Some Twitter users are speculating that the Aurora, Colo., shooter was inspired by comments made by Rush Limbaugh.  The shooting occurred at a midnight premiere of the movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.” On Tuesday July 17, Limbaugh said on his radio show that the name of the villain in the movie is a thinly-veiled dig at Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney:

RUSH: Have you heard this new movie, the Batman movie, what is it, The Dark Knight Lights Up or whatever the name is.  That’s right, Dark Knight Rises. Lights Up, same thing.  Do you know the name of the villain in this movie?  Bane.  The villain in The Dark Knight Rises is named Bane, B-a-n-e.  What is the name of the venture capital firm that Romney ran and around which there’s now this make-believe controversy?  Bain.  The movie has been in the works for a long time.  The release date’s been known, summer 2012 for a long time.  Do you think that it is accidental that the name of the really vicious fire breathing four eyed whatever it is villain in this movie is named Bane?

But it was Democrats — not Limbaugh — who first linked the “Dark Knight Rises” villain to Romney. This is from an article in The Washington Examiner published Monday July 16, the day before Limbaugh’s comments:

This summer’s much-anticipated Hollywood blockbuster, “The Dark Knight Rises,” is getting an unusual boost from Democrats and other foes of Mitt Romney who are eager to tie the Gotham crushing villain to the GOP presidential candidate. Their angle: the mask-wearing, “Venom” gas breathing bad guy has a name that sounds just like Romney’s former investment firm that President Obama has been blasting as a jobs killer.

“Bane” is the terrorist in the new movie who drives the caped crusader out of semi-retirement in the final Batman movie. Democrats, who believe they have Romney on the ropes over the president’s assault on his leadership at Bain Capital, said the comparisons are too rich to ignore.

“It has been observed that movies can reflect the national mood,” said Democratic advisor and former Clinton aide Christopher Lehane. “Whether it is spelled Bain and being put out by the Obama campaign or Bane and being out by Hollywood, the narratives are similar: a highly intelligent villain with offshore interests and a past both are seeking to cover up who had a powerful father and is set on pillaging society,” he added.

  • Micky Baker

    If you’re wondering if this was caused by Rush Limbaugh, all I can say, you’re not an intelligent, honest, or mature individual.

    • Russel aka ‘Rusty’ Shackleford

      Proabally evil too Mickey because to make such an allegation is a deliberately disingenious form of slander/libel.

    • Vincent Imburgia

      you said it all. well done.

    • CLCRichmond

      What are you if you listen to Rush Limbaugh? For me, you are an embarrassment to this country. There are 3.6 million open jobs in this country and not single listener of Rush Limbaugh is qualified to fulfill one of this positions. Because they are STUPID

      • foxdup1

        so that would make all your friends on welfare and unemployment and food stamps Lazy or stupid?

      • Sue

        Are you for real? The listeners of Rush Limbaugh are working people. The people that hate Rush are the ones that want communism/socialism and want to suck off of the working people! I bet that sums you up.

  • n4cerinc

    These people are insane.

    • John Galt Report

      Evil is the more apt description

  • BwBarrnone

    The left will try anything to hush their foes. So sad this tragedy, yet the one at fault is the individual that did this awful act.

  • Cary Michael Bogue


    • Ras El Hanout

      Someones mad.

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      Libturd Occupier, guess what, I’m an independant, not left or right… It was a liberal occupier

    • carlhere

      If you are sick of the “blame game,” why are you blaming others without the facts.

    • tyo


    • J.Milliscone

      Caps lock is so 4th grade and, according to most “conservatives”, “liberals” don’t own guns.

      I’m very sick of the blame game as well so why perpetuate it?

    • Charles N Moore Jr

      Well Said!

    • foxdup1

      they only follow Oblamers footsteps

    • Sue

      The left seems to NEED to blame someone else. They are obviously immature. That’s what kids do. Some kids learn to not blame someone else and others just can’t learn. That’s our society today. This is NOT about politics and there is only ONE person to blame, the shooter. The shooter is responsible, no one else. One takes responsibility for your their own actions, period! If a person is so easily led and act out in anger by what they hear, that is called “sick” and “weak”.

  • Dref

    So Rush criticizing the name of a villain in a movie somehow made someone randomly kill people at a showing of the film? Give me a break. In the long list of desperate prog attacks, this is right up there as among the most idiotic and shameful.

    • catb55

      Just read this theater was a gun free zone … So he could do so much killing because OF GUN CONTROL! Someone legally carrying could have stopped so many being killed .. REPORT THAT MSM!

      • James1754

        A posted “No Guns Allowed” zone? I would sue the hell out of the owners of the theater. Of course I would never go there.

        • Tom Shea

          Please send me a list of the places you would never go because they don’t allow guns there. I have some vacation time coming up, and if you won’t be there, I’d like to visit them. But only if you promise you “would never go there.”

          • James1754

            Anywhere they have a sign that says, “No firearms, concealed or otherwise”, for those of you who do not believe in self defense, it is a firearm with a red circle around it and a red line through the center. It means a “gun free zone”. A place where the owners have decided that you should not be allowed to defend yourself. You know, where all the mass murders occur.
            What you will never understand is that these people want to kill someone, they just do not want to get hurt doing it. So a gun free zone. Because we all know that criminals respect those signs and would never bring a weapon into these areas.

          • jdkchem

            How does Cuba sound asshole? They don’t allow guns there.

          • foxdup1

            that fricken hilarious . because a legal permit to carry person is there you wont go. but you will go if the criminals all have them and thats ok with you?

        • Howard Roark

          Walmart won’t let you go there with a gun and I imagine that’s one of your bigger hangouts.

          • James1754

            I would rather be with the non-judgmental people that shop at Walmart, than with a person who makes such bigoted statements.
            The Walmarts in my state are not “Gun Free Zones”, by the way.

          • foxdup1

            they do in Kansas

          • Brian

            Don’t know where you live, but it’s legal to carry in our WalMart 😉
            Gotta Love the South !!! 😉

        • Ken Broadway

          Sue? On what grounds? That the government (federal, state, local), won’t force private businesses to allow guns on their own property against their wishes? Seriously?

          • James1754

            By not allowing you to carry on their property, they assume responsibility for your safety. They are now responsible for what ever occurs on their property, as you cannot defend yourself.
            Sue the bastards.

          • foxdup1

            no, the fact they said it was gun free, but in fact it was not gun free

      • Linda Egbg

        Absolutely correct!

      • David Shelton

        Catherine – Respectfully, I don’t think of bunch of additional shots fired randomly by startled movie viewers in a darkened tear-gas filled theater would have helped much.
        Do you?

        • Ewilk

          They wouldn’t have been fired randomly. They would have been fired directly at a psycho who was targeting our children. And maybe, just maybe, less people would have been killed and/or injured.

          • jdkchem

            So you can see well enough while being gassed to know what you’re shooting at.

          • Conor Dockry

            Just because you think YOU couldn’t doesn’t mean multiple, experienced individuals couldn’t eventually have dropped him and defended themselves. I’m sick of hearing how people’s naive aversion to the “unknown”, scary self defense weapon forces others to have to be unarmed. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that these mass killings happen in colleges, movie theaters, high school… (gun free zones). Bet you won’t see something like this happen in Texas. Crazies will take the easy road and look for the sign inviting them in.

          • foxdup1

            texas tech and fort hood come to mind..but I know what your saying. all kinds of studies being done right now and conceal carry states have less violent crime than non conceal carry. Chicago for instance some of the toughest laws on the books for gun ownership thanks to a former senator there. but always in the top ten most violent crime cities..

          • foxdup1

            yes its called muzzle blast when you identify the shooter you then aim for the muzzle blast. just a hint he will be the one standing still waving the rifle.

          • CLCRichmond

            in the dark, gassed, people screaming in crying and dying, and you could calmly shoot at the a guy firing a hundred rounds a minute. I hope to meet you one day. To kick your ass you fucking putz. That is just complet bullshit. To even think you could be rational in their situation. I hope you die tonight as well

          • foxdup1

            fighting again what a joke you are hiding behind your computer .

          • Sue

            Nice foxdup1 ! Got him good on that one! What an idiot. Perfect example of a looney left-wing nut!

        • Primenova

          You seem to not realize that he was at the front of the theater, which means there was a big screen playing a movie and providing light, even Batman movies have some lighting or you wouldn’t be able to see anything. So, yes, I think some people could have gotten shots off that could have prevented some of the killing, especially if they were further back and away from the initial smoke. Also, from reports he was concentrating on people trying to exit which would leave a person time to aim, barring other complications.

        • foxdup1

          nope but a proficient shooter with his concealed 45 could have changed things dramatically .

        • Sue

          There were plenty of people that made it out say that they COULD see the shooter. It would only take one person with a gun to keep this from becoming the nighmare that it is.

      • Ken Broadway

        Actually, it has nothing to do with gun control. Colorado is an open-carry state; however, private businesses have the right to ban guns from their property. The theater is private property. They have the right to declare a gun-free zone, just as a private citizen has that right to do that on his or her property. Haven’t you heard of businesses that require guns to be checked at the door? Should the federal government force private property owners to allow guns on their property against their wishes? Don’t think so.

    • Jillane Kent

      PhD students are quite simple and easily led. That will have to be the new meme.

  • Will Profit

    Breaking News from Captain Obvious: These Twittering Lefties will never be nominated for induction into the critical thinkers hall of fame. Freaking retards. Each and every one. Yeah, I wrote ‘retards’. Sue me.

    • Michael Arnold

      That really hurt and offended me that you called them “retards”…..without following that with whiney, irrational cunts. Words hurt Will, not enough words though, means less hours for them to cry over being so easily wounded. They love to be victimized, kinky little sadists

  • John Blevins

    Everyone is an idiot here. “Bane” was a character made long, long ago. It is tragically ironic though that everyone brainlessly rambled about “Bane” so shortly before the shooting.

    • Sabinal

      no kidding…I remember Bane from that stupid Batman III back in the 90s

      • 2ndcomingofISA

        The Bane in the comics was better. Those older Batman movies went neon stupid

  • Irony_Tag

    The left better be careful with these charges, the neighborhood where the alleged shooter lives is heavily Democratic.

    It was the act of a lunatic that killed those kids. This isn’t about politics.

    • Andrew Kroll

      You are so correct.

    • tom tom

      So you consider a fat housewife in middle america tweeting her opinion to be the powerbase of the left wing power strusture. Wow, you really are pathetic. Private twitter users do not constitute the democratic party you ignorant sack of dog filth.

