Fox News:

Everybody gets it wrong from time to time. Maybe the “real reporters” in the MSM will remember their errors this morning the next time they criticize bloggers for making mistakes.

  • LeMonJames

    Actually, drudge made the same mistake for about 60 seconds (not that I don’t loathe the MSM…)

  • MarcAllenJohnson

    I received texts from both Chicago News papers within seconds of each other. They were the opposite of each other. For once I knew that one of the papers actually got it right,

  • Hang10

    But actually the screen shot above is 100% correct. The individual Mandate was deemed unconstitutional as written but it was ddemed constitutional and allowable as a Tax.

    • Barry Jones

      So that really IS just raindrops on my leg- got it

  • Brian

    Uh…Fox lies?

  • A Willful Boy

    Even SCOTUSblog said the mandate was struck down for a few minutes before they heard the rest of the “reasoning”

  • richard40

    An understandable mistake, that happened because they jumped to a conclusion, without listening to the whole opinion. The court did strike down the mandate, but they then went on to approve the law, by rewriting the mandate into a tax. Pretty wierd decision. The dissent made much more sense. But before we jump on Roberts too much, we should realize he might have done repubs a favor. The repubs now have a great issue to use against obama. He claimed it was a mandate, but is now proven a liar by the court. And we still have the issue, this law wont go down unless the repubs win in nov.

  • Canaanite

    The easiest way to know which way a SCOTUS decision went is to start at the back. If Scalia is writing or involved in the dissent, then the Conservatives, and the country, have lost.