a bunch of school kids calling each other names. We are all Americans and have a right to have our own opinions about anything. Hey, we may agree on one thing and disagree on another but that’s our right. I don’t think I would not want to live in a country that our opinions could not be expressed. What happened to I may not believe in what you say, but I will defend to my death your right to say it.

  • nick cultrara

    Mayor of Boston knows if he lets the Chick fil A there it will be a huge success. Their food is dope yo. And who gives a crap about the jobs it will create. And Elisha or whatever your name is you can stand to eat more chicken. A lot more.

  • Tom Moulthrop

    I’m going to eat there everyday now. I ate there for the first time the other day after I heard people slamming them for having beliefs of their own. People have the right to not support any GD thing they want. Who the F is Eliza Douchbag anyway? Never heard of her and it’s time that she STFU!!!

  • Barry L Baker Sr

    What will Barney say about this ? In Oklahoma, Chick Fil A’s are alive and prospering. Out here in Oklahoma, when we are hungry we go chow down. We also believe marriage is between a Man and a Woman. Shucks, we have Church’s that teach about Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve. Just sayin ?

  • mikal

    Boston, this is your esteemed mayor.

  • Amanda Kizinholdt

    Eliza, QUIT while You’re behind !

  • John Hanover

    Banning a business from legally establishing themselves is a perfect solution in ” mother Russia ” up to 1989. Ma ? East Coast elitists ? Oh never mind only one Revolution per millennium to hit that coast.

  • Owen007

    So because one person expresses their opinion, he’s horrible and should be condemned? So much for the First Amendment.

    As for Dushku, here’s something for her and the other morons to consider: which is worse – one man simply expressing his opposition to gay marriage or an entire industry that largely portrays gays as nothing more than campy stereotype ciphers? Oh yeah, I wonder! Eesh…

  • shea

    I just drove 60 miles roundtrip to go eat at a Chick-Fil-A. I gave the finger to 2 Starbucks along the way, stopped in at a mall and asked to speak to the managers at both Sears and JC Penny and told them as long as they support vile perverts shoving their peckers in a excrement factory they would not get a dime of my business. I then left dozens of Chick-Fil-A napkins at each location, and spurred by my boldess, stopped by both the aforemenioned Starbuck’s on the return trip, bought a cup of coffee, spilled it on the counter and employee, and then proceeded to assist cleaning up with Chick-Fil-Napkins.

    I then asked for another coffee, which I promptly poured it in a Chick-Fil-A cup that was coincedentally handy, and walked out, dumping the coffee onto the nearest ficus,

    Do feel bad? Yeah…that ficus didn’t do nothing to me.

    We once played Cowboys and Indians in this country, and now you dont hardly see an Indian ( deplorable as that is ) anymore.

    Perhaps it is time we played Cowboys and Perverts.

  • Gary Henry

    For your information, Mayor Thomas Menino, it’s not YOUR city! It belongs to the people who elected you to temporarily hold office there. Your personal vendetta would be a “slap in the face” to many of your citizens, so think hard before you make any knee-jerk reactions.

  • Joseph Larkin

    just b/c ur against gay marriage doesnt mean u hate anyone, ‘n last i checked Chick fla La is a very profitable business

  • Roberto M

    This is fascism, plain and simple. This mayor has no right whatsoever to block someone from opening a business just because he doesn’t like what the owner of the business stands for. Has he ever heard of a boycott?

  • Roberto M

    Besides, who the hell is Elizabeth Dushku, anyways? Never heard of her!!!

  • A Whitman

    Who the hell is she anyway? Don’t think I have ever seen her, and if I did she wasn’t that memorable!

  • pinksugar

    Let people vote with their wallets.. Those who disagree with the stance of ChikF, eat somewhere else. That’s how you show you disagree. You have that right. But you DON’T have the right to deny other people their right to choose..

  • DB1954

    Who the hell is Eliza Dushku?


    I guess God is falable…because he gave this bitch all gorgeous body and no brains

  • Jim

    I don’t even go to Chick Fil A, nor do I agree with their comments, but if you don’t like Chick Fil A… DON’T GO!!! You don’t have to ban it for everyone else.