      • Christopher Kish

        Intelligent reply….I should say not. Now we know, Ananya, who the real ingorant sack is, thanks for clearing that up.

      • James1754

        By your comments, I can see that you are an understanding, thoughtful, feeling liberal. Well spoken, tactful, kind, understanding of others views.

      • Jillane Kent

        The purpose of this website is to repeat tweets, not make assumptions. One need not be a member of the fabled “powerbase” to be a partisan jerk.

    • CLCRichmond

      Agree completely. however, access to weapons of mass destruction allowed him to complete his task. Funny how you assholes spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives searching for WMD’s in Iraq but in America you will hand them out at the corner 7/11

      • foxdup1

        OMG your dumb you dont think they found 100 round magazines in Iraq? you simpleton they were looking for the Chemical weapons we supplied to them years earlier when they were fighting Iran our enemy.. god you are so uninformed I have to get out of here your beginning to dull my senses with your gibberish.

      • Sue

        You are completely clueless about the world you live in. You are to be pitied!

      • Irony_Tag

        So when you lose an argument you shift the topic and start throwing out insults.

        Sadly predictable.

  • Jaynie59

    It will be intersting to see how many “conservatives” throw Rush under the bus this time.
    My guess? Oh, the usual Beta Male Dickless Wonders will do what they always do. Not only run over him, but back up and do it again.

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      Keep dreamin, the shooter is libturd occupier, like all occupiers they are completely confused on koolaid.

      • Jaynie59

        What do you mean “keep dreamin”? What am I dreaming about? That the conservative blogs won’t defend a conservative in trouble when they need it?
        We’ll see how Ed and Ace and the NRO boys react to this one. And the other Beta Male Dickless Wonders who are so worried about being liked by the likes of Tommy Christopher and the scumbags at Buzzfeed.
        Yeah, I predict another “both sides do it” narrative from all of them. Heaven forbid they actually lower themselves to defend Rush and the Tea Party.

  • Damion Bane

    A nerd’s take on this but Bane (Whom I share a name with) broke Batman’s back in the early 90’s all this linkage is just nonsense. I know it being spoken about has made it seem fresh… as a gun lover I want to say today is not the day for either side to argue this… but if we must lets be better than the demonizers and remember to mention a prayer for all those affected by the tragedy in CO…

    • Dref

      How are we not being better? They are the ones trying to link the tragedy to a comment made by Rush three days before this even happened. So now we can’t even respond and defend ourselves? Commenting on their lunacy is not “arguing.”

      BTW, just because Bane has been around a while does not disprove that the people behind the movie chose him as the villain as a dig at Romney. Not that I think so personally, but fair is fair.

      • J.Milliscone

        Defending yourself is not the same as attack the attackers. ie calling them insane, evil, what’s wrong with the world, libtards, etc…

        I’m a huge gun advocate and what these persons did individually doesn’t justify persons sinking to their level.

  • Sabinal

    they are just talking amongst themselves. I think the general public (ie people with lives) know that this was a random nut job, politics had nothing to do with it

  • Randal Redder

    I blame the mall. They didn’t have enough “no guns allowed” signs. /sarcasm

  • Dref

    As to the claim about Bane, people will say the character has been in the Batman comics for a long time (he debuted in 1993), but the filmmakers could have *chose* him as the villain as a dig at Romney. Considering how far left Hollywood is, it’s not as far fetched as it would seem.

    I noticed a Huffington Post headline on this story and of course being elitist snobs the headline makes a snide reference to Rush as a college dropout. That’s funny since several liberal icons such as Al Sharpton, Michael Moore, Ted Turner, and George Clooney are college dropouts.

    • Orpheus75

      I find it funny too, that they also claim Hannity dropped out. Well, only until he could work some more to get more money to FINISH! But they leave that part out. Never mind that he waited on tables to earn money to PUT HIMSELF through college, rather than depend on guv’mnt funds to do so.

    • Maggie Eszak

      You are so right on .., and there are so many brain dead people that just eat all that the left and Huffington Post give them the George Soros paper the one who worked for Hitler as boy …..don’t belive me look up his past do I what to read Hitlers paper hell no………………………………………………….

      • Maggie Eszak

        I feel sorry for the people that were hurt and died we have to many crazy people out there ….. i well pray for there family’s…

  • John Galt Report

    a voice to moral illiterates like these is the (very steep) price we must pay for freedom of speech.

  • John Janecek

    Much too Much GLUE being sniffed (huffed) by libtards… certifiably brain-dead individuals

    • stu collins

      You know, sometimes you con jobs really crack me up….stupid is as stupid does…keep on puffin sheeple, your stupid remarks show just how idiotic you really are…

      • James1754

        Your comments do not make sense, other than being insulting of course.

  • Benjamin Wilhelm

    First of all, Rush was reporting what someone else had said. Listen to all of what he said instead of the MSNBC edit. Not only that, but those of you claiming it’s a right-wing nut will suddenly have nothing to say when it turns out to be an OWS memeber.

  • midnightgolfer

    Blame it on race. Blame it on summer heat. On forest fires, ADHD medication, the 2nd Amendment, talk shows, new tone… Anything but blaming the asshºle who actually pulled the trigger, or the fact that no one shot back.

    (I forgot comic books, video games, and the movies themselves.) Instead of teaching kids self control, parents being the boss, and when you’re 18, you’re a grown-up.

    • Christopher Kish

      You got that straight. Open carry or even conceal and carry and that MF’er would’ve been dropped. Don’t control the guns people, control the fuks who would use them for harm.

      • Jen J-W

        the shooter had full body armor and the first thing he did was set off smoke grenades. and the best you can think of is why didn’t somebody else just shoot him??? people make me sick.

        • Brian

          Body armor helps to keep the rounds from killing you, not from hurting like he11! My daughter, or niece could put 12 rounds from her conceal carry pistol in his chest, and I promise you he will at least take notice!!! Have a nice day :-)

          • metalraygear

            Don’t blame victims cause some idiot shoots up a place. There are many people who do not wish to carry guns- I don’t because guns just beget violence.

          • Mickey Logan

            “Guns beget violence?” What nonsense. If someone in that theater had had a gun, some lives might have been saved.

          • Ken Broadway

            Mickey, lots of people have guns…but that doesn’t mean they know how to use them effectively in a combat situation like that.

          • foxdup1

            thats why we go to the range and practice Ken, not the same as battle but it helps. All of you who are saying being a victim is what you prefer, please go to U-Tube and search “71 year old man internet cafe” this happened earlier in this week and the only people that were hurt were the Perps.

          • dominigan

            You have to go through training to obtain a concealed carry license… yes, training in how to take out ARMED combatants.

          • Rex Ward

            I’ve had many guns for many years…. no violence!

          • foxdup1

            and what does not carrying beget you ? yup dead.. I choose not to be a victim.

          • Tom Flores

            Keep thinking that way…less liberals to deal with I

          • CLCRichmond

            people died and you turn this into politics. I pray also tonight that you lose some one.

          • Rex Ward

            Wait…. the story is that the left wing, commie, big govt. douche bags are blaming Rush Limbaugh for the shooting.. Who turned this into politics?

          • CLCRichmond

            i am in richmond rex. You have the balls to fight a man without your guns? I bet you don’t. Those who are pussies, need the 2nd amendment

          • Steve Bateman

            CLC…you need to grow a pair…….and a brain….and some sense. You have no F’ing clue what you’re blathering about….

          • foxdup1

            haha he turned from liking small penis to praying for our family to die to lets fist classic libtard without a brain.

          • Sue

            The entire constitution is what America is all about you idiot! If you don’t like it, move to Cuba.

          • Brian

            Not sure if you noticed CLCRichmond, but half our population is not a man… Think about it, it might come to you… :-)
            Have a Blessed Life :-)
            We still Love you, even if you are not part of the Flock :-)

          • Tom Flores

            Not when that man has an AR-15 numbnuts…lol.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            And those who are bullies HATE the 2nd amendment.

          • foxdup1

            the LIBS did, of course.

          • Sue

            The left!

          • Tom Flores

            What’s funny is HOLMES was a registered DEMOCRAT…probably OWS…lol…

          • foxdup1

            CL whats your point you morn for the losses with wishing there were more you are one sick mofo

          • Brian

            Sleep well, and have a Blessed Day :-)

          • CLCRichmond

            Hey Brian, the constitution guarantees me the the right to carry around assault weapons with 100 round clips so that i can massacre civilians. Cause i am such a man. I have a small penis and no degree but i make sure that the law allows me to buy weapons of mass destruction so that i can massacre innocent people to compensate for being a redneck idiot with a small penis

          • Steve Bateman

            The “law” gives you the right to own firearms….it doesn’t give you the right to massacre anyone…..more of your insane logic coming through…..go kill yourself and put us out of your misery. This is one incident….it gets blown out of proportion to the number of responsible people with guns….and many are not redneck….many have no penis at all…..and those that do….well…theirs if most definitely bigger than yours to say the least. You Troll.

          • Tom Flores

            Right on Steve..liberals have small penis(s)…lol.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            Actually – there is some scientific basis for this assertion! Heavy soy consumption triggers estrogen, suppresses testosterone, which may reduce the when erect and flaccid state dimesions of the organ in question.

          • foxdup1

            wow you have a fetish for small penis I guess, little off topic dont you think? people who own guns have small penis? we will be reading about you one of these days and someone will say “he was a loner who liked small penis” #STFU

          • Brian

            I’m so sorry you are filled with such hatred…
            Lord Bless You.
            (For the record, I am a Proud Redneck! And own no rifle larger then a .22, sorry to burst your bubble… 😉

          • Tom Flores

            Dude they have pills for your small penis…as for being liberal just apply one shot to the head with a GLOCK..Thank you.

