Tonight, the Twitter lynch mob commemorated George Zimmerman’s interview on Fox News Channel by — what else — calling for and fantasizing about Zimmerman’s death:

One member of the Mob threatened to riot if Zimmerman is not convicted:


George Zimmerman released after posting bail, threats continue to pour in

Twitter lynch mob threatens to kill George Zimmerman as judge sets bond at $1 million

Twitter mob celebrates the arrest of Shellie Zimmerman

George Zimmerman’s wife, Shellie, arrested; Update: Bond posted; Update: Twitter lynch mob celebrates, threatens

George Zimmerman is back in police custody; Update: Twitter mob hopes for rape, death

George Zimmerman’s bond has been revoked; Update: Twitter lynch mob hopes he is killed or kills himself

Twitter lynch mob: George Zimmerman is out on bail? Let’s kill him!

Twitter lynch mob predicts riot if Zimmerman is acquitted

Twitter lynch mob: Won’t it be great when Zimmerman gets raped in prison?

  • BwBarrnone

    Do these people think? I wish we had a real DOJ and they would prosecute on the real hate speech. Yet we know we have a DOJ that is racist towards their enemies and supports those who thinks as they do.

    • Nick Romano

      i wish that folks would just keep the government out of discussions of people’s speech. the idea that you want big government to silence people that you disagree with is kind of sad. it’s better for folks such as these to have the freedom to expose their stupidity to the world than to wish for an all powerful govt. capable of silencing them.

      • tgoyer

        I mostly agree until it gets to inciting violence. These knuckleheads are walking a fine line.

      • Jeffrey Rutter

        Speech is free only when you defend the free speech rights of those who make your blood boil. Even idiots have the right to free speech.

        • Paul Angstrom

          Well, that’s not true, at least in present-day America. Currently, only liberals have the right to free speech. Conservatives are imprisoned, mocked, physically-attacked, killed, spat on, and forced to live on the edges of society. Damn I wish I had enough money to move out of Oregon and to a state where at least SOME American freedoms are still recognized…a state where I could use the tattered remains of our precious constitution as a pillow, and maybe have a couple nights of good dreams before the liberal media finishes turning our nation into the world’s toilet.

      • BwBarrnone

        I understand, however, let me be the one to use my freedom of speech, well then, the hate speech laws would be present. I don’t want big government to silence people that disagree with me, their stupidity would edit itself, I want real freedom of speech. However, we live in a world where Hate Speech laws are real and present. That being said, I want equality for Hate Speech laws. For I would be “Helmed up” for doing what is presented here today.

    • Norbit Peters

      Holder is a corrupt, race-baiting POS!
      Remember, he brokered the Marc Rich extortion/pardon.

  • William Clay

    Strange, hate from the Left is alright, but then they know the Government won’t step in

  • John Urban

    Lovely, so the Black racists are already planning the race riots and mass murder if Zimm (as he should be) is acquitted. Well bring it on…Florida ‘aint L.A. They are armed and know how to use ’em.

    • Lefty

      One in twenty adults in Florida (approximately) have their CCW permit. Just ask the two 19 yr old knuckleheads that ran into the 71 yr old gentleman if that might make a difference.

      And in Florida we aren’t restricted on our magazines and the number of rounds.

  • cscape

    The threatening tweets (listed above) which simply say “ZIMMERMAN”, arguably could be referring to the great Washington Nationals third baseman, RYAN Zimmerman (or possibly his brother Jordan) ….. I wonder how the Commissioner’s office would view such vile threats from “fans”….. you can rest assured that there would be a massive investigation if that were the case!…. do you think that $$$$$$ is a factor???

    • Mom2Ian03

      Yes they could. And the Nats Jordan Zimmermann had an amazing game tonight.

    • TugboatPhil

      Maybe they just don’t like the music of Bob Dylan (Zimmerman).

  • Rita Thomas

    these people are a disgrace to the human race

  • Ralph Deats

    certainly some of these are trollers…serious left hacker which I think rarer…come and get me you f n dolts!!!!!!ur worried about sopa and pipa? just wait if the traitor gets in again

  • Ralph Deats

    the legal armed outweigh you….spin it…step up to my door!!!

  • Tina Marie

    Haven’t you noticed what race they are?

  • Tina Marie

    I wouldn’t expect any less from these people. If they want a race war, they are going to get one down in Florida. Go ahead.

  • Jeffrey Rutter

    the trouble with social media is that lowgrade morons who once only bothered their immediate neighbors can now annoy all of us.

  • Ralph Deats

    White Hispanic? WTF is that? Was never racial…Geo was gettin bashed by a thug and stopped him…HALLELUIAH!…One thug down!

  • Wayne Lehr

    wow this is just crazy! If this isn’t hate speech,I don’t know what is!

  • fmbchris

    I live in Florida and I am buying a big frigging assult rifle for the race war thats comming when they find Zimmerman not guilty…yep yep!….. bring it!

  • Carter Peterson

    If the victim is black, there is a rush to judgment- but these people posting are a modern-day lynch mob. Whatever happened to presumption of innocence and waiting until all the facts come out.

  • Norbit Peters

    According to the interview, and police reports, Zimmerman was apparently the victim! – or it was just machismo gone terribly wrong.

