He made these comments to journalist Ben Smith and others at a Bloomberg-sponsored breakfast.

Interesting that Bush made a point of praising a Democrat governor. We wonder if he had anything nice to say about Govs. Bobby Jindal, Nikki Haley, Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, Jan Brewer, John Kasich, or Scott Walker.

Channeling Meghan McCain, Bush clearly believes the Republican Party has been taken over by far-right radicals:

He also continued his obsession with attracting support from Hispanic voters and appeared to pooh-pooh the importance of “rule of law” (presumably as it relates to illegal immigration):

The former Florida Governor recently said he supports tax increases to cut the deficit and reportedly would accept the VP slot if asked.

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  • Darth_Venomous

    Remember how many conservatives said they voted for McCain because he picked Palin to run with him? How many will stay home if Mittens picks Jeb?

    • n4cerinc

      I would.

  • stuckinIL4now

    I’m not a Jeb Bush fan and believe he would not be a good VP candidate anyway, but … Wait a minute … the source of this is Ben Smith at a Bloomberg-sponsored breakfast? Instant non-credibility.

  • A Willful Boy

    I would accept the nomination if pressed… Wait, what? No one’s asking?

  • persecutor

    I think the Revvvvrund Jackson said it a few years ago. It’s more applicable now. “Stay outta da Bushes.”

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4L2ME7Q2QMOFMNCZAFE7UGSJMY Jacob

    Jeb should be told that if it wasn’t for his worthless brother we would have a better president today. Thanks for nothing.

  • Frustrated Teacher

    Jeb was a good governor for Florida. That said, if those are his best governors he needs a mental check. Hey Jeb…..get with the program (i.e. get rid of Obama) or just STFU. You aren’t helping!

  • n4cerinc

    Is Jeb seeing Mitt’s chances improving and is now trying to cause a rift in the Republican Party? Mitt was a long shot, but Obama is falling apart like a house of cards and so this is Mitt’s race to lose. But I think the Bushies might have had other plans: Obama getting re-elected and setting up Jebbie for 2016.

  • Joy Daniels Brower

    Any semblance of “Conservatism” that Jeb Bush might once have possessed, he’s lost BIG TIME now!! He is SO yesterday and simply NOT worthy of any further political consideration. His time has come & gone. Indeed, by comparison, he’s making his brother “W” look & sound wise and having much more gravitas. (After all, there must be something to admire in a man who keeps his mouth shut until and unless asked and or is expected to comment.) Meanwhile, Jeb is just shooting out his pie hole! He outta zip it – and NOW!! I doubt Romney will put Bush on the ticket – and if he does (a 3rd Bush in two generations is simply TOO much – even for the GOP!!), he deserves what he’ll get at the ballot box…