          • Gordon Lincoln

            @CLCRichmond the constitution guarantees you and me the right to keep and bear arms for the purpose of defending ourselves, our families, our community from those intent upon doing violent harm to me or us, governments running amok, or people like the psycho who wished to massacre civilians. Interesting choice of words you made, calling the massacred people civilians?
            As compared to the shooter who was a ?????? Obama operative doing a deep undercover fast and furious type exercise intended to provide more justification for the gun-grabbing fascists in Washington DC maybe?
            Since so many wish to play the blame game – he was an academic – PhD candidate, product of the socialist-humanist public education system, therefore we should shut down colleges because they ‘obviously’ cause some people to turn into murderous madmen.
            Actually – I perfer the simple answer, he was a whacko… and I’m glad he won’t be doing it again. The body armor would have made him a tough shot but the gas mask would have made for an interesting target.
            A three shot volley into that gas mask would have certainly distracted him, caused him some serious discomfort, and probably allowed enough time for someone to close on him from 20 to 30 feet away. Body armor makes someone rather clumsy – and once downed, he would have been like a beached whale, he might have flopped around but he wouldn’t have been able to control his firearms nor able to resist anyone of equal or greater strength (or a combination of people).
            A common martial arts demonstration shows someone (even a trained law enforcement officer) with a gun drawn but not looking directly at his attacker, can be assaulted and disarmed from 20′ away with near 100% success rate by a martial artist.
            People sometimes freeze or flee when shocked by a sudden violent attack – but there are plenty of real world examples, including attempted hijackings, that demonstrate that once some person tackles or starts grappling with the perpetrator, numerous other people are galvanized into action and start swarming the perpetrator.
            A hand gun vs. a better armed and body-armored assailant, the odds are against you but I’d rather have the hand gun than to be empty-handed. The ability to shoot back at all is an equalizer. You may not consider it to be much help but I assure you, the forces of tyranny certainly dislike the idea of armed citizens – first thing socialist/elitists and oligarchists do is to attempt to disarm the minority and the dispossessed elements.

          • Donnertparty

            12 rounds in the chest, in the darkened movie theater, with bellowing smoke and people running around in every direction screaming. Brian, you daughter or niece would likely kill as many innocent bystanders as she had bullets. Get real.

          • John Vaughn

            Finally, some logical thinking. Thank you.

          • foxdup1

            here is what is real Steve a female witness quoted he pointed the gun in my face before firing any shots 4 feet away and raised the gun to fire into the upper portion of the room, she used that moment of his carelessness to flee..that would have been a huge mistake to not shoot me first being four feet away…just saying opportunity presented itself if you could remain calm. it is not the fastest draw but it is the most accurate, that wins a gun fight.

          • Brian

            I’m am not saying they wouldn’t hurt someone else… But my family was trained well, as should ALL responsible gun owners. We were all taught to take stock of the situation BEFORE we even place a hand on our weapon. If it’s not safe, or could hurt others, do not draw your weapon! But seek safety, and do your best to help others.
            Have a Blessed Day :-)
            (We were all trained by a Gentleman who also trained previous Secret Service Agents… Not the current batch though 😉

          • Tom Flores

            Yes it’s not safe to DRAW on a CRAZED killer….lol…dude please your lies are getting deep…lol….thanks for the laugh.

          • Tom Flores

            You are an idiot. Now you claim that concealed handgun owners are gonna end up killing bystanders. They are trained unlike your ass and know how to use their weapon..liberals are so stupid.

          • Ken Broadway

            Not to minimize your daughter or nieces’ shooting skills…but he also took 100mg of Vicodin before he got there, according to the news. Guess he was trying to think of everything.

          • foxdup1

            Vicodin would help his headache but does nothing to seal giant holes in your face.

          • Sue


          • John Vaughn

            And she’s not a member of the Aurora PD? Wowzers ! ! ! !

        • John Vaughn

          Yes……..some logical thinking. Thank you.

        • foxdup1

          people make you sick?? you must have 0 friends , that are people anyway. You must be picturing in your mind full body armor as a knight in shining type..this stuff he was wearing leaves some vitals open for selected shots. here is my promise to you miss Jen..if it happens again and you and I are in the room I will take him out with whatever means I have to save yours and any children’s lives. My promise to you. Oh and it was not smoke it was tear gas.

        • Tom Flores

          Yes liberal freak. SHOOT the killer and he can’t kill again. I know…I’s hard for liberals to grasp this…lol.

      • Charles N Moore Jr

        I agree 100%

      • jdkchem

        Colorado is an open carry state. The theater was a gun free zone.

        • foxdup1

          only gun free for the good guys, bad guys take their guns where ever they want.

          • Nel Gambino

            He was also wearing a bullet proof vest so any of your tough guys that think “If I wuz dere I’d uh kilt dat guy wif MY bigger gun” you better think again…But,too bad you were not..You could have saved a few lives after you shot him,pissed him off,and he then proceeded to make your skull look like a watermelon after Ghallager did his old Sledge-O-Matic routine…12 people dead and you rightys are more worried about what people think about Rush Drug addict Limbaugh—pathetic

          • Darryl Cliff Brown

            With a .45 cal, any shot to the
            head/chest area would have knocked him out and backwards 6 feet. It was
            designed for that purpose.

          • leftygroove

            On what planet would a 45 knock the shooter back 6ft? Review the LA bank robbery a few years ago. Those guys took AR15 fire and they did not fall. Check your facts. Armed citizens are not the answer. Remember if you kill a bystander shooting at a shooter you will not be immune from prosecution for murder.

          • Tom Flores

            You’re so full of crap. First of all a head shot would do the trick. Give me 2 seconds with that scum bucket and it would be all over. You are an obvious retard about guns.

          • leftygroove

            Well you are wrong I have many guns and I love them. The shooter had a military style helmet and a throat plate, so you think you would have made it close enough to get a precision shot on the shooter in a teargas, smoke filled panic stricken room? Be honest with yourself, you would have had hero intentions but would have ended up dead. Also I have many friends who are police officers and they prefer for the general public not to be armed because they do not have the training to make life or death decisions while under duress.

          • Dr. Gerald Colbert

            .223 vs .45 ????

          • Dave

            do u have any clue as to the difference between a 223 and a 45 acp… I think not….liberals = clueless

          • Tom Flores

            He’s a liberal…they nothing about guns or how to use them. They are sheep.

          • Tom Flores

            Nobody is worried about what A POS like you thinks. The fact you know NOTHING about guns proves it. First of all if I was allowed to carry my glock in there that SOB would have been toast. I doubt he would have been able to kill many people as he did. But GUN FREE ZONES that scum liberals praise as being somehow SAFER made it impossible for any LAW ABIDING citizen to carry in there….hence the massacre.

          • dominigan

            A bulletproof vest doesn’t protect against leg shots, arm shots or head shots. Harder, yes… but not impossible.

          • Dr. Gerald Colbert

            Head shot with any gun would do! You Jerk!

          • Dave

            ur clueless double tap to the melon with a .45 acp which I carry would have dropped this db like a sack of potatoes. go back to playing with your barbies cause when it comes to weapons or self defense you are dumber than a bag of hammers

      • CLCRichmond

        You are an idiot. I hope one day your family suffers as these people did because you can buy a 100 round clip at the 7/11 thanks to you uneducated stupid morons. I pray to night you lose someone

        • Rex Ward

          wow, how nice to wish such things on anyone! I wonder if one of the theater victims received such a wish on them!

          • CLCRichmond

            They did receive such a wish from you and your type when you fanatically fight beyond reason against gun control that would prohibit crazy people from buying 100 round clips so easily. There are not two groups of people in reality, in your world there are pro-gun and anti-gun people, i don’t want guns banned…. i want guns of mass destruction banned. Why is that such a problem with your type? A real man doesn’t need a gun for a fight.

          • foxdup1

            you know its possible to own a hundred round magazine and not ever have killed anyone with it…oh you surprised? but the 30 round mags are just as deadly. we should make all rifles to shoot one bullet at a time huh? 64,999,987 gun owners killed no one today. wrapper your thick skull around that number.

          • Sue

            Someone needs to report CLCRichmond. He is a bomb ready to go off!

        • dan bosh

          Would u rather he had enough dynamite to kill thousands of people or1000 rounds

          • CLCRichmond

            I will fight any man straight up without a weapon. Only a weak kneed panty wetting pussy has to bring a gun to a fight

          • Warren C. Bennett

            I’m not a strong man, so I’d bring a gun to a fight to even the odds. That is what guns do, they make a 100 pound weakling able to fight against a 300 pound muscle bound enemy. If you don’t believe me, just look at Japan: They threw out guns in the 1600s because guns made the Samurai redundant.

          • Steve Bateman

            You’ll die ad the weak kneed person will walk away from that fight….go ahead….lets see you do that CLC….then we won’t have to listen to your stupid and ignorant rants anymore!

          • foxdup1

            thats your 3rd request for a fist fight on this thread..are you such a loser? I am guessing so.

          • Tom Flores

            I hope CLCRichmond doesn’t get in a COCK fight cuz he gonna lose with that small penis…LMAO!!!!

          • Sue

            Yea, good luck with that Daniel.

          • Sue

            Sorry, I meant CLCRichmond

        • Steve Bateman

          CLC….you’re such a waste of oxygen….you have no idea how guns work or what responsibility is. Gun laws only stop law-abiding people from getting guns….the crazy idiot or the crook won’t let something like “the law” stop them. You’re the one who needs to get lost…. hopefully permanently.

        • foxdup1

          you dont pray moron , you might prey but thats another story in itself

        • Tom Flores

          I pray you learn English and how to spell…lol.

    • Charles N Moore Jr

      You said exactly what I was thinking!! Thanks!

    • chris

      He was wearing heavy armor (including helmet and gas mask) and threw tear gas, even if someone shot back what would’ve that done

      • midnightgolfer

        To be completely honest, no one knows.
        However… hypothetically speaking, people shooting back from the crowd have a great advantage over a single ‘lone-wolf’ shooter. And, armor is good at preventing center-mass shots from causing death, not preventing someone from being seriously deterred, if not incapacitated. Or, if they hit him in the gas-mask, at the very least, he also would have been exposed to his own smoke.
        It would have also probably slowed him down, while at the same time providing cover for people who were trying to escape, as well as given him the added distraction of trying to figure out where the shots were coming from, and making him focus his attention on that.

        All while his intended victims still fire upon him from the (granted little) cover provided by the seating.

        Not really my point though, but still, someone shooting back is still preferable over him meeting no resistance.

        It bears repeating: “when seconds count, help is minutes away.”

        • Rex Ward

          Your exactly right. Had he heard shots being fired into the air (ceiling) he may have taken cover and stopped shooting! MUCH better than him just blasting rounds into the crowd!

          • Ken Broadway

            Now there’s some common sense Rex. He may have taken cover if he heard shots. But then he might not have, he seemed pretty determined. Either way, it may have been worth a try instead of trying to hit him directly through the crowd.

        • CLCRichmond

          Seriously, think about. You arm every individual in that theater and you think the outcome changes a whole lot? Dark, loud and gas and amateurs fire guns poised and accurately against a crazy dude firing a 100 rds a minute. You are dumb.