    It’s a Racial CANARD anyway. You have a host on NBC who’s racial agitation resulted in numerous deaths. When will the REAL RACISTS, like that POS mail-order minister Tawana Sharpton be held accountable for the BLOOD on their hands?

  • caddy11

    Thankfully, none of these people could find a voting booth with a road map and a seeing-eye dog.

    • torpedoman2002

      That’s ok they can find enough dead voters to cover the stupid voters who cannot find voting booths. Besides voting would take away twitter time and that would be less vile and hateful comments they can post. Their parents bought them that Mac and stuck them in the basement for a reason.

  • crueltiming

    so what?Trayvon tried to kill him and see what it got him.

  • Chuck Stanley

    Some people are nothing but pure blooded morons .. Harboring this type of hate in your heart puts you all in line with the Manson’s of this world..

  • BruceMichaelGrant

    We’re ready. Bring it on. You have no clue to the destruction you’re about to bring onto yourself.

  • MovingToNevada

    You just can’t fix loser.

  • allenbarr

    yo have to believe one of these fine underprivilege colleges will give travon martain an honorary college degree preety soon. he will then be known as REVEREND DR.TREVON MARTIN.

  • stuckinIL4now

    Like the BLUE angry birds (Dooms).

  • Lefty

    And why aren’t the police talking to these people? Sheesh.

    Why hasn’t twitter suspended their accounts, as per their terms of usage?

    • Christian Collins

      Because they’re too busy sending conservative accounts to Twitmo…

  • JSebastian

    I blame Abe Lincoln (bastard was the worst president in history, and not just for the lily-livered weak tea and lack of a moral compass on the slavery issue) for not having the stones to ship the slaves back to Liberia or whatever the plan was at the time. Now we’re saddled with their angry and violent descendants. According to the liberal orthodoxy there is no such thing as race and all the studies that have explained black violence through the mechanisms of low IQ and excessive testosterone levels are really just the work of racist scientists. I don’t subscribe to any of these conspiracy theories.

    Well one thing is for sure, even if you don’t inherit smarts or temperament, you can sure inherit a fucking grudge. The blacks have passed this one on for 150 years. They love them some good old fashioned outrage and hatred of Whitey. To which my response is…stay in school, get a damn job, support your kids, and behave yourself, *then* you can complain about being mistreated. And maybe, if more black men would comport themselves responsibly we wouldn’t have the problems where others have to assume that a young black male is up to no good. Quit providing a useful stereotype, and people won’t stereotype you.

    • LightSabre

      The average black American can no more comprehend what you just wrote than a brick could. A shame they can’t.

      • Christian Collins

        Then count me as way above average – I got it TOTALLY, and to that I would add “keep it in your pants until you a) can support your kids, and b) get married.

        • Jamaica Brown

          Jerks,the shame of slavery is that the enslavers and some of their descendant still do not understand that they are the ignorant parties. With intelligence comes empathy. Your continued delusion about your own superiority attempt to insulate itself against refutation. However you are no less an ignorant bigot for your social construction of YOUR own version of reality.

    • eddyjames

      What I find extremely funny is that Other Blacks sold their butts to Arab slave traders first,then Arabs sold them to whites that freed them,(No matter why they did it they did free them) Now the Blacks all vote for the Arab in office that wants to keep them on the plantation .Dumb……….! “N-word”inserted here.

  • Norbit Peters

    Where are the DEMOCRATS
    condemning this call for vigilantism? Oh, it’s their black racist
    supporters…so they’ll be SILENCE from the Democrats – and THEIR MEDIA!

  • Norbit Peters


    I and mine are prepared!

  • S.Com

    They didn’t tweet that! Somebody else tweeted that. No hate speech here.

  • jjjjlllllggggg

    If anyone else posted these threats against anywhere else, they would be investigated. Heck, you can’t even disagree with some things without getting in trouble. But this is okay. Pathetic losers.

  • kateorjane

    I suppose someone could accuse me of racial profiling but when you check out who is spewing these hateful tweets it looks like we’re talking people who live their lives angry and play the race card often because that’s the card of choice in the gutter..

  • Christian Collins

    If threatening to riot as happened on a historical date, at least the future attempted murder perp can get the year right…it was 1992, not 1991…and I lived through that…lefties really don’t know that for which they “ax”…

  • Laurel

    There is no fixing this kind of stupid. Shun them from society completely.

  • Barack Hussein Sharpton

    Death threats aren’t hate speech, they are a crime, and everyone who tweets a death threat needs to get arrested and charged with threatening someone’s welfare.

  • Mapache

    Never heard the term “murk” before reading the tweets….I wonder if “murking” was what Treyvon had in mind for Zimmerman?

  • GOPcongress

    Listen up, dumb twitterjerks. Your screen names are google-able, and I’ve got YOUR REAL NAMES and MANY of your OWN addresses, and even a couple of your employers. If I call them up, your job is finished. Finally, your local law enforcement facility may be interested, or may not, for a FELONY-LEVEL crime that can put you in PRISON. Yes, dimwits…PRISON!! Think before you twink..or tweet…

  • helyanwe

    Wow,these chumps are really ig’nant.

  • Fido

    More violent gibberish from obama voters.

    “praemonitus, praemunitus” (forewarned is forearmed)

    prepare yourselves accordingly.