  • Derek Corson

    who is eliza? not familiar to me, but i like actors with talent! get a grip folks! the gay population is 2.8% of the U.S. not a big deal. if you want to not shop great ( i refuse to buy apple or anything with “i” at the begining. i will support chick fil a because they are INDEPENDANT businesses NOT corporate owned ! hollywierd needs to get a life !

  • Thomas Dobbins

    She wants the government to ban a privately owned corporation from building new stores….? What an idiot.

  • Adolph Pavel

    Yea for Mr. Cathy. Will be eating more and more at chick-fil-la (spelling). Our Lord has blessed this man with a clarity rarely found in this lost culture. God bless Mr. Cathy.

  • Skevvy

    Sooo beautiful, and sooo fascist. And leftists are so dumb, they can’t figure out that they ARE fascists….

  • Gary

    The government has no right to ban something based on personal beliefs because that is how tyrannical government is formed.

  • Elizabeth Mayhew

    People are so selfish. If it fits their beliefs it is ok but let it go against what they believe and they will do anything to get what they want. With the economy the way it is, that is no reason to not allow a business to open. What if all the gay places were shut down? What, are you crazy? Live like you please, but don’t affect the way others live. You want your rights and we want ours.

  • Reginald


  • Doug Mahady


  • Paul J. Citro

    This is how stupid the people in power are. To stop tax revenue at a time like this just because someone doesn’t agree. Mumbles got to go

  • rippersnort

    This is what you get with a Socialist President. Never been to Chick Fill A but will got there now. Do not trample on my right to free speech. You will be defeated in Nov. all of you who think you are high and mighty with only a pea for a brain.

  • Perri Cox

    It is still a free country???? I will support Cick Fil A. You don’t have to if you don’t want to. Simple as that. Leave them alone & anyone else that disagrees with your beliefs if it isn’t hurting you or your business.

  • Harvey Frank Hulse

    Hey Stupid girl. Here is a bedtime story for you and other left wing socialist, communist , fascist like you. Once upon a time. 1923 there was a bright young man who had ideas of how to get his government involved in Business. He had just got out of the service. He joined a political party and ran for local office, sort of like the mayor . then he worked his way up and the party grew stronger. This man became the head of his party through strong arm tactics and soon he was named the head of state. First thing he did was to close down some business because he didn’t like the way these people lived. They made to much money and that money should go to the masses. So he founded a concept called the final solution. At first the people adored him. They shouted and praised him. Treated him like a God but some who had sense feared him and started to organize to defeat him for he was now the Devil in guise. Does this sound familiar to you. It should. For in 1939 this man invaded Poland, started WW2 and reigned terror for 6 years killing millions.
    The moral of this story is if we start going down this path of closing business just because we don’t happen to like what they say, then we are on a Slippery Slope to destruction. I dont like particular issues such as Gays, Abortion, Socialism, etc but do I bash gays, ? No, I do not. I speak my opinion that I think they are wrong, misguided, but this is my opinion and I have the right to say it but I dont gpo looking for them to bash them I dont say they dont have the right to a business. They do. You may boycott Chick Fil A if you like but Watch what you wish for. It will bite you in the Ass

  • Endoxa52

    Ah yes…the tolerant left. Showing the world their collective ignorance by saying it’s OK to be intolerant to those that they believe are being intolerant.

  • Justin JustimusPrime Galloway

    Chick-fil-A, Here I come to eet mo chickn

  • ahnacapri

    never heard of her. I’ll be boycotting any performances she is in.

  • Brett77

    I will now go to Chick-Fil-A as much as possible. And trust me, the one in my area is always packed.

  • Michael Capanelli

    I’m pretty sure what he’s doing is not only an abuse of power but also illegal. What more frightening to me is all the people that AGREE with it. So if one group has the majority it’s OK, in a supposedly free country, to ban the opposing group from ding business till they change their views? What happens if the religious right gets back in power, are they allowed to ban businesses that accept gays? Do you understand the precedence your all setting by following this line of logic? I’m guessing not so I’ll just lay it out; Your opening the door for federal control of business based on political views. Right now you feel your in the right so you cheer, but history tells us it won’t be long till such laws that arise from this type of flawed logic will be used on YOU.