          • foxdup1

            well even arm the 6 year olds CL? I was thinking more in terms of maybe most of the adults of which I am certain there were a few in there. all the middle schoolers would not be asked to conceal carry until they grew up

          • Sue

            You ARE dilusional. Of course the outcome would be different! Someday, you may wish you had a gun to protect yourself. I do not see you as a strong person. You sound like a very weak individual that needs to brag about himself.

      • Ken Broadway

        Likely hit someone. People imagine themselves being able to keep calm and have a clear shot from the back of the theater as if it were some kind of scene from a movie. If someone had managed to hit him with a round, it would not have killed him. Remember, at different points in time, he used an AR and a 12 gauge shotgun. A person with a handgun would likely have lost that battle. Nothing wrong with handguns, but get real.

        • foxdup1

          no but several persons armed would have made a difference.

      • foxdup1

        gas masks still will inhale bullets

    • CLCRichmond

      F you. Put an assault weapon with a 100 round clip in the hands of the asshole then i blame it on you 2nd amendment bitches. When our forefathers wrote the constitution this weapon did not exist and they all owned slaves. So we have the right bear arms and own people? Assholes…

      • midnightgolfer

        No, F the shooter. Which is my point, but I forgot to blame the type of weapon used, I guess? There’s no such thing as a non-assualt weapon. Any weapon used in an assault is an assault weapon. And I’m not just arguing semantics. Here in Spain, pistols are illegal, but people still get shot. They also get assaulted by knives, and bottles, and all sorts of things. Your 100 round clip exaggeration is just that. And, the assholes are going to get whatever f-ing weapons they feel like, because assholes don’t care what the law is. Your passion, however, sounds like you’ve also lost someone due to an asshole with a gun. So I forgive you taking your grief in the opposite way that I did.
        Blame the asshole.

        • Ken Broadway

          Actually, the 100 round magazine was not an exaggeration. According to the Aurora police, that is what he used on the AR-15. The legal definition of “assault” weapon varies greatly. Here in Denver, you can own an AR-15 or other semi-automatic, centered-fired rifle, but the minute you put a high capacity magazine in it (over 20 rounds), it becomes an assault rifle and illegal. There are non-assault weapons…these are defense weapons, and they are called handguns.

          • foxdup1

            who decided 20 rounds or 21 rounds? it said nothing about that in the 2nd amendment.. legal to undermine the constitution in certain states.

        • CLCRichmond

          you and your kind allowed the crazy shooter access to a 100 rd clip. you are an accessory to mass murder

          • Ken Broadway

            CLC…what’s any of this have to do with owning people?

          • Steve Bateman


          • foxdup1

            I have a tree in my back yard, they might make matches from that. does that make me an accessory to arson as well? do spoons make people fat? does playboy magazine cause rape? its called personal I know right ?weird to even envision it huh? he was not crazy until he killed those people. never been arrested before. scholarships to college, straight a student in high school probably just like you CL. liked small penis.. goofy.

          • Sue

            I think that you are someone that needs to be “watched”. You sound pretty crazy to me!

      • Rex Ward

        A one round .22 pistol will kill you just as quickly as a 100 round assault rifle! My forefathers never owned slaves and always owned guns! And the knew why it was important to always have them cleaned and loaded! There are more guns in the homes of the USA than there are in all the Red China military services. That alone will keep them from attacking! God Bless America and the 2nd amendment! MOST people are not bitter and angry like you are so they do not have the violent attributes you possess! You should chill out!

        • Ken Broadway

          Nah, Rex. If that were true, the government would save a hell of a lot of money by issuing .22’s, instead of assault weapons that fire a 5.56mm or 7.62 round.

          • foxdup1

            ken the 5.56 is a 22, only a high power 22

      • Steve Bateman

        No….F-U …. there was no “assault weapon”….that’s an anti-gun nazi mis-nomer! When the Constitution was written you didn’t exist either….does that mean we should get rid of you?!?!? Hmmmmm…there’s a thought.

      • Sue

        You are a very weak and angry person. Have you ever thought about getting mental help?

    • carlhere

      You seem pretty angry. What’s with that?

      • midnightgolfer

        Oh, I don’t know, just the single biggest lone-wolf attack on innocent civilians in U.S. history. I guess you’re fine with it? Me? It kind of pisses me off. I’m glad it was so apparent in my comment.

        • carlhere

          No, I really didn’t see that. Of course, I can’t see those things that go on just in your head. Those are special and just for you, I think. I’m glad I missed them. Hope you get rid of them soon.

  • justin b

    no the theory is that rush complained that bat fans were upset at him and sending crap his way.

    • Dref

      No, he didn’t “complain” about anything, he simply bemoaned the fact that Obama’s anti-business comments drew less outrage than this whole phony Batman kerfuffle. BTW, Rush never said the filmmakers named Bane after Bain, but that the left would *say* they did and *try* to compare Romney to Bane because of the resemblance of the name to Bain. (Which they did.) Read the *entire* transcript linked above and you can plainly see what Rush’s real point was.

  • TraveLynn

    This just shows how mentally unstable liberals are. Nothing like rushing (no pun intended) to judgement! I also love how they believe gun control will help. Most criminals do not obtain their weapons in a law abiding way, so the only people who would be affected by gun control will be the law abiding citizens. Stupid liberals.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Yeah…in Mexico, they obtain them from the left-wing US government….

    • jimeye

      Just work for a left wing, drug cartel and get all the guns you want thru a ‘gov.gun grant’…Just Say’n…

    • Sue

      Very well said!

  • DeeJay

    I remember Jared Loughner turned out to be a truther obsessed with stuff that Michael Moore’s spinoffs created.

    • Marcus Chalfant

      He turned out to be mentally ill…

      • jdkchem

        He did say obsessed with michael moore.

  • Mike Randall

    the person responsible for killing 12 people at the movie theatre last night is the person who pulled the trigger.

    • catb55

      And the theater was a “gun free zone” … so also blame so much killing on GUN CONTROL!

      • jeff

        Yeah thats right! The first thing the Nazi’s did was take away the citizens arms!

        • Terry

          They did the same in Cuba

          • Ken Broadway

            The did the “same” in Cuba? What? Told businesses owners they had to allow guns on their property?

        • Ken Broadway

          Wrong Rusty. The first thing the Nazi’s did was take advantage of an oppressed people, weary of the Treaty of Versailles, through very dishonest, but effective propaganda. The Weimar Republic had gun control laws in place before the Nazi’s came to power. Hitler merely added to them by restricting (and eventually taking away from) arms to “non-citizens.” Unfortunately, he also eventually took away citizenship from Jews…therefore their right to own firearms, along with any and all of the rights they previously possessed as German citizens. The current debate here, in no way compares to the Nazis. Private property owners have the right to stipulate whether they will allow firearms on their property…at least in Colorado.

      • Ken Broadway

        So Catherine…how do you propose that the government should go about forcing private property owners to allow guns on their property? If you had a business and you didn’t really want 20 people walking around with guns strapped to their hips in your store, the government should be able to force you to allow that? In this country, the right to say what happens or doesn’t happen on your property comes along with the right to property ownership. Sorry, but this isn’t GUN CONTROL. If the federal government doesn’t allow you to own or carry a gun, on your own property, that’s GUN CONTROL.

  • Arch

    Movies do not reflect the “national mood”. They reflect the thought process of those who wrote and produced the movie.
    Many of you who have chosen to comment seem to be postulating that a particular individual’s words could actually be identified as the “cause” of another person’s actions. Do you honestly believe that either the words of Rush or the words of Christopher caused this person to commit this tragedy?
    Please tell me, “Who speaks for you?”

  • Cory Stafford

    The left is grasping at straws to blame this on conservatives. Granted, Bane has been a Batman villain long before Romney ever ran for President. Both conspiracy theories are wrong. Bane is not a dig at Bain Capital, and Limbaugh didn’t make anyone shoot anybody.

  • Botzilla

    The left once again doubles down on stupid and tries to tie this to Limbaugh.

  • sukietawdry

    I have no idea who the shooter is or what motivated him (disgruntled fanboy? Bane wannabe? Anarchist?), but I’m fairly certain who he’s not. He’s not a right winger upset about the Bane/Bain thing and incited to violence by Rush Limbaugh. They always jump prematurely to the same conclusion which just ends up making them look stupid later, but they never learn.

  • John Bounds

    Hey stupid heads blaming Rush like the retard liberal media. I think it was crazy, lunatic Jon Stewart’s fault instead.

    I also believe it is Odumbo’s fault too. That’s right. There’s no way this shooter could have done this on his own.He had to travel over roads and bridges to get to the cinema. And who built those roads and bridges? That’s right, the government!

    How dare you give all the credit to the shooter and not acknowledge Obama’s role in it?

  • Claude AndPam Parish

    One maniac was responsible for this tragedy. And his name isn’t Limbaugh. Anyone who blames one person for the actions of another doesn’t understand the human psyche and should probably stay away from twitter until this is all sorted out.

  • Rachel Mercier

    That’s ridiculous! Evil murderous acts begin in the hearts of men! We are all responsible for our own actions. Stop blaming others!

  • Dustin Shadle

    Bane has been a long time Batman villain, do people forget so easily?

  • FreedomCzar

    We lose more than that on many weekends in Chicago…yet, Barry Soetoro has yet to call Rahmbo and offer his deeply felt condolences and being shocked and saddened about the trouble in his “home” town!

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      Are u kidding, Obama and Rahm, are practicing population control with that UN controlled chaos they call gun control…The only peeps who don’t know it live in Chicago, the rest of the country knows what their doin’. Look at it this way soon there will be no bling, hip hop, rap, no gold teeth shining in the dark..Thugs/baby daddies will get suicide vests, hijabs on hos, & thighing of babies will be legal…Chicago is on it way to being a shining beacon of Islam….Tell your neighbors to get ready…

  • lillymckim

    Well, don’t stop there why not blame this murderers mental illness on Hollywoods violent movies! Or violent Rap music? Something he read in violent Books? A violent Video game he played? Are people also dying because a man with mental illness watches violent movies, violent books, and listens to violent music?
    Stuck on stupid?

    Good grief these people blaming an innocent man for someones mental illness have reached an all new level of crazy!Mental illness people this is the face of mental illness!
    Shame on all of you blaming an innocent man for someones mental illness just shameful! God help your sorry souls people have died. Seek help!

  • D J Dub
  • Stephen David Forbes

    Let’s blame it on the SHOOTER!!!! How about that!!!

    • Ken Broadway

      Good call Steve. The right blaming this on the left’s “gun control” mentality makes absolutely no sense here..since Colorado is an open-carry state. Would they have the government force private businesses to allow guns on their properties? That kinda goes against their own doctrine I think. This is a case of a messed up individual taking out is imagined wrongs on innocent people.

  • Ryan Martin

    Comments like that about Limbaugh are so absolutely beyond the pale that
    these people literally deserve something bad in a karmic sense to
    happen to them. When it turns out this guy was a nutty leftist like the
    one who shot Giffords and actually killed federal judge John Roll (he
    was a Republican appointee so he doesn’t count), it will take all I have
    within me not to seize upon it.

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      They are gonna get it to, NOV 6

  • Nance

    the left will do ANYTHING to discredit him!! how much more ridiculous can u get???

  • Brenda Cooper

    Be careful who you blame for such a tragedy , he was crazy, all on his own.

  • Linda Salyers Horn

    this happen less than 8 hrs ago and the blame game has began,why can we not just blame the IDIOT that did it…theres a new concept,,,,,stop blaming Rush,Obama,Guns,Drugs,…just blame the ……I D I O T ……

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      Your gonna make the progressive left cry…

    • jdkchem

      Because that requires an acceptance that we live in a free society and that we are responsible for confronting evil.

  • Colin killian

    Good gawd. Does the left have to blame every single bad thing that happens on the right? I seriously doubt the shooter was a raving right-wing lunatic out to avenge Romney’s good name. Jeez people, grow up.

    • Orpheus75

      yes they do. They have nothing else but shear hatred for the Right.. while accusing the Right of being “hateful”, “violent”, “racist”, etc.

  • KJT

    Sure blame everyone on the left for a few tweeters looking for someone to blame after a horrible tragedy. As if no one on the right ever does that. Your statements are just as unnecessarily political as theirs are.

    • Jerry N Rhonda C

      I’m independant, go look at facebook libturd media pages, its more then just a few tweeters…Its damn near all lefties posting…As a independant, Obama needs me, my vote, progressive libturd democrats are ruining it for him…I’m sick of the lies and crap comin out of abc, cbs, msnbc, nbc…If Obama doesn’t have the balls to run on his record (remember its you lefties that say hes done so much good), I do have the balls to vote against him…

      • nothri

        Yeah? Gimme an example. I’ll go there right now and tell them to STFU. Although, speaking as one independent to another, my philosophy has always been that one should vote based off the men running for office, not off political propaganda and general party stupidity. If I were to base my decisions off Birther websites, I’d never be able to vote for a Republican again.

  • David Lamb

    WOW a Limbaugh conspiracy off of that sttement? Really reaching! I think it is more ridiculous that the democrats took the movie and tried to fashion a whole campaign out of it, instead of just smiling and winking…I mean really….drawing comparisons?????

  • Jerry N Rhonda C

    He’s a libturd occupier, peeps are so dumb…

  • Michael Maldonado
  • Marilyn Hankins

    This is So Utterly Ridiculous! That’s Rich! The Bane Character, and storyline, has been in Batman Movies from years ago, and just because that name sounds the same, it is Not spelled the same=Not the same name, at all! The Left is basing their attacks on Romney, and Rush Limbaugh,— on a Fantasy—NOT Reality! If All the Left has, is to attack Romney, with Fantasy, and Lies—Well, that speaks for Itself, doesn’t it?!

  • Stephen Schroeder

    What happen to the days when people committed a crime, it was simply that, A CRIME. What does there have to be deep political ties? Why are people trying to use this tragic event as a GOTCHA to the other side? Seems like people are way too eager to find out his political ties than worried about the victims nor a way to prevent this kind of senseless violence in the future.

  • tucker1

    To blame Rush’s remarks for the shootings shows how desperate, tacky & lame the political left is! I could use a forced interpretation of liberals’ remarks to indicate anything I might want to, although sometimes I would be right since they are so amateurishly adolescent in their methods. But this is all they have since they have nothing constructive,
    coherent, or intelligent to say!!

  • angelsinca

    Geez-the families haven’t even mourned yet and you people are already USING the incident for your own constitution and partisan politics. This is what we’ve become? Sad, very sad.

    • Mike Stergios

      “You people?”
      You appear to be transferring the blame from the instigators of this expoitation–lefty celebs and the Lamestream who raced to pin this horrific crime on Rush Limbaugh and the Tea Party on the basis of NO evidence–onto those commenters above who are merely responding to those attacks. The people using this incident for ‘partisan politics’ are on the OTHER side of the political aisle.
      Eighteen months ago, before the bodies of the victims were even cold, Democrats and Lamestream critics were blaming Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and the Tea Party for the Tucson shootings, even as it was being revealed that the shooter (I will not mention his foul name) was an apolitical nutjob with a fixation on Gabby Giffords. On the anniversary of the shootings, Lamestream
      talking heads were still connecting Beck, Palin and the Tea Party to the event. Lies repeated often enough.
      The sad fact is that such attempts to identify such atrocities to political opponents will continue unless strenuously rebutted. Mourn the dead for certain, but be careful where you point your finger.

  • jjjjlllllggggg

    I cannot believe how stupid the left is to try to use this tragedy, like the Gifford’s shooting as an opportunity to make political gain. People are in pain and this is what they do? Sick.

    • Orpheus75

      anymore, I CAN believe how stupid the Left is. After the Arizona shooting, there is nothing that surprises me anymore about them. Now it just sickens and disgusts me to no end.

  • Chaz Blammy Matazz

    let’s not forget that Bane has been around as a Batman villain since Romney was learning how to tie his shoes and also Bane is helping the Occupy Gotham movement.

  • Everett Will

    Limbaugh’s discussion of The Dark Knight Rises was moronic but he can’t be fairly blamed for the Aurora tragedy.

    • The Bog

      What exactly did Limbaugh say?

      • nothri

        As i mention above, I think the thing people are reacting to was Limbaugh stating that people would go to the film as a “brain dead pop culture” crowd, associate the wordplay with Baine and bane in their heads, then vote later this year. He followed that up by saying you can’t assume the “brain dead crowd” won’t vote, and that you need to have a plan to “neutralize them”. What he meant was clearly for conservatives to get out the vote themselves, but could a crazy person have taken that a different way? Hence the speculation.

  • Brad Collins

    Some of you really are grasping at straws. Instead of blaming people that you disagree with and inciting hatred of your own, why don’t you vent to the scum that actually did the crime, but more importantly have some sympathy and respect for those that lost their lives and that were injured.

  • rlapaugh

    It wasn’t Rush, it was the tooth fairy you stupid idiots!!!!

  • 2ndcomingofISA

    Jared Laughner attended an annenberg foundation small schools initiative high school full of anti-America indoctination.

    Anyone wanna bet this mass killer went to a similar marxist/alinsky dominated indoctrination type school?

  • lynnlynn

    lmao omg this is ridiculous. I think if you are a liberal…you should just be put out of your misery and mine immediately llol IDIOTS DAMN GROW A BRAIN *** PROUD TO BE ANYTHING BUT A LIBERAL FUKTARD

  • Evelyn Russell

    To think Rush had anything to do with this is just CRAZY!!!!!

  • Twang_Banger

    You have no idea who the shooter is or what his motive was (other than insanity). Your suggestions that Limbaugh’s comments had anything to do with it are reckless and completely unfounded. Idiots.

  • Paul Roth

    Anyone who somehow seeks to link Rush to this tragedy is sick, in a word. Not only is this not the time for political discourse, but to use this incident to attack one political side or another compounds the magnitude of this awful event and gives the suspect and even greater stage.

  • Netmilsmom

    I want to know what it is about Colorado that makes people mass murder.

  • Cindy Seipel

    These people are ridiculous – how could you possibly make a connection other than for their crazy hatred for Rush?! They just show their true colors when making such over the top statements.

  • Neoprene55

    Only complete morons would somehow connect this with Rush Limbaugh. Morons have been blaming Mr. Limbaugh for years for everything under the sun because they hate that he speaks the truth and he speaks from his heart. I’m glad as a conservative and a Republican that we have this voice in our corner

  • Ray Gambol

    not bout politics at all, but wasn’t it jon steward who pointed out the similiraties first

  • Kyle Bradelle

    By what pretzel logic can any connection be made between Limbaugh’s comments and this crazy shooter? Furthermore, Rush didn’t make the comment that Bane=Bain. That opinion came from Paul Bedard at The Washington Examiner.

  • N-N

    acording to Obama . he didnt do it the goverment did it

  • Mike Perry

    Here’s an idea, let’s blame it on the bastard that pulled the trigger!!!!! Quit trying to blame it on someone other than the person that actually did it!!! That’s the problem with our society, not only does no one want to be accountable, they don’t want to point the finger either.

  • Carroll Franklin Casey

    Hate to think like this….but the planning of this may be by those in support of the United Nations treaty recently negotiated by Hillary and endorsed by Obama….. That thought is along the same lines as blaming Limbaugh is it not ?

    • Mark Martin

      Not entirely. Since everyone knows that the left is always looking for a reason for people to accept more gun control. Just look at the ‘Fast and Furious’ scandal.

  • The Bog

    Willful ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

  • Shawn Smith

    The depressing thing is that this theory utterly collapses after two seconds of critical thought. Limbaugh’s (slightly silly) remarks were yesterday. Massacres like this are not spur-of-the-moment actions, but the result of a lot of (demented) planning.

    But they don’t want truth or logic, they just want any stick to hit their opponents with.

  • lucasb

    The left will stoop to any depth to blame someone else! No shame at all!

  • Andrew Kroll

    A “bane” is a person or thing that brings harm in some form. A bane is a plague upon the lives of others. Did nobody else have vocabulary lists in third grade?

  • Mack10

    ~ you lefties are retarded… quit drinking the koolaide…

  • Gary Yandell

    That is like blaming Jodie Foster for Reagan being shot

  • Mark Martin

    To make the Bane connection is really stupid in the first place. They had to write the script way in advance. Bane was chosen as a villain long before Romney became the Republican nominee. Dark Knight Rises teasers were running late last year before the primary season started and Bain Capital hadn’t even been brought up yet. So let’s be rationale about this and stop giving the left more room to build the fire.

  • John_Boner

    Romney’s old company and the villain from Batman have the same name? can’t POSSIBLY be a coincidence!

    Somebody shoots up the premier of Batman just days after Limbaugh announces that theory? That has GOT to be a coincidence!

    Makes sense to me…

    • Frustrated Teacher

      Actually, the Bane/Bain connection IS a coincidence. Heard an interview with Bane’s creator (the character is over 10 years old) and he is a staunch conservative.