  • David Lamb

    So the mayor gets to “ban” business based on the political views of the business…YES that sounds totally legal. Eliza who? Once again the loving comprimising accepting liberals who can only tolerate what they believe is good and right….all others must go…even if we need the government to make it happen. Remember when the liberals fought against any government interference in peoples lives? What a joke they have become…

  • Eric Javier

    Quite a petty society we have become with all this thought policing going on. WHO GIVES A FUCK what opinions are held and how much a control-freak prick does one have to be to try and dictate to others what an acceptable OPINION should sound like. What a whiny bunch of idiots. Protest your phony closet hate for a few days until you come off that transparent hate fest you call “tolerance.” < The irony.

  • Eric Javier

    This futile attempt to curb opposing views is beyond ridiculous. This is the end result of grown ups stuck in their utopian/useful idiot stage for life. I actually despise those who pretend to be Gandhi more than I do those courageous enough to ADMIT their disdain. Closet-racists who call them selves liberals are the most disgusting variety on this planet. I see through these filthy pie in the sky assholes.

  • Eric Javier

    I think it’s time we play this hippy shit too… Lets not let them have all the teenage fun. We too should boycott disgusting companies etc that cater to this utopian shit. I like living in a REAL society not one in which we ALL pretend to love stupid shit so the idiots feel better about the shit they truly are…

  • Hello Jerry (D)

    Thanks Miss Douche-ku for giving more promotion to this fine establishment. If the nearest one wasn’t 60 miles away i’d be eating there daily! (except for Sundays of course)

  • Lee Bowen

    Liberals dont give two squirts about the first ammendment until they get pissed. The man has a right to his opinion and doesnt have to agree with anyone. Last i checked, in a recession, Chick fil A has gotten bigger and expanded. Just saying. Personally could care less who gets hitched . not my business.

  • Tammy Ingram

    I went today..

  • twolaneflash

    Eliza, bless your heart, you and Boston keep the baked beans. We’ll keep Chick-fil-a. Oh, yeah, we got The Braves, too. How do you like them apples?

  • Ed Lundstrom

    What do people not understand about christianity, true christianity. The bible clearly condemns it as a sin, and abomination. Chik-fil-a is a christian owned business. The same people who tell christians not to push their “religion” never seem to have a problem forcing christians to go against their beliefs to ” coddle” the masses.

    • Ed Lundstrom

      Comdemns homosexuality, not christianity,lol

  • StreekyD

    Who gives a rat’s arse what an actor thinks, their words are ALWAYS written by someone else. Some one else made the talking points for them. OMG sounds like you know who.. THE ANOINTED ONE! hahahahaha.

  • Amanda Busby Pepsnik

    I wonder how much it would cost to open up a Chick Fil A franchise here?? I have a background in restaurant management and accounting degree. I would open a thousand just to stick it in the faces of intolerant left wingers. They are all in a huff when someone doesn’t agree with their opinions. All be damned if someone has a dissenting view.

  • vino veritas

    This is just hot air from an over reaching blowhard. I’d like to see this idiot of a mayor try it as he would be setting himself and the state of Boston up for some nasty lawsuits and legal charges as well as an investigation into ethics violations committed by the mayor if he were to actually attempt to go through with his threats. Who cares what dingbat hollyweirdo celebtards say or think about anything, they are nothing more than mindless 1 trick ponies needing to be put out to pasture. One thing I’d like know about little miss dumbshku though.. why in the hell is she running around still talking like the character she played on a defunct tv show from the 90’s?? Her character (name of faith, somewhat ironic) used to say ‘B’ all the time when referring to the character of buffy on that show. Guess she’s stuck trying to relive the last time she actually had a modicum of fame & a decent paying job.