  • tedZilla99

    Same idiots that were convinced the AZ shooter was a right-winger, as soon as it was known he was a Bush-hating truther, never heard a peep about it again. Nor an apology, for that matter.

  • My Daily Liberty

    Rep Giffords shooter was a right-wing nut too..except he wasn’t – no problem, ‘Rush’ to judgment has already occured by MSM and left. #aurora

  • Ron Williams

    I guess every tragedy that happens is the conservatives or Rush’s fault.You people [liberals] are unbelievable.How about this scenario.An insane or terribly mentally disturbed idiot goes postal at a movie theater.Our prayers should be with the families of the shooter and the victims.Why don’t we ask the gunman why he did it instead of all this speculation.

  • Paul J. Citro

    A tragedy like this always brings out the best of the LEFT. Nutjobs

  • docmacs

    But then yesterday Rush went on to a caller and they were talking about how the villain was from OWS.

  • My Daily Liberty

    Again, if others in the audience had guns, this dude would have been taken down before he had a chance to inflict as much harm #aurora #secondamendment

  • Angel Dieguez

    Dude, why are mentally unstable people like this POS allowed to have guns? People want to protect themselves, great, go for it – just prove to the gov’t that you’re not a ***ing lunatic before you are able to pick up an AK-47 at the store. Is that too difficult to ask? Why can’t we have any sort of pragmatic, common sense gun control laws in this country!

  • Frustrated Teacher

    So I guess if someone gets shot at a small privately owned business, we can blame it on the person who said, “You didn’t build that”? It would make about as much sense. Only liberals would stand on the graves of the fallen for political gain. Prayers with the families of the victims and the entire community of Aurora.

  • Ron Lanham

    Wow. These moronic people will reach for anything. Frankly I think Rush’s analogy was dumb. Bane has been an established villian in Batman at least longer than the past several election cycles. But, to blame Limbaugh for the tragedy. How much anger and division has the left ginned up. Glenn Beck paraphenelia may mean he is a lefty? Rush pic on a dart board wouldnt make him a Limbaugh disciple.

  • AbbyCatherine

    It’s really sad how in this time of great loss and heartbreak, that the people of our great country are more worried about politics than the victims of this insanly horrible hate crime against innocent people. What about the guy who was the shooter?? Ever think to blame it on him? You people are unbelieveable.

  • dmiller64152

    Someone by the same name as the shooter in Aurora registered as a member of the tea party. Just sayin.

    • Frustrated Teacher

      And he is a 50 year old man…..ABC jumping without doing all of their research. Smear tactics.

  • Walter Guyll

    You say “Left blames” when it’s just some idiots on the left. Shall we say the Right blows some twitter comments out of proportion?

    • jdkchem

      They’re all idiots on the left. You certainly had no problem blaming the Right for one persons headline.

      • Walter Guyll

        I’m libertarian, not a leftie. It’s just that I’d rather not feel dirty after reading conservative sites.

      • nothri

        “They’re all idiots on the left. You certainly had no problem blaming the Right for one persons headline.” Ummm….yes. That was him making his point. You know, showing how silly the headline is by turning it back around and making a similar statement about the right? Get it now?

  • swampfaye

    How is this not the Obama Campaigns fault for tying Bane to Bain?

  • Donald Kersh

    The next thing you will hear from the Liberals is that it’s George Bush’s fault…Geez!

  • 67tommy

    Get a grip people…

  • Chuck Petersen

    Will the liberals totally retract this absolutely ridiculous “speculation” that Rush had even the remotest connection to this when they find out that this gunman was probably a whacko acting alone?

  • Bain, Capitol

    My my. Look at this:

    “This movie, the audience is going to be huge, lot of people are going to see the movie. And it’s a lot of brain-dead people, entertainment, the pop-culture crowd. And they’re going to hear ‘Bane’ in the movie, and they are going to associate Bain. And the thought is that when they start paying attention to the campaign later in the year, and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain, not Bain Capital, but Bain, Romney and Bain, that these people will think back to the Batman movie —’Oh yeah, I know who that is.’ There are some people who think it will work…Others think — “You’re really underestimating the America n people who think that will work.”

  • Keyser Soze

    Rush Limbaugh demonizes liberals and multiculturalism, Anders Breivik goes on a killing spree, killing liberals and multiculturalists, and citing right-wing doctrine and media figures as his motivation.

    Rush Limbaugh demonizes the new Batman movie, a gunman goes on a killing spree, killing people watching the new Batman movie.

    • My Daily Liberty

      You’re right…except you’re not. MSM blamed right for Giffords shooting, but shooter wasn’t on right. They said McVeigh was a Christian nut, except he wasn’t. If you are going to attempt to blame Rush’s rhetoric, how about pointing at rhetoric from White House? their vile communication is beneath the office of the POTUS. Shame on you

      • Keyser Soze

        The Gifford’s shooting wasnt about the shooter being on the right, it was about all the rhetoric about political assassination coming from the right. Liberals and moderates are just as susceptible to right-wing propaganda and violence-baiting as conservatives are. You hear someone is your enemy enough times and you start to believe it.

        And Timothy McVeigh was absolutely an anti-government right-winger.

        And what rhetoric from the White House are you talking about? I dont remember Obama making any comments about the new Batman movie. I dont remember Obama calling his political enemies terrorists or saying that they should be “taken out” with “second amendment solutions”. All of this kind of talk, ALL of it, comes from the far right-wing nuts that have taken over the Republican party, a party i used to be a member of before they lets the inmates start controlling the asylum. Theyre off the deep end, and run exclusively by reckless people who thrive on conflict and sensationalism. They not interested in governance, theyre interested in ratings.

  • Sean Buttimer

    @jakecovo tweets: Hannity beck limbaugh paraphernalia Found at aurora shooters home
    Naturally I ask: @jakecovo Curious to know where you got that info. Link please
    He reponds: @SeanButtimer Limbaugh hannity beck west BACHMANN Hate mongering has consequencrs
    “You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user.”

  • MikeRios

    In Florida 2 thugs invade a store full of patrons with intent to rob and possibly hurt and kill people. One 71 year old man with a gun shoots the bad guys and the innocent people go home unharmed and glad that the punks were out gunned. In Colorado one thug goes into a theater of unarmed innocents and murders at least 12 with 50 or so injured and the punk leaves without a scratch. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • jdkchem

    They’re consistent if nothing else.

  • pedrowe

    typical left wing rants – you really are sick

  • Walter Guyll

    However, we can blame Rush for suggesting that a Batman villain from twenty years ago was brought forth to attack Romney.

  • libertyandtyranny

    The left takes any opportunity it can to denigrate conservatives. It is actually the OWS movement- a rioting, violent, anarchistic movement that he is likely affiliated with! The left will jump at any opportunity to take away our ability to defend ourselves. I guarantee if a concealed carry had been allowed in the theater, the murderer would have been dead long before he could do that much damage.

    • nothri

      Did it occur to you at all when you made that statement that your occusations are just as much baseless supposition as these twitter comments? How are you any better than the people your condemning?

  • Sydni Watson

    How is that so many people are trying to connect the two? First Appearance:

    Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (January 1993)*Facepalm* do many people really think Bane is a new thing?

  • realityslipping

    limbaugh hannity parafenelia and other hate speech found in shooters home

  • Ernest Tesky

    The shooters apartment is booby trapped…. I don’t think the police have been in there looking for links to Rush or Hanity… Stupid people are twitting stupid stuff…
    Rush’s links Romney to the ” Dark Knight” … who fights the evil BANE….
    My heartfelt sympathies to the families that have lost so much..

  • righthook38

    Yeah, I’m sure this guy planned this whole attack over the past what…3 days…since Rush talked about it. Give me a break. I knew they would find some way to blame Republicans. Pathetic.

    • realityslipping

      hes been listening to them and waiting for the guts ones he got the guts he picked the first target out Limbaugh mouth after years of being a hannity Limbaugh fan the fear of christian Muslims (yes mother fucker Muslims believe in Jesus virgin birth the while shebang u just hide the fact to make hate easy) after all that hate speech he said i must be a hero and kill the bat Limbaugh must be talking to me? flipped out

    • realityslipping

      secessionist state right slavers who want less supervision to divide and
      brain wash are not Lincoln republicans who defend the union they
      twisted Lincolns republicans into the state right brain washing slavers
      and their Goebbels=Bachman=Limbaugh=Hate Muslims believe in Christ but
      mitt Romney thinks Jesus died resurrected and went2utah stick that in ur
      i vote on religious grounds Romneys a cultist Bachman is funded by
      radical terrorists with illegal HSBC accounts in Cayman

  • Charlie Cerquitella

    The left is totally dispicable…..absolutely devoid of journalistic integrity or even human decency. It must be nice not to be burdened by truth, able to say/do anything to advance the cause.

  • realityslipping

    the secessionist state right slavers who want less supervision to divide and brain wash are not Lincoln republicans who defend the union they twisted Lincolns republicans into the state right brain washing slavers and their Goebbels=Bachman=Limbaugh=Hate Muslims believe in Christ but mitt Romney thinks Jesus died resurrected and went2utah stick that in ur i vote on religious grounds Romneys a cultist Bachman is funded by radical terrorists with illegal HSBC accounts in Cayman & all they do is spout fear

  • John Wheeler

    No connection whatsoever. The Hollywood writers (all liberals) may have set it up to be that way, but there is NO CONNECTION WHATSOEVER, and those of you living in lala land need to wake up. The movie is FANTASY. We are living in the REAL WORLD. Get your head out of YOUR ass, please!

  • Flippy7

    Okay, since no one else seems to have made the statement…..

    Bane was a Batman villain created in 1993. In the comics, he was a drug-dealing terrorist who uses a steroid-like substance called Venom to cause temporary obscene growth in his muscular system.

    Haven’t seen the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” but from what the trailers have shown, Bane causes the same panic and society-destroying rioting that he did when he destroyed the walls of Arkham Asylum and let a bunch of villains (including Joker, Two Face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Zsasz, The Scarecrow, and The Riddler) free onto the streets of Gotham.

    He’s also the only man to have found out who Batman really was and taken action against him, by awaiting an exhausted Batman in the Batcave of Wayne Manor and breaking his back.

    Explain to me where the villain Bane has anything to do with Romney again?

    Oh right… he doesn’t…. it’s just another stupid thing said by the country’s stupidest public speaker….

  • realityslipping

    hes been listening to them and waiting for the guts ones he got the guts
    he picked the first target out Limbaugh mouth after years of being a
    hannity Limbaugh fan the fear of christian Muslims (yes mother fucker
    Muslims believe in Jesus virgin birth the while shebang u just hide the
    fact to make hate easy) after all that hate speech he said i must be a
    hero and kill the bat Limbaugh must be talking to me? flipped out nutty nuts by nutty bought fear mongers

  • Noonespecial

    Absolutely ludicrous – particularly the asinine LeHane comments. Bane, I believe, is an old Batman foe, not a new one…as in “Bane of my existence”….he originally appeared in Batman: Vengeance of Bane….Come on, any self respecting nerd knows this! Er…not that I am one…uh…seriously…

  • Navy Gentleman

    I’m sure Rush enjoys the publicity. I love it when the left wears their ‘Stupid lives inside my head’ signs…

    • jdkchem

      There’s plenty of room.

      • Navy Gentleman

        Amen to that!

    • Jaynie59

      How dare you suggest that Rush Limbaugh “enjoys” being of accused of inciting mass murder?
      This is how the Left wins and idiots like you help them. Rush Limbaugh is a decent caring man and to say he enjoys this kind of thing is worse than clueless. It’s hateful and you should be ashamed of yourself if you consider yourself a conservative.

      • Navy Gentleman

        How do you get ‘being of accused of inciting mass murder’ from the word publicity?

        You can wear your ‘I am almost as Stupid as a lefty’ sign today. You just earned it.

        • Jaynie59

          Talk about stupid.

  • BeeKaaay


    Typical leftwingwackoism. Milk a tragedy for political purposes.

  • allenbarr

    what about union violents in wisconson. ok sorry violence is only when someone is killed.

  • Matthew Story

    You unbeliveably sick sons of bitchs. There are a number of families in colorado right now who are devistated. Family memebers who are dead and they are never coming home. Childen who are waking up this morning to find out their parents brothers or sisters are dead and all you can do is look for someone to blame. Rush made one of the most ridiculuse comment in history connecting a comic book movie to current politics. The person to blame here is the sick sadistic person who decided to take the life of innocent people. So to all you people who are trying to put a political slant on this sad and tragic incident go to hell and thank god that your loved ones came home last night

  • mastadonarmy

    We already went through this with Palin and the AZ shooter. It’s insanity to claim it and it will never be rescinded, but perpetuated continuously on MSNBC, teh View, etc.

  • NobamaNetwork

    Just when you think the left could not sink any lower…

  • Carolyn Henderson

    You have got to be joking! Do “you people” have nothing better to do with your lives? Why don’t you try growing up and be big people – take RESPONSIBILITY for your ACTIONS?! The only one responsible for this tragedy is the man who pulled the trigger!!! Try focusing on the facts for a change. I know that’s a stretch for you to do, but if you try real hard, I bet you can do it.

  • JimMcKee

    The character Bane has been in the Batman comics for years (and was even in the 1997 film, “Batman and Robin”).

    • stuckinIL4now

      There are also several villains in the Star Wars universe named Bane, including an ancient Sith Lord named Darth Bane. The word itself means death, destruction and ruin.

      • JimMcKee

        Good to know. Thanks!

  • Tom Moulthrop

    I heard that Q tips were found in the shooters bathroom. Did Johnson and Johnson have something to do with this?

  • Ratt

    Well, that didn’t take long. The left are truely evil.

  • Terry

    The left would be funny if they were not so pathetic :-(

  • Poppy Wilson

    If law abiding citizens were allowed to carry weapons, this wouldn’t have happened. Check out the video of would have happened if someone in that theatre had a weapon and were trained to use it.

  • Dennis Vest

    The liberal MSM immediately looks for a connection to anything conservative. Now ABC News has egg on their face b/c they failed to check their information….

  • tyo

    I’m in a media law class right now and Rush Limbaugh’s statement did not incite immanent violence, doesn’t make him any less of a crazy asshole but he’s not responsible for this the shooter is

  • Ananya Morino

    A few tweets from private morons who none of us will ever meet does not consttitue a left wing blame agenda on rush limbaugh. Eff Off with your incendiary and divisive faux political coverage. We cannot even let the bodies cool before the media starts to tear society apart with their politicial p*ssing contests. I guess all the wrong people get shot.

  • James1754

    Here go the liberal loons again. Blame everyone but the person who committed the crime, which is what this is.

  • Minu De Icaza-Ramsey

    Here we go again, a supposed registered Democrat goes on a shooting rampage and its the Conservatives fault, all this hatred is very reminiscent of the “blame Palin” mantra used in the tragedy of Arizona, which revealed the left are involved in the reckless taking of lives. The reply now by the left is to readdress the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms as indicated by Bloombergs pronouncement this morning. Contact your representatives and put a stop to this immediately.

  • KazooDan

    So, some twitter users = “left”?

  • American Infidels

    What you expect from a bunch of liberal trash who grew up on video games as babysitters and teachers that teach selective history? Just like the Muslims, they never ever accept responsibility for their own actions or the consequences from it.

  • Felina Flash

    Why can’t leftists give credit to mass murders for coming up with own plans without any prompting from innocent radio talk show hosts.

    Rush Limbaugh does not have the power to make people go to a theater and shoot dozens of people. If I had that kind of power there would be no one left in DC Just kidding of course. But c’mon. no sane person will do such a thing. The person who did it is insane and that is not the fault of Rush L.

    • Ken Broadway

      Yah, pisshard (uhm, different name choice there lol), I agree with you. I am more left than right, but to think that R.L. has some sort of mind control powers is ridiculous. People are capable of being crazy by themselves.

  • FxNFrnd

    If I were a phychiatrist I would call for immediate placement in the nut house for all those paranoid individuals who tweeted their idiotic comments. Instead of offering prayers to the families who were affected by ONE lunatic individual they prefer to put blame on the conservatives. No where in Rushs’ comments is any reference to violence. The only violent comments came from the far-left idiologues. Just another reason for these idiologues to take away our 2nd amendment. Hillary is ready to do just that on July 27th. Talk about timing. This tragedy should not be made political but these zealots can’t help themselves. We should all take our children and give them the biggest and longest hugs as well as thanking God for watching over them. Saying goodnight to your children and hoping they enjoy the movie and they never come home has to be the most heartbreaking thing a parent has to endure. Stop the blaming and start praying for those who didn’t come home from their night of fun.

  • CT

    I heard Rush discuss the movie on his show. Most of it was Rush reporting on what others were saying about it. Perfect case of how clueless those that don’t listen really are. And the left in the media, Brian Ross and G. Stephonallofus, need to be fired.

  • Jacob

    I love how these hypocrite Hollywood liberals talk gun control and then glorify violence and murder as entertainment. Pieces of chit.

  • Michael Arnold

    I will say the Moron-a-thon iis in high swing today. A media tsunami that has shit out nothing but sensationalist speculizations one after another. All the extremist groups on gun issues, the immediate politicking for the UN SMall Arms Treaty (SMART? STUPID? good points on both sides to hear if you’re rational and leave your emotions out of the argument) Blaming Rush Limbaugh though is just as fucking retarded as blaming video games or godlessness for last night. If anything, you could blame a crying baby in attendence for being the straw that broke the camels back, I mean who the fuck brings a baby out to a midnite movie anyway? Assholes that’s who, and they should be shot! LOL (ps that was humor at the end and my being lighthearted changes nothing from last night, and yes, 2 in my family were killed by guns, so spare me the what if it was someone in your family bullshit, we move on in life, get a grip)

  • Matthew Grzywa

    Disclaimer: *liberal’s opinion* (actually somewhat moderate)

    I knew about Limbaugh’s comments when I heard about the tragedy from last night and I did not connect the two until talking with a friend who mentioned that she had heard there might be a connection (she was not aware of his ‘Bane-Bain’ analogy from the other day until this morning, oh and her cousin was at the movie theater where the shootings happened) If the shooter ends up saying that it was Rush that ‘made him do it’ – I still blame the shooter, but I would wonder if that might finally spell the end of Mr Limbaugh, it would not make me sad to see Rush go, but even so, I blame the shooter, and I think we need to learn more about him, and what made him do this hideous thing to innocent kids out to watch a movie.
    I don’t know if more sane people carrying guns would have helped this situation, and I really do not want to make this a political argument, even if this crazy blames Rush for his actions. Some people who listen to radio, can take things other people say and take whatever meaning they would like from it. Rush certainly never suggested killing the supposedly ‘brainwashed people’ who would associate Bain Capital with Bane from the Batman movie and therefore go vote for Obama (an amusingly half-baked assertion)
    Right-wing, Left-wing, moderate, we are Americans, and even though we could yell at each other until blue in the face about our political beliefs, I still consider you my friends and neighbors, and with you I grieve for the people who died and those whose lives are forever changed by that monster

  • Christopher Kish

    Democrats suck. I have never seen so many people with their heads squarely up their asses. A more hypocritical bunch you will never find.

  • NCR Elite

    These people are high on crack. WTF I listen to Rush every day and the thought of a connection never even remotely crossed my mind. FUCK!

    edit: By the way, Nidal Hasan the Fort Hood Shooter, he wasn’t inspired by anything at all according to the liberal left. He was just some outlier lone wolf.

  • Vincent Hajek

    You people are ficking idiots

  • Wolfie

    The left always plays the blame game when tragedies like this happen. They don’t care about the victims, they just want an excuse to push for more gun control.

  • J.Milliscone

    This is disgusting: the tweets above and the comments below.

    • nothri



    Lib-turds never reach thieir low. They just keep getting lower and LOWER and say the stupidist $HIT imaginable, and they think they are smart when they are just smarmy and SNARKY !
    I am with the people that would have taken this guy out, any way possible.
    I am not blaming anyone for trying to escape and save themselfs, that is JOB ONE.
    BUT I am with the “rush him or let people have conseal and carry guns” crowd. These people have to be approved. I may have got shot, or I may have got off a few rounds on him to make him feel QUITE UNCOMFORTABLE. If Seal member was there (or any special OPs WARRIOR with gun, this guy would be taken down and LIBS would be crying about what a cruel society we have.
    Maybe even ZIMMERMAN (or someone like him) could have taken him out, and saved 12 people !!!!!
    We wil never know because of LIBS.
    These nutty freaks who play out some fantasy would be stopped with cops showing up late to take names of people who stand/stood up for decent people.
    Remember Flight 93? Just a BUM RUSH saved a LOT of Americans,and our Capital/White House. Nothing stops a determined AMERICAN !!!
    RIGHT O-BLAME-O….er scratch that (he is waste of time)…Mitt ?????
    SHEPARD SMITH on FOX, I don’t care the guy had a high capacity magazine.
    I care you repeat it over and over and no AMERICAN was allowed to take him down.
    I am only asking for people to do their fair share, and have fair shake to choke this GUY (or any shooter) before he shoots any more “BABIES”. watching a movie.
    THATS RIGHT, I SAID IT, AND I MEAN IT !!!!! Get a grip Mad Cow type people.
    SHEP, get a life !