  • Jim Lytle

    I went to a Chick Fil A in Fullerton CA today for the first time because Jillian Reynolds on Good Day LA commented that she goes there all the time and really loves their food. She was right their food is really good. To attack someone’s business because the owner made a comment that you disagree with is typical of the neurotic ultra left liberals who always use violent hate speech to attack anyone who disagrees with them. Chick Fil A also is closed on Sundays which I find very refreshing as that is how it used to be when I was growing up; most businesses were closed on Sundays honoring it as a day of rest, a holy day of rest. I would like to see that practice come back.

  • Billy

    Eliza’s a freakin’ Canadian, what did you expect? This is the coming approach of a new form of Communism; Duck!

  • Aaron Combs

    More examples of the left wanting to squash free speech. They’re all about free speech until it is against what they believe.

  • Steven P Gill

    I am going to get a chicken sandwich. I don’t need some Communist a-hole telling me where I can buy my lunch.

  • Norm Ash

    I’m sorry, “F”. I just lost all faith in you, no pun intended.

  • Paul D Walters

    Ever notice that the left and libs in general have been whining for years that people should accept them, their ideas and beliefs but then they are not willing to accept ideas and beliefs different from their own? Chic-Fil-A has not nor never will discriminate against anyone, their CEO mainly expressed his families beliefs. It is unimaginable that elected officials state that a company is not welcome because they believe differently than they do. This has happened before–remember the 1930’s in Nazi Germany when it was ok to boycott/destroy jewish businesses just because their beliefs were different? Shame on the gay community and the libs for acting this way. Maybe you are just showing us who you really are?

  • 130munich

    1st amdt. PROTECTS UNPOPULAR speech..The owner was giving HIS opinon, which he has a RIGHT to.. She’s and idiot if she doesn’t know that.. plus WE NEED JOBS ..DUHHH

  • Nelson Easler

    She could stand to eat a few Chick-Fil-a sandwiches, a vanilla milshake, some waffle fries and a slice of cheescake. Mayeb even supersize that meal.

  • Bob Bonnett

    “The government can regulate discrimination in employment or against customers, but
    what the government cannot do is to punish someone for their words,” said Adam Schwartz, senior attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. “When an alderman refuses to allow a business to open because its owner has expressed a viewpoint the government disagrees with, the government is practicing viewpoint discrimination.” Even your precious ACLU disagrees with you, Ms. Dushku!

  • deb

    This is still America and people have the freedom to say what they want! Just because you are an actress means nothing to me! The government has no right to control Americans! You are part of the problem not the solution. who are you anyway! you are just a person and I really do not care! I think it is great when someone speaks up for what they believe! I wish there was a restaurant here out west, I would go eat there just to show support! we have a right! I have gay friends but I do not support gay marriage!

  • Boo Rhodes

    what a bimbo. i’m not even sure who this chick is although she looks familiar. imdb lists many unimportant shows and movies. i’ll just make sure the next movie i see doesn’t have her name in it. we live in the USA. just as eliza dushku has the right to pick and choose which places she eats, i have the right to ignore her movies. which would be a non event anyway because they all look really, really boring. i’d rather go eat a chicken sandwich.

  • Bastion of Balance

    What an IDIOT. Another NOBODY from Hollyweird talking out of her ass. She needs to STFU like the rest of the morons in Plasticville and leave the politics to the people who actually KNOW what is constitutional and what IS NOT!!!!

  • Adam

    It seems many people are confused about what happened. The owner of Chick Fil A made anti-gay marriage comments, and the Boston mayor said he doesn’t want businesses in his city “that discriminates against a population.”

  • Adam

    It seems many people are confused about what happened. The owner of Chick Fil A made anti-gay marriage comments, and the Boston mayor said he doesn’t want businesses in his city “that discriminates against a population.”

  • Stan Conner

    @chick fil a @chick fil a @elizadushku sucks. Good for mayor menino

  • Ingrid Cherry

    Yet another washed-up has-been Hollyweird Libturd mouthpiece desperate for another 15 minutes. Thanks, Eliza Dushku, for giving me yet another reason to boycott Hollywood and their Libturd-funded movies.

  • Gilgamesh Jones IV

    HOW IS Eliza Dushcooch relevant?!? Methinks she should focus more on her never took off career and less on a chicken franchise that isn’t even in her state. Pretentious, sycophantic moron…