  • alanwillingham

    These Hollywood Liberals with their violent movies are creating monsters!

  • Jon Nerf

    You people who are criticizing Limbaugh and blaming him are delusional. That evil SOB had body armor, multiple rounds, and a booby-trapped apartment. He didn’t wait until he got marching orders before he put this sick plan together.

  • slappymagoo

    There’s a difference twixt “blaming” and “wondering if there’s a connection.” I’ve wondered the same thing, but I’m not about to write a dissertation on it while the police are still trying to figure out what happened and why and bodies are still being cleaned up for their loved ones and the injured still deal with their wounds. We’ll find stuff out when we find stuff out. Even if it turns out politics played some degree in his decision to go full metal jacket, hundreds of millions of us get outraged by “the other side” (whatever side WE’RE on) every day and we keep it holstered. There is no one thing that makes a man a killer, it’s a recipe of suck, we’re all just waiting to find out what was in special recipe and in what proportions.

    • Donnertparty

      In this recipe, rapid firing guns were an important ingredient.

  • mrbill59

    I wonder why the coward didn’t assault a police station. Must be there were people with guns there who knew how to use them.
    That is all

  • GeorgiaPeachie

    Trying to blame what this horrible person did on Rush is stupid, and desperate!!

  • Justus Lotade-Manje


  • jawebster1

    This is unique I know, but I blame the shooter.

  • nothri

    This blog post is somewhat deceptive. I think what these twitter commentors are reacting to is less the part of Limbaugh’s statement that you decided to quote and more what he says later on: “This movie, the audience is gonna be huge. A lot of people are gonna see the movie, and it’s a lot of brain-dead people, entertainment, the pop culture crowd, and they’re gonna hear Bane in the movie and they’re gonna associate Bain. The thought is that when they start paying attention to the campaign later in the year, and Obama and the Democrats keep talking about Bain, Romney and Bain, that these people will think back to the Batman movie, “Oh, yeah, I know who that is.” (laughing) There are some people who think it’ll work. Others think you’re really underestimating the American people to think that will work.” And then follows that up with this: “At the polls, will the brain-dead people show up at the polls? I don’t know. See, I think you have to assume they will. I think you have to plan on the fact that they will show up and vote. No, just from the standpoint of you’ve gotta get your own turnout. You can’t go into an election thinking, “Well, that group’s not gonna show up. The young, yeah, they got disappointed. Obama’s not who they thought he was. Ah, college students, they’re not gonna show.” You can’t think that way. You have to think they’re gonna show up. You have to count on it. You have to plan for it and come up with a way of neutralizing it.” Do I think it is fair or reasonable to hold Limbaugh responsible for these shootings? No, not at all. Do I think it is possible that a truly deranged person could have heard his program and decided that he would ‘neutralize’ some of the ‘brain dead people’ by killing them? Yes, actually.

    • Donnertparty

      Do you think it possible to parse what Limbaugh said in your quotation?

  • Timmy Keller

    If all qualified Americans were likely to be carrying a concealed handgun in public places, crime would decrease so dramatically it would make your head spin. Helpless unarmed docile people make great victims for the armed criminal. If owning a gun becomes a crime, only criminals will have guns.

    • Ken Broadway

      So Tim…you would trust liberals to carry guns around in public? Just wonderin…

  • Howard Roark

    I think Lush Dimbaugh is a gross, moronic cipher. But to give him credit for the shooting makes him waaaay too relevant.

  • Teresa Nelson

    Jon Stewart put Bane/Bain out there on 7/16 on his Daily Show. Rush just repeating what he said, the next day. No connection to either man. The asshat bought his guns months ago.

  • Tumbleweed

    I wonder if the shooter was a Democrat?
    Did he vote for Obama in 08?
    Too bad that the theatre was a gun free zone!
    That really worked well for the victims.

    • Donnertparty

      If the theater was a gun free zone then you would have had more than one person with a gun in the dark and the smoke, with people running and screaming in terror and confusion. Just what, exactly, do you think might happen in that situation? How many more gunshot victims would there be? What might the police do when they saw those extra shooters with guns in their hands? Think about it.

  • Donnertparty

    Some random people send out Twitter messages and you all think it is “the left.” A campaign advisor draws an analogy and you imply that it is a left wing movement. Hey, Rush L is the guy who spouted the Bain/Bane nonsense to his “massive” audience — then had to backpedal a bit when informed that the Bane character was created in the 1990s. Rush is the spokesperson for the right (he thinks so, and so do his ditto heads), so who is the real idiot here? IMO, more people ought to pay attention to the issues and to character of the candidates.

  • motorcyclerider

    You may have noticed that any lie is acceptable from a leftist, in the name of their cause. After all, the end’s justify the means.

  • Howard Sheffer

    Limbaugh had about as much to do with the shooting as forks have to do with lard asses.

  • Cris Allen

    Of COURSE it’s Rush’s fault, just like it’s always the wife’s fault when she makes her husband so mad that he beats her.

  • Ray Sandoval

    The dems and limbaugh are both idiots for focusing their stupid messages and venomous tirades on a piece of entertainment. Besides…they have no idea, not a clue as to what they are even talking about. The name of the character they are referring to has always been BANE since the comicbooks..what a bunch of childish irresponsible mopes all of them

  • Danceroflife

    Perhaps, if Rush Limbaugh thought once in a while before he opened his bi bigoted mouth…oh wait, that’s like expecting water to not be wet. .

  • tcbinc
  • Maxwell Nipke

    This is a tragedy, we should be grieving right now, not pointing fingers or trying to further political agendas!

  • Aulora Salas

    @ CLCRichmond You could ban guns, but the bad guys will still get them no matter what. And honestly, no one cares if about fighting you without a gun. So stop calling people names. No one wants to fight you. Oh, and fighting doesn’t make you more of a man. Shoot (no pun intended), I’m a small girl and I could probably do some damage if I wanted to… and that’s without a gun. So get over yourself. Our right to bear arms is protected by the constitution. I understand wanting to regulate what types of guns you can buy and who can buy them. I actually agree with that. But banning them will solve nothing. It will only leave the bad guys with the advantage and the good guys bringing a knife to a gun fight, so to speak.

    And I’m not seeing the connection between what Rush said and why this guy would shoot. Sounds like a deeper issue that something someone said. You can’t even prove it unless the guy confessed to it. Then, you can’t charge Rush with anything because we have freedom of speech. You can’t worry about every little thing you say because someone may lose their marbles. It was an unfortunate incident, but by those who were not directly affected by it, you need to take a step back and think with your brains and not your emotions. Horrible things happen all the time, and if we got this emotional about every last thing, we would go crazy. I’m not saying don’t care, I’m just saying don’t get overly wrapped up in it.

  • Andrew Boughter

    I agree the sod buggy may have many issues, not bothering to make himself the first target being foremost. Of course it would have been nice for some ‘Good Samaritan’ to make him the only casualty but alas you with your poison darts, and you with your Webley failed. It was not Rush who chose to kill. He is an entertainer.
    Blame everyone but the sinner?
    Is that how you desire gunplay?
    Of course hate, ignorance, evil,liberal thought and you spoiled complacent Americans are on warning. Get some Good practicing done with your weapon. I personally do not prefer firearms, far too noisy and modern.
    Pray for The families
    of all the victims
    even t
    T he shooter)

  • foxdup1

    maybe it was the name of the movie???? Dark Night…oooooh spookey, after all the crime was at night…WOW ! or possibly it was the bad guys distaste for hollywood liberals, after all it was at a block buster movie and he may have been trying to discourage movie goers. …..heres what I think..#theguyisfuckingbats

  • Cinderfella Daeda Daedalus

    Well, its time to take the guns away from the people who didnt commit gun crime.. Thats what we need to do. (rolls eyes)

  • Michael Allen

    People who vote Democrat should seriously seek professional mental help.

  • tunja

    Rush talked about the movie a day or two before shootings. This shooter had been gathering materials for this for quite some time. Body armor, ammo, explosives, chemicals,weapons, and target selection. To blame this on Rush is idiotic. To say the shooter was acting like the villain in the movie, would be more to the point. The villain is obviously an OWS type

  • refugee_from_Durham

    Blame it on Rush, who as far as I know never harmed a soul. Keep it classy liberal morons!

  • refugee_from_Durham

    According to liberal gun grabbers, guns just walk themselves into a crowded place and open fire, with no human involved.

  • John Smith

    Twitter is like mental diarrhea. In a civil society, we used to keep all that stream of consciousness inside our heads. Now, too many stupid people – many with heads full of air – are able to disseminate innuendo, opinion offered as fact and speculation at the speed of light. How really idiotic is this?

  • Sue

    de GrUNT, you are a complete IDIOT! Rush talked about this on Friday, the 20th. This shooter planned this for months! You need to step back into reality!

  • Danceroflife

    Considering how much Rush Limbaugh rushes to run his big mouth, he’s strangely quiet about a movie that he had much to say about the day before this horrific event occurred. If Holmes talks it would be great if he were to state that Limbaugh’s vitriol gave rise to his idea to use the theater for his attack instead of some other site he had previously selected. That would end Rush’s career which means that he will lose control of the wingers who are under his spell, freeing them from his hateful brainwashing. .

  • Lee Whitesides

    Bane has been a Batman villan along time before Romney and Obumer.

  • Nel Gambino

    So it’s ok for Limbaugh to spout stupid conspiracy theories but nobody else huh?

  • leftygroove

    To the dumbasses claiming that others carring weapons would have stopped the shooter are incredibly stupid and naive. The shooter had full military style body armor. He intentionally used smoke and teargas grenades. No one not even you cowboys could have done anything to change what happened other than you killing more people.

  • carmijok

    You know this guy had it planned for MONTHS. Plus HE was playing the villain the ‘JOKER’ not ‘Bane’. This is a sad attempt to politicize a horrible event by a first rate nut-case. However I do notice that when like-minded liberals get together violence, filth and chaos ensue…such as in all those stupid ‘OWS’ movements. Who are THEY listening to?

  • doughpro

    considering the guy had been planning it for a while I would say once again the libs are spewing idiocy.

  • Bob

    How could you make this sort of really stupid connection? Some people could connect the Pope and Osama bin laden to it.